Best Colors to Pair With Gray in 2024 (22 Ideas With Images)

You can not miss the color gray when talking about interior decorating. Although it is a neutral shade, it is magical enough to help you achieve various design styles ranging from minimal and bright to dark and dramatic. This versatility of gray makes it a handy color choice for people.

However, when paired with the right colors, gray can do many more wonders for your space. So, let’s explore this list of 22 colors that go well with gray and its different shades and find the best match for your home.

Best Colors That Go With Gray

1. White & Gray

White and Gray Living room
Gray & White

If you are a minimalist, gray and white are easily the best color combination for you. A light gray paired with crisp white color gives the entire space a soft, bright, and breezy feel, bringing the best out of compact spaces.

However, since white is a flexible color, you can also pair it with dark grays to achieve a dramatic, intense ambiance with a deep contrast in your space. This pairing is perfect for Hygge and Scandinavian-style living areas and bedrooms as it carries a calm vibe to it.

Another perk of using this combination is that it will offer a bright canvas for introducing your favorite accent colors in the space.

If your space has light or medium gray walls, you can use a large white rug with minimal light gray patterns and add accent throw pillows to your couch.”

2. Dusty Pink & Gray

Dusty Pink and Gray Bedroom
Dusty Pink & Gray

Dusty pink and medium gray is an unmistakable color pairing for interior decor. The two colors compliment each other perfectly, resulting in a balanced, soothing appearance in the space. Blush is the best match for gray to create a minimal decor with a soft pop of color.

Blush or dusty pink color oozes the perfect amount of warmth to make your gray space more friendly and inviting. Moreover, this color magically blends with various neutral colors along with gray, making it an excellent choice if your home has minimal, neutral decoration like beige or cream walls or curtains and metallic accent touches.

The best blush shades to pair with Gray:

  • ‘Blushing’ & ‘Bella Pink’ by Sherwin Williams
  • ‘Warm Blush’ by Benjamin Moore

3. Blue Gray & Gray

Blue Gray and Gray Living room
Blue Gray & Gray

If you need a calming, seamless, and blended look in your home, blue-gray is the color for you. When combined with medium grays such as Dorian Gray, blue-gray creates a subtly contrasting yet cohesive effect that works well in minimalist, beach house, nautical design styles.

Moreover, a blue-gray or soft blue can also give your home a perfect modern farmhouse look when paired with soft, rustic shades like sage green, cream, and burnt orange. Hence, you can use it in the get-together areas of your home like kitchens, living rooms, and dining spaces.

Best Blue-Gray Shades to Pair with Gray: 

  • ‘Aleutian’ & ‘Rock Candy’ by Sherwin Williams
  • ‘Wythe Blue’ & ’November Skies’ from Benjamin Moore

4. Dark Gray & Light Gray

Dark Gray & Light Gray Living room
Dark Gray & Light-Gray

Achieve a modern transitional look in your home with this monochrome color combination of light and dark grays. The varying gray undertones perfectly contrast each other and give a balanced look to the space, resulting in a dramatic, industrial style.

In your light gray interior, you can go for an accent dark gray wall or accent chair for a well-composed look. Or, if you have light shades of gray like Sherwin Williams Agreeable Gray or Repose Gray on your furniture or floors, you can pair dark gray curtains for a seamless look. Find more curtain ideas for a gray couch here.

Moreover, this monochrome color palette is a great way to bring other accent decorative elements under the spotlight. However, make sure to pair cool dark gray with cool light grays and warm dark gray with warm light grays for a unified look.

Too much gray can make your space feel gloomy, so make sure to include some bright elements and enough natural light or accent lighting in your space.

Best Dark Gray Shades to Go With Light Gray:

  • ‘Graphite’ from Benjamin Moore
  • ‘Graphic Charcoal’ by Behr
  • ‘Peppercorn’ by Sherwin Williams

5. Navy & Gray

Navy & Gray Living Room
Navy & Gray

Bring some brawny, robust navy blue with light or medium gray in your decor to achieve an eclectic, contemporary modern appeal. The pairing of navy and a slightly warm gray shade is a perfect tool to get some warmth in your otherwise frosty ambiance.

To achieve a more vintage look, add warm and rich colors such as brown, plum, and rustic red to the palette. Furthermore, navy looks exceptionally magnificent and luxurious with dark warm gray and design a Dark Glamour style when accompanied by other darkish shades and jewel tones.

