16 Best Trim Colors That Work With White Walls (With Images)

Who doesn’t love crisp white walls in their home? Bright and modern, they open out compact spaces gorgeously! But that doesn’t mean you should use white for each and every decor element, or else your decor may look boring! So, let’s see where you can add color!

Start with small elements like trims! Colorful door or wall trims will break the monotony and contrast your white walls perfectly! But how do you know which trim color will work? Worry not! Today, I’ll show you 16 trim colors to twist your white walls as you want!

16 Trim Shades That Complement White Walls

1. Dark Black Trims

Bold Black Wall Trims in a White Bedroom

If you are looking for bold trim colors for your doors and windows, black is best! Black trims look dark and formal, curating a maximal mansion look for your walls. They draw more attention and are also stain-resistant.

You can go with jet-black trims for an intense, moody contrast with glass windows. Otherwise, a lighter charcoal trim is best for a modern, industrial look. And if you long for shine, try black metal tile trims!

Match the hues of white and black correctly! Use warm black trims with warm white walls and vice versa.

2. Light & Dark Gray

Dark Gray Trims with a White Stairway

If black looks dominant, then gray trims are a lifesaver! They add a low-key contrast to white walls, looking modern and minimal. And they go well with both metal and wood windows, adding a metallic, distressed touch to each!

If you have traditional taste, go for matte, dark gray trims! And if you are a modern buff, there is nothing better than glossy, light gray trims. Pair this with silver crowns, and you’ll have an airy, industrial look!

3. White Trims

Crisp White Wall Trims with Crisp White Walls

Want to make your white walls look clean and minimal? Add white trims! But white trims may look boring too if you don’t contrast them rightly! So, use warm or cool white trims for a balanced, monochrome look!

Or, pick bright ivory paint to curate a modern vibe! It looks brighter than your white walls, designing an airy, eclectic look.

4. Brown Trims

Dark Brown Window Trims with White Walls

Bored by the typical modern decor with white? Try bright brown trims for an earthy twist! Brown trims draw more attention to your walls, giving off a tiered farmhouse look. But if you like it moody and formal, go with dark espresso trims!

Here, you can ditch the paint and try cherry or walnut trims to uplift the texture. They will add a fresh, Georgian look to your white walls, warming them up like magic!

5. Yellow & Ochre

Organic Yellow Ochre Trims with Warm White Walls

If you want to boost natural light through your openings, get yellow trims! Yellow trims contrast starkly with white walls, fusing bright, sunny vibes in the space. You can use bright to deep shades to adjust the contrast as you want.

But if you want rustic decor, then brownish-ochre trims are best! They look more balanced, curating an organic, French country look for you. And don’t forget to add brown crowns or molding to highlight them further!

6. Greige or Taupe Trims

If you want a warm, distressed look, paint your window and wall trims with greige! Greige and white look classical together, adding depth and a layered look. You can also pair it with black moldings and crowns for a traditional edge.

Or, pick a reddish taupe trim to draw attention to your white walls. It looks low-pop, designing a sober, eclectic look.

7. Cream & Beige

Cream trims look too warm and dusty. But trust me, they are best for a rich, new-classical touch in open-plan spaces. Cream trims anchor your white walls, saving them from looking plain and distant. So your openings will look compact and defined!

But if you have crude wood shutters, a cream trim might look offbeat! So here, you can go with similar beige trims and crowns for balance. They will add a rustic, earthy appeal to your white walls with a farmhouse touch.

Pick beige-colored white pine, sapwood, or oak trims for a textured look with wooden windows.

8. Golden Trims

Golden Trims with Warm White Doors

Fancied the royal palace like homes on HGTV? You can get the same with your white walls and gold trims! Golden trims highlight your walls and fixtures, adding a classy Victorian feel. Plus, you can carve them in floral or geometric designs for a vintage feel. Isn’t that amazing?

Use rose gold or yellow gold finishes for a bold, contrasting look with white walls.

