15 Colors to Paint a House With Gray Roof in 2022 (Images)

So, you’ve picked a gray roof for your house! Excellent choice! But, since gray is neutral and works with nearly any color, picking the house color that compliments your Gray Roof can be confusing. But you need not worry.

This article will show you the 15 best house color options that match your gray roofs. So, read on to kick it up a notch and make your house look its best today!

Best Exterior Paint Colors for Houses With Gray Roofs

1. Blue Houses With Gray Roofs

Blue House with Gray Roofs

Blue houses look beautiful with gray roofs! This combination gives a subtle contrast and cohesiveness to your exteriors. And it is a seamless and versatile match, available in various shades. So go ahead, and select blue exteriors with gray roofs for a unique look.

Furthermore, when going for a modern style, a navy blue house exterior is a good option to pick. And for a traditional touch, white trims will give the best look with wooden framing on the windows.

2. Green Houses With Gray Roofs

Light Olive Green House with Gray Roof

If you’re going for a sober and earthy look, pick this combination! The neutrality of gray roofs gives green exteriors the right amount of vibrancy to shine, making your house stand out. Not to mention, the sophisticated vibe of this pairing is just so soothing.

Moreover, a muted green exterior with dark gray roofs is an ideal pairing. The way these two balance each other gives a truly refined look. And white, beige, or wooden fences will further complement this look for your home!

3. Orange Houses With Gray Roofs

Orange Brick House with Gray Roofs

When going for a bold look, orange exteriors are your best friend! With gray roofs, the comforting warm tones of orange bring out a true homely vibe. And since it’s a modern color scheme, it’s helpful for achieving a pure stucco-style house.

Moreover, this combination also designs a great colonial house exterior with black or white trims. And if you’re thinking about adding special finishing touches, go for beautiful muted yellow trims.

4. Taupe Houses With Gray Roofs

Taupe House with Gray Roof

Taupe is your color if you want a warm, monochromatic house with gray roofs. But since both gray and taupe are neutrals, pick their contrasting shades if you want them to work together.

For example, a dark taupe with light gray roofs is a contrasting match that balances the neutrality and brings about a functional and timeless look for your house.

Moreover, this match can give you a lovely traditional-style farmhouse with cool-colored trims, such as green or blue, for a beautiful finished look. Finally, add a touch of brown color to your exterior with nice lush green gardens to create a finer contrast.

5. White Houses With Gray Roofs

Pick white exteriors with gray roofs for a crisp and neat design exterior. The hues of white uniquely highlight gray roofs, making your house stand out and saving it from looking boxed. This color gives a polished and sophisticated American-style look to your house.

A good option for this match is an eggshell or daisy white with your gray roofs. And to finish off this look, add patterned or bright-colored trims of red or blue for that extra pop of color! This will leave you with a tranquil yet bold house exterior.

6. Gray Houses With Gray Roofs

Gray House with Gray Roofs

The perfect monochromatic look awaits you! Gray is a very versatile color, and its different shades save it from being boring. Pick different shades of gray to make this combo work its best for your roof and house exterior.

A good option for this match is a light, cloud-gray house exterior with pewter gray roofs. It is perfect for a seamless yet sophisticated house. And, adding white trims will help you accomplish a more aesthetic and interesting look.

7. Black Houses With Gray Roofs

Black House and Gray Roofs

This is one of the best combos for a bold, modern-style house exterior, especially if you have large glass windows. It will give your home a remarkable look, not for the faint-hearted!

But the key is that your black exteriors must contrast their gray roofs to balance the heaviness of both colors. This pairing works better when gray roofs are lighter in color than your black exteriors.

Finally, white trims will do the job of blending the two shades and adding more dimension.

8. Cream Houses With Gray Roofs

Cream House with Gray Roofs

For a soothing and sober look, pick the cream color! Cream color exteriors and gray roofs blend well and balance each other, creating a beautiful contemporary look. Moreover, your house will stand out with this classy color scheme if you have a lush green lawn.

One additional tip is to avoid overly dark gray roofs with cream houses, as it can make your house look too boxed in. So pick nothing darker than charcoal gray roofs.

And, for finishing touches, add white, wood, or burnt orange trims to your house exteriors for a sleek rustic look.

9. Beige Houses With Gray Roofs

Beige House Color for Gray Roof

Yes, beige is neutral. But it can perfectly highlight your gray roofs! The contrast these two shades create makes your house look tasteful and refined. Especially if you have a dark gray roof, a light beige stone exterior will give you a stunning colonial-style house.

Or, simply pick Benjamin Moore’s ‘Clay Beige’ for your house exteriors because they will easily match any shade of your gray roofs. Lastly, a pure white trim is perfect for giving your gray-roofed beige house a more elegant and polished look.

10. Ivory Houses With Gray Roofs

Ivory House for Gray Roof

Ivory houses with gray roofs make a great neutral combo. The yellow undertones of ivory are soft and highlight gray tops subtly. This color scheme is a perfect option for achieving a Craftsman-style exterior with gray roofs.

Additionally, add black or dark earthy color trims with this pair to achieve a simple modern style. This will give a cozier look and create a poised and refined house exterior. On the other hand, white trims with this color scheme will contribute to a traditional style house.

11. Light Yellow Houses With Gray Roofs

Yellow House with Dark Gray Roof

There’s no better color than yellow if you want a house exterior color that brightens up your house’s gray roofs. