14 Trendiest Garage Door Colors For Your Tan House

Details make the design, and the garage door is a crucial detail of a house exterior, acquiring about one-third of the visual space. Garage doors contribute to the overall curb appeal and significantly impact the style, especially for an earthy exterior like a tan house. Thus, selecting the right door color becomes necessary for a chic look.

However, a tan exterior works well with many shutter colors and curates a different garage door style with each. Here is a list of the 14 trendiest garage door colors to go with a tan house, along with some common questions about designing tan house exteriors answered!

Top Neutral Garage Door Colors to Complement A Tan House

1. Avant-Garde Black Door

Black Door

A black garage door has always been a popular color choice as its sleek finishes with rich tones add modernism to a neutral tan exterior. The black paint looks dominant and stately and offers a maximal style to the exteriors.

However, black garage shutters might subdue the hues of a tan color for a single-story house and look imbalanced. Hence, experts recommend using a faint trim color and a light steel overhead door with black.

Best Black Shades to Go For:

  • Greenish black: A cool, greenish-black like ‘Black Suede’ by Behr paints will look industrial with light tan siding and polished chrome hinges.
  • Cool black: A black shade like ‘Baby Seal’ by Benjamin Moore has a purple undertone that contrasts tan siding and looks balanced.

2. An Adaptable Greige Garage Door Color

Greige Garage Door Color

Are you looking for an industrial-style tan exterior? Pair a muted greige garage door color and contrast the brown undertones of tan with a softer accent. Greige looks cohesive and slightly dramatic but balances the style without overwhelming the exterior paint color. Hence, it is a suitable choice for simple modern exteriors.

Best Greige Shades to Go For:

  • Warm greige: It is a pale gray with a brownish undertone that looks rustic with light tan siding and wooden or weathered silver door openers. Benjamin Moore’s ‘Balboa Mist’ is one of the best paints for a greige garage door.

3. Compliant Dark Gray Garage Doors

Dark Gray Garage Doors

A dark-gray American overhead door by Fagan door is a no-fail choice for a timeless aesthetic with tan siding. This door color adapts gorgeously to many exterior designs and gives the desired look. Dark gray paint looks quite traditional with a dark tan siding but transitions to a modern, eclectic look with a light tan.

Moreover, the duo appears the best with a steel garage door and a complementary steel door opener.

Best Gray Shades by Sherwin Williams to Go For:

  • Greenish-gray: A greenish-gray sliding door with ‘Ripe Olive’ paint cools down the warm tan siding and looks best with stainless steel tracks and rollers.
  • Bluish-gray: A blue-gray paint like ‘Rock Bottom’ looks traditional and luxurious with white trim and a brass door opener.

4. A Sovereign White Garage Door Color

White Garage Door Color

A crisp white overhead door is a suitable pick to give your earthy tan house a clean, uncluttered look and invite luxury to the space. The paint accents the undertones of beige and makes the exterior transitional in style, especially with a rustic wood garage door.

Moreover, the paint transitions to a modern attire with steel and appears art-deco-like with a brass garage door opener. However, a white garage door is susceptible to staining and requires repainting and cleaning after a certain period. Hence, be sure to choose water-proof epoxy or latex paint with this one.

Best White Shades to Go For:

  • Warm White: A pinkish-white like ‘Polite White’ by Sherwin Williams looks cohesive but more transitional with tan siding.
  • Cool White: A cool shade of white similar to ‘White Wisp’ by Benjamin Moore contrasts tan siding and curates modern decor.

5. A Sublime Cream Garage Door Color

Cream Garage Door

The cream is a chic and earthy, maintenance-free paint that will elevate the tan siding with a rustic farmhouse effect and look bright and sophisticated. A cream garage door will tone down the warmth of tan and look cool and balanced with neutral attire.

A tan and cream color scheme adapts well to the other natural house elements, making it an easy-to-use option.

Best Cream Shades by Behr Paints to Go For:

  • Light Cream: A muted paint such as ‘Thickened Cream’ enlivens dull tan siding with white trim color but looks dramatic with contrasting color trim.

6. A Monochrome Tan Garage Door

Tan Garage Door

Longing for a cohesive look for your home exterior? Try an all-tan look and enjoy a simple, monochrome, and modern effect. Here, you can choose to go with a shade that is a tone lighter or darker than the siding for contrast or use a similar shade for cohesion.

Since tan is an earthy color, it will naturally complement the hues of a wooden garage door and look its best with a matte paint finish. However, you can choose mid-tone gloss finishes with tan paint if you want a more modern, Craftsman-style look.

Best Tan Shades to Go For:

  • Light Tan: A lighter tan such as ‘Canvas Tan’ by Sherwin Williams looks dynamic with accent color trims but more seamless with neutral trim colors.

7. Ravishing Espresso Brown Garage Door Color

Brown Garage Door

This flawless duo of tan siding and espresso brown curates a cottage-like vibe within a cohesive color scheme. Brown creates snug countryside garages that are simple, sophisticated, and organic in their style statement. Moreover, the paint goes with all shades of tan and imparts an edgy but rich look to the exterior.

Best Espresso Shades to Go For:

  • A Neutral Espresso: A rich espresso paint by Sherwin Williams curates a farmhouse look with white trim and a brass or bronze door opener.

