8 Most Popular Roof Shingle Colors (2022 Guide with Images)

Roof shingles are multifold and are available in various colors that dictate their appearance. So, wouldn’t it be great to pick the most trendy shingle colors to improve the curb appeal? If yes, then your search ends here!

Here are eight popular shingle colors to lift your visuals, with some shades and tips for help.

Key Takeaways

  • Dark Brown, Gray, and Black are the most popular shingle colors for 2022. But, you can also use their lighter shades to reflect light and heat in tropical regions.
  • Black, White, and Gray shingles look formal, while Beige and Brown are organic. And Red, Green, or Blue shingles are very dramatic and modern.
  • Blue and Brown colored shingles mask the debris and roof imperfections. So, they are popular for their high functionality and low maintenance.
  • Beige, White, and Light Gray shingles are light and make the compact spaces look more spacious. But, even they have their shortcomings. So, jump onto our detailed guide and know it all!

Popular Roof Shingle Colors to Set the Trend in 2022

1. Dominant Black Shingles

Black Roof Shingles

Black shingles have a worn-out and aged look but extend a formal and classy ambiance to the roofline. They adapt to different siding colors and design a ‘Minimal’ or ‘Dark Academia’ look. But, you must use them with thin aluminum or steel shingles for balance.

Black shingles hide any traces of fungus, dirt, and debris and look clean. Plus, they retain heat and warmth inside the attic. So, you can easily use them in temperate or chilly climates too!

Black shingles usually look the best with a formal matte or asphalt finish. But you can powder coat it with a shiny, high-gloss finish for a modern house. Or, you can even use a textured, timberline finish for more visual depth and dimension.

Popular Shades for Black Shingles:

  • Onyx Black Laminated: It is a dark, textured color with a luxurious and classy appearance. The color suits medium-pitched gable or hip roofs in dry or cool desert climates.
  • Black Walnut: A bit brownish and warm, this color suits rustic homes, ranch, or cottage roofs.
  • Royal Slate or Charcoal: The color looks gray but adds an industrial look to shed or skillion roofs.

Use light black shingles to reflect heat in hot areas, but pick dark ones for warmth in chilly areas.

2. Verdant Brown Shingles

Roof Shingles

Brown shingles are rustic but friendly and cottage-style. Here, darker shades of brown look classical, but lighter browns look more organic. In short, brown shingles blend well with earthy, nature-inspired houses.

Brown shingles also remain cooler in hot or desert climates. Plus, they hide all the roof debris, cracks, or chips and ensure less maintenance. Brown shingles do not stand out and offer a simple, easygoing exterior. So, pairing them with a matte or satin finish is the best.

Best Brown Shades for Shingle Are:

  • Monticello Brown: It is a light, fawn-like brown color with a coarse-grained finish. So, it masks the dust and offers a simple, Mediterranean or Tuscan look in desert areas.
  • Woodberry Brown: Dark and dominant, the color suits Victorian or traditional, double-pitched roofs.
  • Ash Brown: The color mimics typical Cedar shingles and adds an organic flair to free-form roofs.

Pick dark chocolate or wood-like brown shingles for a traditional look. But, go with lighter sand or coffee shades for a modern ambiance.

3. Soft Beige Shingles

Soft Beige Shingles

Beige shingles are light, warm, and a perfect companion for soft, wood-like exteriors. They look friendlier and add a coastal or countryside ambiance to houses. This color keeps the roofline neutral and works well with different sidings.

Beige shingles reflect the maximum radiation and heat. Thus, these are very popular in hot and coastal areas of Texas, Hawaii, and Arizona.

But, being a light color, beige might weather down in a humid climate. So, don’t forget to add a vapor barrier or roof flashing with this one.

Best Beige Shades for Roof Shingle:

  • Khaki: It is a dark, warm beige color with a matte and rustic finish. It looks the best on Tuscan or Ranch roofs.
  • Barkwood: It is a medium-toned, highly-reflective color for traditional or new-classical houses.

