Top 12 Garage Door Colors to Enhance a White House Exterior

White is a chic, crisp, and timeless exterior color that revamps your home and adds luxury. Being flexible, it goes well with many accent colors, adapting to various styles, from traditional to modern. However, the garage doors that form about 20% of the house can make or break the exterior design despite the right shade of white.

Hence, selecting the right garage door color becomes extremely important. So, if you are looking for paint color ideas for your garage door, your search ends here. Read through our list of 12 trendy paint colors that will set the bar for your white house.

Trendy Garage Door Colors That Will Revamp Your White House

1. A Stately And Somber Black Garage Door

Roll-Up Black Garage Door

A black carriage-style garage door is a quick way to add the simplicity of barn style to modern white farmhouses. Black garage doors break down the monotony of white houses and create a strong contrast that catches attention. It is a great neutral color choice for a timeless and formal look with any design style.

Best Shades of Black to Try:

  • ‘Black Emerald’ by Sherwin Williams: It is a darker shade of jet black color that might seem dominant as a garage door but looks gorgeous with white cars and trims.
  • ‘Soot’ by Benjamin Moore: It is a friendlier and more casual shade of black that achieves a modern farmhouse-style garage door and goes with yellow trims and cars.
  • ‘Wrought Iron’ by Benjamin Moore: This shade has a warmer undertone that anchors a rustic countryside look with warm whites.

2. A Monochrome White Garage Door

White Garage Doors

White garage doors sync effortlessly with white sidings and offer a monochrome yet modern look. The popular color makes exteriors bright, clutter-free, and cohesive while completing a Craftsman-style garage door with minimal accessories.

However, avoid using the same shade of white for both purposes and experiment with different shades and tones. For example, if you have a cooler white house, use a warmer white garage door and vice-versa. Finally, complete your garage door with a blue or purple trim that balances its warm undertones.

Best Shades of White to Try:

  • ‘Ibis White’ by Sherwin Williams: It is a warmer shade of white that complements cool white exteriors and pairs well with yellow and orange cars and a contrasting blue or black trim.
  • ‘Chantilly Lace’ by Benjamin Moore: It is a cool shade of white that goes well with blue and green cars but needs a warm cream or yellowish trim for balance.
  • ‘Pure White’ by Sherwin Williams: It is a fool-proof color choice if you want a neutral look that works well with different trim colors & cars without getting overwhelming.

3. An Exquisite Gray Garage Door Color

Modern Style Garage Door for Modern Homes

Gray hues promote a modern, industrial and sophisticated look to your exterior paint and tweak your house to a friendlier abode. It goes well with polished contemporary style steel or overhead doors and cools down the warm white exterior paint with a softer accent, looking seamless and neutral.

Best Shades of Gray to Try:

  • ‘Stonington Gray’ by Benjamin Moore: It is a muted color that goes with cool white exteriors and dark-colored cars. You can either use white trim for a minimal look or add drama with a royal blue trim color.
  • ‘Mineral Gray’ by Sherwin Williams: It is a cool gray that neutralizes the warm white and looks balanced with dark blue trim.
  • ‘Moonlit Orchid’ by Sherwin Williams: It is a comparatively warmer shade of gray, which guarantees a cohesive look and looks gorgeous with red or orange cars and brown trim.

4. A Supple Beige Garage Door

Beige Garage Door

A beige-colored, wooden folding door matches harmoniously with the warm white exterior color and gray roofs. Beige is a soft garage door color that designs a simple Craftsman-style home exterior and blends well with other neutral or accent color accessories.

Moreover, the warm undertones of the beige color scheme complement the warm whites and curate a snug Mediterranean aesthetic.

Best Shades of Beige for Your Garage Door:

  • ‘Bleeker Beige’ by Benjamin Moore: This shade of beige has a slight sandy undertone that contrasts with gray, black, or similar color cars and oozes a modern attire.
  • ‘Kilim Beige’ by Sherwin Williams: It is a yellowish shade of beige that looks more dramatic and modern with similar yellow and orange cars and goes well with a chocolate brown trim.

5. A Refined Dark Brown Garage Door Color

Dark Brown Garage Door

A brown garage door in natural wood, faux wood, or steel is perfect for warm white houses with a dark roof. Generally, brown-colored Tudor-style doors curate the aesthetic of typical medieval or traditional homes, while a brown rolling shutter looks more modern.

Moreover, brown looks rich and neutral without dominating the look when paired with whites, making it a suitable garage door color for a white house.

Best Shades of Brown from Benjamin Moore:

  • Charlton Brown: It is a bold color that enlivens simple white exteriors and looks industrial. It strikes the perfect contrast with silver, white and black cars but needs a white trim for balance. 
  • Chocolate Truffle: This softer shade of brown creates a neutral look with a subtle accent and is a sophisticated color choice for minimal contemporary homes.
  • Coffeehouse Chocolate: The color looks flawless with traditional or Baroque style homes with medieval doors that portray authority.

6. A Chic Blue Garage Door Color

Blue Garage Door Color

The trendy color scheme of cold white siding and a blue garage door designs a light-hearted modern, coastal house that looks balanced and feels inviting. The color will guarantee a strong contrast, irrespective of the shade you pick, while an orange or emerald green trim will further add to the drama.

Best Shades of Blue for Garage Doors:

  • ‘In the Navy’ by Sherwin Williams: It is a grayish shade of navy blue that complements new-classical style doors and contrasts yellow, white, and red cars.
  • ‘Dark Royal Blue’ by Benjamin Moore: It is a rich and regal color that creates a welcoming effect for carriage-style garage doors.
  • ‘Aviary Blue’ by Sherwin Williams: This shade is a suitable choice for the folding garage doors of farmhouse-style white houses with black cars.
  • ‘Mediterranean Breeze’ by Benjamin Moore: This is a grayish, industrial-looking shade of blue that contrasts white softly and looks great with white trim and white or gray cars.

