12 Finest Granite Colors For Honey Oak Cabinets (With Images)

Orange-tinged honey oak wood has been a favorite for cabinets among homeowners who like Mission, colonial, and shaker kitchens. The vibrancy and texture of oak cabinets can easily elevate a kitchen decor. However, these light-toned cabinets may look off if not paired with the right surrounding elements, like the countertop!

Usually, honey oak kitchen cabinets look best with dark and cool granite countertops, but they also make a gorgeous pair with light, warm-toned granite countertops. So, here’s a list of 12 trendy granite colors that are a match made in heaven for a kitchen with honey oak cabinetry!

Exquisite Granite Colors For Honey Oak Cabinets

1. A Domineering White Granite Countertop

White Granite Countertop

White granite countertops are simple, classy, and crisp. They contrast the heavy texture of a honey oak cabinet and make the kitchen bright, chic, and modern in no time. Moreover, white granite offers a timeless attire with honey oak cabinets and adapts seamlessly to contemporary and traditional kitchen designs.

Generally, a pure white granite countertop with slight flecks of brown looks the best with honey oak cabinets, but you can even use a warm white or off-white granite countertop for a lovely cottage-like ambiance. Alternatively, use cool granite countertops for a minimal industrial feel, or stick to grayish-white granite for an eclectic kitchen design.

Additionally, you can play with the agreeable gray wall color, rustic brown hardware, and cream or yellow ochre backsplash paint to accentuate the farmhouse-style look.

Here are some granite stones that offer a white finish:

  • Sucuri White Granite: A bright white granite with a rough, dot-like texture.
  • Milky White Granite: A warm white granite for a rich, new-classical look.
  • Polar Ice Granite: A grayish-white granite with a coarse texture.
  • River White Granite: A smooth, marble textured granite for a modern appeal.

2. An Imperial Black Granite Countertop

Granite Countertop

Black granite adds a classy, regal, and formal ambiance that curates French country kitchens. Black granite is the perfect choice for sober transitional kitchens, and it adds luxury and dimension to a simple honey oak cabinet. Generally, a plain black pearl granite countertop looks modern and minimal, whereas a veined black granite looks colonial.

Light honey oak cabinets with chic black granite will give a rustic, eclectic design, while cool black granite will curate a modern, industrial look. You can also go for textured black granite countertops to add a bold persona to honey oak cabinets and accentuate the visual depth of the space!

Check out the following granites for a beige countertop:

  • Absolute Black Leather Granite: Smooth, neutral black granite for a stylish look.
  • Magma Black Granite: Warm black granite to complement traditional kitchens.
  • Metallic Granite: A cool, charcoal gray granite for an industrial look.
  • Verde Sequoia Dark Granite: Black granite with neon-green veins for an ultramodern look.
  • Belvedere Granite: Black granite with golden flecks for a luxurious Baroque design.

3. Adaptable Gray Granite Countertops

Gray Handles

If you desire a sleek, refined, and ultramodern finish with your honey oak cabinets, then a gray granite countertop is your best bet. Gray granite countertops not only contrast the warm tones of honey oak wood but add a crisp finish that looks clean and decluttered.

In addition, dark-gray granite gives an imperial, English look with light oak cabinets, whereas light gray granite looks casual with dark cabinets. Though this granite color adapts gorgeously to several kitchen designs, it looks its best in a farmhouse kitchen with rustic backsplash paint and polished stainless steel appliances.

A list of the top granite stones for a gray countertop:

  • Silver Paradiso Granite: A light, textured granite for light honey oak or golden oak cabinets.
  • River Gold Granite: A gray granite with golden flecks for a traditional kitchen.
  • Mosaikus Granite: A patterned, quartz-like granite for more visual depth.

4. Earthy Beige-Colored Granite Countertops

Granite with Oak Cabinets

A beige color countertop exudes a natural, eccentric aura that seems the perfect fit for typical countryside kitchens. Apart from a homey and earthy feel, it warms up the space and curates a snug, Tuscan design. However, since a beige granite looks monochrome with a honey oak cabinet, you can choose a darker or lighter shade of granite for a layered look.

Generally, lighter beige granite countertops look balanced and eclectic with honey oak cabinets, whereas a darker, veined countertop looks regal and Georgian in style. Moreover, you can use a golden-beige granite countertop for a lavish, colonial look with your light oak cabinets and enhance it further with shiny brass hardware and brown backsplash paint.

