15 Curtain Colors That Go With Brown Walls (Timeless Ideas)

If there’s a color that can look sophisticated, modern, welcoming, and classic all at once, it’s brown! That’s why homeowners nowadays don’t refrain from using it as a wall color. But with brown walls, you need the best curtains to tie the look of the space!

One wrong choice of color, and there goes your entire decor! But worry not! Today, I’m going to show you 15 fabulous curtain colors that will not just fit perfectly with brown walls but also give you your dream decor!

Key Takeaways

  • Pick light curtain colors like beige, cream, white, light gray, and dusty pink for a composed look with medium brown walls. 
  • Dark and accent curtains like teal, rusty red, navy, yellow, and dark green will design an eclectic space. 
  • For contemporary decor, go with neutral curtain colors, such as dark gray, taupe, brown, black, and dark gray. 
  • Use simple pleat or ripple fold hovering curtains for a casual look. Or go with heavy, pool-length curtains for a regal, stylish touch. 

15 Timeless Curtain Color Ideas for Medium Brown Walls

1. Cream Curtains

Light Cream Curtains with Brown Walls

In a room with warm brown walls, cream curtains are the best way to add a subtle contrast, keeping the room bright and airy! Cream curtains in a lightweight fabric will add a rustic farmhouse or cottage feel to your space.

2. Beige Curtains

Beige Curtains

If your room has light brown walls, you can create a lovely Hygge decor with beige curtains and other light and bright colors. But it’s not restricted to just that!

Using beige curtains with warm and rustic colors in the scheme gives you a homely Bohemian decor! Anyway, beige curtains are sure to vivify brown walls.

3. White Curtains & Sheers

White Sheer Curtains with Light Brown Walls

Sheer curtains are a staple for any contemporary, breezy space! Whether your walls are light, medium, or dark brown, sheer curtains will look fabulously lit!

If you want to add to the sophistication and regal feel of your brown walls, go with white silk curtains! For a fancy touch, add white balloon valances, too! You can also pair the sheers with cohesive dark curtains!

4. Taupe Curtains for Medium Brown Walls

Taupe Curtains

Taupe always complements brown and looks perfectly cohesive. So, when you use taupe curtains against brown walls, your room is sure to look warm and well-composed.

Since it’s a neutral color, you can use it with lightweight semi-sheer fabric or heavy fabric. Taupe curtains will revamp your space anyway!

5. Chocolate Brown Curtains with Light Brown Walls

Brown Curtains with Brown Walls

If you are a Monochromatic lover, deep chocolate brown curtains are a must-try option! Heavy, textured dark brown curtains will design a formal, welcoming, dark Glam room.

You can further have colorful and metallic accents like golden curtain rods, rings, etc., in your space to amp up the glam!

Or, if your room has dark brown walls, light brown curtains will complete the look with a casual touch!

Try hanging natural bamboo wood blinds! They’ll look unique with brown walls.

6. Neutral Gray Curtains

Neutral Gray Curtains

When it comes to curtains, you can never go wrong with gray! Gray curtains would balance the visuals in the space and curate a lovely, modern Scandinavian decor.

You can use medium dark curtains if your room has medium brown walls with enough bright and warm colors. Or, if you want a casual interior, go with semi-sheer light gray shades.

7. Dark Blue Curtains

Brown and blue make an eclectic pair! Dark midnight blue or navy curtains will ginger up the drama in your room in seconds!

Not just that, this combination will induce refreshing, calming, natural vibes. Use dark blue, navy, or indigo velvet fabric curtains for perfectly sophisticated decor.

8. Black & White Patterned Curtains

If your home is craving visual interest, it may need some patterned black and white curtains! To maintain the warm, sophisticated vibes, you can use warm white and charcoal black instead of crisp white and jet black!

Some patterns that would look stunning with black and white are stripes, polka dots, ombre, and small geometrical shapes!

9. Dusty Pink/Blush Curtains with Medium Brown

Dusty Pink Curtains

This combination of brown and pink is for Boho-chic lovers! With dusty pink or blush curtains, your otherwise formal decor will magically turn into a welcoming, comfortable space!

This curtain color will add just enough pop to your room. And it’d also leave some space to add more color pops to complete your zingy, boho decor!

10. Tan for Dark Brown Walls

Tan Curtains

Tan belongs to the family of brown, so there’s no chance tan curtains won’t match brown walls! Whether dark or medium brown, tan curtains will help you design a natural and earthy Tuscan interior.

11. Rustic Red Curtains

Red Curtains in Light Brown Room

Another fancy curtain color that complements rich brown walls! Rustic red curtains are an easy and fantastic way to turn your home into a lavish, dramatic villa!

This curtain color would look stunning in rich textured fabrics like silk, velvet, and cotton velvet!

12. Deep Yellow Curtains

Deep Yellow Curtains

If you love chic homes, yellow is your color! Deep yellow curtains will shine bright against warm brown walls, and you’ll get a sunny Tuscan or Mid Century Modern decor!

To tie the look, you can pick mustard yellow curtains with complementary color patterns. Be it cotton, linen, or velvet; yellow curtains will stand out in any fabric!

13. Teal Curtains with Light Brown

Teal Curtains with Brown Walls

Teal curtains are a quick tool to add classy color pop into the space! Since teal is a cool color, it would complement cool as well as warm brown wall color!

And the best thing is that both light and dark shades of teal would look fabulous with brown walls! Where light teal curtains would add a breezy coastal feel, deep teal curtains look lavish!

14. Olive Green Curtains

Olive Green Curtains

Olive green curtains are your best bet if you’re close to nature and want to bring its essence into the decor! It will add a vintage touch to the space, but look highly elegant. 

Rich olive green velvet or silk curtains will design an exalted vintage, glam decor with deep brown walls. But, with light brown walls, I’d recommend using pale olive or sage green curtains in a softer fabric. It’ll create a casual tropical decor!

15. Dark Green Blinds

Dark green curtains surely add a vintage feel to the space, but trust me, it’s worth it! With brown walls, dark and warm greens like Hunter green and dark olive will add a Hollywood Regency touch to your room.

And, since it’s a soothing color, you can hang green curtains in your bedroom with medium or dark brown walls.

3 Quick Tips for Using Curtains with Brown Walls

  • Use minimal patterns and textures! It will add visual interest to the decor. 
  • Avoid using dark curtains in a small room with dark brown walls. It would look too stuffy! 
  • Pick linen curtains in light colors to make your dark brown room airy and spacious.

Should Curtains Be Lighter or Darker Than the Walls?

The shade of the curtains mostly depends on the look you want to achieve. Using curtains in a lighter or darker shade of the wall color adds visual depth to the space. You can also use complementary colors to bring harmony to the space.

How Do I Add Color to My Brown Living Room?

Accent and decorative elements are an excellent way to introduce more color to the space. In a brown room, you can use curtains in vibrant shades like yellow, red, teal, pink, and green. Accent pillows, artwork, and carpets are also great ways to add color!

Brown walls are getting more and more popular in modern interiors. So, it’s always helpful to know which curtains would go with them in advance. So, shortlist the curtain colors from this list, and design your home today!