13 Chic Hardware Colors That Go Well With White Cabinets

White is a trendy, clean, and crisp kitchen cabinet color that stands the test of time, given its inherent flexibility and ability to adapt to various home decor styles. But, since white kitchen cabinets work well with a variety of hardware colors and materials, picking the best combination for your kitchen may be tricky! We are here to help you with that.

With years of designing experience, I’ve curated a list of 13 eye-catching colors for your cabinet hardware that add an extra charm to your chic white cabinets and spice up your decor! Whether you want a neutral Scandinavian look or need a dramatic pop of color, we have covered it all.

1. Extravagant Gold Cabinet Hardware – Cabinet Knobs, Pulls, And Handles

Gold Hardware

Golden hardware and white cabinets make a fashionable duo. This combination brings a pop of color to monotonous white shaker cabinets, while its crisp metal finish looks gorgeous on a traditional kitchen. The paint offers a powerful contrast to the white and designs a warm kitchen perfectly.

Golden bars and flat pulls look the best with white kitchen cabinets, but you can pair smaller, round knobs or drawer pulls to accent your kitchen island. Finally, pair golden cabinet hardware with wooden countertops and stainless steel appliances for a farmhouse kitchen.

Finishes to look forward to:

  • Orange gold: Looks bright and bold but can overwhelm white cabinetry easily. Hence, it is better to limit it to the kitchen island.
  • Rose gold: Looks balanced and can be used flawlessly for your lower cabinet.
  • Green gold: Looks neutral and designs a modern kitchen.

A list of materials to embrace a golden touch:

  • Polished Nickel and Brass Hardware
  • Carbon Steel Pulls finished with Golden Champagne Plating
  • Zinc Alloy Handles with Gold Copper Brushing
  • Copper Knobs with Brushed Brass Finish
  • Aluminum Handles with Gold Oxidation Finish (budget-friendly)

2. Regal Tan-Colored Knobs Pull And Handle

Tan Hardware

Tan-colored kitchen hardware is an appropriate choice if you have vintage, traditional, or industrial white kitchens. It looks cohesive with warmer whites, whereas it adds a subtle contrast to a cold white color. Moreover, tan strikes a gloss in bright light, while it appears black in dim light. Overall, it looks classy and luxurious with white cabinets.

Finishes to choose from:

  • Polished Bronze: Has more gloss, more of a neutral hue, and achieves a contemporary kitchen design with white.
  • Antique Brass: It is aged and weathered and is suitable for a transitional white kitchen.

Here are the best materials for tan cabinet handles and pulls:

  • Bronze Knobs and Pulls 
  • Brushed Brass Handles
  • Aluminum Handles with Brown Oxidation Finish (cost-effective)
  • Oxidized Zinc Alloy Handles

3. Impressive Black Cabinet Hardware – Handles, Pulls, And Knobs

Black Handles

Is there any better way to complement a white kitchen cabinet than black hardware? White and black have been a tried and tested combination for ages, and together, they will spruce up the glam quotient for your contemporary kitchen. Black kitchen cabinet hardware adds a powerful and sharp contrast to your shaker cabinets and looks sophisticated.

However, if you do not want the crisp accents of black hardware, you can go with similar charcoal grays that offer a more subtle transition. Finally, use a cream or beige backsplash to curate a perfect urbane-style kitchen.

Here are some of the materials for black hardware:

  • Stainless Steel or Brushed Nickel Handles finished with Black Dye
  • Black Curved Wire Pulls
  • Zinc Alloy handles with Black Oxide Finish

4. Polished Silver Handles, Pulls, And Knobs

Silver Hardware

Silver cabinet hardware looks modern and sophisticated and will give you an equally bright and appealing kitchen design. It serves as an anchor point for the kitchen cabinet and designs a Craftsman style with a neutral blue-gray backsplash and exposed hinges.

