15 Stunning Garage Door Colors For Gray House (With Pictures)

Choosing a garage door color can be daunting. After all, it complements your house and enhances its curb appeal. And if you own a gray home, you already have an array of garage door color options that can work well. But it’s also important to consider the design styles associated with a particular color.

Whether you want your garage door to blend with the gray home exterior or to pop out, I have hand-picked the 15 trendiest garage door colors that can never go wrong with gray house exteriors!

Garage Door Colors That Set The Trend For Your Gray House

1. Domineering White Shutter Color

White Shutter Color

Simple and sober, white Craftsman-style garage doors pair well with modern or colonial-style gray homes. They look bright and seamlessly adapt to several design styles. This door color will give your exterior a crisp look, keeping it bright and clutter-free.

Additionally, the white shutters offer an elegant, cottage-style look with painted wood and look more industrial with steel sectional doors.

Best Shades for a White Garage Door:

  • ‘Extra White’ by Sherwin Williams: A cool white paint color to complement blue, silver, and green cars while curating an ultra-modern look.
  • ‘White Dove’ by Benjamin Moore: It is a comparatively warmer white, more like cream, that goes well with similar yellow, orange, red, and gold color cars.

2. A Universal Beige Garage Door Color

Beige Garage Door Color

A Tudor-style beige garage door blends well with the gray color scheme and makes the facade more formal and neat. The exterior design style that results from using a beige garage door depends on the brown undertones; a sand-like beige will look more rustic and of the countryside, whereas darker beige looks traditional.

Best Shades for a Beige Garage Door:

  • ‘Bleeker Beige’ by Benjamin Moore: It is a sandy, modern shade of beige to go with brown, black, white, silver, or red cars.

3. Ravishing Brown Garage Doors

Brown Garage Door

A brown garage door looks elegant and refined with gray siding while bringing warmth and natural coziness to the home exterior. If your house has a warm gray exterior paint, brown shutters are your safest choice for a cohesive yet sophisticated look.

However, this color scheme works equally well with all shades of gray and portrays a crisp, edgy look of typical farmhouse-style houses. Moreover, brown wood doors contrast gray with a softer accent, while their rich hues anchor the look and ooze sophistication.

Best Brown Shades for Your Garage Door:

  • ‘Black Bean Brown’ by Sherwin Williams: A bold brown to add a pop of color to industrial houses, this shade goes well with white, silver, and beige cars but needs a white trim for balance.
  • ‘Coffeehouse Chocolate’ by Benjamin Moore: The color complements a traditional or Baroque look with white, silver, yellow, and gold cars.

4. An Adaptable Gray Garage Door

Gray Garage Door

A roll-up style gray garage door in steel looks monochrome with traditional warm gray houses but is a no-fail option for the garage door color. Choosing a color that is one shade lighter or darker than the gray siding will help highlight other house elements while making the house look eclectic and mid-century modern.

Best Shades of Gray by Sherwin Williams:

  • Comfort Gray: Muted and neutral, it is a great color choice to go with dark gray siding and accent color cars.
  • Rain Gray: It is a bluish-gray that contrasts warm gray siding but looks cohesive with blue, black, and white cars.

5. Radiant Yellow Garage Door

Yellow Garage Door Color

A yellow overhead door looks bright, playful, and cheery with your gray exterior color and curates a Bohemian-style aesthetic. The duo creates a color blast and catches more attention, especially with steel and a high-gloss paint finish. Furthermore, it is a great choice to enliven indistinct gray tones and add a vibrant and bright look.

However, if you need a very subtle or light pop of color, you can go for faded yellow shades like mellow yellow for a chic look.

Best Shades Benjamin Moore for a Yellow Garage Door:

  • Golden Straw Yellow: It is a soft, unsaturated yellow for a countryside-style statement with black, silver, and brown cars.
  • Warriors Yellow: This dramatic shade of yellow looks balanced with light grays, white or black trim paint, and dark-colored cars.

6. An Alluring Orange Garage Door

Orange Garage Door

Carriage-style orange shutters are a quick way to steal the limelight for your garage door while keeping it classy and sophisticated. The bold color looks lively yet time-worn with a dark gray exterior paint. However, it is a bright color and complements warm grays with a softer accent.

Best Shades for an Orange Garage Door:

  • ‘Fiesta Orange’ by Benjamin Moore: This bright and saturated shade of orange infuses a Mediterranean vibe with dark brown or cream trims and contrasts white cars dramatically.

7. A Timeless Sage Green Garage Door

Sage Green Garage Door

Sage green is a chic, crisp garage door color for a clean and uncluttered exterior with a softer contrast. It pairs gorgeously with all shades of gray and freshens up the look with a dark gray, whereas it appears neutral and minimal with a light gray. The paint looks its best with a matte finish on a wooden door and boosts the curb appeal with a Georgian look.

Best Shades for a Sage Green Garage Door:

  • ‘Clary Sage’ by Sherwin Williams: The shade looks cohesive to a gray house with slight green undertones and looks beautiful with similar silver and white cars.

8. An Ethereal Purple Garage Door

Purple Garage Door

Have a flair for regal-looking yet playful houses? Paint your wood garage door with a subtle shade of purple that adds drama and dynamism with a powerful accent. Purple garage doors catch attention from the street while blending effortlessly for a sophisticated, contemporary look with dark roofs and front shutters.