However, in such a case, adequate lighting becomes crucial. When you put navy with the right colors and elements, it exudes the utmost elegance and style.

Best Navy Blue Shades to Go With Gray:

  • ‘Hale Navy’ & ‘Midnight Navy’ by Benjamin Moore
  • ‘Naval’ & ‘Needlepoint Navy’ from Sherwin Williams

6. Tan & Gray

Tan & Gray Living Room
Tan & Gray

Tan is a beautiful earthy shade that will warm up the gray tones in your room, resulting in a gorgeous Cottage and Boho style decor. With a delicate contrast, this combination exudes coziness with style. Moreover, this color can accommodate different looks when included with different gray color schemes and other shades.

You can pair a light tan with a warm-toned light gray like SW Analytical Gray for an open, easy-going, welcoming appeal, or go for a darker tan with darker gray for a rich, classic look. This pair is versatile and suits wide open areas as well as small, packed rooms.

If you’re using tan with light gray, you can use it as a base color for your room and use lighter and darker tan shades for a layered look. For a twist, you can use dark accent elements, creating a visual balance.

Most Popular Shades of Tan to Go With Gray:

  • ‘Lenox Tan,’ ‘Warm Tan,’ & ‘Sherwood Tan’ from Benjamin Moore
  • ‘Authentic Tan’ & ‘Rugged Tan’ by Behr
  • ‘Favorite Tan’ & ‘Totally Tan’ from Sherwin Williams

7. Teal & Gray

Teal Furniture with Gray Walls
Teal & Gray

Teal is a refreshing shade to use in home decor to achieve a one-of-a-kind look. It can work as a lovely accent color for neutral interiors without disrupting the overall color harmony. Teal adds a soft pop of color to gray surroundings and magically fits well in various interior design styles.

For instance, dark, warm teal will ooze a cozy, traditional look when paired with a dark or medium warm gray like SW Gauntlet Gray or Dovetail Gray, while light teal shade gives a soft, breezy, nautical vibes when paired with light grays with cool undertones.

But if your interior has a touch of other warm colors like rustic red, burnt orange, blue, and deep yellows, a deep teal color will be perfect to create a gorgeous bohemian decor. You can use it for stools or accent chairs to pair with gray furniture. Explore more accent chair ideas for a gray sofa!

Best Shades of Teal that go with Gray:

  • ‘Gulfstream’ & ‘Aquarium’ by Sherwin Williams
  • ‘Stale Teal’ by Benjamin Moore

8. Beige & Gray

Beige and Gray Living Room
Beige & Gray

Another soothing color for neutral lovers, beige looks just perfect with light gray. This earthy color offers a mild contrast when paired with gray and designs a seamless, sober decor. This combination is soothing to the eyes and gives an airy vibe, making it a perfect go-to option for small bedrooms and living rooms.

However, make sure to match the undertones of both the colors, as beige, being a warm color, might look off with cool gray tones. So, prefer pairing beige with warm grays like Benjamin Moore’s Edgecomb Gray.

Nonetheless, dark beige is an excellent color to give your home a snug feel. You can also go for a traditional style with dark beige and dark warm gray. If your space has a gray base color and a lot of natural wooden elements, Sherwin Williams Accessible beige is just the color you need for decorative elements to tie the minimal look together.

Best Beige shades that work well with Gray:

  • ‘Shaker Beige’ by Benjamin Moore
  • ‘Balanced Beige’ by Sherwin Williams

9. Lavender & Gray

Lavender & Gray Living Room
Lavender & Gray

Lavender is yet another charming match for gray. The dark blue and purple undertones of gray harmonize with this shade, making the combo look regal and eccentric. Also, being a pastel shade, lavender will add a softer touch to gray’s masculinity offering a soft, contemporary decor.

The most spectacular way to include this gray and lavender palette is to go for a pale lavender background with light gray and charcoal gray accents.

Lavender or lilac also pairs gorgeously with dark gray shades to design a balanced, lavish yet industrial look. You can employ this lovely pairing in your living room, bedroom, or even your office.

Best Shades of Lavender to Pair With Gray:

  • ‘Lavish Lavender’ & ‘Modern Lavender’ by Sherwin Williams
  • ‘Lily Lavender,’ ‘Lavender Mist,’ & ‘Lipstick Lavender’ from Benjamin Moore
  • ‘Wild Lavender’ & ‘Lavender Lake’ by Valspar

10. Red & Gray

Red & Gray Living room
Red & Gray

If you love a dramatic and sophisticated ambiance in your home, red is your go-to color to pair with gray. Bright red, being a primary color, adds a color blast to the neutral gray and designs intense, moody interiors with great visual depth. This is a must-have color for decorative accent elements in urbane interiors.