Coat your beige shingles with enamel or wax, or use a darker shade to hide stains and dust.

4. Imperial White Shingles

Crisp White Roof Shingles

White shingles offer a modern, crisp edge to different siding colors. The color makes your house look brighter and more spacious. So, it is a popular shingle color to enliven homes and balance the dark tones of brick siding.

Moreover, white reflects light and heat, making it a good choice for hot and coastal regions On contrast, it might increase the need for air conditioning, especially in the cold states.

White is also an easily-stainable shingle color and might turn yellow or brown with age. And, it doesn’t hide the dust and fungus and needs frequent cleaning. So, using a high-gloss, anti-dust finish is advisable.

Trendy White Shingle Shades:

  • Shasta White: It is a murky, warm white with gray undertones and organic look. It works best for farmhouse, classical, or Craftsman houses.
  • Cool White: This high-gloss color looks modern and designs industrial or eclectic houses.

Rinse the white shingles with vinegar to save them from yellowing with time.

5. Simple Gray Shingles

Gray Roof Shingles for Home

Gray color is the perfect tool to break down the monotony of typical brick or wood houses and add soft contrast to the exterior. You can use a shiny gray for more modernity or stick to a classic matte finish for traditional homes.

Gray shingles are also energy-efficient and have relatively better heat control. They also mask fungus or warping and make the roofs look even, making them popular in areas of extreme climates or humidity.

Lastly, gray goes well with different siding colors. For instance, you can use dark gray shingles with white walls for a traditional look. Or, mix light gray shingles with brown for a modern look.

Top Gray Shades of Roof Shingles:

  • Light Gray: It is a neutral, bright color that adds a modern flair to simple pitched and gable roofs. But limit it to tropical regions as it has high light and heat reflectivity.
  • Slate Gray: Slate gray is darker and offers more formal and luxurious exteriors. 
  • Warm Gray: This gray-brown shade adds a traditional feel to roofs. It also covers up dust.

Use light gray shingles for more balance in multi-layered roofs. But, pick a dark slate shade for a dominant look with simple shed roofs.

6. Dramatic Green Shingles

Dramatic Green Shingles

Green shingles are the perfect option to add a bold character to simple brick or wood siding. The color looks vibrant but brings a soft, natural feel without overwhelming the exteriors.

Green shingles are also popular for their versatility with different roof styles. For instance, dark greens look urbane, whereas warm or brownish greens appear country-like.

Moreover, green shingles are relatively cooler and reduce air conditioning costs and mask the fungus and dirt. So, they are a must in tropical regions with high heat and humidity.

Popular Shades for Green Shingles:

  • Dark Green: It adds a more luxurious and cosmopolitan appearance to the roof. The color works well with low-pitched, multi-layered, or dormer roofs along the street.
  • Olive Green: Olive green shingles look warm and organic and work the best with the typical farm, ranch, or barn houses.
  • Pastel Green: Pastel Green shingles can mask roof warping in humid climates. They design friendly, cabin-style houses.

Never use light green shingles on snowy houses, as they might need extra insulation to stay warm.

7. Tranquil Blue Shingles

Blue shingles look eccentric but are popular for their high-contrast and modern character. They look peppy and design ‘Scandinavian’ or ‘Nautical’ houses. But, you must use them with high-pitched roofs and light siding for more visual depth.

Blue shingles are cool and offer more temperature control in hot areas. They also cover all the roof dents and fungus and boost the curb appeal. So, blue is a great shingle color to increase the resale value too!

Besides, blue adapts well to both matte and glossy finishes. Matte blue shingles look raw and village-like, whereas glossy ones are more industrial.

Top Shades of Blue for Shingles:

  • Light Blue: Light blue shingles add an instant charm and welcoming feel to any home. So, use them to balance large, multi-layer roofs or sheds.
  • Turquoise: Turquoise shingles are bright and add a coastal vibe to simpler pitched and skillion roofs.
  • Navy Blue: Navy is a dark, dominant color for formal, traditional, or Victorian houses.

