What Color Bedding Goes With Grey Walls? (13 Trendy Ideas)

Gray walls create a beautiful, sophisticated monochrome interior for the bedroom. They offer a beautiful, sober canvas that is ready for play and drama. This is where bedding color plays a significant role!

Since bedding is one of the essential elements of the bedroom, occupying the majority of the area, it has to blend in with the wall color perfectly. So, here are the 13 best bedding colors that go flawlessly with gray walls, along with some valuable tips and FAQs to give a helping hand.

Exquisite Bedding Colors That Go With Gray Bedroom Walls

1. Sleek Black Bedding

Solid and Patterned Black Bedding with Gray Walls

Black is a unique classic neutral color that surprisingly works wonders for bedrooms. And black bedding will ooze a dark, sophisticated vibe when paired with gray bedroom walls.

If you have light gray walls, you can use solid black bedding with white accents for a formal touch. Or you can use white sheets with a bunch of black and white pillows and black accents, like blankets or woven boudoir pillow shams, for cohesive interior.

You can also go for white curtains to add a bright contrast and breathable character to the space. Need more inspiration? Explore the best curtain ideas for gray walls here.

2. Coordinating Brown and White Bedding

Rich Brown and White Bedding with Gray Walls

Brown and white bedding is the trendiest design in town. This bedding will allow you to create a lovely Pinterest-inspired farmhouse look for your gray bedroom, breaking its darkish character.

You can go with a beautiful white bed sheet as a base and add white and brown linen pillows for a minimalistic touch. Also, introduce a stunning charcoal gray comforter with a brown velvet blanket. And don’t forget to add a white furry small throw blanket for a needed oomph!

3. Peaceful Green Bedding

Light and Dark Green Bedding with Gray Walls

Green bedding gives composure and closure to the grayish bedrooms. It puts together the look, bringing in a subtle color pop. This bedding color will surely bring a relaxing, tranquil environment to your bedroom area.

You can use various shades of green to create versatile looks and styles. While sage green sheets, comforters, and knitted blankets will put together a fancy cottage design, dark emerald or forest green bedding will look more glamorous

But if sage is too light, you can opt for olive or leaf green blankets and pillows over white sheets for a minimalistic interior or dark green accents for a glamorous décor!

The first rule you can follow while arranging your bedding is the 60-30-10 rule; 60% should be the primary dominant color, 30% be the secondary color and texture, and 10% be an accent color. It’s a classic rule that helps us to use colors perfect for the space from the color wheel.

4. Blue Bedding

Light and Dark Blue Bedding with Gray Walls

The blue and gray color palette creates a perfectly collated character in the bedroom. The key here is to get matchy-matchy by mixing and matching different shades of blue, particularly navy and dusty blue.

Also, creating layered bedding will add depth to the space. So you can go with a stark white sheet and add some blue and gray textured/patterned boudoir pillow shams. And if your bed has a dark gray headboard, you can use white and blue pillows or light and dark blue pillows against it for contrast.

5. Homely Burnt Orange Bedding

Orange Bedding with Gray Walls

Burnt orange bedding provides a gush of freshness to the neutral gray-toned bedroom. It adds the needed color blast and a fantastic rustic feel. This bedding is the best match for a light, warm gray bedroom interior.

You can create a Bohemian bedroom décor by adding tribal printed tasseled blankets with boho patterned and macrame euro and deco cushions on a stark all-white bed!

Or go with different-sized pillow shams of light to dark orange shades with a white bed sheet, burnt orange velvet duvet, and neutral color blankets for a wonderful, Instagramable modern interior.

6. Effortless White Bedding

Crisp White Bedding with Gray Walls

White bedding provides an overall minimalistic design to the space. But if introduced with patterns, textures, and color pops, it’ll be a statement on its own. So, white bedding is a timeless option for light and dark gray bedroom walls!

You can go with plain white bedsheets and add tribally fringed and standard tasseled pillows with boho-printed deco cushions. This color palette will offer a soft, bohemian, or coastal look with soft colors like beige, cream, pale yellow, light blue, teal, etc.

You can also style a decorative white wall in your gray bedroom to tie the look together.

7. Stylish Salmon or Blush Bedding

Hues of Pink Bedding with Gray Walls

Salmon is a unique color that provides a needed oomph when used for bedding. And when styled with gray walls, salmon-colored bedding brings a soft color blast, making the room youthful.

This color scheme can offer a cohesive balanced look when paired with neutrals like beige. You can create a cottage-style interior using macrame gray, beige, and salmon pillow shams with an all-white sheet.

Or you can use a salmon and white patterned bedsheet with matching pillows. This bedding will turn out even more interesting with fur carpets, gold metallic accent pieces like nightstands, and lush green plants!

If you want a cohesive look in your bedroom, opt for a similar color scheme for bedding and curtains. For example, if you have blue and pink bedding, opt for pink or ombre pink curtains. Or simply pick neutral curtains that go with all bedding colors.

8. Bright Yellow Bedding

Muted Yellow Bedding with Gray Walls

Yellow bedding will introduce a bright ray of sunshine and a positive aura into a pale basic gray bedroom! It’s a classy match for bedrooms with a light gray shade to create a vibrant, energetic ambiance!

