12 Bedding Colors That Go With White Furniture (With Images)

Have you ever wanted to spice up your bedroom by introducing crisp white furniture but couldn’t do it because styling with it is difficult for you? If yes, then you’ve arrived at the right place!

While styling a room with white furniture, first of all, you must use bedding that looks synchronized with it. But since white is so chic, it’s normal to get confused about the bedding colors to use. That’s why we’re here with our 12 best beddings that you can use in a room with white furniture without a second thought!

Trendy Bedding Colors To Go With White Bedroom Furniture

1. Light French Gray Bedding For Softness

Light French Gray Bedding with Crisp White Furniture

French gray is a greenish-gray with smoky tones. It’s a very soft color, perfect for the bedroom with white furniture. French gray bedding will blend in with white furniture pieces and create a soothing and bright transitional look.

You can use a lighter shade of French gray for the pillows and darker gray for blankets and duvets, and style this combination on a white bedsheet to create a cohesive interior.

This bedding design can pull off an elegant minimalistic look with a regular wooden headboard. And if you want your room to exude more royalty, go for silk pillows and blankets.

2. Black & White Bedding For Perfect Contrast

Solid and Patterned Black Bedding with White Furniture

Black bedding may not be a popular choice as people think of it as too bold and loud for a bedroom. But ironically, dark sheets and covers have been found to be quite relaxing and promote sleeping because they lessen the reflection of light.

So if your interior style is more modern and refined, black and white bedding is a wonderful choice. For this, white bedsheets paired with black duvets and pillows look just perfect.

Covers with Marble-like patterns are another excellent option. To create a cohesive look, match white throw pillows with the bedsheets and regular pillows with the duvets!

Use dark-colored bedding only if your room has wide windows and large gates, or it could feel too cramped.

3. Comfy Pastel Blue Bedding

Light Blue Bedding with White Furniture

Studies have it that households with blue color in their bedrooms get good sleep because of its calming vibes. So, introducing a light or pastel blue bedding in your room is an excellent option. Besides, this color will add a soft, cool color pop to the white furniture pieces, making the space look just amazing!

Pastel blue goes excellently with both contemporary and vintage interior styles. You can also go for a combination of dark and light blue patterns for duvets or blankets over a light blue bed linen. If you want more softness, go for a tufted faux leather headboard!

4. Gray & White Bedding For Minimalism

Dark Gray Bedding with Crisp White Furniture

Gray on white is a classic minimal and contemporary pair. Being versatile, this color scheme allows you to play with different shades, patterns, or styles, making the space more interesting!

For example, you can throw a knitted gray blanket over a white bedsheet, along with covers and comforters with flowery or geometric motifs to create a minimal decor. If you want to add a feminine touch to your room, a little splash of pink or light red on the bedding will be perfect!

As for the headboards, a solid wood headboard with simple curves or a padded headboard with wooden framing is ideal with this bedding.

5. Bold Navy Blue Bedding

Bold Blue Bedding for White Furniture

Navy blue is naturally dark, so it will complement your white furniture flawlessly. And since it evokes feelings of power and authority, navy blue bedding is highly recommended for the master bedroom or any giant spacious room!

Styling a navy blue sheet and pillows over a white upholstered bed gives a minimalistic and masculine look. The bed could be wooden with a Duco finish to give a clean gloss effect.

Furthermore, navy blue covers and pillows on a crisp white bedsheet are sure to give a competent, posh look. Finally, add a textured white throw blanket to break the monotonous look!

6. Sweet & Warm Peach Bedding

Warm Peach Bedding with Crisp White Furniture

If you’re into a soft, welcoming interior style, the combination of peach bedding and white furniture is the right choice for you. You can simply pair puffy, textured peach covers and floral printed throw pillows on a light peach sheet for a warm farmhouse feel.

Or, you could design a minimal interior with a plain reversible comforter over a crisp white bedsheet, along with matching sham pillows. Lastly, wooden elements with white and peach is a go-to combination! Since both white and peach are light, they style a clean and beaming look with a soft color pop.

7. Energetic Yellow Bedding

Bright Yellow Bedding with White Furniture

Almost every shade of yellow goes exceptionally well with white, especially for a bedroom interior. But some shades go better with creamy white and some with crisp white.

For a bedroom with grayish-white furniture, use toned-down yellow covers and beige-white pillows to create a light and minimal interior. In contrast, use bright yellow standard pillows and throw pillows with flowers and patterns to add a flair to the room.