Pick darker navy shingles with light beige or white sidings, and choose turquoise shingles with red or orange brick siding.

8. Flashy Red Shingles

Perfect Roof Flashing

If bold is what describes you, red is your color! Red shingles look more traditional and formal but make the roof stand out with a lovely, eclectic aura. Generally, orangish reds look bright and playful, whereas dark red shingles look new-classical.

Red shingles also absorb more heat and remain warm, despite the insulation. And they even cover the stains and appear crisp. So, you’ll need less cleaning and dusting with this color.

Moreover, you can also use high-gloss finishes to make the shingles look shinier. Or, use matte or semi-gloss red shingles for a zen-style look. Overall, red shingles boost your home’s curb appeal and resale value.

Our Favorite Red Shades to Try:

  • Vermillion: It is a dark, orangish red with an eclectic look and a high-gloss finish. So, you can use it for rowhouses, duplexes, and villas.
  • Deep Red: This dark, matte color looks royal and new-classical and designs typical mansion-style homes.

Tone down the traditional look of red shingles by adding contrasting red, blue, or gray trims or siding.

Tips for Picking the Right Shingle Color for Your Roof

  • Use a high-contrast shingle color and finish to pop up the house and boost its curb appeal. For example, if you have a simple red brick siding, you can use contrasting green or blue shingles for a dramatic effect.
  • Always add light-colored shingles to darker sidings and vice versa for more visual balance.
  • Never use white shingles with white brick, as it might look too bland and uninteresting.
  • Pick darker shingle colors for multi-layered roofs or free-form roofs.
  • Use lighter or white shingles for single-storeyed ranch homes and villas.
  • Choose cooler blue or green shingles with warm, red-brick sidings and vice-versa for more contrast.

How to Match the Shingle Colors with Different Sidings?

Modern Cream House with Dark Green Roofs

We have already seen all the trendy shingle colors and finishes above. But, those won’t be appealing if you use the wrong siding color. So, here’s a quick guide to picking shingle colors against different sidings.

Siding ColorShingle ColorPreferred Look
Brown Brick or MetalDark Red, Black, GreenMountain-cabin or Zen
White Brick or PanelsBlack, Brown, Gray, Navy BlueNew classical or Mid-century Modern
Blue Brick or MetalBlack, Gray, Dark Brown, WhiteCoastal, Nautical, Scandinavian
Tan, Beige or Cream BrickLight Brown, Red, Blue, Olive GreenEclectic, Farmhouse or Contemporary
Red BrickBlack, Dark Gray, Dark BrownCottage or Villa-style
Gray Brick or MetalBlue, Black, Dark Brown, Pastel GreenFusion or Countryside

Which Are the Most Popular Shingle Colors for 2022?

Woodberry Brown and Slate Gray are the shingle colors of the year for 2022. But Monticello Brown, Light Gray, and Charcoal are equally popular too!

Which Shingle Color Is the Best for Resale?

Low maintenance shingle colors like Blue, Black, Red, and Brown are the best for resale and increase the cost by 1 – 2%. In contrast, easily stainable colors like White and Beige increase the repairs and offer fewer returns.

Do Dark Shingles Increase the House Temperature?

Yes, dark shingles absorb more heat and increase the temperature and humidity inside. But, you can install a vapor barrier and add the right roof vent for more ventilation.

Which Color Shingles Last the Longest?

Light-colored white or turquoise shingles reflect the maximum heat. So, they don’t suffer from peeling paint or sun damage and last better than others. But they turn yellowish and lose their shine with time.

Shingle colors are quite diverse and affect the curb appeal and cooling inside. While brown and gray are the shingle colors for 2022, they are easygoing and don’t offer a dramatic look. So, you can consider some trendy blue, red, and green shingles for modern attire!

And you can further use some asphalt, resin, or solar shingles for better energy efficiency and faster installation. So, jump to our guide on ‘Different types of Roof Shingles’ to decide on the material right away!