Best Accent Colors for Garage Door On a Tan House

8. Natural Dark-Green Garage Doors

Olive Green Garage Door

Green garage doors bring a sense of nature, relaxation, and tranquility with tan siding and thus are suitable for open, Ranch-style homes. Green adds a powerful contrast to tan but balances its warmth and looks gorgeous without overpowering the look. Moreover, dark green has a rich accent that makes your garage luxurious yet elegant.

Best Dark Green Shades by Benjamin Moore to Go For:

  • Bluish-Green: A regal bluish-green like ‘Hunter Green’ oozes royalty and an art-deco vibe with white trim and golden-colored brackets and hinges.

9. Amicable Leaf-Green Garage Doors

Green Garage Door

Leaf-green forms an analogous color scheme with a tan house and thus looks close-knit but makes exteriors soft and friendly. The accent color gives off a sober eclectic vibe and looks best with a matte finish on textured wood. Overall, leaf-green garage doors add a muted contrast to tan and look slightly homogeneous.

Best Leafy-green Shades by Sherwin Williams:

  • Muted Grayish-leaf green: A muted green like ‘Rain-washed’ by Sherwin Williams prompts a Rococo color scheme with tan siding and polished bronze garage door hardware.

10. An Exciting Burnt Orange Garage Door Paint Color

Burnt Orange Garage Door

An orange garage door color should ace your list if you need organic, eye-catching, but contrasting homes. Burnt orange forms a cohesive color scheme with tan, being a great accent color to complement its warm tones without overpowering. Moreover, a tan house with an orange garage door designs a snug but appealing farmhouse ambiance.

Best Orange Shades to Go For:

  • Burnt Brick Orange: A burnt orange looks rustic with a warm tan exterior, a brown trim, and steel hardware with an antique finish. ‘Monarch Orange’ by Behr Paints is the best shade for this purpose.

11. A Regal Navy Blue Shutter Color


Tan is a cooler shade of brown, and hence, a dark navy blue not only contrasts its tones but adds a color blast that looks striking and imperial. A navy blue garage door looks traditional with tan siding but adds depth and sophistication to the exterior. Moreover, since it is a relatively unique door color, it is sure to boost interest visually.

Best Navy Blue Shades to Go For:

  • Grayish Navy Blue: A grayish-blue shade like ‘In the Navy’ by Sherwin Williams infuses a Baroque architectural style with tan siding and a crisp white trim.
  • A Fresh Navy Blue: A more tranquil navy blue by Behr paints dwells a coastal look with a light tan house and peppy teal blue trim.

12. A Comical Purple Garage Door Color

Purple Garage Door

Do you prefer a dramatic accent but want a rich and effortless appearance with your garage door? Try a purple garage door and curate a luxurious yet playful ambiance with your tan house. A rich dark purple will look traditional with tan siding, but a lavender shade will appear more modern.

Finally, complete a purple garage door with a purple front door and white trim for a unified yet chic tan house exterior.

Best Purple Shades to Go For:

  • Dark Purple: A rich and sophisticated ‘Victorian purple’ by Benjamin Moore curates a colonial aesthetic and makes a tan exterior royal and luxurious.
  • Lilac: This soft and peppy shade makes the tan look bright and appealing with an eclectic design. ‘Novel Lilac’ by Sherwin Williams is the best shade for this style.

13. A Dynamic Red Garage Door

Flashy Red Garage Door

Red and tan form a tetradic color scheme, and hence, the combination adds depth to the exterior paint and creates a dramatic look. Red is a bold color that powerfully contrasts tan yet looks gorgeously balanced, modern, and trendy. Moreover, it adds visual interest and creates a snug yet comforting fusion-style tan house.

Best Red Shades to Go For:

  • A Bright Cherry Red: It is a vibrant shade that looks electric with tan siding but needs a clean white trim for balance. Benjamin Moore’s ‘Heritage Red’ is a suitable choice for this shade.
  • Brick Red: A brick shade like ‘Bravado red’ by Sherwin Williams achieves a farmhouse exterior with a steel door opener, hinges, and a white or cream trim.
  • Maroon: A stately maroon like ‘Classic Burgundy’ by Benjamin Moore designs quaint colonial houses and looks luxurious with brass hardware.

14. A Mellow Yellow Shutter Color

Yellow Shutter Color

The combination of pastel yellow shutters and a tan house is a no-fail choice for a bright and cheery exterior that catches the focal point of your home. Yellow invites more light to the space and designs a trendy Mediterranean aesthetic with shades of tan.

Pick deep yellow shades for your garage door for a chic, playful look, and go for a pastel yellow shade for a sober, modern tan exterior. Moreover, a yellow overhead door looks the best in a high-gloss finish on steel, thus contrasting tan with its classic shine and metallic finishes.

Best Mellow Yellow Shades to Go For:

  • Pastel Yellow: A dramatic shade like ‘Hawthorne yellow’ by Benjamin Moore looks eclectic with tan and rustic wood hardware.

What Are The Best Trim Colors For The Garage Doors Of a Tan House?

White and cream trims are the most conventional trim colors with tan, but you can use contrasting trims for a dynamic effect. For example, if you choose a door in a neutral color, add a bright red or emerald green trim for visual interest.

We hope that our comprehensive list has helped you find the right garage door color for your tan house. While we agree that neutral white and black shutters are a timeless choice with tan, it’s equally popular to pick trendy accent colors for modern attire.

You can also pair your garage door with the main door. Need some inspiring front door color ideas for a tan house? I have another exclusive list for you!