However, silver hardware offers a sober look, and hence use it for your upper cabinet rather than your kitchen island, which demands more attention.

Here are some trending silver finishes:

  • Polished Chrome: It is glossy and designs an ultra-modern kitchen with white cabinets.
  • Weathered silver: Glossy, but looks aged and rustic and works well for a transitional kitchen.

Here are some materials that complement a silver finish:

  • Stainless Steel and Polished Nickel Handles 
  • Zinc Alloy Handles with a Silver Finish
  • A Brushed Satin Nickel Cabinet Pull or Drawer Pull

5. Rustic Dark Brown Handles And Knobs

Marble Countertop

Brown and white go parallel with a Scandinavian theme and add more elegance to the kitchen cabinet style. Brown pairs well with warmer whites and lighter cream colors and looks natural and rustic.

Generally, brown looks the best with broader pulls and handles, but you can choose rounder knobs if you have minimal shaker cabinets. Dark brown cabinet hardware looks traditional, whereas lighter browns and a similar beige color appear more modern and industrial.

Here are the best browns for white cabinets:

  • Oil-rubbed Bronze Handles and Pulls
  • Brown-Colored Leather Pulls
  • Walnut Wood Knobs and Handles (Dark Brown)
  • Teak Wood Knobs and Pulls with a Walnut Finish
  • Ceramic Knobs Painted with a Brown Color
  • A Cast Iron Door Knob with a Rustic Brown Finish

6. Refined Pewter Kitchen Cabinet Hardware – Pulls, Knobs, And Handles

White Cabinet

Pewter is a mixture of browns and grays. It adapts well to traditional and modern themes and accents a white kitchen cabinet, inviting more attention to the space. A light pewter color looks modern and industrial with white cabinets, whereas dark pewter looks vintage. Thus, it is a safe choice if you are unsure about the design style.

Here are the best materials for pewter cabinet handles and pulls:

  • Zinc Alloy Handles with Pewter Paint
  • Alloy Steel with Pewter Polish
  • Brushed Nickel handles and Pulls
  • Ceramic Handles with Pewter Paint
  • Aluminum Handles and Pulls
  • Satin Nickel Silver Kitchen Cabinet Pulls

7. Cohesive White Kitchen Cabinet Knobs

White Cabinet Knobs

White cabinet hardware should be your first choice for a minimal and monochrome kitchen. It is a trendy, modern color that enlivens the kitchen space and makes it bright and appealing. All-white cabinetry will look gorgeous and industrial style with a granite countertop, whereas it will adapt to a Scandinavian look with wooden countertops.

Here are some of the materials that support a white finish:

  • Plastic Handle with a White Finish (budget-friendly, but not long-lasting)
  • White Ceramic Handles and Pulls (cost-effective)
  • Aluminum Handles and Knobs with a White Finish
  • Oakwood Knobs with a White Paint
  • White Porcelain Knobs
  • Zinc-Alloy Handles with White Finish

8. Vibrant Orange Knobs

Orange Hardware

Bright orange cabinet hardware will dramatize your monotonous white cabinets and invite playfulness to the kitchen design. Orange knobs contrast the simplicity of white shaker cabinets and design a modern, fusion-style kitchen that catches the limelight for your kitchen without overwhelming the look.

Here are some supporting materials for orange hardware:

  • Ceramic Knobs Painted with a Bright Pumpkin Orange
  • Orange Leather Drawer Pulls
  • Natural Agate Stone Knobs
  • Crystal Glass Cabinet Knobs with Orange Dye
  • Wooden Knobs painted with Orange Paint

9. Bright Cherry Red Cabinet Hardware And Knobs

Cherry Red Handles

Cherry red is the trendiest accent color for a modern white kitchen and makes it more flashy and chic. Its bold hues accent white powerfully, and together, the duo designs and eclectic style kitchen with a pop of color. Brighter cherry reds look cohesive yet informal, with warm whites, while a similar maroon color looks more sophisticated.

