12 Trending Curtain Colors for Black Couch (With Images)

When it comes to furnishing, interior designers are fond of black color as black furniture looks highly fashionable and dramatic. Besides, it can fit into any look, be it retro, casual, modern, or chic, and create remarkable aesthetics.

However, some homeowners find it challenging to find the right decorative items, like curtains, for their rooms with black furniture. If you’re one of those, we’re here to help you with our 12 exclusive curtain colors to go with a classy black couch.

12 Colors That Look Perfect With Black Couch

1. Scarlet Red Curtains

Scarlet Red Curtains with Black Couch

Scarlet red curtains are trending nowadays among young homeowners. These vibrant shades will add a dramatic color break to your room with a black couch, making it look highly cheery, welcoming, and glamorous!

if you want a high-end, lavish look, go for silk and velvet red curtains. These will look exceptional with a simple black sofa. But if you have a shiny black leather couch, stick to soft and simple linen or cotton curtains.

You can adorn your luxurious black couch with matching red cushions and a few accent throw pillows to give your space a cohesive, stunning look. Check out more interesting and gorgeous throw pillow ideas for a black couch here.

2. Rich Dark Yellow Curtains

Bright Yellow Curtains with Black Couch

If you want to harmonize your shiny black couch with a sunny bright color, dark yellow curtains are the way to go. They have a royalist effect that ameliorates the entire appearance of your area, giving it a modern and spirited sense.

If you have light-colored elements in your room, dark yellow shades will be the perfect option to create a strong contrast and add richness to the space. They illuminate the space rightly while balancing the duskiness of the black furnishings.

Dark golden yellow curtains are another excellent option to create a royal, metallic interior with a black couch! Choose shades that go well with your home’s interior!

3. Metallic Copper Curtains

Copper Colored Curtains with Black Couch

Dark curtains often become the room’s focal point! So, pick copper curtains to complement your stylish black couch and loveseats and curate dramatic and moody aesthetics. If you have a light warm wall color in your room, these curtains will pop out beautifully!

Besides, if your room is decorated with other brown furniture pieces, these curtains will magically blend with those and create a warm, lively color palette. Finally, use color-coordinating leather cushions and woven rugs to give the space a rusty, royal look!

4. Soft Beige Curtains

Beige Curtains with Black Sofas

If you’re looking for a neutral curtain color to accentuate a sleek black sofa in your living room, try beige curtains. These curtains will balance the boldness and dimness of black seating in the room, transforming it into a perfectly lit modern space!

You can also introduce dark tan curtains along with beige to create a magical transition on the doors and windows. Since beige is a soft neutral color, you can hang these curtains in your living room, dining room, and bedroom; they look just perfect everywhere!

5. Natural Green Curtains

Green Color Curtains with Black Sofa

A quirky option for window treatment, green curtains can actually boost the appearance of your space. To keep the space cohesive and synchronized, go with dark green, like the forest or emerald green curtains. These shades are perfect for creating luxurious Hollywood Glam decor in rooms with back sofas.

If your room has warm background colors, green curtains will add natural and calming vibes. To spice up the look, you can try pairing curtains with two different shades of green, and add matching patterned or tasseled cushions to your black sette or sofa!

6. Calming Blue Curtains

Blue Curtains with Black Sofa

Blue curtains are an excellent option to dramatically enhance your room’s look while oozing sober vibes. Here, you can use several shades of blue for curtains to create a gorgeous aesthetic, highlighting your gorgeous black sofa or couch!

Where light blue or sky-blue curtains will complement and contrast the depth of the black sofa perfectly, dark or navy-blue drapes will add more drama! You can also go with linen navy and black striped curtains to create interesting visuals over the walls!

7. Gray Colored Curtains

Light Gray Curtains for Black Sofa

If you want to keep your curtains minimal and highlight your black couch or sofa, pick gray curtains without a second thought! With dark undertones, these curtains will not only blend in with black furniture but will also offer a neutral background to let it shine!

But if you have large windows and doors, gray curtains with black couches may create a monochromatic decor. So, don’t forget to add popping accent elements like teal, pink, or red cushions or carpets to add the needed zing!

Light and dark gray curtains with geometric or checkered patterns will also look absolutely stunning behind your classy black leather couch!

8. Simple Sheer White Curtains

Sheer Curtains with a Black Colored Sofa

If you want a simple, light background in your room to bring your lavish black couch under the spotlight, white or sheet white curtains are your best bet! These curtains will let in a lot of natural light, keep the room bright, and add a strong constant in the space, making them perfect for contemporary decor!

If you have a simple color scheme in your room, you can also go for black & white patterned curtains to curate a visually exciting look! Finally, play with various neutral-shade pillows or other decorations for an eye-catching transition in the room!

9. Burgundy Curtains

Burgundy Curtains Behind Black Couch

Burgundy curtains are a perfect match for your room’s light-shade walls and stunning black couch. The rich color will add drama and a regal touch to the room while complimenting the dark tones of your furniture! These curtains are an excellent option to create dramatic, Hollywood Glam interiors.

To create a put-together look, add some patterned velvet or silk burgundy throw pillows on your black sofa or couch. Finally, round up the look with warm neutral-shade rugs. You can explore more exquisite rug colors for your black couch here.

10. Mauve Curtains

Mauve Curtains for Black Sofa

To give your room a sober contemporary appearance, pair mauve curtains with your stylish black couch. This pale purple color will soften the bold visuals of your black furniture, designing a balanced Victorian and Mid-century modern decor!

If mauve curtains look dull, you can also create an exciting twist by contrasting the dark plum curtains and throwing some lavender, lilac, or mauve patterned cushions on your black sofa or even on the bed!

11. Black Colored Curtains

Textured Black Curtains with Black Sofa

If your rooms have light-shade walls or wallpaper and bedding, you can pair matching black curtains with your black sofa or couch, to create a monochromatic look! With a perfectly balanced contrast, black curtains will create a highly modern, sophisticated interior for you!

If you’re using curtains for small windows, you can go with patterned curtains. But if you’re decorating a small room with large windows, opt for sheer black curtains. You can also go with black and red patterned curtains to amp up the look!

To add a variation to this monochrome aesthetic, use contrasting bright cushions and flannel sheets. Or, you can pick bold colors for ornamental items, like rugs and tablecloths!

12. Light Floral Curtains

Floral Curtains for Black Couch

Want to tone down the boldness of your black couch, light-colored floral curtains are the best way to do it! Floral curtains automatically introduce refreshing vibes into the space,

But when used with light colors, they will also add an eye-catching contrast with black furniture, creating modern decor with a traditional twist. If your room already looks busier with different colors, use wide and less busy floral patterns for the curtains with pastel shades!

Now that you know some of the best curtain colors to go with a black couch, you don’t have to think twice before bringing in stylish black furniture! You can use different fabrics, like silk or heavy textured fabric for your curtains to create richer and more lavish surroundings!

And if you have brought in a sleek gray couch in your home, we have the best curtain color options for a gray couch for you to explore now!