22 Best Front Door Colors For a Tan House (With Pictures)

While we should not judge a book by its cover, some visitors do judge a house by its front door, especially if it has a sober exterior like a tan house. That is why I emphasize front door colors to revamp your spaces and boost curb appeal.

But with such a broad palette of door color ideas, many homeowners struggle to find that one perfect color! I will help you here! Having analyzed popular home exterior color palettes, I listed down 22 trendsetting front door colors that will look gorgeous with a tan house of each design!

Front Door Colors That Pair Well With A Tan House

1. An Ethereal Pastel Blue Front Door

Pastel Blue Front Door

A pastel blue front door pairs well with moderate to darker tan siding and accents tan softly. A soft pastel blue front door looks uncluttered and makes a tan home bright and fresh. With a typical vibe of Bohemian style, pastel blues like ‘Morning Sky Blue’ by Benjamin Moore allow light to seep in and offer a warm and inviting look to the exterior.

2. A Verdant Grayish-Blue Front Door

 Blue Front Door

Grayish-blue is a crisp, smooth paint color that creates a soft and inviting entry with dark tan siding. The color complements the undertones of tan and looks cohesive with subtle contrasts. However, do not pair grayish blues with lighter tan sidings as it looks pale without any pop.

‘November Skies’ by Benjamin Moore is a similar, tranquil paint that looks balanced with a dark tan color. A ‘Providence blue’ paint is a closer alternative of the same color that contrasts light tan siding and curates an inviting east-side entry in zen-styled exteriors.

3. A Flashy Royal Blue Front Door

Royal Blue Front Door

A royal blue front door looks vintage with tan siding but makes the exteriors dynamic. Royal blue shutters offer powerful contrasts with a typical French countryside design and result in north-facing houses that repel heat. ‘Seaport Blue’ by Benjamin Moore is a bright shade that will enliven light tan exteriors with a vibe of Scandinavian design.

4. A Peppy Turquoise Front Door

Marine Green Front Door

A brilliant option for the northern front doors of coastal tan houses, turquoise accents tan color softly to transform bland tan walls into bright and friendly exteriors. Turquoise paint breaks the monotony of tan siding and offers clean spaces similar to Scandinavian designs.

Benjamin Moore’s ‘Galapagos turquoise’ will add a powerful contrast to tan, while the ‘Mexicali turquoise’ will offer a crisp, contemporary exterior. Alternatively, the ‘Bermuda turquoise’ is a dark-colored option to complement a transitional-styled light tan house.

5. An Imperial White Front Door

White Front Door

Choose a white front door if you want a modern house with neutral hues. White provides a soft accent against all shades of tan and brightens minimal exteriors. Moreover, white neutralizes the warm undertones of tan and cools down the home. ‘Simply White’ by Benjamin Moore will work with minimal elements and add sophistication to the house.

However, a white front door attracts dust and is difficult to maintain. In such a case, you can choose an off-white door that looks elegant but saves the time of a weekly clean-up. Alternatively, you can also use the ‘Rich Cream’ paint by Benjamin Moore if you want a monochrome look without the contrast and maintenance.

6. A Saturated Wine Red Front Door

Maroon Red Front Door

Wine red can add dramatic exteriors to design contemporary, eye-catching tan houses. Wine-red bears a similarity to tan, thus keeping a united facade but with powerful contrasts. A ‘Cherry wine’ paint by Benjamin Moore will appear luxurious and industrial-styled in design when completed with white or off-white trim and metal hardware.

7. A Vintage Burgundy Front Door

Burgundy Front Door

Unlike the wine red that works for modern exteriors, burgundy is a similar color option for traditional tan homes. Burgundy creates visually appealing spaces and adds luxury with a toned-down color pop. A ‘Classic Burgundy’ paint by Benjamin Moore complements a rustic tan house but will look luxurious with bronze hardware.

8. A Refined Coral Front Door

Coral Front Door

Coral paint color combines whites, pinks, and yellows to blend gorgeously with light and uniform tan houses. The coral color is suitable for coastal homes that need bright exteriors. With a hint of English country-style design, the coral door complements shades of tan for an inviting entry.