Best granite stones for a beige countertop color:

  • Gold Antique Granite: Faint golden speckled granite for a soft cottage design.
  • Dunes Granite: A warm, irregular veined granite for a Tuscan design.
  • Astoria Granite: A reddish-beige granite for a monochrome look.
  • Sunset Gold Granite: Dark beige granite for a rustic French-country design.

5. Organic Brown Granite Countertops

Tan Handles

Brown granite is earthy, cozy, and informal. It blends seamlessly with the natural tones of honey oak cabinets and offers a regal, sophisticated finish to the entire space with a Scandinavian, mid-century modern, or farmhouse kitchen design.

Generally, deep chocolate brown granite looks easy on the eyes and design-friendly countryside kitchens, while dark espresso granite looks stately and Victorian in style. Likewise, a yellowish-brown granite gives the Mediterranean vibe, but a rich, coffee-brown granite curates a transitional look, especially with an SW Alabaster wall paint.

Here are the best granites for a brown countertop:

  • Crema Montana Granite: A muted, chocolate-brown granite with leathered texture.
  • Cabernet Brown Granite: A deep, espresso brown granite with a rough quartz pattern.
  • Copper Canyon Granite: A yellowish-brown granite with a warm, honed finish.
  • Imperial Coffee Granite: Dark coffee-brown granite with a smooth, speckled texture.

6. A Supple Ivory Granite

Veined Countertops

Add a rich, transitional feel by matching a rustic yet regal ivory granite against dark honey oak wood cabinets. Not only does ivory granite bring subtle contrast to honey oak wood, but it also adds a luxurious panache that shapes traditional kitchens.

Complement your light honey oak cabinets with a pink or purple-speckled granite countertop for a flexible mid-century modern design. But, if you have orange-stained honey oak cabinets that look very similar to maple cabinets, pick a gold-veined granite countertop for a shiny, new-classical look. Additionally, add white trim paint and hardware for more style.

Check out the best granite stones for an ivory countertop:

  • Magnificent White Granite: A pink and gray-grained granite with a crisp, solid texture.
  • White Antique Granite: A golden-flecked granite with a soft, marble texture.

7. Shimmering Golden Granite

Golden Granite

Shiny, radiant, and formal, the golden granite does look monochrome with honey oak cabinets but adds a glossy finish that looks high-end with a traditional kitchen design. Moreover, golden granite countertops add a charming, luxurious touch and elevate your kitchen effortlessly.

Pick granite with crisp white flecks or deep brown veins to add a lovely mansion-like feel against the orangish tones of honey oak cabinets. On the other hand, use a leathered golden granite to anchor your dark honey oak wood cabinets and kitchen island together. Lastly, add minimal lights and hardware to avoid an overpowering look.

A list of shiny types of granite for a golden touch:

  • Atlantis Granite: A whitish, golden granite with strong veins for a new-classical look.
  • Florence Gold Granite: A lustrous, speckled granite for a funky yet vintage kitchen.
  • Golden Bordeaux Granite: A grayish-golden granite for a rustic farmhouse style.

8. A Cohesive Yellow Granite Countertop Color

A yellow color granite looks seamless with the warm tones of honey oak cabinets but adds a sunny and shiny vibe that designs eclectic modern-day kitchens. A bright yellow granite looks soft, monochrome yet modern, and industrial with honey oak cabinets, whereas a deep yellow granite curates a Mediterranean kitchen design.

Alternatively, a mustard yellow granite looks earthy and curates a farmhouse look with rustic brown paint hardware. Also, don’t forget to enliven the space with bronze pendant lights and shiny stainless steel appliances.

Here are some of the yellow granite stones to choose from:

  • Juparana Yellow Granite: Mustard yellow granite with a soft veined pattern.
  • Atlantis C Granite: A deep yellow granite with crisp white flecks for a modern look.

9. Vibrant Red Granite Countertops

Red countertops add a bold personality and the much-needed charm to honey oak cabinets. This duo not only gives off a smooth eccentric vibe but helps you design colonial, modern, and transitional kitchens easily. The key here is to use bright red granite for a contemporary appeal with light honey wood and deep, maroon granite for a traditional ambiance.