Best Purple Shades for Your Garage Door:

  • Purple Agate: Soft and muted, this shade goes well with simple folding doors, black or silver cars, and white trim color.
  • Courtly Purple: Modern and elegant, it looks eclectic in style and works well with creamy white trim paint and dark-colored cars.

9. Sublime Cream Garage Door Color

Cream Garage Door

Cream garage doors are perfect for cool gray, zen-styled exteriors that embrace minimal luxury and are an alternative to beige and brown. Alternatively, they curate a Mediterranean design with warm gray paint and look cohesive. Moreover, the color will look bright and contemporary but has a neutral tone that does not overwhelm the design.

Best Cream Shades for Your Garage Door:

  • ‘Creamy Mushroom’ by Behr: It is a muted brownish cream shade that looks modern with white or yellowish trims and red, blue, or silver cars.

10. Classic Black Garage Door Color

Roll-Up Garage Door

The flawless duo of black doors and gray siding looks maximal and Gothic. It breaks the continuous gray masses on the exterior and looks formal and sophisticated. However, black shutters can easily overpower the look of your gray house, and hence, it’s recommended to use slender, steel overhead doors with this color.

Best Black Shades for a Bold Garage Door:

  • ‘Black Emerald’ by Sherwin Williams: It is a darker shade of jet black color that looks gorgeous with white cars and trims but might overpower with a dark gray siding.
  • ‘Toucan Black’ by Benjamin Moore: It is a dark black with a slight purple undertone that looks good with purple, blue, and cool silver cars.

11. Rustic Walnut Brown Garage Door Color

Brown Garage Door Color

Walnut brown offsets a warm gray and creates a snug, sophisticated and neutral look. It is a modern and trendy color that looks natural and blends into the surroundings effortlessly. However, muddy walnut browns can make your gray exterior look dull and uninteresting. So choose wisely.

Best Walnut Brown Shades to Go for:

  • ‘Cavern Clay’ by Sherwin Williams: It is a bright walnut brown to go with your silver, black, and white cars while opting for an organic look.

12. Vibrant Grass Green Garage Door

Green Garage Door

A vibrant grass green paint revamps monotonous gray exteriors and looks modern with a pop of color. It complements the greenish undertones of cool gray and offers you a Craftsman-style facade with wooden folding doors.

Best Green Shades for Your Garage Door:

  • ‘Ivy Wreath’ by Behr Paints: This shade has a slight grayish undertone that goes with a dark gray or black trim.

13. An Elegant Taupe Garage Door Color

Taupe Garage Door

Are you looking for a neutral color that doesn’t overpower? Try a taupe-colored garage door and modernize your gray siding with its mid-warm tone. A taupe paint goes well with all shades of gray; it looks cohesive with warm grays, whereas industrial with cool grays.

Best Shades for a Taupe Garage Door:

  • ‘Smokey Taupe’ by Benjamin Moore: Quite neutral and sophisticated, this paint curates a monochromatic color scheme and looks dramatic with brown, black, or yellow cars and black trims.

14. A Welcoming Red Garage Door

Vibrant Red Garage Door

The classic combination of a red carriage door and warm gray siding is always associated with dramatic exteriors of the eclectic style. Red powerfully accents gray and revamps the exterior with dynamic visual appeal. A modern and trendy paint for the garage door, red is sure to catch attention and add a color blast.

Best Shades for a Red Garage Door:

  • ‘Heritage Red’ by Benjamin Moore: Saturated but vibrant, it suits modern rolling doors and silver or white cars.
  • ‘Bravado Red’ by Sherwin Williams: Burnt and slightly vermillion, it complements simple white trims and light-colored vehicles.
  • ‘Red Tulip’ by Benjamin Moore: It is a dark salmon-like shade that goes with black, brown, and dark-colored cars with modern attire.

15. A Tropical Blue Garage Door


The blue garage door creates the perfect coastal vibe with gray siding and looks playful but elegant. Bright blues look more casual and modern with gray walls, while a dark navy blue results in the Victorian-era look and draws attention to your garage door. Overall, blue looks trendy and has various hues that adapt gorgeously to different design styles.

Best Blue Shades for Your Garage Door:

  • ‘In the Navy’ by Sherwin Williams: A grayish-navy blue that looks new-classical with yellow, golden, white, and red cars.
  • ‘Dark Royal Blue’ by Benjamin Moore: It is a regal alternative to go back to the Baroque style and contrasts with light-colored vehicles.
  • ‘Aviary Blue’ by Sherwin Williams: This shade complements carriage-style doors of modern farmhouse-style houses with black or brown cars.
  • ‘Mediterranean Breeze’ by Benjamin Moore: An industrial shade of blue for white trim and white, silver, or black cars.

What Is the Best Finish for Garage Doors?

A semi-gloss acrylic latex exterior finish looks the best on garage doors, but experts recommend using a gloss finish with steel and a matte finish with a wooden garage door.

Should the Garage Door Be the Same Color As the House Or Trim?

There’s no compulsion, and it depends on the look you want to create. Using similar colors for your trim and door will guarantee a cohesive look, whereas contrasting colors will look dramatic.

You can design with two or three accent colors that complement one another. For instance, you could have cream-colored trim and a dark chocolate brown garage door.

Your garage door will play a crucial role in determining the aesthetic of your gray house, so it is necessary to choose the right color to boost curb appeal. Sophisticated neutral colors will look more industrial and traditional, whereas accent colors like red will help you add a pop of color.

A gray house looks seamless with many garage door colors, including yellow. But, does a yellow house pair with a gray garage door? Find out in my next guide on best garage door colors for a yellow house exterior!