Moreover, different shades of red can be paired with different shades of gray to design a unique style with each. For example, a rustic red like SW Rockwood red paired with concrete or Chelsea Gray will look traditional in style, whereas a deep red color complements a classic gray color, resulting in a modern, eclectic look.

Top Shades of Red for Gray:

  • ‘Heritage Red’ by Benjamin Moore
  • ‘Flirt Alert’ by Behr Paint
  • ‘Real Red’ from Sherwin Williams

11. Leaf Green & Gray

Leaf Green & Gray Living room
Leaf Green & Gray

Green is a lovely, refreshing shade that can blend nicely with nearly all the shades of gray to give a composed, stylish and colorful interiors. If you want an airy, natural feel in your modern home, go for leaf green. This color can easily neutralize the dark undertones of gray and spruce up the space.

A soft, leafy green color will go beautifully with light and dark gray shades. If you have large living spaces with neutral grays like SW Anew Gray or Mindful Gray as the base color, you can use green for couches, throw pillows, throw blankets, rugs, curtains, etc. However, avoid using a bright green in compact areas, as it might look overwhelming against gray.

Best Green shades to pair with Gray:

  • ‘Spring Leaf’ by Benjamin Moore
  • ‘Direct Green’ & ‘Envy’ by Sherwin Williams

12. Mellow Yellow & Gray

Mellow Yellow & Gray

A mellow yellow or pastel yellow is a lovely pair for grays with warm undertones if you crave a bright, sunny look in your space. This color subtly contrasts with dark gray shades, looking cohesive yet eclectic.

When used with a light color scheme of shades like gray, light teal, soft muted red, and white, mellow yellow results in a lovely beachy or cottage interior. In contrast, if you introduce this color in a slightly darkish interior, it oozes a Victorian and Mid-century look.

However, if your personality speaks creativity, you can even go for a bright mustard yellow or sunny yellow with grays, as it looks equally interesting and lovely. A vibrant yellow shade can also be paired with dark or classic gray paint colors to achieve modern, eclectic home interiors. So, choose the shade that gives your desired look.

Best Pastel Yellow Shades That Go With Gray:

  • ‘Mellow Yellow’ & ‘Concord Ivory’ by Benjamin Moore
  • ‘Midday’ & ‘Daffodil’ by Sherwin Williams

13. Black & Gray

Black & Gray Living room
Black & Gray

For modern, sophisticated interiors, go for a monochromatic color scheme of black and gray! Since black is a close relative of gray, it complements nearly all gray shades. The trick here is to maintain a balance between the brights and the darks to avoid a gloomy ambiance!

Although black is a dominating, tricky color option, it can actually transform your space to a different level if planned properly. If you’re using black with light gray, make sure to use other mid-tone neutral colors like white, accessible beige, tan, and ivory to create a smooth transition and avoid an unblunted contrast.

Use black as an accent color in your room. For example, if your room has gray furniture, you can use black accent pillows or layered blackout curtains if your walls are neutral gray. However, when decorating with dark grays and blacks, make sure the space has adequate lighting.

Best Colors That Go With Charcoal Gray

14. Deep Blue & Charcoal Gray

Deep Blue & Charcoal Gray living room
Deep Blue & Charcoal-Gray

Go for a bold, dominating color scheme of charcoal gray and bright, rich blue to design eclectic, modern decor. Since both colors have cool undertones, they work well, especially in large spaces like halls and living rooms with plenty of bright decorative elements.

With a bright blue and gray combination, you have the freedom to use both as an accent color or the main color in the space if you like striking visuals. Moreover, blue pairs exceptionally well with light grays, making it an excellent choice if your room contains a variety of gray shades.

However, because the blue can be evocative, it is not recommended for use in bedrooms or children’s rooms.

Best Bright Blue Shades for Charcoal Gray:

  • ‘Bridgeport’ & ‘Blueblood’ from Sherwin Williams
  • ‘Twilight Blue’ & ‘Blue’ by Benjamin Moore

15. Gold & Charcoal Gray

Gold & Charcoal Gray living room
Gold Charcoal & Gray

Metallic gold is a great color option to pair with charcoal gray for a high-end, lavish interior. You can use this color combination in halls and living spaces to display a glamorous, classy look. Gold also works well with SW Silver gray and gives a gorgeous industrial decor with a metallic touch.