‘Coral Reef’ by Benjamin Moore will combine well with light tan houses and enliven their exteriors. On the other hand, a ‘Rich Coral’ paint will contrast dark tan hues and appear cohesive and balanced. However, if you want a neutral like the zen-style home, choose a ‘Coral Buff’ by Benjamin Moore for a modern tan house.

A closer alternative to Coral, Salmon will contrast dark tan walls but look more modern and warm. Benjamin Moore’s ‘Light Salmon’ will complement the front and interior doors of a dark tan house, while a darker salmon with chrome hardware will shape an art-deco style exterior.

9. A Bustling Teal Front Door

Teal Front Door

Teal, a similar color to turquoise, builds more dramatic exteriors that catch the eye on the street. Teal looks nautical in design and offsets the contrasting tan sidings. A ‘Teal tone’ paint by Benjamin Moore will cool down south-facing, coastal houses, whereas the ‘Teal Ocean’ paint will powerfully contrast industrial-styled tan homes.

10. A Momentous Navy Blue Front Door

Navy Blue Front Door

A navy blue front door is an on-trend choice for dominant, contemporary tan houses. A dark blue shutter establishes authority and will contrast tan sidings dramatically. It glorifies the exterior and looks luxurious when paired with white trim and chrome-gold hardware.

Benjamin Moore’s ‘Old Navy’ will complement all types of tan sidings – brick, paint, and paneling, but a ‘Hale Navy’; a grayish version of the color is better for dark tan homes. Alternatively, you can use the ‘Newburyport blue’ to build a powerful contrast for eclectic style tan houses.

11. An Animated Yellow Front Door

Yellow Front Door

A yellow door is a seamless option for tan stone and brick and completes the warm exteriors of south-facing, industrial-styled homes. Yellow is a crisp, clean color that invites light for dramatic and inviting entries.

A dark, brownish-yellow like ‘Chestertown Buff’ will add a desert tone to your exteriors, while fresh yellows like ‘Viking Yellow’ will look Mediterranean in design.

Generally, toned-down yellows like Benjamin Moore’s ‘Dalila’ enliven dark tan sidings, providing a powerful contrast. On the other hand, saturated yellow front doors pair well with light tan houses and build a countryside exterior with softer contrasts.

12. An Exciting Orange Front Door

Orange Front Door

Orange is a color that makes tan houses look more polished and exciting enough to be in the limelight of the street. Orange blends with the warm undertones of tan and looks modern with a farm-house style vibe. An orange front door should top your list if you need organic, earthy spaces with a brave, glamorous feel.

A saturated orange like ‘Festive Orange’ by Benjamin Moore will be more appropriate for south-facing houses of the Bohemian tribe. Alternatively, burnt oranges will design a vintage tan home that shies away from trends.

13. A Perennial Gray Front Door

Gray Front Door

Typically, gray achieves french-style exteriors with tan houses, but it can be modified to adapt to design. A gray front door looks traditional with chrome gold hardware but looks modern with white trim. Surprisingly, gray matches all shades of tan; neutral, faint, or dark and oozes sophistication.

If you have a light tan siding, use Benjamin Moore’s ‘Stonington Gray’ for contrasting modern exteriors, or use a ‘Chelsea Gray’ with white trims for dark tan siding. Alternatively, use a ‘Nightfall Gray’ for traditional tan houses with light tan walls.

14. A Compatible Greige Front Door

Greige Front Door

Greige is an under-toned shade of brown and combines light gray and beige for a cohesive look. Neutral greige door accents tan walls, just visible enough, and do not create a dynamic, overwhelming entry. However, greige is perfect for simple, zen-styled houses that shy away from trends.

Pick a soft greige like ‘Balboa Mist’ by Benjamin Moore for your front door and accentuate it further with white or dark gray trim.

15. A Hazy Seafoam Green Front Door

Green Front Door

Seafoam is an on-trend, pastel-like alternative for east-facing tan homes of the countryside. Seafoam green designs a bright house and blends with the light-brown shade for a soothing exterior that gives a natural look. Benjamin Moore’s ‘Seafoam Green’ achieves an organic Rococo design with wooden hardware and white trim.

16. A Robust Dark Brown Front Door

Brown Front Door

Brown is the best front door color for a traditional tan house with a new-classical design style. Brown blends well with tan and offers a monochrome look with soft contrast. However, never pair light brown front doors with tan, as they will appear dull and won’t be visible from a distance.

