14 Trendy Garage Door Colors To Complement a Yellow House

The yellow house color is bright and cheerful enough to steal the limelight for you. Yellow exteriors transition from a muted neutral tone to dynamism, adapting flawlessly to traditional and modern design styles. If you have a vibrant yellow house, you must complement it with the right garage door color. And we are here to help you.

Yellow paint pairs well with many garage door colors to either pronounce a neutral effect or curate a dramatic color blast. So check out these 14 color options for the garage door of your yellow house and enhance its curb appeal right away.

Top 14 Chic Garage Door Paint Colors for a Yellow House Exterior

1. A Classic White Garage Door Color

White Garage Door

Clean and uncluttered, white is a popular garage door color with a neutral aura of new-classical homes. A white sectional garage door tones down the vibrancy of yellow and gives a crisp Craftsman look that makes exteriors bright and lively. Moreover, it complements the warm tones of yellow siding and looks cohesive with a soft accent.

Additionally, a white-washed wooden garage door looks rustic and cottage-like, whereas a high-gloss white paint looks more contemporary on steel.

Here are some of the best shades for a white garage door:

  • Warm White: A pinkish-white like ‘Intimate white’ by Sherwin Williams looks playful and modern with bright yellow siding and white trim.
  • Cool White: A cooler shade of white contrasts yellow with its slight blue undertones and looks balanced. Benjamin Moore’s ‘Snow White’ is the best white shade for this purpose.

2. An Enticing Brown Garage Door

Brown Garage Door

A rich brown shutter looks gorgeous with pastel yellow siding and designs a simple and sober Tuscan color scheme. Brown paint looks cohesive with the warm undertones of yellow and offers an eccentric look that pairs seamlessly with all shades of yellow siding. Overall, the color scheme appears edgy and earthy, just like typical countryside homes.

Alternatively, you can avoid painting your wooden garage door and instead use a stain to maintain the essence of brown with an elegant, grainy texture.

Here are the best shades of brown paint for your garage door:

  • Dark Brown: A natural, dark brown such as ‘Authentic brown’ by Behr Paints looks rustic and cohesive, especially with an antique brass door opener and white trim.
  • Dark Espresso / Coffee Brown: A coffee-like paint like ‘Coffeehouse Chocolate’ by Benjamin Moore goes well with a mellow siding and a bright stainless steel door opener.

3. A Sublime Beige Garage Door

Beige Garage Door

A Tudor-styled, side-hinged beige garage door syncs effortlessly with the yellow siding and designs Mediterranean houses with a formal yet electric style statement. Moreover, beige shutters pair well with all shades of yellow siding. It tones down a dark yellow siding but looks more composed with light yellow paint.

Here is the best shade of beige by Behr Paints:

  • Dark Beige: A deep beige contrasts a light yellow house subtly and looks eclectic in style, but blends in seamlessly with a bright yellow siding, looking more cohesive. A rustic ‘Windrift Beige’ is the best paint for this purpose.

4. Urbane Black Shutters

Urbane Black Shutters

Black doors look dominant and establish authority with a yellow siding, flawlessly adapting to a classic colonial exterior with a hint of formal style. A black overhead door overpowers the bright saturation of yellow and catches attention, making it a popular color choice for ultra-modern exterior designs.

Moreover, black pairs well with all shades of yellow siding and looks eclectic and modern with each. However, you can even go with dark charcoal grays as an alternative to avoid an overwhelming look. Finally, pair an elegant silver garage door opener to complete the style statement.

Here are the best shades for black garage doors:

  • Cool Black: A cool black tones down the warmth of yellow siding and looks balanced with white trim. For example, Sherwin William’s ‘Black Swan’ has a purple undertone that strikes a rich contrast with yellow without overwhelming.
  • A Neutral Jet black: A neutral shade like ‘Universal Black’ by Benjamin Moore looks Baroque-style with yellow siding and oozes class.

