What Color Hardware Goes With Navy Cabinets (12 Chic Ideas)

Dark and timeless, navy blue kitchen cabinets ooze luxury and class in any modern kitchen. However, it may look slightly off when accented with any random color on handles and knobs. So, if you want to spruce up your navy cabinets, picking the right hardware color will help you!

A navy blue kitchen cabinet will pair well with metallic hardware. But, in these trendsetting times, there are many other chic options! So, here are the 12 trendiest hardware color combinations that steal the limelight for your navy blue kitchen cabinets!

1. Palatial Gold Hardware – Handles, Pulls, And Knobs

Granite Countertop

Polished yet classical, the gold hardware is the most tried and tested combination for navy cabinetry. Gold pairs gorgeously with navy and similar Hague blue cabinets, making them look more bright and composed with a subtle contrast.

However, gold hardware might look traditional with a navy kitchen cabinet. Hence, avoid using gold cabinet hardware as a whole and pair bits and parts of it with contrasting silver hardware. Alternatively, use contrasting kitchen accessories like stainless steel appliances to look more transitional.

The best materials to guarantee a golden touch:

  • Polished Brass Hardware and Brushed Nickel Handles
  • Carbon Steel Pulls finished with Golden Champagne Plating
  • Zinc Alloy Handles with Gold Copper Brushing
  • Copper Knobs with Brushed Brass hardware Finish
  • Aluminum Handles with Gold Oxidation Finish (budget-friendly)

2. Hearty Copper-Colored Hardware

Copper Handles

Copper cabinet hardware complements the stately appeal of navy cabinets and accentuates the luxury further. Copper is a crisp, metallic color that pairs off with all shades of navy – from storm blue to French navy and makes cabinet doors more dynamic and exciting.

Copper-colored hardware adds royalty and visual interest to a navy kitchen cabinet and looks modern and sharp. You can even expose the gray screws on your copper hardware to design an industrial-style kitchen. Alternatively, you can use copper knobs and add a lot of glass to look new-classical in design.

Here are some materials for copper-colored knobs and pulls:

  • Stainless Steel Knobs and Pulls with a Copper Finish
  • Zinc Alloy Handles Custom-Painted with a Copper Wire Paint by Sherwin Williams
  • Oil Rubbed Bronze Knobs and Pulls
  • Copper Handles and Knobs with a Satin Finish

3. Classic White Handles And Knobs

White Handles

White is a chic cabinet hardware color that complements the sophistication of navy blue cabinets and looks more bright and trendy. White hardware pairs well with all shades and tones of navy blue color and adds a softer contrast that prevents navy from overpowering the look.

However, larger white handles require maintenance to look clean and clutter-free for ages, and hence, you can choose smaller knobs that do well with less maintenance. White knobs will look more dynamic and modern with bright navy while seamlessly pairing with a Hague blue kitchen cabinet.

Here are some of the materials that offer a white finish:

  • Plastic Handle with a White Finish (budget-friendly, but not long-lasting)
  • White Ceramic Handles and Pulls (cost-effective)
  • Aluminum Handles and Knobs with a White Finish
  • Oakwood Knobs with a White Paint
  • White Porcelain Knobs
  • Zinc-Alloy Handles with White Finish

4. Chic Silver Handles And Pulls

Laminate Countertop

Silver is a shiny, neutral color that balances the cooler undertones of a navy kitchen cabinet. It modernizes traditional navy cabinets and designs a typical zen kitchen. Though silver hardware looks its best with sleek handles and pulls, you can use polished silver knobs to look luxurious.

However, silver hardware may require additional supportive elements like a white backsplash or quartz countertop to enhance its modern look. Furthermore, pairing silver hardware with cabinet glass panels is a quicker and relatively cheaper way to complete a contemporary kitchen.

Here are the best silver materials that look modern:

  • Brushed Nickel Knobs and Handles
  • Zinc Alloy Handles with a Silver Chrome Finish
  • Stainless Steel Cabinet Handles

5. Versatile Light Gray Handles And Pulls

Light Gray Handles

Light gray is a versatile hardware color, especially for the upper cabinets that do not demand attention. Gray handles modernized navy cabinets and design an eclectic kitchen. You can use any shades of light gray for your hardware – reddish grays will warm up the navy cabinet and offer subtle contrast, while greenish grays will look cohesive.

Navy kitchen cabinets with gray hardware and oak interior will curate a farmhouse design that oozes an earthy vibe. Moreover, gray is suitable for a shaker cabinet with a streamlined look and minimal accessories. Thus, gray hardware is the most flexible of them all.

Here are the best materials for gray cabinet handles and pulls:

  • Zinc Alloy Handles with Gray Plating
  • Alloy Steel with Gray Polish
  • Brushed Nickel handles and Pulls
  • Ceramic Handles with Gray Paint
  • Aluminum Handles and Pulls
  • Satin Nickel Silver Cabinet Pulls

6. Adaptable Light-Brown Hardware

Light Brown Hardware

Light brown hardware curates a simple, french-country look for navy cabinets and neutralizes their vibrancy. It adds a soft contrast to navy and requires minimal accessories to complete its look.

You can also use wood-brown hardware as a closer alternative to light brown, but it won’t be easily visible and might require other accessories for balance.

