13 Colors to Paint a House with a Green Roof (With Images)

When it comes to roofing, we tend to pick darker shades. And vibrant colors like green aren’t very common for roofs. This is why decorating a house exterior, especially picking a paint color with a green roof, can be overwhelming. But not anymore!

If you’re confused about the color you should paint your house to complement a green roof, this article will list 13 amazing house color ideas! So, read on to learn about the best combination for your lovely green roofs!

The Most Suitable House Colors to Paint for Green Roofs

1. White Houses With Green Roofs

Crisp White House with Green Roof

The neutrality of a white house works beautifully with green roofs. The cool tones of whites give a crisp and elegant exterior when paired with cool green roofs. Though hard to maintain, the white exterior gives a fresh, clean, and contrasting touch.

If you want a crisp look, go for a pure white exterior with jade green roofs, and for a dusky look, sage or pistachio green roofs will give you a perfect Scandinavian-style house. And this works for a white brick house style too.

2. Yellow Houses With Green Roofs

Yellow House with Green Roofing

The cozy yellow exterior with green roofs is a truly flattering combination. The strong, beautiful tones of yellow give a calmer yet lively palette when paired with green roofs. And this creates a naturalistic and energizing visual balance.

For a chirpy and bright exterior, match bright yellow with your green roofs. But, if you want a toned-down and softer look, buttermilk yellow is a perfect choice. With this combination, a white trim will be a perfect tool to balance the two colors.

3. Beige Houses With Green Roofs

Green Roof on Light Beige House

Are you one of those that think beige is a dull color? You must think again! Beige adds subtleness and spotlight to green roofs, making them stand out. Moreover, beige shares warm undertones with green, elevating the design of green roofs incredibly.

Since beige is a neutral color, it goes perfectly with pale green shades like light sage or olive green, as well as rich green roofs. With this combination, a crisp white or dark trim would add a unique modern touch to the exterior.

4. Taupe Houses With Green Roofs

Taupe is a great neutral color with cream or brown undertones that will subtly match pale green roofs. Light taupe will give you a clear distinction between your house and green roof, and a darker taupe will make the effect intense yet aesthetically pleasing.

Besides being intense, the darker tones of the taupe tend to look dull. So, you can balance it out with a brighter color like white, making the house exterior interesting and softer. Additionally, this combo also matches with beige or cream-colored fences.

5. Tan Houses With Green Roofs

Tan Resident with Light Green House

Tan houses don’t interfere with the boldness of green roofs and give a warm exterior. This is because of their yellow undertone, which offers a great contrast with the green. Therefore, you end up with wonderful visually elevated green roofs.

This exterior color scheme will give you a pleasing muted look, great for a cottage-style home. An example of this combination is olive green roofs with deep tan exteriors. You can add more depth to your house with a white casing around windows and white trim.

6. Cream Houses With Green Roofs

Modern Cream House with Dark Green Roofs

When a cream exterior is paired with green roofs, they give a bright, warm, and elegant look to the exterior and bring out the analogous qualities of the combo. This makes cream the perfect choice for a color scheme that highlights your green roofs.

For a sober house exterior, you can pair light warm cream shades with earthy sage or olive green roofs. Cream would also work perfectly with dark greens like cadmium or forest green, giving a sophisticated look.

On the flip side, painting your house with cream and off-whites can make blemishes more noticeable. Nonetheless, a cream exterior with a green roof is still a fantastic combination.

7. Red Houses With Green Roofs

Muted Red House with Green Roof

Red houses are rather bold, and green roofs give them more character! When you see this color scheme on your house exteriors, you can visually feel the vibrance. Besides, the brown undertones create a warm look and accentuate the appeal of your green-roofed house.

While working with this scheme, avoid bright tones of either color unless you want it to look like it’s Christmas 24/7! Instead, use muted green roofs with light, muted, or red brick exteriors for a rustic exterior look. This will make your house look decent and less gaudy.

8. Brown Houses With Green Roofs

Green Metal Roof and Brown Exterior

Be the closest to nature with this scheme! Brown paired with green roofs is reminiscent of trees in lush green forests, and that’s why it’s the best choice if you want a naturalistic look. Besides making the green roof pop, the brown color gives a stunning farmhouse exterior.

