13 Stylish Hardware Colors To Complement Gray Cabinets

Gray is the quickest and cheapest alternative to transform your kitchen cabinets into a modern statement. Of course, selecting the correct shade of gray is crucial, but finding complementary hardware to go with it is even more baffling. Gray is versatile enough to pair with different materials and colors, but what color hardware will complement your gray cabinets?

I explored some of the most popular kitchen interior color palettes and handpicked 13 chic hardware color options that will convert your gray kitchen into a design of your choice. Whether you want contemporary decor or a Mid-century interior, these colors will never go wrong with gray cabinets!

Hardware Color Options That Seamlessly Pair With Gray Kitchen Cabinets

1. Matte Light Gray Handles

Light Gray Handles

Light gray cabinet hardware is suitable for blue-gray or dark cabinets of traditional kitchens. Light gray neutralizes the void of color in the gray cabinet and looks bright and monochrome.

If you have bluish-gray cabinets, light gray handles will add depth to the color and make it look as rustic as a French country home. However, light gray handles may not pair well with light gray cabinets as they won’t add contrast and won’t be easily visible.

Best Materials for Light Gray Cabinet Hardware:

  • Brushed Nickel Handles & Pulls
  • Stainless Steel Handles
  • Gray Ceramic Handles
  • Aluminum Handles
  • Zinc Alloy Handles with Gray Plating

2. Trendy Black Handles And Pulls

Black Handles And Pulls

Black hardware is a timeless choice for gray cabinets that want to steal the limelight. It complements the tones of a gray kitchen and looks sophisticated yet modern. Black handles softly contrast light gray cabinets and add visual drama to dark gray kitchen cabinets.

On the other hand, if you have shaker-gray cabinets, you can use knobs instead of handles for a modern, toned-down look. However, black hardware might look too dominant or commercial. Hence, ensure that you add a lot of bright areas, like a white countertop or panels, to create a balance.

Top Materials That Support a Black Finish:

  • Stainless Steel Handles finished with Black Dye
  • Black Curved Wire Pulls with Modern Stone-gray Cabinets
  • Zinc Alloy handles with Black Oxide Finish

3. Vintage Tan Knobs And Pulls

Tan Knobs And Pulls

Tan hardware is an excellent option for yellowish-gray cabinets of modern kitchens. Tan cabinet handles seem classic yet trendy against yellowish grays and style a warm, snug, eclectic kitchen cabinet. However, tan handles might look outdated and overwhelming with light or charcoal grays.

Large tan handles might overpower a dark gray cabinet, and hence, use a smaller cabinet knob to look balanced. Alternatively, you can choose oil-rubbed bronze handles that look like a rustic copper color, a darker version of tan, but complement traditional gray kitchens.

Best Materials for Tan Cabinet Knobs and Pulls:

  • Bronze Knobs and Pulls 
  • Brushed Brass Handles
  • Aluminum Handles with Brown Oxidation Finish (cost-effective)
  • Oxidized Zinc Alloy Handles

4. Luxurious Golden-Colored Hardware

Greige Kitchen Cabinet

Modish golden kitchen cabinet hardware complements the warm undertones of light-gray cabinets and looks eccentric with beautiful contrasts that do not overwhelm. Golden hardware pairs gorgeously with all shades of gray – light, dark, or shaker and designs an eclectic kitchen cabinet of fine metal finish.

A golden color looks the best with slender, squarish handles. But, golden curved pulls with exposed screws are catching the limelight for industrial kitchen cabinets nowadays.

Golden hardware warms up the kitchen and helps achieve the magnificence of art-deco times. Hence, if you have messed up with the shade of gray for your kitchen cabinets, add golden hardware to enliven the grays and look light-hearted and fresh.

Popular Golden Hardware Materials:

  • Polished Brass and Nickel handles
  • Carbon Steel Pulls finished with Golden Champagne Plating
  • Zinc Alloy Handles with Gold Copper Brushing

5. Elegant Silver-Colored Hardware

Silver Colored Hardware

Silver-colored hardware is your go-to choice to modernize your rustic shaker cabinets for a contemporary gray kitchen. Silver color looks the best on sleek handles and pulls and pairs with shaker to dark gray hues.

A crude silver finish will spruce up the low-key design of shaker cabinets and make them look more bright and minimal. Moreover, silver hardware looks cohesive with gray and designs coastal home kitchen cabinets.

Best Silver Cabinet Hardware Materials:

  • Stainless Steel and Brushed Nickel Handles 
  • Zinc Alloy Handles with a Silver Finish
  • Brushed Satin Nickel Knobs

6. Classic White Knobs And Handles

White Knobs And Handles

White is a sharp, clean hardware color that helps gray cabinets look brighter and fresher with a typical Victorian-style design. White color looks the best on easy-to-maintain porcelain knobs instead of long handles that might turn yellow after regular use.

