14 Colors to Paint a House With Brown Roof (With Images)

Brown roofs give the house a natural and earthy feel, which needs to be matched with the right house exterior color. Otherwise, it can look out of place. So, choosing the right color for your house exteriors that match brown roofs is a task!

But this article is here to save you! We’ve hand-picked the best house color options for you. So, do not delay and pick the best house exterior color for your brown roofed house now!

Best House Paint Colors With a Brown Roof

1. Ivory Houses With Brown Roofs

Ivory House and Brown Roof

If you want a soft pleasing look, pick ivory exteriors. The ivory exteriors bring out the sophisticated and delicate nature of brown roofs. And ivory’s soft yellow undertones will give a stunning monochromatic body.

But ivory can be too bright! So balance it with contrasting colors. For example, a light brown matches milk-white ivory better, while a dark brown roof matches a more creamy ivory exterior.

Moreover, pair this combo in stucco style with black trims or fences with a well-trimmed garden to add a finishing touch.

2. White Houses With Brown Roofs

White House with a Light Brown Roof

A contrasting white exterior will surely bring attention to your house! An eggshell white gives brown tops a crisp and neat look. Besides, your brown roofs look balanced yet elevated with the neutrality of white and give an elegant modern farmhouse-style look.

You can use Alabaster or White Dove paints for a sleek white exterior with light brown roofs. Additionally, introduce a tinge of warm colors like red and yellow on the exterior to give your house a more dynamic and exciting look!

3. Grey Houses With Brown Roofs

Gray House with Dark Brown Roof

Easy to maintain and clean, grey makes a great pairing with brown roofs. Since grey resembles the color of stones, it’s perfect for a stoned craftsman exterior. And to give this pair more depth, use different light and dark grey hues to contrast your brown roofs.

Moreover, the neutral tone of grey exteriors looks lovely, matched with a cool accent color like white. Together they bring out the depth of brown roofs. So, you can pair light brown roofs with dark grey houses with added white or off-white trims, fences, stairs, etc.

4. Beige Houses With Brown Roofs

Beige makes a sweet pairing with brown roofs because of its neutral accents. They give a classically rich and calm coastal aura to your house exteriors. And the best part about this combination is they pair well with other colors too.

Moreover, both lighter and dark shades of beige will work beautifully without overpowering the boldness of dark brown roofs. And for an extra edgy look, use beige exteriors with wooden tones and trims.

5. Green Houses With Brown Roofs

Olive Green House with Light Brown Roof

Earthiness is at the forefront of this combination! Green houses with brown roofs are comforting because of their cozy rustic look. You can easily design gorgeous residential cottages with this match.

Although this pair has all the good features, keep in mind that a dark brown roof and bright green exteriors can look too distinct from each other. So, the trick is to play with different hues of the two colors to find the best match.

For instance, neutral greens such as olive green or sage green with peanut brown roofs are a soft and pleasant pairing. Because of the balance they create together, this color scheme looks lovely. You can pair white trims to elevate this look further.

6. Blue Houses With Brown Roofs

Light Blue Home with Dark Brown Roof

Yes, it’s pretty obvious these two are entirely different colors, but they pair together so well! The blue houses with brown roofs look lively together and brighten up your space! Besides, they work so well for modern-style exteriors too.

If your house has dark but pale brown roofs, then light blue will look amazing on your house exteriors. But for a dynamic exterior, you can also go with deep blue!

Moreover, if you have brown roofs, adding a touch of grey with your blue exterior paint will look unexpectedly great and add more depth. Finally, to finish off the look, use brown or white trims to accentuate the siding of your house.

7. Black Houses With Brown Roofs

Black houses with brown exteriors are a combo that can be bold but stunning, depending on how you pair it. This pairing is perfect for a sleek modern, or rustic house exterior. And it will look even more balanced with white trim and a lush green garden.

For a bold look, pick ebony black house paints for your dark brown roofs. And, for something softer, go with softer charcoal black exteriors with light brown roofs.

Although this pairing looks fabulous, you can make it more eye-catching by adding a blend of beige or white to the mix. This will lighten and balance brown roofs better with your black exteriors.

8. Red Houses With Brown Roofs

Red Brick House with Light Brown Roof

You should choose red if you want a beautiful rustic finish for your house exteriors, with a muted appearance. The vibrant hues of red with brown roofs will draw attention to your house and gives it a warm and rich look.

Additionally, red exteriors work great with white or cream-colored trims. In this combination, the cream-colored undertones with red will complement your brown roofs and give more spunk to your house!

On the other hand, if you desire a more modern and striking appearance, pick a bright red. This will surely make your house exteriors with brown roofs stand out! And you can pair this with grey trims to add balance between the two colors!

9. Stone Finish Houses With Brown Roofs

Stone House with Dark Brown Roof

Could there be anything more inviting than soft and warm stone-finished houses? This exterior is the best choice with brown roofs for a natural, sophisticated, and inviting appeal. This is because the brown tones of the stones match the roofs perfectly.

