13 Colors to Paint a House With Red Roof (With Images)

A house with roofs that match the exterior is a must! And, when you have a red top, its bright and energetic hues need to be balanced with apt exteriors. So, to truly create a perfect look for your house with red roofs, you must pick the best complementing house color.

In this article, we have listed the 13 best house colors that are an excellent fit for your red roofs. So, if you’re ready to transform your house and make it look its best, let’s take a look at all these amazing house color combinations!

Best House Paint Colors With a Red Roof

1. Yellow Houses With Red Roofs

Yellow Exteriors with Red House

Red roofs with a yellow house color make your house look engaging and inviting. This pairing beautifully radiates orangish hues in the sunlight and gives vibrancy to your house exteriors.

Moreover, this color palette can help you achieve a pleasant Scandinavian style, making your house look soft and sober. In addition, white or brown colored trims do the job of completing the look of your home.

2. White houses With Red Roofs

White House with Red Roofs

White exteriors are going to make your house look so fresh! Red roofs look so sober with white roofs, giving your house a sleek and cohesive look. And, with black or brown siding, you can create a beautiful Mediterranean-style stucco house with this color pairing.

Moreover, it’s also easy to achieve a traditional countryside look with this color scheme. All you have to do is add wooden or white trims with crisp white house paint and muted red roofs, and voila, you’re done!

3. Beige Houses With Red Roofs

Beige House with Red Roofs

Beige exteriors are one of the best neutral choices with red roofs, and they indeed match very well. The pinkish, fleshy tones of a light beige color will help you produce a sweet Indian-style home exterior that will look rather ravishing.

On the other hand, a dark beige house color paired with black trims is perfect for a modern house. When paired with warm, wooden, or brown trim and sidings, this combination may also help you design an earthy craftsman-style house exterior.

4. Tan Houses With Red Roofs

Tan House with Red Roofs

Red rooftops work well with a tan house color! The vibrant hues of the red color complement the neutrality of tan, creating a beautiful and energetic cottage-style house.

Furthermore, you can even pair your tan house with gray or stone siding to create an interesting contrast with your red roofs. You can also go with a dark tan house color for a sophisticated exterior.

5. Pink Houses With Red Roofs

Light Pink House with Dark Red Roofs

Red roofs make a calming pair with pink exteriors. A light pink house color will help you achieve a gentle and sober look for your house. But avoid dark pink exteriors with red roofs because they will make your house look very overwhelming!

Furthermore, red roofs matched with a lovely, soft pink exterior will bring a plush Victorian-style touch to your house. And pairing neutral color trims such as beige or white gives a sophisticated vibe to your exteriors.

6. Brown Houses With Red Roofs

Brown House and Red Roofs

A nice down-to-earth pairing! Pick brown exteriors with red roofs to give a naturalistic feel to your house. And you can even achieve a beautiful cabin-style house with this match, especially if you live in green surroundings.

Additionally, pick a dark brown color with light brown trims to give a subtle modern exterior to your house. Even lighter shades of brown such as ‘Tawny Bisque’ by Benjamin Moore with gray trims, will give a versatile and classy look to your house exteriors.

7. Cream Houses With Red Roofs

Cream House Color with Red Roof

The soothing cream houses with red roofs make a lively pair. This color scheme helps tone down red’s intensity and complements your house exteriors. Therefore, pick this color combination to make your red roofs stand out.

Moreover, red-roofed cream houses will bestow a simple rustic or farmhouse style for your exteriors. This is because of the warm and cozy feel this color combination oozes. Lastly, with black trims, this match will give your house a beautiful framed look.

8. Brick Houses With Red Roofs

Brick House and Red Roofs

Brick houses with red roofs are best for a monochromatic countryside style! Pick this color combination if you’re a fan of the raw and robust texture of bricks and the warm look they bring. This color scheme is useful in building a European-style house exterior.

Additionally, exposed brick houses with red roofs provide you with a textured house. This helps in giving an exciting historical or ranch-style look to an otherwise boring space. And neutral color trims will further adorn this match and boost the curb appeal.