A list of the best materials for cherry red knobs:

  • A Cerami with a Bright Cherry Paint
  • Fused Glass Knob with Red dye
  • Painted Stainless Steel Handles
  • Painted Wooden Knobs and Handles

10. Buoyant Coral Knobs and Pulls

Coral knobs look seamless and spacious with white cabinetry and add a soft contrast with a neutral theme. They are light-hearted and natural and ooze a breezy countryside vibe that looks friendly and inviting. Finally, you can add a white or green marble countertop to complete the minimal and modern style statement in your kitchen.

Here are the best materials for pastel pink knobs:

  • Ceramic Knobs with a Coral Reef Paint Color by Sherwin Williams
  • Wooden Knobs Painted with Coral Pink Paint
  • Zinc Alloy Handles And Knobs with a Coral Marble Pattern
  • Rose Quartz Door Knobs For a Warm White Kitchen Cabinet

11. Peppy Turquoise Cabinet Hardware

White kitchen cabinets will look more dramatic and appealing with friendlier pops of turquoise hardware on the cabinet door. Turquoise, being a modern accent color, is sure to catch attention while being a timeless companion for white. It designs an airy nautical-style kitchen space and is a suitable choice to accent your kitchen island.

Here’s a list of the best materials for turquoise hardware:

  • Ceramic Knobs with a ‘Calypso’ Paint by Sherwin Williams
  • Crystal Glass Knob with Turquoise Dye
  • Wooden Knobs finished with Turquoise Paint or Resin

12. Dynamic Cerulean Blue Knobs And Pulls

Cerulean blue is another accent paint color to complement white cabinets. It highlights a pop of color in your kitchen and adds more depth and visual interest with a strong accent. Moreover, it is the perfect choice for an eclectic kitchen style and goes well with a dark granite countertop and stainless steel appliances.

Here are the best materials for royal blue knobs and handles:

  • Ceramic Knobs and Handles with a ‘Loyal Blue’ Paint by Sherwin Williams
  • Fused Glass Knob
  • Blue Crystal Drawer Handles
  • Stainless Steel Handles with a Royal Blue Finish

13. Organic Green Cabinet Hardware

A green color enlivens white cabinets and ensures a refreshing, natural vibe to the space. White cabinets pair well with all shades of green hardware – from bright green that looks flashy and dramatic to a muted sage green that looks serene and industrial. Thus, green modernizes white cabinets and is a trend-setter for these modern times.

However, it is best to pair brighter greens with smaller knobs as they might look overwhelming with larger, tubular handles. On the other hand, muted greens like sage green and olive green will look balanced with any hardware shape. Hence, pick wisely.

Here are some lively materials that offer a bright green finish:

  • Ceramic Knobs with a ‘Jolly Green’ Paint by Sherwin Williams
  • Fused Glass Knob or Cup Pull with Bright Green Dye
  • Sliced Stone Agate Knobs and Drawer Pulls
  • Metal Knobs Topped with a Green Marble Hardware Finish

Should You Match Your Cabinet Hardware With Your Cabinet Hinges?

There is no strict rule, but it is better to match the color if you have exposed hinges. It will guarantee a cohesive look and look sophisticated. You can go with slight changes in the shade like rose-gold hardware and green-gold hinges, but ensure that they have the same color and cabinet hardware finish.

What Hardware Shape Should You Use For Your White Kitchen Cabinetry?

Though the hardware shape largely depends on the ease of user’s handling and functionality, it’s recommended to use tubular handles and pulls with warm metallic colors, slender and long handles with cool silvers, and smaller knobs with accent colors.

White cabinets are a perfect option for a timeless kitchen! All you need is the right cabinet handles and knobs that complement them and your dream kitchen is all set! I hope this list helps you pick the perfect hardware color for your white cabinetry! Once you’ve decided, hop to our next article to find the best countertops for cream-white or white cabinets!