Here are the best materials for light-brown hardware:

  • Oil-rubbed Bronze Handles and Pulls
  • Brown-Colored Leather Pulls
  • Oakwood Knobs and Handles (Light Brown)
  • Ceramic Knobs Painted with a Light Brown Color

7. Bucolic Chocolate Brown Handles And Pulls

Chocolate Brown Handles

Chocolate brown handles and pulls are an ideal choice for minimal shaker cabinets. The paint color complements the black undertones of the navy blue cabinet and looks modern yet rustic. In addition, it accents grayish-navy blue softly and designs a simple farmhouse kitchen with uncluttered cabinetry.

Finally, add a wood countertop and white backsplash and curate a country-style kitchen design.

Here are some of the materials that offer a crude chocolate brown finish:

  • Oil-rubbed Bronze Handles and Pulls
  • Chocolate Brown-Colored Leather Pulls
  • Natural Wood Knobs and Pulls with an Orangish-Brown Stain
  • Ceramic Knobs Painted with a Chocolate Candy Brown Color by Benjamin Moore
  • Cast Iron Knobs with a Rustic Brown Finish

8. Gentle Cream Handles And Pulls

Cream Handles

If you want to design a typical Craftsman-style kitchen and add soft contrast to the black undertones of navy blue, cream color hardware is your best bet. The cream is snug and inviting, a maintenance-free alternative to white that looks bright and appealing on navy cabinets. Moreover, it pairs with all shades of navy and looks modern and sophisticated.

Here are the best options for cream hardware:

  • Ceramic Knobs and Handles finished with Cream Paint
  • Oak Wood Knobs and Handles
  • Dutch Wood Knobs
  • Rubber Wood Pulls and Knobs with a Transparent Stain Or Wood Wax

9. Mellow Yellow Knobs And Pulls

Golden Colored Handles

Mellow yellow is a toned-down alternative to a bright yellow that works well with all shades of navy and adds a powerful contrast. Mellow yellow pulls complement the bright saturation of navy and look bright and sophisticated.

However, avoid using them for your upper cabinet as they may overpower the design and disturb the balance. Instead, use these handles to accent your kitchen island and achieve a typical Mediterranean kitchen design aesthetic.

Here are the best materials for mellow yellow pulls and knobs:

  • Ceramic Knobs with Mellow Yellow Finish
  • Wooden Knobs Painted with Mellow Yellow Paint
  • Transparent Glass Knobs with Muted Yellow Dye
  • Muted Yellow Leather Pulls

10. Traditional Transparent Hardware

Transparent hardware enhances the traditionality of navy cabinets and designs an elegant Baroque style kitchen. Though transparent hardware might not look trendy, it neutralizes the darkness of a navy blue kitchen cabinet and looks brighter and more luxurious. Hence it is a great cost-effective option to add visual interest to your existing kitchen without changing the other accessories.

However, transparent hardware is brittle and may not suit your purpose if you have a high-traffic kitchen that may cause it to break.

Materials that support transparent kitchen hardware:

  • Glass
  • Acrylic (sturdy and budget-friendly with easy maintenance)
  • Plastic (extremely affordable but may turn white with time)

11. Supple Milk Green Knobs

Milk-green is a muted alternative to bright emerald green that oozes a coastal vibe with navy to design a typical nautical kitchen. Milk green tones down the saturation of navy, complement its cooler undertones and offers a softer accent. However, milk-green is an accent color, and hence, it looks the best on smaller knobs that do not overwhelm the design.

Here are the best materials for milk-green knobs:

  • Ceramic Handles with Milk-Green Paint
  • Wooden Knobs Painted with Milk-Green Paint
  • Translucent Glass Knobs with a Light Green Dye

12. Saturated Burnt Orange Knobs And Pulls

Burnt orange is an accent color that enlivens the vibrancy of navy and makes kitchen cabinets look more dynamic and appealing. Burnt orange provides a striking contrast to navy and designs a modern, fusion-style navy blue kitchen.

Alternatively, you can pair a wooden countertop and a rustic backsplash with burnt orange hardware and complete a farmhouse kitchen.

Here are some supporting materials for burnt orange hardware:

  • Ceramic Knobs Painted with a Burnt Orange
  • Orange Leather Drawer Pulls
  • Natural Agate Stone Knobs
  • Crystal Glass Cabinet Knobs with Burnt Orange Dye
  • Wooden Knobs painted with Burnt Orange Paint

Should You Use Handles Or Knobs With Your Navy Cabinets?

Navy blue is a saturated kitchen cabinet color itself. Hence, if you are using accent color hardware, use smaller knobs that contrast enough to add a pop of color but do not overpower the look.

On the other hand, metallic tones and neutral colors tone down the vibrancy of navy and look balanced. Thus, you can use larger handles with neutral colors.

Navy blue cabinetry looks rich and versatile enough to pair gorgeously with so many colors, each of which designs a different ambiance for your navy kitchen. The hardware color largely depends on whether you want it to blend seamlessly or stand out like accent knobs.

Navy is a darker version of Royal Blue that will give a distinct look with different hardware colors. So, if you are especially looking for hardware color ideas for blue cabinets, we have you covered.