5. A Modish Gray Garage Door Color

Gray Garage Door

A roll-up gray garage door complements a yellow siding with a typical French-villa style design and looks chic and elegant. The combination tones down the yellow exterior paint and adds more depth and dynamism. Moreover, a gray with a slight brown undertone will ooze a Mediterranean vibe while looking more industrial.

Here are some of the recommended shades of gray garage door paint by Behr Paints:

  • Brownish Gray: A brownish ‘Pavement Gray’ paint looks cohesive and farmhouse style with a yellow siding and a polished steel door opener.
  • Cool Gray: A cool gray paint such as ‘Seared Gray’ imparts a Georgian look to the yellow siding while balancing its tones.

6. Bucolic Yellow Ochre Shutters

Bucolic Yellow Ochre Shutters

An organic slide-to-side yellow ochre garage door creates a modern but friendly farmhouse aesthetic with yellow siding and looks slightly monochrome with bright yellow. It is a muted accent color that gives off a natural and fresh experience but with a soft accent. Moreover, the paint anchors the look, making the facade more bright and rustic.

Here is the best shade of yellow ochre for your garage door:

  • Dark Yellow Ochre: A dark yellow ochre paint like ‘Nankeen’ by Sherwin Williams looks monochrome but can be made dramatic with contrasting color trim.

7. Refined Sage Green Garage Door Color

Sage Green Garage Door

A sage green paint with a classic matte finish on a wooden garage door softens the bright saturation of yellow and designs a trendy, Boho-chic yellow house. It is a great color choice if you want your garage door to blend with the surroundings and not appear alien. Overall, sage green contrasts with yellow siding and looks modern yet neutral.

Check out the best shade of sage green for your shutters:

  • Grayish Green: Benjamin Moore’s ‘Winchester Sage’ is a similar grayish-green paint that looks natural with yellow siding and polished brass hinges.

8. Organic Olive Green Garage Shutters

Olive Green Garage Door

Olive green is a darker shade of green, and hence, it accents yellow siding with a powerful contrast but balances enough not to overpower the look. An excellent choice for one-storeyed Ranch houses, olive green shutters look natural and rustic with dark yellow siding and more modern with pastel yellow houses.

Pick this gorgeous olive green for your garage door:

  • Brownish green: A rustic olive green like ‘Snap Pea green’ by Behr paints looks sober and luxurious with white trim and a golden color door opener.

9. A Subtle Mint Green Garage Door

Mint Green Garage Door

The faint bluish-green paint curates a modern, bright, and uncluttered countryside aesthetic with a subtle contrast. The accent color balances the vibrancy of yellow and designs a Rococo exterior with a cozy and beautiful setting.

However, avoid using mint with dark, bright yellows as they might look naive. Instead, pair it with muted mellow yellow siding for a fresh look.

Check this shade of mint green for your wooden garage door:

  • Cool Mint: A cool shade of mint-like ‘Cool Mint’ by Benjamin Moore syncs well with the lively effect of yellow but looks more modern with dark blue trim and gray-colored tracks and rollers.

10. A Tropical Blue Garage Paint Color

Blue Garage Door

A blue garage door cools down the warm tones of yellow and looks more exciting and appealing. The trendy accent color pairs gorgeously with all shades of yellow but curates a different aesthetic with each. Brighter blues look casual and playful with light yellows, whereas dark navy blues portray dominance with dark yellow siding.

Overall, a blue garage door justifies all styles from the transitional Victorian era to the modern exteriors of today and hence, is a timeless choice for the garage door color.

Here are some of the best shades for a blue garage door color:

  • Indigo: A bright indigo like ‘Indigo Batik’ by Sherwin Williams tones down the bright yellow siding with a new classical design.
  • ‘Dark Royal Blue’ by Benjamin Moore: Dark blue gives off a Baroque look with light yellow and looks more luxurious and sophisticated. Benjamin Moore’s ‘Dark Royal Blue’ is one of the best paints for dark blue shutters.
  • Pastel blue: A casual but muted shade like ‘Resolute Blue’ by Sherwin Williams looks fresh and cottage-like with a yellow house and curated modern decor.
  • Light Blue: A soft blue shade similar to ‘Alluring Blue’ by Behr Paints looks industrial with a warm yellow siding and white trim.

