15 Eye-Catching Door Colors for White House Exteriors

A white house promotes a chic charisma and remains one of the most common exteriors for Scandinavian homes. White pairs well with diverse colors – warm, accent, and neutral. But, which of these colors will work best for the front door of your white house? Read on as we drop a list of trendy front door color options to curate a style statement for your white walls.

In this article, let us pick out hues from the color wheel and discuss how each will work out a different design tone. So, hop on to our list of paint colors for shutters and doors that complement white homes.

Front Door Color Options That Pair Well With A White Home Exterior

1. A Timeless Black Front Door

Timeless Black Front Door

A classic combination of white houses and black shutters takes you back to the timeworn era of Baroque exteriors that emphasize power and dominance. If you need a universal shutter that stays trendy despite the time, then a black front door is an appropriate option for you.

Choose Benjamin Moore’s ‘ Almost Black ‘ for a crisp classical style statement, whereas select soot-black or wrought iron paints with black trim for a similar dark gray front door that houses the same luxury without being devoid of color. Nevertheless, black front doors are the best for monarchical white houses that portray authority and need an ageless refined look.

2. A Radiant Yellow Front Door

Radiant Yellow Front Door

A yellow front door is a buoyant choice in and of itself. An on-trend yellow front door extends a warm Mediterranean vibe, perfect for clutter-free white houses that promise optimism. A yellow door invites joyful visitors and suits neutral industrial homes.

If a bright marigold yellow makes you anxious, pick muted tones like Benjamin Moore’s Candlelit Dinner and Golden Honey to contrast well with white walls. These shades are more effective for south-facing homes that need energy. But if you prefer an industrial-style look, explore the royal yellow paints like Monticello and Goldfield by Benjamin Moore.

Complementing the exteriors of a traditional white house becomes simpler with yellow front doors as these bold hues radiate positivity and work well with intricate shutters.

3. The Courtly Navy Blue Front Door

Navy Blue Front Door

Choose a formal navy blue front door for a tranquil neoclassical home. With a proper paint color, navy blue contrasts the undertones but stays minimal in style. However, navy blue is a bold color and needs well-lit houses to balance its melancholy. Benjamin Moore’s old navy will stay classic, whereas Vandeusen blue will be a muted option of the same color.

4. A Refreshing Royal Blue Front Door

Royal Blue Front Door

A combination of royal blue door paint and white siding welcomes the salty tastes of nautical homes that stay lively irrespective of the weather. If you want to explore a trendy, light shade that enhances the curb appeal of your white house, experiment with teal ocean and Naple blue door colors.

Alternatively, if you want a laid-back, rustic shade for neoclassical homes, choose the blue shutters and add a contrast to your white walls. Wythe blue front doors are perfect for zen-style homes that want to remain clean and muted in design.

5. A Lively Turquoise Blue Front Door

Turquoise Blue Front Door

Turquoise is a calm and cheerful front door color that is perfect for north-facing coastal homes that need to reflect heat. Often associated with serenity and clarity, the color visualizes cleaner volumes and helps Scandinavian houses manage their pop.

Choose Benjamin Moore’s Galapagos turquoise to add a strong contrast or muted Mexicali turquoise for a contemporary exterior.

6. The Cordial Orange Front Door

Orange Front Door

Orange front doors are perfect for fusion-style, extroverted south-facing homes. If you have off-white walls, prefer a brighter orange paint like Oriole or Fiesta and choose muted oranges like Blossom for cool whites.

However, if you want a more rustic, vintage-type appearance, choose darker tangerines like Montana agates by Benjamin Moore to neutralize the vibrancy of bright orange.

7. The Flashy Purple Front Door

Flashy Purple Front Door

Choose a purple front door color if you are an artistic person who wants a unique and lively exterior. Purple front doors break the monotony of white and stand as a transition between vibrant reds and calm blues. Choose a wine or raisin paint for regal shutters with white trim!

Pair purple shutters and chrome gold hardware if you crave trendy Georgian houses that stay royal and friendly at the same time. Alternatively, combine a darker sangria purple paint color with orange trim to boost curb appeal and aid the visual appearance of a contemporary white house.