7. A Dynamic And Vibrant Red Garage Door

Vibrant Red Garage Door

A fresh red garage door color will ooze an eclectic aura within the space and appear more exciting and engaging. This garage door color will enhance the visual interest with naturally bold contrast and create a dramatic exterior for a transitional white home with similar red shutters.

Best Shades of Red to Go for:

  • ‘Heritage Red’ by Benjamin Moore: It is a saturated red color, ideal for the foldable and rolling shutters of both traditional and modern white houses, and goes with silver, white, yellow, and black cars.
  • ‘Bravado Red’ by Sherwin Williams: This burnt brick shade of red syncs well with simple white trims, a warm white exterior, and similar light-toned cars.
  • ‘Red Tulip’ by Benjamin Moore: Red tulip is a dark coral-like shade that accents black and silver cars with a friendly and urbane tone.

8. An Imperial Maroon Garage Door Color

Maroon Garage Door

The maroon color anchors the white siding together and looks even more appealing with red brick paving and similar red shutters that balance its tone. A modest, simple, and rectangular, colonial-style maroon garage door creates a dominant impression when paired with a white house and looks traditional.

Best Shades of Maroon to Try:

  • ‘Burgundy’ by Sherwin Williams: It is a dark, timeless shade of maroon that looks good on traditional overhead doors and white or gold cars.
  • ‘Burgundy Rose’ by Benjamin Moore: This rustic, cranberry-like shade of Burgundy offers a more casual, warm, and friendly feel with a cream-colored trim.

9. A Dramatic Yellow Garage Door

Cream Garage Door Color

A yellow garage door can enliven the entire exterior and make it more dynamic and eye-catching. Yellow is a crisp and vibrant accent color that looks great when painted on Mediterranean-style wooden shutters against white stucco siding and tiled roofs. Moreover, the color will expand your visual space while softly accenting white.

Best Shades of Yellow by Sherwin Williams:

  • Lantern Light Yellow: It is a pastel yellow shade with a slight gray undertone that looks good with silver cars and dark gray trim.
  • Butter Up Yellow: This shade is a mixture of beige and yellow, and hence, it complements a Tuscan garage door style and goes well with brown and beige cars.

10. An Organic Dark Green Garage Door

Dark Green Garage Door

Green is a suitable choice for organic ranch-style homes that usually have open layouts with a simple garage door. Though green offers you a modest yet modern facade, you can add more drama with Banko overhead doors of the Craftsman style.

Moreover, the simplicity of cool white and bright green creates a relaxed look without overwhelming it.

Best Shades of Dark Green to Try:

  • Vine Green: It is a bold and dynamic paint color that pairs well with a white exterior and similar green, white, silver, or yellow cars.
  • Pine Green: Pine Green is a bright and luxurious, emerald green-like shade that offers a bold contrast and looks industrial with silver, golden, and white cars.

11. A Polished Olive Green Garage Door Color

Olive Green Garage Door

Olive green is a more muted and neutral version of green to complement the warm undertones of white while creating a zen-styled look with a folding or collapsible garage door. This is the right color for Tuscan-style houses that blend harmoniously with the landscape and do not overwhelm.

Best Olive Green Shades from Sherwin Williams:

  • Relentless Olive: It is a rich and brownish shade of olive that looks modest with similar brick red trims and silver or white cars.
  • Mesclun Green: This yellowish olive green is a brighter, contrasting color option and designs dynamic, modern exteriors that go well with commonly found silver, black and white cars.

12. A Flashy Purple Garage Door

Purple Garage Door

Longing for a bold color that will look timeless for ages? Pick a purple garage door and have a playful vibe with a regal tone. This accent color contrasts white powerfully while adapting effortlessly to traditional and modern houses. We agree that purple is not so common as a garage door color, but it will definitely spruce your curb appeal.

Best Shades of Purple to Go for:

  • ‘Victorian Purple’ by Benjamin Moore: This soft and muted shade of purple goes well with stately Victorian houses, luxurious black cars, and a black or dark gray trim color.
  • ‘Novel Lilac’ by Sherwin Williams: It is a modern and elegant, lilac-like color that designs a modern eclectic house with white trim and looks friendly.

Different Materials You Can Choose for Your Garage Doors

  • Vinyl: Vinyl is a sturdier material that is difficult to break and dent. However, it is available in only three colors: white, black, and gray. Hence, you cannot use vinyl if you need an accent-color garage door.
  • Fiberglass: Fiberglass doors are available in many colors but can break easily. Hence, use them for simple countryside houses and avoid them if you have children or pets at home.
  • Aluminum: Aluminum is a great, contemporary material available in various colors and finishes, but it can dent with improper use.
  • Wood: It is a popular material, and you can easily paint a wooden garage door with a color of your choice. However, it might not suit coastal houses as it can warp easily.
  • Steel: It is a durable material, and you can finish it with any color, but it may require repainting after some time due to corrosion.

Do You Need To Match The Colors Of The Front Door And The Garage Door?

While it is not compulsory, experts recommend that you match these colors if your garage door is easily visible from the street. Using the same color will guarantee a uniform appearance and enhance the visual appeal.

With a versatile white home exterior, you already countless color options for your garage door. But since each color curating a different exterior decor, it’s important to pick the right color based on your design preference.

With this guide, you must be sure of the design style that each garage door color will adopt to choose the best one! If you need similar unique front door color ideas for a white house, I have another exclusive list for you!