11. A Soothing Cream Garage Door Color

Cream Garage Door Color

Carriage-style cream garage doors look cohesive with the light warm yellows and curate a snug Mediterranean exterior. The paint looks modern and crisp with pastel yellows, whereas it will transition to an eclectic style with a dark yellow siding.

As a neutral color, the cream will balance yellow and prevent it from overpowering the entire look.

Check out the best shade of cream for a gorgeous garage door:

  • A Brownish Cream: An earthy shade of cream creates a soft contrast with yellow and looks modern with white trim and silver latches and hinges. ‘Creamy Mushroom’ by Behr Paints is the best paint for this purpose.

12. An Exciting Burnt Orange Garage Door Color

Burnt Orange Garage Door

Orange and yellow belong to the same color scheme, and hence, the duo blends exquisitely with each other for a vibrant fusion-style exterior while being balanced and sophisticated. Burnt orange looks a little rustic with yellow and takes on a cottage-type garage door style that looks engaging and appealing with a light contrast.

Here is the best shade of orange to go for:

  • A Burnt, Brick Orange: A time-worn shade of orange like Benjamin Moore’s ‘Burnt Caramel’ looks harmonious with a brown or maroon trim and goes with similar wooden garage door hardware.

13. Monochrome Yellow Garage Shutters

Yellow Garage Shutters

Yellow carriage doors curate a monochrome but modern look with brightness and dynamism. Herein, you can either select a shade of yellow that is lighter or darker than your brick or use the same shade for a cohesive look. If you use the same shade of yellow, ensure that you add a white trim to stand out.

A yellow garage door looks the best with a high-gloss finish and steel shutters, but a fainter pastel yellow will go with wood too.

Here are Benjamin Moore’s paint shades for a yellow door:

  • Pastel Yellow: Soft and muted, a toned-down ‘Golden Straw Yellow’ gives a Mediterranean look with dark yellow siding and brown trim.
  • Bright Yellow: A bright paint like ‘Warriors Yellow’ enlivens light yellow brick and goes with black trim and similar dark-brown tracks and rollers.

14. A Flashy Red Garage Door Color

Flashy Red Garage Door

This accent color blends well with yellow, creating a dramatic statement but without dominating the look. Red is a bold color that not only strikes a powerful contrast but boosts the curb appeal while making the house look modern and fusion-style. However, experts recommend using a slightly rustic red door rather than cherry red for a crisp, balanced look.

Here are the top shades of red paint from the color wheel:

  • Cranberry Red: A rustic, cranberry red like ‘Travers Red’ by Benjamin Moore complements countryside houses and looks bright with a muted pop of color.
  • Cherry Red: A bright paint like ‘Real Red by Sherwin Williams achieves a color blast with yellow and looks lively with a fusion-style design.
  • Brick Red: It is a burnt orange paint that curates a farmhouse-type look with yellow brick and black hardware. Check out ‘Chimayo Red’ by Behr Paints for this shade.

Which Is The Best Trim Color For The Garage Door Of A Yellow House?

Generally, white and light gray prove to be popular trim colors for a yellow house, but contrasting red or emerald green trims against neutral garage doors look more dramatic. On the other hand, light cream or beige trims against vibrant red or blue doors create a welcoming effect.

However, you can paint the trim the same color as the garage door for more cohesion.

Though yellow is a bright and daunting hue, we cannot ignore how seamlessly it blends with many colors from the color wheel. It curates a snug, eclectic exterior with neutral garage door colors but looks more dynamic with accent hues, offering you a palette of colors to choose from.

Yellow is a bold accent color, just like green, and both of them need experimentation to pick the right color. So, if you need trendy garage door color options for your green house, we’re here to help.