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Whizzyliving is the home for people who want to create unique and comfortable spaces that make them feel at home. We inspire and assist you in tackling daily house maintenance, improving your decor, and making the greatest home interior decisions.

From architectural concerns and DIY home repairs to trendy decorative ideas, our qualified and experienced authors will answer your questions with accurate, research-based authentic information.

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Jeff Kunkle

Jeff Kunkle

Home Improvement Expert

Jeff Kunkle is a licensed contractor with over ten years of experience in house repair and maintenance. He enjoys sharing his expertise in several architectural areas such as Roofing, Drainage, HVAC, and Plumbing with people all around the world to help them tackle regular house upkeep with ease. Read More

Emily Loker

Emily Loker

Design & Décor Editor

Emily Loker is a qualified writer and editor with nearly 15 years of interior design and decorating experience. She holds a degree in B.S. in Interior Architecture and Design and has worked for prominent home interior firms in New York. Her knowledge enables people to update and manage their homes easily!

Editorial Process

Finding a reliable source of home decor and improvement information amid millions of unauthorized sources can be difficult. As a result, our editorial team goes to great lengths to create and deliver the most accurate, original, and expert-backed content to our readers.

Fact-Checking: Because our editorial staff cherishes our readers’ trust, our content goes through meticulous fact-checking and verification to ensure that only verified and accurate information reaches them.

Easiest Navigation: Our editorial staff strives to make it as simple as possible for readers to navigate through the content and access all the needed information in the best and quickest way possible.

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Whizzyliving is always keen to work with experienced and qualified home interior, architecture, and lifestyle writers who want to share their expert knowledge to educate and help readers with their day-to-day home interior, repair, and maintenance needs.

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