15 Colors to TRY with Black Furniture (Ideas for 2023)

Furniture makes a house complete! That’s why people are always picky about furniture styles and colors. Light furniture is a staple for anyone wary of bold decors. And then some people go all out and buy black furniture for their homes!

Be it cabinets, seatings, or wardrobes, everything looks stunning in black. But a black-only room won’t work, right? So you need extra colors for walls, accessories, and other important items.

And today, I’m here to show 15 stunning colors you can use with your extravagant black furniture! Shortlist your preferred colors and use them as you like!

Key Takeaways

  • Light neutrals like beige, cream, light gray, and white offer a strong contrast and crisp backdrop for black furniture.
  • You can make the space dramatic and moody using deep tones with dark furniture. For this, use purple, burgundy, red, dark teal, green, and dark brown.  
  • Use funky accent colors like hot pink, yellow, orange, and bright green to create a vibrant aura around black seatings. 
  • Add metallic colors with black furniture pieces to amp up the royal feel of the space.

3 Things to Consider When Using Colors with Black Furniture

You can imagine black with any other color; it would look just as great! Still, you must be cautious about using those colors correctly. Especially when you have huge furniture in your space.

1. Avoid Going Too Dark

Try to foresee the whole color palette together. If you use lots of dark shades with black furniture, you might end up with a boxed and eerie interior. So, don’t go too dark!

2. Follow a Color Scheme

If you’re dreaming of a perfectly synchronized interior, avoid adding random colors to your space here and there. Instead, understand the interior style and pick the colors that fit the ongoing color scheme.

3. Use Bold Colors as Accents

I understand if you’re a frisky soul and want to use bold colors like red, yellow, orange, lime, and fuchsia in your decor. But, it’s wiser to limit these to accent and decorative pieces. I mean, a room with black furniture and bright yellow walls may look offbeat, right?

Top-trending 15 Colors to Spice Up Your Black Furniture

1. White

Let’s have it; there’s no better high-contrast color combination than the classic black and white. A perfect balance, an exciting pop, and a stunning contrast, you get all of that when you use white with black furniture!

White is versatile! So, you’re free to use it for accents like appliances, carpets, pillows, and even accent furniture. Or you could use it as a base color for walls, ceilings, bedding, etc.

2. Cream

Cream Shades

If white is too stark, cream would be your go-to modern color with black furniture. Just like white, the cream would work excellently as an accent against your black seatings, dressers, or cabinets.

And if you want to put your furniture in a soft spotlight, cream is one of the best neutrals for walls. A lot of cream elements in the room will make it breezy, even with black furniture as the focal point.

3. Beige

3 Shades of Beige

Beige and black is fantastic pair. Where black is strong, beige is warm. So, these shades work best to create a warm, boho-retro space for you. Moreover, beige is the perfect background color for walls to set your furniture apart!

Find the right beige shade, and you’re done!

4. Metallic Colors

Metallic Colors

Believe it or not, a touch of metallic shades, like gold, silver, or copper, can spice up black furniture like never before! And you can achieve a vintage and royal as well as a perfect maximalist finish in your space.

Metallic colors work best as accents like appliances, artificial lights, wall art, curtain tracks, etc.

You can even use shiny metallic furniture frames for your black upholstered seatings.

5. Light Brown & Dark Brown

Light Brown and Dark Brown

Dark brown is an excellent addition if you’re aiming to design a moody Hollywood Regency for yourself! For a seamless transition, you can use dark brown for the floor, accent walls, carpets, window treatments, etc.

And use light brown on smaller accents like throw pillows, runners, lamps, and vases for a warm and neutral pop!

6. Gray Shades

Gray Shades

Another monochromatic scheme; gray and black! To design a fully formal, sober space, you must combine gray elements with your black furniture. The best part is that almost all gray shades complement black!

It could be as a piece of bedding, curtains, rugs, throw pillows, or even walls. And it would look best if you go with textured gray.

Use mid gray shade if you’re using it for walls. And use light gray for accent pieces to create a subtle contrast with black furniture.

7. Teal & Dark Teal

Light and Dark Teal

Teal is a special color! It oozes freshness, royalty, and elegance. So, there’s no way it won’t work with black. For an intense, regal touch, use dark teal for base elements.

But if you want contrasting, quirky coastal vibes, a medium teal would be the best bet! This color would work on any decorative piece but looks best on fabric.

