What Countertop Colors Go With Wood Cabinets? (Top 25 Ideas)

Wood is a sustainable, reusable, and high-value material that outlasts time. Having wood cabinets in your kitchen adds a natural yet luxurious texture. Wood’s earthy hues can carry any kitchen design theme, from traditional to modern farmhouse. But a kitchen with wood cabinetry needs a stunning countertop, too, to avoid a boring, woody look!

So if you’re looking for a timeless countertop color for your wood cabinets, your search ends here. Take a look at these 25 stunning color and material combinations that will enhance your kitchen effortlessly.

Top 6 Beautiful Quartz Countertop Colors for Wood Cabinets

White Granite Countertop

The texture and ornate details of quartz can complement the natural veins and finishes of wood cabinets. As quartz is an engineered stone, adjusting its pigments and polymers can allow you to create a stunning countertop with less maintenance in comparison to marble. Here are some unique color ideas for quartz countertop that will instantly spruce up your wood kitchen cabinets.

1. White: White hues promote a clean and fresh feel to the kitchen. Light-colored wood and white countertops can be an excellent way to design a modern kitchen, especially when paired with a subway backsplash.

2. Light Gray: If your kitchen design theme is more towards a contemporary style, then light gray countertops can be your best choice. When gray is paired with wood, it induces a chic and minimalist look while maintaining its airiness.

3. Red: Red has been used in the kitchen since the classical age as it promotes appetite. A red countertop with wood cabinetry can instantly become a bold focal point of the kitchen.

4. Dark Green: Do you prefer a strong contrast? Then pair a dark green quartz countertop with light wood colors and see the magic! As green and wood are closely linked with nature, the duo can bring a native calming effect. It is ideal for Victorian or classical-styled homes that need a modernist approach. 

5. Tan: If your kitchen area is comparatively small with conserved natural light, a light tan hue can help reflect a good amount of it to brighten up the space. The pairing can work well for contemporary farmhouse-style kitchen design.

6. Dark brown: Dark brown quartz countertops can bring significant attention with their incongruity, taking the whole design theme towards a classic and traditional style. This bold choice, paired with somber shades of backsplashes, can elevate your kitchens. 

Most Popular Picks for Quartz Countertops:

  • Bourbon Quartz: Bourbon quartz can effortlessly blend with a wood cabinet. While the wood features its natural texture, bourbon quartz can lend its native organic spots.
  • Eternal Calacatta: If you love how veins flow on a natural stone, opt for an Eternal Calacatta that offers distinctive veins that can dominate the kitchen.
  • Topps Caesarstone: If you want to create a subtle ambiance, Topps Caesarstone can grant it with its soft fecks and patterns that run in a uniform shade.

Top 7 Laminate Colors to Pair With Wood Kitchen Cabinets

Natural Wood Countertop with Cherry Cabinets

Without skyrocketing your budget, laminate easily becomes the best countertop choice. Laminate offers flexible textures and patterns that can beat any natural stone. Although they’re not quarried, they do offer an equal compressive strength. Selecting between thousands of colors makes them even more wanted. Here’s a list of top laminate colors to make this laminate selection easier for you.

1. Aquamarine Blue: The combination of blue and dark wood cabinets can draw attention to the exquisite natural grains of the dark wood. This shade allows tranquility and a sense of calm in your cooking area while also adding a whimsical aesthetic.

2. Bright Yellow: Yellow stands for freshness, and it also releases positive energy, fun, and happiness. This combo of a wood cabinet with a yellow countertop can work well in a kitchen that lacks direct natural light. 

3. Dove Gray: Dove gray countertop resembles a calm foggy morning. It complements the dark shade of your wood cabinetry almost perfectly. The duo becomes a good choice to add a pleasant urbane yet modernist feel to the kitchen. If you’re driven toward utilitarian design, this color is the ideal choice for you.

4. Pale brown: Pale brown with light oak wood cabinets brings raw and calm coastal vibes inside the kitchen. As a coastal-style kitchen that emphasizes light hues in shades of brown, this combination is the perfect blend of minimalism and dynamicity.

5. Bright Pink: A light maple wood cabinet can lend a sober and graceful feel, while bright pink adds a pop of color to the kitchen. The duo can serve both bold and soft design hints, catering to a balanced look.

6. Green: Green laminate can be an eclectic shade to use with wood. It offers varied hues from green apple, mint, olive to sage. A striking green hue can give a jolt of adventure and energy, making it an accent in itself.

7. Ivory: When paired with dark wood, ivory gives the perfect tropical feel to a kitchen. The touch of ivory to dark wood cabinets will make the space elegant and sophisticated while balancing the dramatic factor.

Top 5 Sturdy Granite Color Options for Your Wood Kitchen Cabinets

Granite with Oak Cabinets

Granite countertops give a higher return on investment than any other material. A combination of potassium feldspar and quartz, they are extremely strong and resistant to stains or scratches. Here are the top recommended granite colors that pair beautifully with most wood cabinets.

1. Black: Black might look dominating, but a black countertop can create a welcoming effect to a kitchen when paired with wood cabinets. It brings in a gothic look while harmonizing with all the other elements in the kitchen. Pair them up with some brass or gold accents, and you’re good to go goth!