White-colored hardware complements all shades of gray and designs a unique gray kitchen with each one. It offers softer contrasts with light grays and sways towards a vintage look, whereas dark charcoal cabinets appear transitional and timeless.

Best Materials for White Knobs and Handles:

  • White Porcelain Knobs
  • Zinc-Alloy Handles with White Finish
  • White Ceramic Knobs (Cost Effective)

7. Rustic Beige Pulls And Knobs

Beige Pulls And Knobs

Beige hardware with gray cabinets designs a Craftsman-style aesthetic that remains traditional and provides a softer contrast. Beige handles pair gorgeously with dark grays, offering a soft pop of color and oozing a calm and sober vibe when paired with light gray cabinets.

Best Options for Beige-colored Wood Pulls:

  • Oak Wood Knobs and Handles
  • Dutch Wood Knobs
  • Rubber Wood Pulls and Knobs with a Transparent Stain Or Wood Wax

8. An Imperial Dark Brown Hardware

Dark Brown Hardware

Dark brown hardware is a classic choice for typical English-country-style kitchen cabinets that remain simple but ooze sophistication. Dark brown handles contrast the shades of gray and appear traditional in design. However, they pair the best with lighter shades of gray and may appear dark and solemn with charcoal grays.

Popular Woods for Dark Brown Cabinet Hardware:

  • Teak Handles and Pulls
  • Mahogany Handles with a Black Walnut Finish
  • Walnut Wood Knobs and Handles

9. Mellow Yellow Door Knobs

Yellow is a lively, saturated cabinet color that adds dynamism and brightness to your existing gray cabinets. It is an on-trend color that complements all shades of gray but looks best on dark charcoal grays. However, yellow might look a little overwhelming when used on handles.

Hence, it is best if you go with ceramic knobs of a softer mellow yellow color and design a typical Mediterranean kitchen cabinet.

Top Yellow Hardware Material Options:

  • Ceramic Knobs with Yellow Paint
  • Semi-Transparent Yellow Glass Knobs

10. Transparent Glass Doorknobs

Transparent knobs neutralize the slight melancholy of gray cabinets and make gray kitchen cabinets more bright, lively, and sophisticated. Transparent knobs pair well with all shades of gray and offer a traditional, mid-century interior design.

However, glass hardware might not be a wise choice if you have a high-traffic kitchen or have children at home, as it can break easily.

Best Materials for Transparent Hardware:

  • Glass 
  • Acrylic (sturdy and budget-friendly with easy maintenance)

11. Serene Blue Ceramic Knobs

Blue is a calm, tranquil cabinet color that complements cool gray cabinets and looks modern. It is an on-trend accent knob color that tones down the hues of dark gray and makes them sophisticated.

However, blue may not work with warmer grays and overpowers cabinets when used on large handles. Hence, it is best to choose smaller, muted blue doorknobs for a typical Scandinavian gray kitchen design.

Hardware Materials to Complement A Blue Shade:

  • Ceramic Knob with Blue Paint
  • Fused Glass Knob

12. Bright Red Handles And Knobs

Red knobs raise the color pop of otherwise simple gray cabinets and make them more dynamic and exciting. A bright red looks the best on knobs, whereas a stately maroon red strikes balance with long, bulky handles. Repainting your existing knobs with red paint will offer a bright shine, whereas ready-made red knobs will look matte.

Best Red Cabinet Hardware Materials:

  • Ceramic Knob With Red Paint
  • Fused Glass Knob
  • Stainless Steel Handles with Red Paint Finish

13. Laid-Back Olive Green Pulls And Handles

A yellowish-gray olive green adds a soft accent to gray cabinets and looks uniform and calm. You can further enhance it with high reflectivity and gloss for a luxurious look. The muted cabinet color goes well with slender handles and looks elegant. However, olive green handles look the best with cool and charcoal gray cabinetry.

Top Olive-green Cabinet Hardware Materials:

  • Ceramic Handles With Olive-Green Paint
  • Nickel Handles With A Chrome Polish
  • Olive-green Fused Glass Knobs
  • Leather Cabinet Door Pulls 

Should You Use Handles Or Knobs on Gray Cabinets?

Handles and knobs each come with their advantages and disadvantages. While cabinet pulls are more durable and convenient to use, doorknobs are prone to breakage and are more tedious to hold. On the other hand, doorknobs are very cost-effective, while handles are expensive.

However, the choice of handles or knobs also depends upon the color you choose. Handles work well with neutral hardware colors, while knobs are perfect for accent colors like yellow!

You can enliven the style statement of gray cabinetry with many different hardware colors, from neutral white and black to metallic gold and silver. Hence, you can find your favorite color for each look you desire for your gray kitchen. If you need more inspiring ideas for white kitchen, check this list of best hardware colors for white cabinets!