Moreover, when used with other warm colors like peach, orange, navy, and sage green, metallic gold is sure to design a classy, bohemian style. You can use metallic gold as a second foundation color for a bright interior or as an accent to introduce a pop of color into your neutral and stale surroundings.

Best Metallic Gold Shades to Pair with Charcoal Gray:

  • ‘Funky Yellow’ & ‘Escapade Gold’ from Sherwin Williams
  • ‘Hollywood Gold’ by Benjamin Moore

16. Brown & Charcoal Gray

Brown & Charcoal Gray living room
Brown Charcoal & Gray

Brown and charcoal gray are classic color combinations that work well for modern, transitional, and rustic interior styles. When the warm, earthy brown color is paired with charcoal gray or Chelsea gray, the result is cozy industrial farmhouse decor.

Although brown and charcoal gray have different undertones, they complement each other perfectly. Moreover, being a neutral shade itself, brown blends magically with gray and thus can be used as a foundation color to give a layered look.

Best Brown shades to pair with Charcoal Gray:

  • ‘Marrakech Brown’ by Behr 
  • ‘Saddle Brown’ & ‘Riverbed Brown’ by Benjamin Moore
  • ‘Umber’ & ‘Antiquarian Brown’ from Sherwin Williams

If you have a gray sectional sofa, use plain or patterned light and dark brown pillows and a light gray and brown area rug to create a well-composed Mid-century modern style.

17. Cream & Charcoal Gray

Cream & Charcoal Gray living room
Cream Charcoal & Gray

A close alternative to white, the cream is a glowing neutral pair that will offer a solid contrast to charcoal gray, keeping the ambiance a bit softer. This color can work as the foundation color for your interior, with charcoal gray being a classy accent color. The pairing is just the right tap for a glamorous Art Deco interiors.

Furthermore, with dark gray and cream, you can also include light grays and other pastel colors in your space for a more transitional, blended boho look.

You can use cream on walls, cabinets, and ceilings, with dark gray as a secondary color for furniture, curtains, rugs, blankets, or even bed linens. Moreover, as a well-balanced pair, this combination is ideal for small spaces such as kitchens and bathrooms.

Stylish Cream Color Shades for Charcoal Gray:

  • ‘Cream Froth’ & ‘Colonial Cream’ from Benjamin Moore
  • ‘Choice Cream,’ ‘Paperwhite,’ & ‘Creamy’ from Sherwin Williams

18. Burnt Orange & Charcoal Gray

Burnt Orange and Charcoal Gray Bedroom
Burnt Orange & Charcoal Gray

A rustic burnt orange is an exceptional pair for dark gray. Both the colors carry a rich, intense vibe to themselves and are perfect for adding coziness to personal spaces like bedrooms and reading rooms. Orange will instantly fill the space with warmth and energy and create a friendly, rustic Scandinavian decor.

If your space has light and medium gray elements, you can even use pastel orange along with other soft pastel colors like light blue, blush, sage green, etc., for perfectly soft boho decor.

Orange and dark gray work like complimentary colors, and although they might be a daring choice for interiors, they offer an irresistible striking look. So, go for this energetic yet balanced color scheme and let your home speak for itself.

Best Burnt/Rustic Orange Shades to pair with Charcoal Gray:

  • ‘Caramelized Orange’ by Behr
  • ‘Navel’ from Sherwin Williams
  • ‘Burnt Caramel’ from Benjamin Moore

19. Emerald Green & Dark Gray

Emerald Green & Dark Gray Living Space
Emerald Green & Dark Gray

Add a splash of emerald green to your gray interiors to assemble intense, mysterious, and calming vibes. This color works well with both dark and light gray as well as other neutrals. Being a tranquil, cool color, emerald can be an excellent addition to offices, study rooms, and even bedrooms.

Another bonus of using emerald green or ‘ocean green’ with charcoal gray or dark warm gray is that it can help you bring the best of various design styles, including traditional, boho, industrial, and modern country.

Best Emerald Green Shades that go with Charcoal Gray:

  • ‘Absolute Green’ & ‘Emerald Isle’ by Benjamin Moore
  • ‘Precious Emerald’ by Behr 
  • ‘Country Squire’ & ‘English Ivy’ from Sherwin Williams

20. Mustard Yellow & Charcoal Gray

Mustard Yellow & Charcoal Gray living room
Mustard Yellow & Gray

Want a bright, animated room? Use mustard yellow! When paired with charcoal gray, it offers a much-needed warmth and vibrance, bringing the decorative elements under the spotlight. This color will revitalize the dull gray elements and add a quirky character in small rooms in upbeat modern homes.