2. Gray: The gray color countertop is in vogue as it can bring a calming neutral palette and an industrial look to your kitchen. You can add some task lighting over the gray countertop to charge up the hue, keeping it more rustic and vintage.

3. Earthy Brown: Bring that fresh forest vibe indoors with earthy brown countertops that will help you associate with zestful vibrations. You can pair them with dark cherry cabinets or light honey oak cabinets. The earthiness seamlessly blends in a kitchen and offers a unified look.

4. Pastel Orange: As pastel shades are trending in 2022, experimenting with orange can give you the perfect pop of color, keeping a sublime presence. It offers playful, energetic vibes to your otherwise functional kitchen space. 

5. Off-white: Warm wood cabinets with off-white countertops complement a sophisticated traditional or farmhouse-style kitchen. But if you plan to play more with white shades around the kitchen, it can create a modern-luxe space that embraces ethereal luxury.

Best Granite Options for Kitchen Countertops:

  • New Black Galaxy: New Black Galaxy can achieve a classic dark look without being too gothic. Additionally, they feature notable gold flecks on their uniform background.
  • New Caledonia Granite: Intricate shades of gray with consistent grains make New Caledonia Granite pair up easily with dark wood or light wood cabinets. 
  • New Venetian Gold Granite: This will help you bring out the shine with their beige and gold hues. 

Top 4 Captivating Marble Countertop Colors for Wood Cabinets

Gold Countertops

Marble is formed when certain rocks, such as limestone, are heated and pressed into the earth, creating a denser rock. This is why marble is hard enough to withstand the stressors of everyday kitchens. The natural look of the marble countertop is sure to ornate your space smoothly.

If you’re considering marble countertops for your wood kitchen cabinets, here are the top 4 colors to help you make a good decision.

1. Coral: Longing for a feeling of comfort? Coral countertops will add a welcoming vibe to your kitchen. It further adds a homely nostalgic touch when paired with warm wood cabinets.

2. Mustard yellow: If you want to achieve a Scandinavian or cottage-inspired design theme in your kitchen, mustard yellow is the color for you. This countertop color offers a rich, rustic feel, keeping the space bright and happy. 

3. Beige: Beige is a cosmopolitan hue that is capable of adding a touch of class, especially with warm wood cabinets. The duo of beige countertops with light wood cabinets can be considered a timeless neutral pair and bestow a soft, cohesive appeal to your kitchen decor.

4. Mint Green: Want to design a kitchen that is both fresh and delightful? You can’t go wrong with this collab of somber mint green with dark wood cabinets. Mint green alone can exude a sense of calm while the wood allows the countertops to bloom in the kitchen. 

Our Favorite Picks for Marble Countertops:

  • Rosa Levante: This is a rich, dark-colored marble known for delicately thin veins covering the entire surface.
  • Emperador Marble: Emperador Marble in the kitchen falls more in a maximalist theme. With their bold and uniform swirls and patterns, they’re the ideal picks for a luxurious kitchen. 
  • Calcutta Vagli: Calcutta Vagli has a unique appearance that features subtle yet distinctive spots instead of standard veins of marble.

Top 3 Soapstone Color Options for Wood Cabinets

Soapstone Countertop

Soapstones are a prime option for kitchen countertops. They’re highly impermeable and won’t absorb cooking greases, oils, or stains. As they’re chemically resistant, the beautiful veining look of the stone won’t be harmed by acidic cleaning.

Although the colors are limited, the textures offer a lot more. Take a look at a few shades of soapstone that blend well with wood cabinetry.

1. Green: Fresh Soapstone, when quarried, has a greenish diffuse. The green soapstone has a natural and humble look, making it the most preferred choice. When paired with wood, green can give you a rejuvenating and restoring vibe. As green is a cool hue, it contrasts well with wood’s warmer tones.

2. Pale Gray: Pale gray soapstone with its white streaks can seamlessly blend with light maple wood cabinets giving an elegant and urbane kitchen.

3. Black: Black soapstone features a different level of darkness; a duo of wood cabinets with black soapstone can signify simplicity and functionality. Darker wood cabinets can give the illusion of more depth while also looking sensuous.

Which wood is budget-friendly for cabinets? 

The most budget-friendly options for wood cabinets are Oak cabinets, Cherry cabinets, and Maple cabinets, as they are readily available on a global scale.

Is wood a good option for kitchen cabinets?

Wood is known for its durability, fine grains, smooth and uniform texture that easily takes a variety of stains and polishing. Naturally, this makes it an excellent choice for kitchen cabinets.

Are wood cabinets out of style? 

Wood cabinets can never go out of style. It’s the stains and polishing that come and go.

What backsplash goes well with wood cabinets?

Wood cabinets work best with neutral color backsplashes like gray, white, cream, and beige. However, if you fancy a bold color for the backsplash, consider contrasting colors like yellow, blue, jungle green, or orange.

Are wood cabinets hard to clean in the kitchen?

No, solid hardwoods are easier to maintain and clean. However, if your kitchen deals with extreme cooking, consider designing with wood that is darker in color.

Whether it’s a cherry cabinet, maple cabinet, or oak cabinet, wood is preferred due to its versatility, durability, and beauty. Wood cabinets can work amazingly with any design theme for your home decor. Moreover, it is also budget-friendly for every household.

Additionally, if you are looking for some more trendy countertop colors for cherry and oak cabinets, there’s something special waiting for you.