Furniture Colors That Goes Well With White Walls (15 Ideas to Try)

Minimal, open-plan spaces are a thing nowadays! And white walls and floors are fast becoming the next hot trend in design. However, designing with white is tedious! Like, you’ll need to balance it off with some accents to look good!

You can try repainting the panels and skirting to add color! Otherwise, you can use colored furniture and add more depth on a budget! And today, I’ll tell you 15 cool furniture colors that look the best with white walls.

Key Takeaways

  • While walls look the best when paired with high-contrast black, greige, brown, and olive furniture.
  • Soft accent furniture colors like mint, yellow, and teal are the best for a modern ambiance with white walls.
  • Classical colors like navy, golden and purple will make your white walls look more traditional and organized. You can also use natural wood furniture for the same vibe!
  • Generally, neutral color furniture goes well with warm white walls, and accent colors pair well with cool white walls. But there is no hard rule as such! So, read below to find the best furniture colors for all your whites!

What Shade of White Do You Have?

Light Furniture with White Walls

White was once a simple color with no undertones or shades. But now, with all those hues, it has more potential in interior design.

So, if you are looking for furniture with white walls, you must figure out the shade of white you have! Well, this part is easy! You’ll generally get white in three shades – Warm, Cool, and Pure.

If your white looks reddish or yellowish, it is warm. If it looks bluish or greenish, it’ll be cool. And if it has no hues and looks like snow, it’s pure white.

Best Furniture Colors with Warm White Walls

Warm White Walls and Dark Furniture

Warm whites with a red or yellow undertone will look lovely with the furniture colors below:

1. Olive Green Furniture

Olive and warm white quickly add a lovely, nature-inspired look to the space. You can also use dark Mahogany or Walnut rims and sides with this one. It’ll create a soothing ambiance and tone down the boldness of warm white walls.

2. Rust Furniture with Golden Accents

Warm white and rust furniture always go hand in hand! The color will spice up any yellowish-white like ‘Honied White’ by Behr and give you a lovely Mediterranean look.

Golden furniture legs and tufts will uplift the glam quotient with rust furniture.

3. Super White Furniture with Dark Upholstery

Nothing will beat the minimal look of reddish-white walls and super-white furniture.

And when paired with brown or maroon upholstery, you will get a lovely industrial look in your space. You can further pair it with copper lights and handles for a Boho-chic vibe!

4. Natural Wood Furniture

Natural wood furniture blends well and oozes a classical vibe with warm white walls. Here, you can go with oak wood for a retro look or dark walnut wood for more pop. Or, you can even stain it with wax or oil for more shine!

Use thin wood sections and curved legs to balance the natural wood tones correctly. You can also stain the wood for a shiny look.

5. Mint Sofa with Yellow Armchairs

A mint couch with yellow chairs and a brown rug is the best combo for a pop-style hall. If you want, you can add some green marble tables to contrast the warm tones of white. Or, you can even use dark mint rugs and bring out a coastal look in the space.

Trendy Furniture Colors for Cool White Walls

Cool White Walls with Dark Furniture

If you have cool white walls, it’s best to use dark, warm-toned furniture for more contrast. But are there any neutral colors that you can use? Let’s have a look!

6. Greige Furniture

Greige, a light blend of gray and beige, is a silent, neutral color that works well with cool white walls. It’ll not only contrast them subtly but offer an eclectic touch to the space inside. So, the overall look will be more easygoing and organic.

You can pair it with charcoal or slate rugs for more visual depth.

7. Golden Furniture with Pink Upholstery

If your white walls have more of a green undertone, then golden furniture with a pink cover would be a perfect choice! You can play with cool textures and patterns to achieve a modern feel.

Avoid using baby pink or neon pink covers, as those might look naive.

8. Dark Purple Furniture

Dark Purple furniture is your go-to furniture color with bluish-white walls. The color blends with the cool white walls and brings a youthful glow.

Steel accents would also add a charismatic look to this scheme. You can also pair it with white and off-white throw pillows for more layering.

Avoid shiny finishes with dark purple furniture. Instead, use flat or matte finishes for more balance.

