24 Countertop Colors & Textures That Go With Black Cabinets

Black kitchen cabinets are a new trend! Bold and chic, they warm up the kitchen space, giving a striking appearance to both contemporary and minimalist kitchen designs. But as stunning as they look, decorating the kitchen with black cabinets can get pretty tricky due to their dominating nature!

So, if you’re searching for countertop colors that will complement your black kitchen cabinets, your hunt ends here. Explore these 24 exquisite countertop colors and textures to remodel your kitchen and give it a timeless look.

24 Countertop Colors & Textures for Black Cabinets Based on Different Materials

When your kitchen cabinets are black, it’s important to create balance in the space by using the right colors on other elements, especially countertops. With a variety of countertop materials available, the following colors and textures will best pair with your kitchen cabinets!

Top 7 Granite Color & Texture Options

Granite Countertops

Granite always tops the list of materials for countertops. Why? Because it can withstand spillage that comes in a busy kitchen and is extremely durable. Apart from its elevated functionality, granites also have a prominent appearance with luxurious, veiny patterns making it ideal for pairing with your black cabinets.

When choosing the granite countertop color for your black cabinets, choices can seem endless. After extensive research, we bring you top granite colors for your black cabinetry.

1. Coral: The muted peachy hue gets along splendidly with black cabinets, giving a nostalgic tint to the kitchen space. The warm pairing of these two will embrace vulnerability, bringing feelings of comfort and calmness. 

2. Pastel Pink: Some pinks stand out and seek attention. Conversely, when teamed with black, pastels pink offer a sober yet elegant look. The duo can carry confidence, grace, and allure in any space.

3. White: Bright white, in general, is capable of making your space seem big. Whites in granite will give bold accents to your black cabinets. The pair of stark contrasts will provide your white countertop kitchen with a timeless Parisian cafe feel.

4. Violet: The shades of violet embody a traditional alliance with royalty. If that is what you’re searching for, get a darker shade of violet color spectrum that perfectly harmonizes with black cabinets.

5. Yellow: Black cabinets allow you to experiment with any fun color you’ve wanted to play with. Why not choose yellow? It’s the color of joy, adding brightness to even the smallest kitchen and giving a chic look. 

6. Dark Gray: If you want something on a moderately less monochromatic palette, Dark gray is the color for you. Dark gray granite woven with black cabinetry can top the list of contemporary designs, further adding visual interest to the kitchen.

7. Black: Elegant, rustic, and bold would be the three words to describe this top-notch collaboration black countertop and black cabinets. Black granite countertops bring out creativity and give a timeless cohesive look.

Best Granite Countertops That Go with Black Cabinets:

1. Moon White Granite: Moon white granite has stunning delicate grains, and the intricate swirl makes them a statement piece in itself. Choosing this would be going beyond functionality. 

2. Astoria Granite: In subtle contrast to the black cabinetry, Astoria Granite would be a little shocking to the eye, which comes in a soothing hue of beige.

3. Alaska: Even with the limited lighting, Alaska can maximize the exciting luminaire with its natural ability to be more reflective. Pick this if you like bright kitchen space. 

4. Black Galaxy: If the all-black theme for your kitchen design feels too dark, try softening it with black galaxy’s shimmery gold. They are chosen for their polished dramatic flecks. 

5 Marble Countertop Colors

Black Cabinets

Not talking about marble when designing countertops is nearly impossible. Marble with dark black cabinets reflects pure elegance and luxury. Apart from its beauty, it is heat resistant, standing up well against the hot plates and pots. If you’ve chosen marble but are lost picking the right color, here are a few of our favorites to match with black cabinets.

1. Dark Red: Black cabinets and a red marble countertop add all the bold personality one needs. This duo is for the contemporary kitchen. Striking a pop of color with the countertop can spice up even the dullest kitchen space.

2. Gray Concrete: Gray is the most popular color for 2022, as a cool neutral hue. Make black cabinets and gray collars to achieve a rustic feel in the kitchen. The shades of concrete with good lights will also warm up the kitchen theme.

3. Purple: Color for a unique theme, purple countertops are a vivid and exciting hue to pair with black cabinets. Bright purple is also said to stimulate more hunger, making it a wise option to choose. 

4. Brown: Brown countertops invite warmth to the kitchen. Black cabinets and a medium tone of brown help ease the transition between the light and dark hues, making it a stunning cohesive theme.

5. Light Blue: Another bold, distinctive hue, light blue comes in a cool hue that pairing with black will allow you to get that easy, sleek look. Try combining these two for the “low-key” bursting of color throughout the kitchen.

Our Favorite Picks for Marble Countertops:

1. Statuario Marble: If you’re obsessed with visible veins of the marble, Statuario might be the one for you. Black cabinets can become the uniform background for Statuario’s unique design features. 

2. Dark Emperador Marble: The black cabinet is the perfect canvas for Emperador’s asymmetrical veins, moving the theme towards maximalism.

3. Rosa Levante: Looking for a budget-friendly marble? Rosa Levante offers some of the best medium brown hues without shaking your budget.