9. Blue Houses With Red Roofs

Blue House with Red Rooftop

Blue house exteriors with red roofs make a lovely match! The striking look of red with blue is sure to create an interesting look for your house. Furthermore, a light blue house color will give you a warm and soothing farmhouse-style exterior.

But if you’re looking for a striking and unique exterior, a periwinkle blue house is the right choice, as it is a more vibrant pairing with red roofs. And, white trims with this match will do the job of creating a perfect, cool contrast for your house.

10. Taupe Houses With Red Roofs

Taupe House with Dark Red Roof

Use taupe exteriors if you want to highlight your red roofs. This combination makes your house look sober and simple. And this pairing offers a welcoming Suburban house look that you can use to create lovely English cottages or Craftsman-style exteriors with your red roofs.

A light taupe house color will result in a more traditional exterior. But, if you want modern exteriors, dark taupe color exteriors will do the job nicely. Use them with vinyl siding and black trim for a further aesthetic and timeless look.

11. Gray Houses With Red Roofs

Gray houses of both light and dark shades look amazing with red roofs. That’s why it is a versatile color to create stunning house exteriors. For instance, the light gray color gives an Art and Craft exterior style, which you can accentuate with white trims to get a finished look.

And a dark gray house color will help you lay out a bold Tudor-style exterior for your house. Finally, pair crisp white or oak sidings with this look for a nice and sophisticated contrasting exterior with your red roofs.

12. Green Houses With Red Roofs

Green makes a bold pairing with red roofs! Although bright green exteriors look unconventional, they can create a vibrant look for your house when paired with muted red tops. Finally, a touch of white trims and your dream house is ready!

Moreover, muted green colors like olive or sage green would help bring a soothing, sophisticated look to your house. But if you crave a dynamic exterior, a dark green exterior can be an excellent choice. But it might look dull with dark red roofs, so choose wisely.

13. Black Houses With Red Roofs

Pick this combination for a dynamic, modern exterior! The boldness of black will easily complement your red rooftop. And this will give you refined contemporary exteriors of your house. Moreover, this color scheme creates a lovely Mediterranean house style too.

On the other hand, adding white or other neutral color trims is useful in toning down the intensity of this red and black color scheme. This gives you a house with a perfectly balanced and unique finish.

Tips to Choose House Paint Color for Red Roof Houses

  • Pick a color scheme for your house exteriors beforehand to match your red roofs. 
  • Select light or dark shades for your house to create contrast or blend in with red roofs.
  • Test out exterior paint colors with swatches to see how they look with textures. 
  • Select the finish according to shade for an appealing visual effect for your house.
  • Pick bright trim colors such as white, cream, beige, etc, if you’re going with dark house exteriors like blue, gray, black, etc.
  • Pick the house color theme based on the exterior style you want for your home. 

Will my house look good with red roofs?

Yes, your house will look good with red roofs. Red is a rich color for roofs that captures attention and creates a bold house exterior. On the other hand, muted red roofs give a softer, rustic look to the exterior.

Should I match my red roofs to my house exteriors? 

Yes, matching your red roofs with your house exteriors will give a better cohesive look and a style that will complete the look of your house. The colors white, blue, yellow, etc., also make an excellent match with red roofs.

What color trim goes with red roofs?

Neutral color trims, as well as bright colors trims like light yellow and cream, go best with red roofs and can match any house exterior color. Alternatively, cedar and redwood trims match great with red roofs too.

Which shade of red looks the best for roofs? 

Terracotta red, Tuscan red, Heritage red, and Indian red are the best and most popular choices for roofs. So, pick a shade of red for your roofs that accentuate your house color the best.

Can I paint my roof red? 

Yes, you can paint your roof red, especially if it’s made of paintable material such as metal, concrete, etc. Use high-quality paints that are absorbent and strong for your roofs. This will help your new red roofs stand out!

Red roofs are vibrant! But with the right house color, they look impeccable. All you need to do is pick the rightfully balanced and contrasting exterior color for your red roofs, and you’re all set! But if your house is adorned with a rich brown roof, check out our list of best house colors to paint with brown roofs to complete the look of your home!