8. A Refreshing Pink Front Door

Pink Front Door

A pink front door emphasizes the palette of coastal white houses that focus on southern living. Playful and vibrant, pink paint is a bright color that adds a dramatic entryway to help a house reach sophistication. Benjamin Moore’s peach-pink tints will aid nautical interiors in space, whereas hot pinks like roses and blush will stylize a fusion-style white house.

9. An Intimate Brown Front Door

Brown Front Door

A brown front door invites contentment to your home. Brown front doors for white walls have been tried and tested for ages. Hence, if you are confused about any design style, choose brown and play a safe game.

Moreover, brown is a flexible color that can adapt well to any interior design style – vintage, modern, or traditional. A Plymouth brown, Va Buren brown, or Marshland brown by Benjamin Moore will work well with white houses irrespective of the chosen white hue.

10. A Flamboyant Lime Green Front Door

Lime Green Front Door

Though not as popular a door paint color as the classic blacks and blues, lime green shutters are handy if you need a modern house that revisits the neon trends of the 1980s.

Benjamin Moore’s lime green is one shade that radiates positivity but may seem naive at times. Hence, for a toned-down option, use the Tequila lime shade of the same hue to stay vibrant yet balanced.

11. An Extravagant Emerald Green Front Door

Emerald Green Front Door

Explore darker shades of emerald green for a contemporary house that oozes with luxury. You can combine these with chrome hardware for an art deco vibe. Benjamin Moore’s forest green is one color that helps white houses adapt to a vintage style.

Other dark green door shades like Green bay and Hunter green are more modern and trendy. Hence, they will suit present-day homes.

12. A Sovereign Red Front Door

Sovereign Red Front Door

Red front doors are your next choice if you want imperial doors that welcome guests and comfort them. Warm red adds a natural contrast to white walls and helps houses catch the attention of the street. Perfect for transitional homes, a red door makes a bold statement and helps boost the curb appeal of your white house.

If you want a rustic Baroque shade of red, examine Benjamin Moore’s Cranberry or Ladybug red. As against this, choose a Ruby Red color scheme for minimal houses or go muted with Pleasant pinks for a front door that does not demand attention.

13. A Crude Wooden Front Door

Wooden Front Door

Bare minimum doors of woods like Pine, Mahogany, Walnut, Oak, and Cherry adopt a minimal Scandinavian palette in white homes. Being aesthetically pleasing and customizable, rich-grained wooden doors like the Oak add high contrast to vintage white walls and work well with black trim.

However, if you prefer a modern eclectic style, pair a softer-grained pine front door with dark mahogany trim for subtle contrasts.

14. An Upbeat Peach Front Door

Upbeat Peach Front Door

Peach is a light-hearted color that enlivens the easy-going ambiance of white houses. Pastel shades of peach, like blossom by Benjamin Moore, set the vibe for typical English country houses, whereas rustic shades like the Mesa Peach visualize an Art Deco vibe when paired with rich and lustrous metal hardware.

If your house has warm-toned white walls, compliment them with slightly saturated shades of peach-like Peach sorbet and Paradise peach for a Mediterranean style of living, whereas you can pair cold white walls with a Salmonberry palette, a cooler alternative to warm peach.

15. A Solemn Gray Front Door

Solemn Gray Front Door

Gray is a closer relative of the classic black that helps new classical white houses stay minimal and portray dominance. Choose a gray front door when you want a typical villa-style exterior without going black.

Darker shades of gray like Chelsea gray work well for industrial-style houses, whereas toned-down grays like the moonshine give an almost uniform appearance for understated homes that shy away from trends.

Can You Use a White Paint Door With a White House?

No. Never add a white front door to a white exterior if you want to stay in trend. The combination confuses the user and does not make the door visible from a distance. If you still want a white door, make sure that you include tonal differences in the shade and add a gray glass panel for contrast.

If you want a homogeneous design, you can use a Benjamin Moore beige-colored door. It offers subtle differences but stays cohesive.

White exterior walls are very adaptive to their color combinations and work well with many vintages and trending colors. Select accent paint door colors from this guide for modern design styles or go classic with timeless black or brown doors.

The colors listed in this guide might also work well with other warm and cool neutral shades. But if you need more trendy front door color ideas for a beige or tan house, I have exclusive lists for you!