9. Yellow-based Furniture

You could go for yellow furniture if you want a bright, sunny space. It would balance not only the tones of cool white but also add an industrial feel. You can revamp it with pink throw pillows and rugs for more pop.

Use lemon-yellow furniture for a modern vibe, but stick to the deeper ones for a vintage look.

10. Red Furniture

Ah yes! How can we miss talking about the classic combo of reds and whites?

Red furniture will add the required oomph to your cool white walls and make them stand out instantly! Try crimson red sofas with greenish-white walls or dark red furniture with bluish-white walls for more contrast.

Here, you can also play around with the furniture frames! For example, golden ones look classical and royal, while steel frames will look modern and casual.

Top Notch Furniture Colors for Pure White Walls

Black Furniture with Pure White Walls

As discussed, pure white has no shades or tints. So, it is entirely neutral and offers full scope for customization. Thus, a shade like Behr’s ‘Ultra Pure White’ would look the best with the following colors:

11. Black Furniture

Black and white have been a favorite combination for ages! So, needless to say, this duo will be glamorous and coordinated.

Here, you can complement black with wood and gold accents for an elegant look. Or, use vibrant accents like teal rugs and wood coffee tables for more pop!

Use the 70-30 rule while designing with white and black. Like, limit black furniture to about 30% of the space to avoid a formal look.

12. Nautical Furniture

You can enliven your pure white walls with a dash of Teal or Seagreen furniture. It’ll bring out a countryside vibe to the space and break the neutrality of white. Some accent throw pillows and light wood legs will instantly uplift this design more!

13. Orange Furniture

Orange is a fresh, pop-culture color. So, use it for smaller elements like settees, chairs, and ottomans for more balance.

When designed rightly, orange will contrast the white wall’s monotony, adding more glamor. It’ll also brighten the room and bring more warmth and coziness inside.

14. Navy Couches & Chairs

Using Navy furniture against white walls is a quick tool to create a formal, sophisticated space. You can use light wood frames and tables for a visual balance. They’ll bring a lovely traditional vibe to your space, looking more cohesive.

Avoid using bright accent pillows with navy and white, as those might look more casual.

15. Lime Furniture

You could go with lime or pale green furniture if you want your space to look youthful and ooze a playful vibe.

For this, go with white pine furniture legs and add black accents for balance.

Tips to Choose Furniture Colors with White Walls

  • Add a gradual depth to your furniture color for a layered look. Like, use a lighter shade at the top and a darker one at the bottom of the furniture.
  • Use bright accent color furniture along the white walls with low natural light. In contrast, pick dark neutral colors for those with sufficient lighting.
  • Choose cool color furniture to expand compact rooms and halls visually. But go with warmer couches to tie bigger halls together.
  • Use thin steel or aluminum furniture frames for a shiny, modern look. Alternatively, you can use wood finishes for classical decor.
  • If possible, get a 3d visualization of your piece for better clarity.
  • Use light button tufting and lighter cotton or satin fabrics to maintain the casual look of light-colored furniture. Or you can use a deeper button or channel tufting when working with dark furniture colors.

Can You Use White Furniture with White Walls?

You can use white furniture with white walls, but you must use a different shade for contrast. Like, if you have warm white walls, choose cool white furniture and vice versa. And remember to add some accent color upholstery to break the monotony.

How Do Make a White Room Less Boring?

You can enliven your white room with accent furniture colors like teal, orange, pink, and red. You can also play around with the lights, rugs, and wall paintings for more contrast. Introduce some shiny metal accents to pop up your walls.

How Do You Make a White Room Feel Warm and Cozy?

Use nature-inspired colors like brown, red, and natural wood to make white walls look cozy. You can also add golden furniture frames and tables for more warmth.

White walls are highly versatile and go well with accents and neutrals! So, you’ll just need to identify your shade of white, refer to our guide, and get set for lovely furniture decor! Then, you can add some golden frames and rugs, and there! You’re all done!

However, gray walls aren’t as versatile as white walls. So, you must analyze their shade and pick suitable furniture colors for more layering. But what are these suitable furniture colors? Just jump to our blog on ‘furniture colors with gray walls’ to know it all!