Moreover, a light brown stoned exterior will contrast beautifully with the dark brown roofs and give a cleaner look. And you can also give your house exteriors a more dark and earthy feel with black or forest green trims.

Add synthetic stone veneer or vertical wooden siding with your stoned exteriors for a better look with your brown roofs. Paired with vines and beautiful green grass lawns, this pair will design a gorgeous house!

10. Cream Houses With Brown Roofs

When you want to highlight your brown roofs, pick a neutral like cream! This color looks stunning when paired with earthy colors. And this is why cream paired with brown tops gives a visually appealing look.

Moreover, the cream color has yellow undertones that bring a subtle brightness to the exterior, making them one of the best pairings with brown roofs. And this gives an elegant and fresh look, great for modern exteriors.

Additionally, the cream color paired with brown roofs gives a very reflective and sun-protected finish, making it an ideal choice. You can pair them with grey trims for a touch of balance.

11. Tan Houses With Brown Roofs

Tan House with Brown Roofs

Brown roofs are a lovely sight to behold, with the paleness of tan! Pick this paint color for your exteriors if you want your house to appear larger than its size. The traditional tan color is reflective of a house’s exterior.

Moreover, a tan house is a perfect option for a traditional warm look because of its brown undertones. It gives an earthy aesthetic matched with brown roofs. Besides, you can pair tan houses with bold accents or warm-colored trims to add versatility.

12. Taupe Houses With Brown Roofs

Taupe House Exterior with Brown Roofing

Since taupe is already a greyish-brown color, it has brown undertones that are perfect for brown roofs! The subtle contrast between the two shades makes the brown roofs stand out! This scheme looks highly sophisticated with a warm and sober appearance.

Moreover, you can spice this look up by pairing chocolatey brown roofs with lighter taupe exteriors and even pair dark taupe with espresso brown roofs for a bolder look. And add character to your taupe house with pastel-colored or white trims.

13. Terra Cotta Houses With Brown Roofs

A terra-cotta house with a brown roof is a very soothing and stable pair. This is because of the sophisticated orangish hues they have. If you have Mediterranean or Colonial-style houses, this color scheme is the perfect choice to maximize curb appeal.

Additionally, terra cotta houses appear great with accents or trims of muted shades. This makes it extra complementary to the brown roofs, giving a sober finish. And if you desire an earthy look, pair the Sherwin Williams Baked Clay terracotta houses with dark brown roofs.

14. Yellow Houses With Brown Roofs

Yellow Exterior and Brown Roof

The brightness of yellow is sure to bring attention to your house with brown roofs! Yellow house exteriors can make your home look bigger and more vibrant than ever. This pairing is perfect for a cottage style or cape cod house surrounded by lush gardens.

Moreover, adding brown roofs with yellow exteriors will give you diverse neutral tones, which makes this a versatile and exciting match. To help your house blend together better, fit vinyl siding for a sleek edge over this color scheme.

You can go with a marigold yellow for a cheery and lively vibe. But if you’re looking for a more subdued front, go for a paler yellow. This will give you a pleasingly contemporary look!

Tips to Choose Colors for Brown Roof Houses

Some important tips on how you can choose colors for your brown roof house are:

  • Pick the color that complements your brown roof and matches it well. The better the pairing, the better the finished look!
  • Sample paint and apply it on a test surface for smooth application and finish. 
  • Use contrasting trims and siding with brown roofs for more depth and balance. 
  • Consider the surroundings of your house. If they are in sync with your house colors, the overall visual appeal of your house will kick up a notch! 
  • Define various color schemes with brown roofs, from soft to bold… there are diverse color options to choose from! 

What should we do to pick a house color with brown roofs? 

The best way is to pick a color for your house which is perfectly complementary to brown roofs. The most popular color choices for houses with brown roofs are neutrals like white, beige, ivory, tan, etc. But if you want dynamic exteriors, you can go with rustic red, grey, stone, and yellow!

What colors mix well with brown roofs? 

The best colors that combine with your brown roofs are shades of white, black, grey, red, blue, and yellow. And match them with warm/cool and rich undertones for the look you desire.

Is a brown house with a brown roof a good idea? 

Yes, a brown-on-brown exterior look can work, but with different shades and undertones. It makes a great monochromatic exterior, although not a very popular choice.

What should I do to make my house exteriors look bigger with brown roofs?

Always choose light colors for your house exteriors to make them appear bigger in size than they really are. Because lighter colors reflect higher amounts of light, and this magnifies their look to our eyes.

Do brown roofs match red brick houses? 

Red brick houses with light brown undertones can very well match brown roofs. They give an earthy and farmhouse-style look to your house.

Brown is a versatile color and so decorating your home exterior brown roof won’t be much of a problem if you know the best house color to use with it. But unlike brown roofs, green roofs are more dynamic and unique. So, if you need help finalizing the paint color for house with green roofs, join us now!