Bedding Colors That Go With Green Walls (Top 12 Ideas to Try)

When used on bedroom walls, the green color can work wonders! It creates a sober, modern, and close-to-nature feel, which is perfect for a private, calm space like the bedroom. But if your green walls look off in your room, the chances are you have the wrong bedding!

To make your green bedroom perfectly synced, bedding that compliments the walls is a must. So, here are 12 unique bedding colors that will perfectly suit your green walls and design your dream bedroom!

12 Exquisite Bedding Colors For Green Walls in Bedroom

1. Subtle Beige Bedding

Beige Bedding with Green Walls

Pairing the right neutrals with green can entirely change the interior game! That’s why beige bedding is one of the best options to use in a green bedroom. Not only will it light up the space, but it’ll also add the perfect contrast and a sober character to your green walls.

If you have dark green walls, like emerald or forest green, all-beige bedding with patterned cushions and blankets can help you achieve a chic modern look. And if you have light green walls, use Boho accent pillows, duvets, and tasseled blankets over plain beige bedsheets to get a Bohemian decor!

2. Monotone Green Bedding

Matching Green Bedding with Bright Green Walls

If you want to create a beautiful monochromatic bedroom interior, use green bedding against your green walls! This combination will result in luxurious, high-end decor. The key here is to achieve the perfect balance with green!

You can either use the same shade of green for walls and bedding or choose a contrasting color scheme for a balanced appearance. For instance, if your bedroom has dark forest green walls, light sage green bedding with patterned euro pillows, linen blankets, and duvets will look the best, and vice versa!

Finally, round up the look with matching area rugs and curtains. You can explore more curtain ideas for green walls here.

3. Patterned Black Bedding

Patterned Black Bedding with Green Walls

Although rich and bold, black bedding can be a little tricky to use in a bedroom with green walls as it can make the space look boxed. But if you want to create a dramatic and mysterious bedroom interior, it’s a must-try option!

The best way to design with this color scheme is to use patterned black bedding with a touch of white. Such bedding will not only add the needed visual interest but will also balance the darkness of the space.

You can choose bedding with abstract or geometric patterns to create a contemporary look, or soft floral prints to achieve a good-looking traditional bedroom.

4. Bold Brown Bedding

Rich Brown Bedding with Bright Green Walls

Brown is a luxuriously rich color that works well in green bedrooms. It will showcase a deep contrast to the green walls, creating a gorgeous farmhouse and nature-inspired ambiance in your bedroom!

Besides, the brown bedding works perfectly with almost all shades of green. So you can layer as much as you want with plain brown standard pillows, printed deco pillows, and brown linen duvets and blankets.

But if you want green walls to outshine, go with a light neutral bedding base and place brown blankets and pillow shams on it. This will give you a cohesive Mediterranean farmhouse look.

5. Lavender Bedding for Sage Green Walls

Light Lavender Bedding with Sage Green Walls

The soft lavender color makes everything dreamy by adding a tailored character to the space. That’s why lavender bedding is the best pair for light sage green walls to curate Pinterest-inspired decor!

Here, you can go with plain bedding or a printed one. For example, a white bedsheet with lavender and sage green deco pillows and matching pom-pom blankets will create a toned-down look.

Conversely, lively floral pillow shams and duvets, green and neutral knitted blankets, and deco cushions will add more visual interest to the space. Check out more bedding ideas for sage green walls here!

6. Neutral Gray Bedding

Neutral Gray Bedding with Bright Green Walls

If you crave a sober and tranquil bedroom interior, try gray bedding! When placed with a green accent wall or in a full green bedroom, this bedding color will look highly sophisticated and modern.

For a statement appeal, go all matchy-matchy with coordinating prints and patterns. Use a variety of floral and geometric green and gray pillows and duvets with plain bedsheets. Finally, round it up with a gorgeous checkered gray blanket to tie the look!

But if this design is too extravagant for you, opt for light green standard pillows over a white bedsheet and add a gray blanket for a minimalistic look.

7. Bright Yellow Bedding with Dark Green Walls

Light Yellow Bedding with Green Walls

If you have dark green walls in your bedroom, you definitely need yellow bedding! It will instantly add a lively and peppy color pop to the space. Yellow is your color if you want an edge for your abstract bedroom!

You can go for a yellow bedsheet with a green blanket for a quirky, out-of-the-box style, and add lots of matching printed and plain pillows and deco cushions. Or, keep it basic by using an all-white base with printed decorative pillows, a yellow comforter, and an accent blanket for a modern look!

8. Elegant White Bedding

Crisp White Bedding with Bright Green Walls

White bedding exuberates tranquility and peace! When used against green walls, this dazzling decor element will add a crisp contrast, creating an elegant, sophisticated bedroom interior.

Here, you can go for an all-white look with white cushions, bedsheets, comforters, and some bright neutral accents like a blanket or deco cushions. For more color pairing ideas, hop on to our guide on colors that go with green!

If you want a heavy curtain drama, start with sheer white curtains. Then depending on the look you want, add either frilled or modern color-blocked secondary color curtains.

9. Lively Orange Bedding for Dark Green Walls

Bright Orange Bedding with Green Walls

Add a zingy, refreshing warm touch to your green bedroom with vibrant or burnt orange bedding! This bedding color is perfect to create cheery decor with a traditional touch if your bedroom walls are painted dark green.

You can go with a dominant orange palette with orange blankets, comforters, and cushions on a neutral base. But for a balanced look, add orange accents, like blankets or deco pillows. This bedding design not only adds a color pop. but also creates a lovely mid-century modern interior.

10. Dreamy Blush Bedding

Blush Bedding with Green Walls

Another exciting option to accentuate your bedroom with dark green walls, blush bedding will instantly ooze light and comfortable vibes into the room! It will add a perfect color break, sprucing up your green bedroom with a mid-century modern twist!

You can place a solid, textured blush bedding set over your bed for a quick makeover. Or, to amp up the bedding look, add an emerald green bedsheet, standard blush pillows, and a velvet throw blanket!

11. Classic Tan Bedding

Light Tan Bedding with Green Walls

As a beautiful neutral color, the tan color looks classy and sober when used on bedding. And when used against green bedroom walls, it can do wonders and make your space cozy and comfortable in seconds!

To style tan bedding, go for a crisp white bedsheet and decorate it with patterned tan deco, euro cushions, and white standard pillows for a sober look. Then add tan comforters, duvets, and blankets, and you’re done!

You can add more depth by using light and dark tan shades for different elements. Not only that, tan bedding can also curate a stunning traditional look!

12. Rich Plum Bedding for Dark Green Walls

Dark Plum Bedding with Bright Green Walls

Want a grand bedroom, plum bedding is your best bet! This unique color oozes luxury, just like your dark green bedroom walls. Together, they will result in a high-end Hollywood glamorous interior!

As plum is a bold color, it’s best to limit it to accent elements, like plum pillows or a throw blanket. But if you love bold choices, go for plum-dominant bedding using plum ombre blankets and standard pillows over a white bedsheet.

How to add a statement to the green bedroom?

You can add gold metallic elements and furnishings for shine and glow. In addition, use mirror decorations on walls and an accent chair or settee in the room. Finally, add beautiful accent lights to get a statement green bedroom.

How to balance dark green walls in the bedroom?

You can balance the dark green walls by adding neutral-colored and bright pastel furnishings and drapery. Do not forget to place wooden furniture and sheer curtains for a comfy design.

Green walls bring a statement to the bedrooms. Although vibrant in themselves, they provide a beautiful canvas to work with. So, add a touch of magic in the form of bedding using our trending bedding color options now and take your master bedroom to the next level!

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