As a solution, use orange-brown shutters like the ‘Greenfield Pumpkin’ by Benjamin Moore for a zen-styled house, or experiment with dark browns like ‘Marshland’ paint for a French Country-style look. In either case, complete the look with white trim and metal hardware to stand out.

You can also use solid wood doors to look more polished and refined. Dark-grained wood such as mahogany will complement light tan walls and provide a soft contrast. You can apply a Beechwood stain color to the wood for darker tan siding and curate a softer contrast.

17. A Conflicting Purple Front Door

Purple Front Door

A purple front door looks modern and luxurious on a tan house. Darker purple shutters ooze sophistication and appear full of color when combined with chrome gold hardware. However, grayish purples like ‘Passion Plum’ by Benjamin Moore appear more colonial and work well with old houses of the Georgian era.

If you want a modern tan house, explore pastel shades like ‘Enchanted’ by Benjamin Moore for a zen-styled neutral look. The ‘Kalamata’ is another door color shade of purple that goes well with the light tan facade of an industrial-styled house.

18. A Vibrant Red Front Door

Vermillion Front Door

A red front door is a dramatic choice for fusion-style, welcoming tan houses. The warm-toned red blends with the warm undertones of tan and designs a snug and cozy home. Generally, a bright red door will work well with the light tan exterior color, while a rustic shade will work with a dark tan and brighten it up.

You can choose ‘Heritage red’ paint color by Benjamin Moore to add a dramatic pop to your modern, light tan homes. Alternatively, if you want a softer contrast, use a toned-down ‘Raspberry truffle’ paint by Benjamin Moore for an eclectic style home.

19. A Passive Maroon Front Door

Maroon Front Door

Maroon is a vintage door color option for luxurious tan houses with a vibe of a new-classical aesthetic. Maroon is a crisp, dusky exterior paint color that designs polished traditional exteriors and balances with minimal accessories. However, maroon complements light tan sidings only and may look gloomy and overpowering with a dark tan house.

20. A Classical Black Front Door

Black Front Door

A black front door or garage door offers a maximalist house design and looks mysterious and dominant. Black shutters overpower light tans and create introverted exteriors that appear modern but unfriendly. Hence, a black door is the best choice for busy city houses that need security and vigilance.

‘Black Panther’ is one jet-black-like color that contrasts light tan colors and looks solemn. However, if it overwhelms you, try an ‘Edgecomb gray’ front door that mimics black but appears a little more welcoming.

21. A Serene Sage Green Front Door

Sage Green Front Door

A sage green door stays organic and refined and connects tan houses to the surrounding vegetation. Hence, suitable for countryside houses, sage green paints like ‘Winchester Sage’ by Benjamin Moore tone down light tan walls and look neutral.

The mint green is a trending, muted option of the same color that pairs well with dark tan houses with a Rococo design. Mint green shutters spruce up dark tan walls and make exteriors look bright and coastal-style.

22. A Poised Dark Green Front Door

Dark Green Front Door

Dark green is a chic door paint color that refines tan walls and looks polished with a Rococo design. Ideal for an on-trend luxurious look, a dark green color like ‘Hunter Green’ by Benjamin Moore strikes a powerful contrast with tan and yet, looks balanced. However, dark green works only with light tan houses and might overshadow the exteriors when used with a darker tan.

What Are The Best Trim Colors For A Tan House?

Homeowners generally pair accent door colors with a tan house. Hence, a complementary neutral shade trim color will emphasize the pop and look trendy. Use white, off-white, or cream trim colors for bright colors such as reds and blues, and go for dark gray or black paints for pastel door colors.

On the other hand, if you are using a neutral color door such as white or black, pair it with a contrasting accent color like emerald green or blue. Moreover, you can also prefer dark oak or mahogany trims for brown or black doors to look sophisticated.

Front door colors are crucial in exterior design, especially with a buoyant color such as tan. Not only do they boost a home’s curb appeal, but they also envisage a grand entry that looks inviting. Just like the tan house, a beige house also demands an extraordinary entrance. So, if you have a beige exterior, find the best front door colors for a beige house, here!