Diamond quilting designs on the comforters are commonly used for this setting if your bedding has no patterns or motifs.

8. Pleasant Dusty Pink Bedding

Patterned Dusty Pink Bedding with White Furniture

Dusty pink is a sentimental and nurturing color. Styling dusty pink bedding with white furniture won’t be hard because they make such a fabulous pair.

For a white-dominated room, dusty pink bedding alone cannot put together a finished look. So it’s advisable to add hints of gray, such as gray cushions or duvets.

For an over-the-top look, go with silk or velvet dusty pink covers with minimal motifs and matching pillow shams. Or you can keep it simple with a white bedsheet, patterned white & dusty pink duvets with matching pillows, and a plain blush throw blanket!

9. Bold & Confident Red Bedding

Deep Red Bedding with Crisp White Furniture

Being bold and vibrant, red bedding can be risky for bedrooms. But when you have white furniture in the room, it becomes a perfect addition as the white can easily tone down the loudness of red bedding. This pair will curate a minimal and clean look.

The trick here is to use red as an accent with lots of white elements. So you can style a light red bedsheet and decorate it with minimally patterned red and white covers and matching pillows.

If bright red is too vibrant, go for maroon red to get a posh traditional look. You can pair a maroon-red duvet with creamy-white bedsheets and pillows. Sheer white curtains will further accentuate the look with this pairing.

It’s safer to use red bedding with clean, minimal, and wide patterns because it’s already a bizarre accent color for bedrooms.

10. Graceful Lilac Bedding

Lilac and Purple Bedding with White Furniture

Lilac is a soft color that will add a dreamy touch to your room with white furniture. Together, these two elements will give you a compelling warm, and soothing area to relax in.

To style this bedding, you can use white covers and duvets with minimal lilac patterns on a warm white or light gray bedsheet. This look would be perfect for a traditional villa house. You can also introduce another shade of purple, like a purple accent pillow or throw pillow, to create a beautiful transition.

For this, a tufted velvet headboard makes a significant difference in enhancing the look. And features like puckered diamond pintuck also give off an exciting texture to the covers and pillows and the overall space.

11. Mellow Sage Green Bedding

Light or Sage Green Bedding with White Furniture

Earthy and grayish, sage green bedding will blend brilliantly with your white bedroom furniture pieces and result in a mellow and homely feel. It’s perfect for a rustic and vintage style interior but can also curate contemporary rooms.

If you have a white, neutral, or wooden headboard, go with a white bed linen with a sage green patterned comforter and throw pillows for a simple, crisp look. You could also add earthy brown or mustard yellow accents to the space to add a playful vibe.

Sage green and exposed brick walls are a perfect pair. And it goes better with earthy tones.

12. Emerald Green Bedding For A Lavish Look

Dark Emerald Green Bedding with White Furniture

If you want your room with white furniture to look chic and glamorous, Emerald green bedding is the perfect pick for you. It’s a fun and vibrant shade that not only will add a strong color pop but also ooze relaxing, stress-relieving natural vibes in the space.

Though emerald green looks exalted and majestic, make sure it doesn’t overwhelm the space. So, limit it to blankets and standard pillows over a light green, white, or light gray bedsheet.

Or, you could also use an emerald green sheet as the base and decorate it with ivory or white covers. For this combination, silk and velvet fabrics will be excellent choices.

How do you style a room with white walls and white furniture?

When your space is dominated by white, the trick is to break the monochromatic look. For this, pick a color and introduce other colors from the same family. You could also add dark colors on carpets, bedding, and curtains.

Will a white comforter look good in a white room?

Yes, but it is advisable to have a toned-down white comforter with earthy-toned pillows and bedsheets like brown or peach if you have a bright white room.

Which color curtains will go with the white wall?

It depends on the bedding color you have. For example, if you have warmer color bedding, go for warmer tone curtains, and if you have cooler tone bedding, go for cooler color curtains. It creates a beautiful visual if your curtains and bedding are in a similar tone or coordination with your bedroom color.

Though quirky, white furniture looks stunning in a room. And you can create different decor styles with white furniture if you use the right bedding colors. And our list is the ultimate solution to find your best bedding option!

While decorating around white furniture is still easy-peasy, it gets dramatic if the furniture pieces are black! So, if you have black furniture in your home, you must check out these bedding colors for black furniture now!