8. Blue Shades

Shades of Blue

Blue and black are equally dominating colors, yet again oozing maximalism! But still, both complement each other perfectly. From navy to deep blue, any dark shade would help upscale the intensity and mood of your space.

They’ll be seamless against black furniture! So you can use blues on more prominent things, like walls, ceilings, tabletops, large area rugs, etc.

In contrast, light blues may help you balance the dominance of black and induce a calm, coastal vibe. You can use soft blue accents with the dark blue and black combo to tie the look!

9. Pale Green & Dark Green

Pale Green and Dark Green

Those who like to infuse fresh, natural vibes in their space can pair green with black. A space designed with green adornments and shiny black furniture will give you stunning Dark Glamour decor!

If you have a bright base color in the room, you can also go for pale greens for accent pieces!

10. Burgundy


Burgundy, a member of the red family, is a must-have for a Hollywood Regency interior. Bold minds would not hesitate to use burgundy as a primary color, for instance, wall color in space.

But if you want to save up for other darker colors, I’d recommend limiting it to secondary furniture. Use decorative items like bedding, heavy curtains, furry area rugs, etc., in burgundy!

11. Purple, Lilac, & Lavender

Purple, Lilac, and Lavender

Purple looks royal and maximalist! And when you use it in a room with black furniture, it oozes a lavish, traditional, and sophisticated vibe!

But it’s not restricted to just that. If you want to bring a softer touch, you can infuse lilac or lavender shades. When used with purple, they’ll create a layered visual depth.

12. Pink & Its Shades

Pink and Blush

Now, pink has multiple shades. So, the trick to using pink with black furniture is; the brighter the pink shade, the smaller and minimum elements it should be used on.

Let me explain! If it’s a softer pink, like dusty or baby pink, you can use it on bigger elements like an accent wall. But if it’s hot pink, it’s better to keep it to an accent pillow, ottoman, wall art, etc.

13. Bright & Dark Reds

Bright and Dark Reds

Red and black make one of the hottest New Retro color combinations ever! So if you aren’t already satisfied with the dramatic and brawny vibes of black furniture, go for red!

With enough bright elements in your decor, red can even go on walls. But if it’s dark, I’d recommend sticking to red accents like a red accent chair, a side table lamp, a kitchen countertop, or even a chandelier!

Need a designer tip? Add white touches to your space as accents along with red, and enjoy a classic, cozy New Retro home!

14. Shades of Yellow

Yellow Shades

Yellow is another crisp opposite color to black after white. So, it has to go with black furniture. You can splash yellow on an accent wall if you’re willing to create a sunny and bright interior. It would also put your black sofa in the focal point!

Or, create a better transitional space using rich yellows as a pop in smaller decorative pieces. For instance, pair a mustard yellow accent chair with a black sofa! It looks amazing!

15. Orange & Burnt Orange 

Orange and Burnt Orange

Splash some refreshing vibes into your space with funky orange. It’s a warm and striking color that will help you create an Art-Deco interior.

Orange can be used for any decorative piece of your choice. Whether closer to the black furniture pieces or not, it’ll pop out against the entire room.

And lastly, if you want a softer, rustic color pop, use burnt orange. It will add a distinctive rustic feel to your other formal, sophisticated room.

Tips to Decorate with Black Furniture

  • Ensure enough natural or artificial light to keep the space lit. 
  • Use bright accents to balance the color dominance. 
  • Bring greenery and flowers into the space. 
  • Use lighter flooring to highlight the furniture. 

How Can I Decorate My Living Room with Black Furniture?

Keep your living space airy and use light neutrals like off-white, cream, beige, and light gray as the base color for walls, ceilings, etc. This will help your black furniture stand out. Finally, add zing with accent items in funky colors like lime, orange, yellow, teal, and red. And you’re done!

What Wall Color Looks Best with Black Furniture? 

Light neutral tones like whites, cream, light beige, light gray, pale green-gray, and light tan. These light shades keep the space visually balanced and breezy. But you could also paint your accent walls in dark tones like navy, emerald, burgundy, dark gray, or purple to add a regal touch!

How Can I Brighten the Space with Black Furniture?

Firstly, use enough natural and ambient lighting in the space. Try warm lamps. Then, make sure to use lighter shades for walls and ceilings. Next, use interesting patterned window treatments. Bring in greenery. And finally, use light and vibrant accessories.

So, it’s pretty clear that despite being dominant and bold, black furniture offers a playground for multiple colors. So, use this quick guide to understand which colors to pick and how to use them wisely in your black furniture decor!