9. Orange & Its Shades

Orange Maple Wood Trims in a White Living Room

Orange trims are the best pick if you want fun, jovial white walls! Their warm, refreshing hues contrast with white, adding more depth. Moreover, orange trims look modern and sober, curating a fusion look!

And if you love the village-style decor, use a burnt orange or rust trim with white. This will lower the vibrancy, giving a soft, farmhouse-style look. Here, you can also try maple wood wall trims for a rich, textured look.

10. Red Trims

Do you have metal shutters and slat steel panels on your white walls? If yes, then paint your trims red! Bold red trims add an intense, moody contrast to white. So your walls will look glamorous and eclectic!

But if bold is not your thing, go with Rose red trims for a chic look. You can also add maroon trims if you are up for formal, mansion-like vibes. Maroon highlights your room’s openings, adding a stunning Hollywood look!

Use light rose red trims with steel shutters and maroon trims with wood ones to match them well!

11. Bold Blue Trims

Bright Blue Window Trims with White Walls

We all know blue as a breezy, coastal color. So, what’s better than cool, bright blue trims if you have cool white walls and steel shutters? This combo looks casual and welcoming but brightens the room with a nautical touch.

But if you have wood shutters, use a light blue trim for a Scandinavian feel. Classic matte or eggshell finishes work well with this shade.

12. Dark Navy Trims

Dark Navy Trims with Warm White Walls

Navy trims are for all the formal, commercial space hunks out there! They add an intense contrast to crisp white walls, looking dark and moody.

So, you can use them, along with matte finishes, for a regal, Baroque decor. Finally, add some indigo crowns and moldings for a low-key contrast.

13. Green Trims

Olive Green Trims Against White Walls

If there’s one color that looks chic and trendy at the same time, it’s green! How? Well, green trims obviously look natural! But they also add a stark contrast and Boho look with cool white walls. Plus, you can use shiny green trims with both steel and wooden openings!

If you like it dark and retro, go with dark green trims. And if you want it organic, olive green trims are best. Match them with brown crowns or moldings to amp up this French country combo!

3 Unique Trim Colors That Go with White Walls

14. Shades of Pink

Do you want a feminine, youthful look with your white walls? If yes, then pink is the color for you! Frankly speaking, pink makes your white walls look blended and dreamy. So, you can use lighter pinks, like blush and coral, for a soft Art Deco look!

And if you have steel shutters at home, you can try bright fuchsia trims to highlight them better! They will add more glamor, giving a lovely English Heritage look.

15. Lavender or Lilac Trims

We understand that not everyone likes a dark, contrasting look. If you don’t either, try lilac or lavender trims for a soft, fairytale decor with crisp white walls!

Lilac trims also add a casual, inviting tone to your room. So, your white walls will look more composed and easy on the eyes. And if you have other wood tones in your space, pick grayish lavender trims for a light contrast.

16. Copper Trims

Too much white might make your room look plain and monotonous. But it’s time you uplift it with rich, metallic hues of copper trims! Needless to say, copper looks retro and shiny. So, it will highlight your openings, giving a sober Art Nouveau touch!

Use hammered or antique copper finishes for an aged, retro finish with white walls.

What Trim Goes Best with Off-White Walls?

Pick warm yellow, red, orange, or ochre trims for a coordinating look with off-white walls. You can also pick neutral trim colors like black, brown, gold, and copper for low-key contrast.

Do White Walls Go with White Trim?

Yes, you can use white walls with white trims. But be sure to use a contrasting warm or cool white shade to balance it rightly!

White walls always look bright and minimal. But with the right trim colors, you can twist their decor and emphasize the openings! This way, you’ll have a well-knit, coordinated look in the house. So, just pick the shade, get a brush, and paint the trims!

Now that your trims and openings are ready, it’s time for the furniture! You don’t want it to overpower your white walls and break the look, right? So, here are ‘15 trendy furniture color ideas with white walls’ for help!