Nevertheless, red granite adds a stark accent to honey oak cabinets, and you can further enhance this contrast with a subtle cream or beige backsplash paint color and polished stainless steel appliances. Additionally, add shiny chrome hardware for a layered look.

A list of granite stones for a flashy red color countertop:

  • Baltic Tan Granite: A speckled rust-red granite for a modern, eclectic look.
  • Red Flash Granite: A rustic, cranberry red granite for a lovely cottage ambiance.
  • Samba Red Granite: A marble-like maroon and vermillion red granite to curate traditional kitchens.

10. A Sublime Pink Granite Countertop Color

Wooden Cabinet

Add a fresh, playful yet regal vibe to your honey oak cabinets with supple pink granite countertops that provide a clean but appealing kitchen space. This trending granite color not only makes the kitchen feel spacious but adds a tone of luxury that matches well with both traditional and contemporary designs.

Pick a light pink granite with a few dark brown and copper veins for a lovely industrial look, or choose a heavily speckled, quartz-like granite for a contrasting art-deco kitchen. Moreover, play with the color of other kitchen elements like a tan or repose gray wall color, white cabinet hardware, and dark wood floor to complete a modern attire.

Here are the best granites for a pink countertop color:

  • Rosewood Granite: Light pink granite with tones of brown and a speckled finish.
  • Giallo Nathalia Granite: A heavily textured pink-gray granite that resembles a quartz countertop and curates a transitional kitchen.

11. A Serene Green Granite

Green Granite

Revamp your honey oak cabinets and break their monotony with a striking pop of green granite and introduce a fresh, natural, and contemporary look in your kitchen. Pick yellowish-green granite countertops for a grand European feel and rustic sage green granite countertops for a muted industrial kitchen.

Alternatively, a dark emerald green granite offers a lovely Georgian look with honey oak cabinets, or use a brownish olive green granite for a splash of countryside feel. Additionally, furnish it with brushed silver light fixtures, faucets, and stainless steel appliances.

Check out the best green granites for your countertop:

  • San Francisco Green Granite: A dark emerald green granite with a marble finish.
  • Vitoria Granite: An olive-green granite with slight flecks of gold for a luxurious look.
  • Santa Rita Granite: A yellowish-green speckled granite for a villa-type kitchen.

12. Tranquil Blue Granite Countertops

Blue granite might seem a dynamic choice with honey oak cabinets, but it adds a stylish, playful, and regal ambiance and a bold personality to the design. Blue granite adds a subtle color blast to honey oak cabinets, and bright, cerulean blue granites are known to give a lovely cottage and farmhouse design style with honey oak wood.

Moreover, charcoal blue granites look transitional with the orangish honey oak wood, while a darker navy blue granite curates a colonial, Baroque style look. Alternatively, turquoise granite countertops look friendly and casual with a nautical kitchen design. Additionally, white backsplash paint and silver hardware will elevate the beachy vibe of your kitchen.

Check out the best blue granites for your countertop:

  • Labrador Bianca Granite: A light, pastel blue granite for a crisp industrial look
  • Arctic Blue Granite: A dark, leathered navy granite for a luxurious Baroque kitchen
  • Turquoise Granite: A turquoise granite for a playful, nautical look

Can You Change The Color Of The Granite?

You cannot entirely change the color of granite, but you can make it one shade lighter or darker by rubbing it with baby oil and rags. Similarly, you can add a tint of another color by using liquid stone color enhancers.

Which Granite Colors Are The Cheapest To Use?

Black, beige, and brown granite are the cheapest granite colors for the countertops and cost about 40-70$ per square foot. On the other hand, a golden granite is the most expensive one and costs about 75-85$ per square foot.

Can You Stain Your Honey Oak Cabinetry?

Yes, honey oak cabinets are incredibly flexible and can be stained using a variety of stains, paints, and finishes to adapt to various kitchen cabinet designs and improve their durability.

Honey oak cabinets look earthy and neutral, no wonder they pair perfectly with various granite colors! The key here is to pick a granite color that matches or contrasts the stain of your honey oak cabinets!

In a nutshell, a honey oak wood cabinet gives the flexibility to design but looks more formal and dynamic with dark color granites and black stainless steel appliances. If you need more ideas for cabinet colors for black stainless steel appliances, we are here to help.