Top 14 Accent Wall Colors to Go with Tan (Designers’ Picks)

Tan has become a staple for warm Tuscan-style houses nowadays. A neutral room with tan walls or furniture and curtains; a perfect decor. But this perfect decor may look baked and boring after some time if you don’t spice it enough.

And what’s a better way to spice up a decor than accent walls, right? These will contrast your tan decor and enliven the pop, just as you want. But it’s important to use the right colors while decorating those feature walls.

So, today, I will show you 14 timeless accent wall colors that will just rock your decor full of tan elements!

14 Timeless Accent Wall Colors That Go with Tan

1. White or Ivory Textured Walls

White Accent Walls With Tan

Does your tan decor look muddy and murky? Worry not! White textured walls will brighten the look instantly! Use off-white textures for a shabby-chic look, or go with gold stripes for shine.

But if white looks warm and blended, you can try ivory paint! This will look equally spacious and curate an industrial look with tan. Plus, it will anchor large living rooms and highlight your tan furniture better.

2. Gray Panels or Tiles

Gray Wall Tiles in a Tan Room
Shades of Gray - Warm, Cool & Light

Sober and neutral gray panels will modernize your accent walls like none other! And you will get a lovely, industrial look easily!

The trick here is to use warm gray panels for a blended look. But if you have glossy tan decor, I advise using cool gray tiles for balance! This will add a low-key contrast and layered look with tan. You can also use gray Ship lap for a villa-like touch to your accent walls.

3. Black Accent Walls

Black and Gold Accents against Tan
Hues of Jet and Charcoal Black

Black accent walls are perfect for a futuristic touch to your tan decor. But since they are dark, it is better to limit them to corner or fireplace accent walls. You can also use a charcoal black wall if you want a casual, formal look.

But if you want a maximal look, I suggest using jet-black accent walls with hints of gold. This will add a Victorian feel and make your walls glamorous and shiny.

4. Brown & Dark Brown

Brown Accent Walls for Tan Room
Different Shades of Brown

Tan and Brown is a seamless combo for warm, Mediterranean houses. They balance the visual depth, curating a monochrome decor.

Here, pick brown paint for an earthy, Tuscan look with tan. Or, go with dark brown or Espresso if you want to create a little contrast in the space.

You can also skip the paint and experiment with wood accents and panels. This will give a textured look to your accent wall and uplift the drama. Or, add some golden wall art for a classical touch.

5. Light & Deep Yellow

Bright Yellow Accent Wall against Tan Furniture
Different Shades of Yellow

If you love warm, seamless homes, yellow is the one for you! Yellow accent walls look monotone with tan and curate a Mediterranean decor. Plus, you get a bold, hospitable feel with this sunny hue.

Usually, all shades of yellow go well with tan. But you can use subtle light or deep yellow accents for a layered look. Or, use a yellow ochre accent wall for a farmhouse ambiance.

6. Orange, Burnt Orange & Rust

Orange Accent wall in a Tan room
Hues of Orange and Rust

If yellow looks too stark, try using an orange accent wall with tan. This would look contrasting and add a shabby chic look to your space. You can amp up the contrast by using some textures or maple wood panels.

A bright orange accent wall would be perfect for a fusion-style look with tan. But a rich Burnt Orange accent wall will add more visual depth if you have light tan floors and ceilings. Finally, for an Art-Nouveau touch, you can add rust patterns and motifs too!

7. Shades of Red

Bright Red Accent Wall With Tan Decor
Shades of Red - Bright Red, Rose and Maroon

If your room has a light tan decor, you can curate a moody Hollywood regency look with red accent walls. But that’s not all! A Pinkish Rose red or Crimson accent wall will give you a perfect, casual, funky touch.

One more option is to use a maroon accent wall with dark tan elements. This shade will add a luxurious touch with a hint of Baroque or classical design. You can also use maroon and gold accent wallpaper for more sheen.

8. Pink & Blush

Blush Accent Wall with Tan Furniture
Shades of Pink - Coral, Blush and Salmon

Pink and blush accent walls are perfect for a regal, Art-Deco look. So, when you use them in a room with tan elements, you’ll get a sober, muted look with a hint of a youthful design.