Top 3 Quartz Countertop Colors for Black Cabinets

Quartz Countertops

Quartz can mimic any material you’d want. But unlike granite and marble, they can be manufactured to have a desired and uniform appearance. If you wish your countertops to be sturdy, elegant, and functional, quartz comes with a clear advantage. Here are some gorgeous quartz colors that will instantly spruce up your black cabinets.

1. Pastel Orange: If you are looking for a delicate-looking countertop against your dark kitchen cabinets, this pastel tone of orange adds a serene ambiance to your kitchen. This duo can add a sublime finish to the overall design theme.

2. Cream: Not a fan of bright colors? But still, want that airy and light feel? Opt for cream. The cream has been a go-to alternative that lends a farmhouse-style aesthetic for many designers. Try to use the backsplash in the same shade for a rustic look.

3. Apple Green: Though this cabinet color combination is quite underrated, it can freshen up the entire kitchen. It can offer an organic look, adding both groundedness and a chic ambiance to the design.

Best Quartz Countertops That Suit with Black Cabinetry:

1. Topus Caesarstone: If you want a symmetrical and unified look, opt for Topus to achieve uniformity in the shades of colors while not compromising on its veins that merge softly into the slab.

2. Aria Quartz: If you are looking for some asymmetrical angles, Aria it is. This quartz range has lovely odd curves, making them stand out in your kitchen.

3. Eternal Calacatta: The elegant feature of eternal Calcutta lies in its sparkling gold vein that looks like you’re almost “stargazing” from your kitchen.

Top 6 Laminate Countertop Colors

Laminate Countertops

Manufacturing advancements make laminate more durable and sturdy. Its versatility, color, and texture make it the ideal material in interior design. Without costing you much, laminates can act like a quarried stone, marble, or granite, whatever you like! To make laminate selection easier, here is a list of top colors for you.

1. Bright White: Designing the kitchen space with a bright white countertop is a good way to remove or balance the dullness that black cabinets might bring. This black-and-white color scheme will give your kitchen an elegant urbane look. 

2. Earthy Brown: Earthy brown countertops can bring outdoor nature indoors, enhancing the overall quotient. An interesting fact about brown is that it is associated with a source of energy, ideal for a space like a kitchen.

3. Pastel Blue: A lighter shade of blue can never be overwhelming. This shade, mixed with black, is versatile and easy to blend with any equipment and appliance. Light further gives you a tonal balance for your contemporary kitchens.

4. Dark Blue: if you cannot get enough blue, go for dark blue. Apart from evoking the thought of you’re cooking beside the sea, a Dark blue hue can ooze soothing vibes in the kitchen area.

5. Green: Freshen up your kitchen by blending green for your countertops; they can instantly bring in nature. Green is the most relaxing hue due to its visual appeal due to its high spectral wavelength. It gives your cooking space a relaxed and fresh feel.

6. Dark Beige: A rich shade of beige can help your design theme smoothly transition towards the traditional side. When paired with black, dark beige adds a luxurious feel to the kitchen.

3 Best Natural Wood Countertop Colors

Natural Wood Countertops

Wood is another material for countertops that adds a warm accent to the kitchen, driving that feng shui effect. The core nature of wood can soften the dark look of black cabinets. Wood countertops are also durable, aesthetic, and affordable. Here are a few of our favorite wood colors that match well with black cabinets.

1. Dark Brown: Dark brown can be a part of a coherent scheme that makes every kitchen element come together. The brown color countertop can also allow the natural wood detailing to stand out.

2. Black: Black on Black combination is extremely versatile and can add sophistication to the overall kitchen. With black kitchen countertops and cabinets, you have the clear advantage of making the handles knobs of the cabinets stand out. Pair them up with brass to create an edgy look. 

3. Subdued Gray: Another option for all the neutral shade lovers; gray can evoke contemporary, minimalist, and modern elegance to the kitchen. When paired with black, you will easily achieve a layered and sleek look.

Best Wood Types for Your Countertops:

1. Birchwood: Birchwood is one of the best neutral-neat-looking woods. When combined with the natural and organic effect of birchwood, a black kitchen cabinet gives an unmatched contrast.

2. Oak: Oak is for a minimalist kitchen space. When paired with black cabinets, Oak’s medium-toned wood veins exude a sublime effect while creating a startling presence. 

3. Walnut: Walnut comes in dark hues; pairing it with a dark or light cabinet can give it an elegant and striking look. The natural darker finish and textures add more to the elegance of black cabinets. 

5 Tips for Choosing The Perfect Countertop For Black Cabinetry:

  • Consider the size of the kitchen. Is it big or small? This is crucial when choosing the countertop color. A lighter countertop color can benefit a smaller kitchen, while a dark countertop like black or gray works fine in a bigger space.
  • Opt for a distressed finish for your black cabinetry to deduce maintenance that comes with uniform and polished finishes. 
  • When choosing the right color, remember other elements in the kitchen surrounding the countertops. The countertop should match the floors, backsplash, and walls. 
  • Sampling before fixing the color is crucial. That is why it’s better to choose the color on-site with samples in hand, orienting the color with black cabinets.

Black is one of the most favored choices for homeowners nowadays. But its bold and striking appearance makes it a hard-to-design option! So, use this list to find the best countertop to match your black cabinets and transform your kitchen space. If you need more inspiring ideas for countertop colors to go with unique blue cabinets or green cabinets, we have something for you in the store.