14 Colors of Curtains to Choose When Matching Greige Walls

Greige is today’s one of the most picked neutrals among homeowners. Why? Because this color magically fits well with cool as well as warm decor schemes! This also makes Greige a must-have wall color for any minimalist home.

Greige walls are undeniably beautiful on their own. But when you start decorating them with other decor elements, such as curtains, you must have a keen eye!

But even if you don’t, you can relax! I’m going to show you 14 stunning curtain colors that you can pair with greige walls without hesitation!

Key Takeaways

  • Use neutral curtain colors like gray, cream, beige, and white to curate minimal, modern decor with greige walls. 
  • For a cool and mild color pop, use curtains in sage or olive green, light blue, blue-gray, pale teal, or turquoise. 
  • Warm curtains colors, such as yellow, pale or burnt orange, lavender, tan, and brown, will add a welcoming touch to a neutral greige room. 

14 Fabulous Curtain Colors to Pair with Greige Walls

1. Beige Curtains

Beige Curtains with Greige Walls

Beige curtains are your best bet if you’ve dreamt of minimal, Bohemian decor for your dream home! Lightweight beige curtains will warm up the greige walls, giving you a soft, laidback farmhouse look.

You can go with simple ripple fold or pinch pleat beige curtains to maintain the minimalist theme!

2. Light & Dark Gray Curtains

Dark Gray Curtains

Gray itself is a part of greige. So, gray curtains are going to look highly cohesive and composed with greige walls. And this seamless transitional and contemporary decor will definitely steal the show!

Pick light gray semi-sheer curtains if you want them to blend in with the walls. But go for dark gray curtains if you want your curtains not just to complement the walls but to pop out too!

3. White or Sheer Curtains

White or Sheer Curtains

White sheer or semi-sheer curtains will be your best bet for cozy, contemporary decor. They’ll brighten up your space, and you will have an airy farmhouse interior in no time!

Sheer curtains are your best pick if a lot of dark colors are already used in the color scheme!

4. Black Curtains or Blinds

Black Curtains with Greige Walls

Take a bold step and hang black curtains against your greige walls! It’s definitely going to up the Glam quotient in your home!

Since greige is a laidback color, you can use charcoal black instead of jet black to keep your space visually balanced. If you’re designing a bedroom, you can go for black blinds and sheers together!

5. Yellow Curtains

Yellow Curtains

How about a vibrant, warm greige room? Perfect greige walls tend to reflect the tones used next to them! So, yellow curtains are the right pick to warm up greige walls with a Tuscan or Mid-Century Modern touch!

But it has to be the right yellow shade! So, go with muted yellows like Ochre and Mustard yellow curtains. For more zing, try textured and patterned curtains.

Use metallic gold or brass curtain rods with yellow curtains.

6. Warm Dusty Pink Curtains

Dusty Pink Curtains

Using muted pink curtains is a smart way to bring softer and more comforting vibes into the neutral space. Light dusty pink or petal pink shades will curate a relaxing, cozy Hygge decor.

To add a sober, breezy touch, pick lightweight linen curtains. But if you wish to design a romantic bedroom, use pool-length silk curtains! You’re going to love it!

7. Cream or Ivory Curtains

Off-white, cream, or ivory curtains make your space breezy and sober. So, they are the perfect decoration for a small room with small and fewer windows.

Not only would it add a Scandinavian touch and subtle contrast, but it also gives you space to use warmer colors to amp up the decor!

8. Lavender Curtains

Lavender Curtains

Another soft yet colorful option, lavender curtains will bring some soothing visuals into your space. And not to mention, they will complement the warm tones of the greige walls.

Lavender curtains are an excellent pick for designing a children’s room. And if you want to use them in a bedroom, go for heavy fabric, textured curtains for a cozy feel!

9. Blue-Gray Curtains

Blue-Gray Curtains

Blue-gray curtains are yet another perfect addition to curating a sober space! This color will neutralize the warm greige walls with its cool undertones. The result? A relaxing, Cottage-style decor!

A soft pastel blue with slight gray tones, like Slate blue, would be a perfect curtain color match for neutral or cool greige walls!

10. Sage Green Curtains

Sage Green Curtains with Greige Walls

If you’re trying to introduce soothing colors to your greige room, sage green curtains are exactly what you need! The cool tones of these shades will decorate your room with soft contrast and depth.

With a touch of nature and freshness, sage curtains will turn your dull space into a delightful, happy, and sober tropical home! Pale olive green curtains will do the job too!

11. Tan Curtains

Tan Curtains with Greige Walls

Another option for perfectly warm and homely decor! Tan curtains will help uplift the warm tones of the greige walls and look more Tuscan.

These curtains will also look fabulous in a Bohemian space. You can pick tan curtains with minimal Boho-chic patterns to ace the look!

12. Teal or Turquoise Curtains

Teal or Turquoise Curtains

Up for a relaxing, tranquil, and refreshing interior? Pair teal curtains with greige walls. With contrasting undertones, pale teal or turquoise curtains are a perfect tool to decorate a coastal or cottage-style home!

Dark teal, more jewel-toned curtains will also work perfectly well with greige walls if you’re trying to add a Hollywood Glam touch!

13. Light & Dark Brown Curtains

Brown Curtains for Greige Walls

With their warm undertones, greige walls look incredibly sophisticated and cohesive when decorated with brown curtains! Where light brown will offer a casual seamless decor, dark or chocolate brown curtains will create a Dark Glam interior!

Use pool-length dark brown curtains or balloon shades to give your space a regal touch! This color combination will fit even better if you have golden accents in your decor.

14. Burnt Orange Curtains

If you like energetic spaces, orange curtains won’t fail you! They would gel with the warm greige wall color and design a flamboyant, Mid-Century Modern space.

You can use light, peachy orange curtains to add zest to your space. It’ll look highly eclectic. For balance, you can also match the cushion or any other accent to tie the look.

3 Tips for Using Curtains with Greige Walls

  • Too many accent colors may look overwhelming with greige walls! Instead, use muted curtain shades to keep the decor composed. 
  • Use semi-sheer linen curtains to achieve a casual, laidback look with greige walls. 
  • Use black and white single or patterned curtains to add exciting visuals to a dull greige room.

Is Greige more gray or beige?

Greige is a perfect blend of neutrals, gray, and beige. It has a balanced and neutral mix of gray’s cool undertones and beige’s warm tones. Hence, it has a special tendency to look warm when used with other warm colors and cool with cool colors.

What Colors Go with Greige Walls?

Since greige is a modern, laidback, and sober color, muted and neutral shades will look stunning with greige walls. You can cool shades like gray, gray-blue, grayish-green, teal, and warm colors like blush pink, rustic orange, brown, yellow, tan, and beige.

What Pop of Color Goes with Greige?

Warm colors like orange, rusty red, and yellow will offer a much-needed welcoming pop with greige walls. But if you like complementary schemes, gray-green, gray-blue, teal, and even black will do the job!

Greige is easily one of the best neutral wall colors to create a modern, relaxing interior. Although greige walls look gorgeous with laidback shades, there’s no hard rule! You can pick bright, popping curtains from this guide to amp up your decor!

Like greige, brown is another warm neutral color commonly used for walls in sophisticated decors. But which curtain colors go with brown walls? Join us for all the creative ideas!