While designing with this palette, go with beige sheets as the base and add mustard, gray, and pinkish deco cushions for a playful character. You can add more drama by introducing pastel duvets and blankets!

This lovely arrangement will look high-spirited and lively, like a jolly cottage-inspired décor. And it’s best suited for a setting with a lot of wood furniture!

9. Patinated Rustic Red Bedding

Bright Red Bedding with Gray Walls

Rustic red bedding provides a rich and splashy contrast to the darker tone of the bedroom’s gray walls. It’ll create a great statement and a colorful aura, filling your space with contemporary drama and depth!

Red bedding will work best with light, warm colors. So, you can pair rustic red duvets or comforters with a white or cream bedsheet and some textured boho red, gray, and white bed pillows! You can also place a woven beige blanket to get an overall bohemian character to your space.

10. Soft Baby Blue Bedding

Baby Blue Bedding with Gray Walls

Pastel or baby blue bedding will provide a stylish, sober, and dreamy character to the space. Being one of its kind, this option creates a refreshing nautical modern bedroom with gray walls.

Try to introduce baby pink in this palette to make it more dreamlike! For instance, you could pair pastel pink and light blue euro, deco, and boudoir quilted accent cushions with baby blue comforter and pink faux fur blankets. This bedding idea will also work best for children’s bedrooms.

11. Monochromatic Gray Bedding

Matching Gray Bedding with Gray Walls

If you want an all-gray monochromatic bedroom, gray bedding is your best bet. It will bring an intense character to the space and help you design a classy industrial interior with gray walls.

The first step to styling this color bedding is to layer different shades of gray on the sheets, pillows, and blankets to create a gorgeous transition in the room. For instance, layer light and dark gray knitted and quilted duvets, comforters, and blankets to create a visually appealing design.

Also, don’t forget to add huge gray and neutral base pillows and boudoir cushions for a collated modern feel.

12. Luxurious Plum Bedding

Dark Plum Bedding Against Gray Walls

Plum is a stunning bold color that exudes elegance and royalty when used in interiors. And when used in a master bedroom with gray walls, plum bedding will give a regal, majestic look. If you have a dark gray accent wall, this bedding will offer a chromatic style reminiscent of a glamorous Hollywood interior!

You can go all-plum by throwing plum king-size pillows and duvets with a break of white blankets and a single stark white boudoir cushion in the center over a bare white bedsheet. This will help you achieve a single-color flowy style.

But if plain plum bedding is overwhelming, add more neutral colors like beige, cream, taupe, and blush pink with plum. And don’t forget to add floral patterns for a vintage, feminine touch.

To achieve a warm character in the gray bedroom, add rich and warm colors such as plum, navy, emerald green, and blush. They will instantly up the game and provide warmth and comfort.

13. Neutral Tan and Beige Bedding

Neutral Tan and Beige Bedding with Gray Walls

Tan and beige bedding is an excellent option to pair with gray bedroom walls. Being a soft and neutral color combination, it proves to be one of the safest options to try.

You can use both tan or beige bed sheets for the base with opposite-color standard pillows and duvets. Like, if you prefer a tan bed sheet, opt for a beige Bohemian macrame and tribal-inspired linen and wool duvets and a lot of patterned cushions!

This dual-color bedding offers a seamless blend with light, warm grays like ‘Portland-Gray’ and ‘Revere Gray’ from Benjamin Moore and gives a fantastic Pinterest look.

Tips for Choosing the Bedding Color for Gray Walls

  • Go with a mix of warm and cool undertones in your bedroom, as they will balance out and give an oozing brightness to the dark hues of gray.
  • Opt for at least a single neutral-colored element, whether bedding, furniture, curtains, or décor elements. It will maintain and put together each element over the gray canvas.
  • Use a pop of accent colors such as pink, which is a bright color, to bring color pop and accentuation to the bedroom’s gray paint color wall.

How do you make a gray bedroom cozy?

To make a gray bedroom feel cozier, start adding layers of drapery, such as curtains and bedding. Also, play with colors, textures, and patterns to add warmth and comfortable character. Finally, place metallic furnishings and a feature accent wall for a cozy collated appearance.

How do you brighten up a gray room?

If you want to brighten up the room, go for more oversized windows for natural lighting. You can place accent hanging lights and metal leg furniture for a glowy appeal. Also, use a subtle wallpaper for added color and a refreshing, bright look.

What color of furniture goes with the gray walls in the bedroom?

The safest color options for your gray walls are wood, white, black, and gray, as these colors blend in seamlessly. However, if you want to break the dark hues, opt for blush, green, blue, or beige furniture in the bedroom. Don’t forget to warm colors with a tinge of cool color to the space to maintain balance.

The right color of bedding can work wonders for a bedroom interior. And when your bedroom walls are a classy neutral color like gray, you have a wide range of bedding colors to choose from, as you saw above!

So, pick your favorite bedding color and add a needed accentuation and appeal to your gray bedroom now! And if you need more ideas on colors that go with gray, we have some quirky ideas for you!