In addition, mustard yellow is a stunning accent color that will offer a high-end, glamorous Hollywood Regency design style to casual gray spaces. And since the color evokes the emotions of hope, joy, and optimism, it is ideal for spaces like kitchens, living rooms, and offices.

Top Bright Yellow Shades for Charcoal Gray:

  • ‘Confident Yellow’ & ‘Gold Flinch’ by Sherwin Williams
  • ‘Yellow’ & ‘Abstracta’ from Benjamin Moore
  • ‘Mustard Yellow’ from Valspar

21. Copper & Charcoal Gray

Copper & Charcoal Gray living room
Copper & Charcoal Gray

Copper is a lavish, rich, warm color that contrasts the cool tones of gray and creates a passionate, contemporary interior decor when used with charcoal gray. This metallic color is an excellent choice for rustic, industrial styles as well as mid-century and Scandinavian interiors.

Copper and charcoal gray are sleek accent colors that work well in large living spaces, workspaces, and even bedrooms to give a sophisticated and clean look. You can also add copper to complement your warm gray interiors for a warmer and friendlier vibe.

Top Copper Color Shades to use with Charcoal Gray: 

  • ‘Copper Clay’ & ‘Fireball Orange’ by Benjamin Moore
  • ‘Roycroft Copper,’ ‘Copper Mountain,’ & ‘Oxide Copper’ from Sherwin Williams
  • ‘Nouveau Copper’ from Behr

22. Hot Pink (or Fuchsia) & Dark Gray

Hot Pink & Dark Gray living room
Hot Pink & Dark Gray

Hot pink is a bright, flamboyant color that magically pairs well with charcoal and dark grays. So, if you’re craving a highly modern space with a striking, chic look, go for hot pink. This color will add a flair to your otherwise stale gray room, filling it with a youthful zing.

Since hot pink is a striking color, it’s often preferred as an accent color. And so, it’s best to use it for accent pillows, light fixtures, rugs, or even accent furniture. If your room still lacks energy, you can even paint your accent wall pink.

However, hot pink or a similar shade of Fuchsia or Magenta can look odd with dark grays in small spaces. So, choose it for large areas with lots of natural light, or supplement your compact room with a lot of artificial lighting to save the look. Or, you can go for a softer pink to create a peaceful yet playful ambiance.

Best Hot Pink Shades to match with Charcoal Gray:

  • ‘Fiesta Pink’ from Behr
  • ‘Pink Corsage’ & ‘True Pink’ by Benjamin Moore
  • ‘Exurbant Pink’ from Sherwin Williams

Tips for Decorating with Gray

  • When decorating with gray, especially dark grays, ensure there is adequate and sufficient lighting in the space.
  • Consider the size of your room before deciding on the best gray shade for it.
  • Avoid using too much dark gray in a small space; instead, choose lighter shades to create the illusion of a wide space. 
  • Opt for light gray shades as the base color for a minimalist, sober interior design.
  • The most effective way to incorporate charcoal gray paint into a bright room is to use it for accent elements such as walls, cushions, rugs, soft furnishings, and trims.
  • If you are using gray in kitchen spaces, prefer light gray shades for cabinets and floors and charcoal gray for backsplash and kitchen island for a more composed look. 
  • Make sure to use bright elements in your space to create a balance and avoid a dull, darkroom.
  • For an eclectic, traditional look, combine dark gray or charcoal gray with bold patterns and warm rustic colors.
  • Use gray shades with warm and light woods like oak and hickory for raw farmhouse decor. 

What colors go with Blue Gray?

Blue-gray is a sober, calm color that works well with neutral colors like white, beige, light gray, greige, sage green, shades of blue, and pastel pink. You can also pair some elegant accent colors like burnt orange, rustic brown, deep yellows, and soft, rustic red.

What colors go with a gray kitchen?

If you have a gray kitchen, you can use neutral shades like beige, white, cream, and brown, and accent colors like red, deep yellow, orange, green, and blue in it.

Gray is a go-to modern, neutral color for modern home decor, thanks to its flexible nature! So, all the colors mentioned in this guide are match-made in heaven for gray. But if you have brown color in your home interior, we’ve also listed some of the best color combinations with brown!