11 Gorgeous Curtain Colors to Match Your Red Couch (Images)

If you have a bold red couch or sofa in your living space, it would have already become the star of the show. But does it look a little off in your decor? If yes, you need to do a quick revamp! And the first thing to fix is your curtains!

Using the right curtains when styling your room around a red couch is crucial. One wrong color, and there goes your whole dream decor. But you need not worry because we’ve brought you a list of best-suited curtain colors that will look extraordinary with your red settee!

Top 11 Curtains That Go With Red Couch

1. Golden Colored Curtains

Golden Curtains with Red Couch

When your room is styled with a magnificent red couch or lounger, you just can’t miss out on golden curtains! These curtains will not only offer a bright contrast for your red couch, but they’ll introduce a bright color pop into your space!

With its magical and royal metallic touch, golden yellow curtains will quickly turn your casual living or bedroom into a lavish resort-like room. For cohesion, you could also use a few golden accent throw pillows with regular neutral cushions.

2. Neutral & Sober Beige Curtains

Beige Curtains with a Red Couch

Beige is another classy curtain color that goes well with a gleaming red sofa set or a fashionable red leather couch, creating chic and eclectic decor! Soft beige curtains will help you tone down the loudness of red furniture while bringing it under the spotlight.

Besides, these curtains are popular among modern homeowners as they’re pretty versatile and go with various dark and light furniture and wall colors. Consider matching color-coordinated cushions and rugs with your red furniture to enhance the overall appeal of your apartment.

3. Natural Dark Brown Curtains

Brown Curtains for a Red Couch

Do you have a gorgeous red couch set against white or light-neutral walls in your living room? If yes, then dark brown drapes should be your first choice! These curtains will create a perfect transition between your sober walls and loud and chic red furniture, styling a bold Maximal decor!

Brown curtains will introduce a moody and sophisticated touch into your space while offering a solid contrast to your stylish red sofa! But If dark brown curtains make the room dull, use beige or light brown curtain panels with them!

4. Loud Matching Red Curtains

Matching Red Curtains with a Red Sofa

If you want your home decor to reflect your bold and daring persona, pair red curtains with your red couch, and let your decor scream its elegance! This striking monochromatic decor will look highly maximal, creating a seamless transition between your furniture and curtains!

Also, if you have warm shades on your walls, this red-on-red combination will create a unified look in your space. And don’t forget to add light and dark accent elements, like throw pillows and carpets, to save your decor from getting overwhelming!

5. White Curtains or White Sheer Curtains

White Curtains with Red Couch

White fabric or sheer curtains are excellent options to pair with a red seating haven! They will give your room a perfect eclectic New Retro look. Here, sheer curtains will keep the space bright and airy, toning down the sharpness of the red settee, while the fabric white curtains will add texture and richness!

You can use white or off-white cushions, carpets, or even bed linens to make your red couch the focal point of the room. But remember to add more accents to keep things interesting!

6. Blingy Black Curtains or Blinds

Black Curtains for Red Sofa

It might sound unreal, but homeowners are crazy about the elegant duo of red and black. This color pairing will work beautifully with curtains and furniture. When you hang black curtains alongside a stunning red sofa, you get a dramatic, maximal decor!

Being neutral, black curtains will help make your settee the center of attention. Although black curtains or blinds may appear superior to red furnishings, the effect is breathtaking when combined with the correct decorative elements. So don’t forget to add more lighting and light accents to your room!

7. Majestic Blue Curtains

Blue Curtains with a Red Couch

You have two possibilities with blue curtains to accompany your fashionable bright red furniture. The first is to create a calm, relaxing ambiance using pale light blue curtains, and the second is to style a highly vivid and intense Hollywood Glam decor with dark blue curtains!

If your couch is a deep red shade, you can use navy curtains in your room to create a tonal contrast and moody aura. On the other hand, if your look has a light color palette with a light red or coral couch, light blue curtains will work perfectly!

Avoid pairing bright blue curtains with a bright crimson red or cherry red couch, as it might get too sharp and uncomfortable for the eyes!

8. Elegant Gray Curtains

Neutral Gray Curtains Against a Red Sofa

Complement your apartment’s gorgeous red furnishings with exquisite gray curtains! You can use light and dark gray shades to design the decor to your liking; both shades will curate eye-catching visuals!

Where sober light gray curtains result in a minimal contemporary look, dark gray colors will give you an ardent, erratic maximal atmosphere in your apartment, strongly contrasting your red couch! You can also go with warm taupe-colored curtains to keep the ambiance warm and welcoming!

9. Peppy Green Curtains

Green Curtains with a Bright Red Sofa

Pair your red couch with green curtains to create captivating aesthetics in your modern room. If you want to introduce a nature-inspired touch into your space, this color curtain is the best way to do it while giving your room a dynamic appeal!

Here, you can try out different shades of green for curtains to pair with your red settee. For instance, try light and pale green curtains to spruce up your space with refreshing vibes, or try deep green curtains to build a Dark Glamor decor!

10. Lavish Purple Curtains

Purple Curtains with a Red Couch

Go for an out-of-the-box idea and hang royal, stylish purple curtain panels against your red seating haven! Believe it or not, these curtains will drastically improve the look of your entire living space, making it more homely and welcoming!

If your home has light wallpapers, dark purple curtains will stand out, whereas light purple or mauve curtains will blend in, creating pleasing visuals in your home! But since both purple and red are strong colors, avoid using bright shades of both together!

11. Multicolored Patterned Curtains

Colorful Patterned Curtains with a Red Sofa

If your room is too loaded with light and plain, boring decorations, you can spice it up using multicolor patterned curtains! These shades are an exciting option to revamp a room with neutral wall color and a radiant but plain sofa!

You can choose patterned curtains with red or contrasting colors to match your blush red or deep red couch. As for patterns, it’ll best to go with less busy prints like wide buffalo checks, small floral prints, geometrical shapes, tiny polka dots, etc., to avoid a cluttered look with a loud red couch!

The red furniture in the room has a dominating and robust stance. Although you are free to choose brighter or darker tones for your curtains, the colors exhibited in this list will undoubtedly enrich the interiors as well as your red couch or sofa.

Just like the unusual and playful red couch, green sofas are also trending lately. So if you’re looking for curtains to pair with a green couch, we’ve got something interesting for you!