But if you’re craving a classical, retro look in your space, you can use textured Salmon paint on your feature wall. Be it metals or wood panel designs; pink accent walls will add a feminine touch.

9. Blue Accent Walls

Light Blue Accent Wall in a Tan Room
Hues of Light, Dark and Navy Blue

Bold and tranquil blue accent walls will enliven your tan decor instantly! After all, the color is so cool that it contrasts tan with a Hygge touch.

A dark navy accent wall will also add a formal, Victorian look with tan. But a light blue accent wall looks more casual and nautical. You can pair it with rippled wall upholsteries or fluted accent panels for more impact.

Match navy accents with silver or steel highlighters to avoid a dark look.

10. Teal & Turquoise

Teal Accent Walls in a Tan Room
Tones of Teal and Turquoise

Teal accent walls are the key to a funky, coastal space with tan. They will not only add a pop to your space but also make the tan decor stand out. You can also use a dark teal accent wallpaper for more texture and contrast.

But if retro is your taste, I recommend using turquoise paint for your accent wall. It’ll brighten your tan decor and look more royal. A classic, mid-century modern touch is another perk!

11. Shades of Green

Green Accent Wall in a Tan Room
Different Shades of Green

Green is a natural, organic shade! So, there’s no way that it won’t work with the earthy tan. In fact, green adds a lovely Rococo decor when used as an accent with tan surroundings.

You can use shades of bright or hunter green to curate a casual, contrasting accent wall. In contrast, an olive accent wall would look more earthy and organic.

Want a designer tip? Add green panels on your accent wall and paint the gaps brown. This would uplift the natural look and look friendlier.

12. Light & Dark Mint

Dark Mint Walls Against Tan Decor
Shades of Light & Dark Mint

Another color for a casual, nature-inspired look; use mint accent walls for a sober, provincial style with tan. The color will brighten the room and make your tan furniture or walls stand out better. You can also use dark mint paint to contrast with light tan floors.

13. Purple & Lilac

Purple Accent Wall Against Tan Decor
Hues of Purple and Lilac

Pick a purple accent wall for a distinct, Hollywood glam look with tan. Its rich, dark tones will create a moody vibe and add a feminine touch. You can mix and match some textures and combing techniques for more depth.

Or, if you’re a fan of dreamy interiors, then pick a light lilac paint for the accent wall! It looks more casual and designs a new-classical look with tan.

14. Silver

Metallic Silver Walls with Tan Decor
Shade of Silver

Light and glossy silver walls coordinate with tan like none other. They add a low-key contrast with their sheen and uplift the brightness. The result? A crisp, airy home with a touch of industrial design.

You can also use other metallic accents like brass and copper with silver. But limit them to about 20% of the wall to save them from looking monotonous.

3 Tips for Working with Tan Decor

  • Add French windows and floor-to-ceiling glazing to enliven your accent wall against dark tan decor.
  • Buy sleek tan furniture to uplift the modern vibe of light accent wall colors. In contrast, if you plan to use dark accent wall colors, go with ornate furniture.
  • Use stone, wood, or bamboo accents to transition between tan and bold accent wall colors.

Which Neutral Color Accent Wall Goes Well with Tan?

Tan decor goes well with many neutral colors like white, gray, and black. But you can also use subtle brown walls or neutral wood accents for more depth and texture.

How Do You Accent Tan Furniture in a Living Room?

You can accent tan furniture by adding bold red, teal, or purple feature walls. You can also add some silver or copper accents for a shiny look.

How Do You Make a Tan Decor Look Modern?

You can modernize your tan decor by adding bright red, pink, green, or blue accent walls. You can further use some print textures and combing techniques for a contemporary look.

Tan is a lovely neutral color for cozy walls, floors, and ceilings. But it needs the right accent wall color to tie the look. As discussed above, tan goes well with neutral and accent wall colors! Just add some textures and patterns, and you’ll wow at the layered accent wall!

One more color that looks as earthy as tan is beige. So, even beige decor needs an accent wall for a flashy, dramatic look. But which accent wall colors go with beige? Find out in my next article!