In addition, brown exteriors with green roofs balance each other perfectly, especially light brown houses with pale green roofs. But if you want a dramatic look, go with a darker shade of brown with dark green roofs adorned with black fences and white trims.

9. Gray Houses With Green Roofs

Gray is great for its neutrality! It gives a modern and classy exterior that brings out the natural qualities of a green roof. And, if you want to add versatility and balance to this combo, use both light and dark Grays on your exterior. This will make your house look orderly!

When choosing colors for this combination, avoid matching dark green roofs with dark Gray houses and vice versa, as the same tones might wear out the look. Instead, harmonize your home by using a light green roof with a dark Gray house or the other way around.

Additionally, use white or light-colored trims to make your house exterior pop and give an overall fresh look.

10. Orange Brick Houses With Green Roofs

The orange and green combination screams traditional – especially with brick houses. The unique warm tones of orange contrast and elevate the green shingled roofs, making this pair rather unique to the eyes.

If you want a more balanced look for your orange brick exterior, use light orange paired with a nice dark green. Additionally, put Gray or white trims with black fences for finishing touches.

11. Green House With Green Roofs

Green on the green? You may be skeptical about using the same colors, but a monochromatic exterior looks lovely! So, go for green exteriors with green roofs if that’s what you desire.

Not to mention, green comes in various hues that contrast together and give a unique look. So, once you create that balance, this combination won’t look boring, and revamp your green roofed house exteriors.

For instance, use a cool dark green shade with light warm green colors, and vice versa. You can even go for a lighter or darker shade of the same color as your roofs. Finally, to add a finishing touch, use wooden, brown, or white trim to balance the all-green look!

12. Black Houses With Green Roofs

If you have a bold personality, the black and green combination will be an excellent choice for your house. When paired with green roofs, black gives a timeless cabin-style house exterior. Its dark hues highlight the green roofing and bring more vibrance and contrast.

However, pay attention to the shades of black while working with green roofs. Where light green and light black give a modern exterior, charcoal black with emerald green will result in a more dramatic and bold look that is perfect for white windows and fences.

13. Blue Houses With Green Roofs

Contrary to popular belief, blue is not just calming. It can also give homes a truly striking and unique look when paired with green roofs. For instance, periwinkle blue with pale green roofs is an unmatched pairing.

This combo is a statement-maker and can go either way, depending on your desire. Such as, dark blue exteriors with lighter sage green roofs combined with white trims work for a sleek and modern look. Or soft blue exterior with rich green roofs.

Moreover, a lush garden will only add to this combo’s visual appeal.

Tips to Choose Colors for Green Roof Houses

  • Consider the interior style and shape before painting the house exterior with green roofs. 
  • Choose smoother emulsions for exterior paints – the smoother the application, the better the finishing looks. 
  • Pick a lighter or darker shade to stand out from the green roofs, or boost the contrast with white or black trim. 
  • Sample paint and use testers to experiment with different colors to finalize the shade before application.
  • Tally the cost of paints so that you can buy the right quantity and don’t have any additional losses. 

What is a green roof, and how to pick a house color based on it?

A green roof can simply be a green-colored roof or an eco-friendly roof made of vegetation layered on the roof. The best way to pick a house color for a green roof is by matching the tones and shades to the best possible match.

How to pick a house color for a green-roofed house based on interior style and climate?

Green roofs come in many shades that suit different styles. If you have a modern home, go for a brighter, more dynamic color. For traditional homes, go for a classic color such as white or cream. Moreover, the climate you live in affects the paints – in a hotter climate, a light-colored house keeps it cooler, whereas a dark exterior is perfect for colder climates.

Is painting a house with a green roof a good idea?

Yes, it’s a good idea because it will add to the value of your house and increase its aesthetic and visual appeal significantly. Moreover, a durable paint job will seal moisture, regulate the interior temperature, and protect and maintain your house’s exterior and trim.

What type of paint should I use for my house?

The best type of paints for house exteriors is those with high resin content, good flexibility, and bonding qualities. And for smoother application, it really helps to know the surface you’re painting on.

Do I need a professional painter to paint my house?

While you can paint your house on your own with ease, a professional painting job will require a skilled painter, and certain finishes might require the skill to apply properly. So, it depends on your requirements.

Green roofs can be tricky to work with. But, once you have a list of all the best house colors in front of you, half of your work is done. You only need to choose a color based on the style you desire for your exterior, and you’re done!

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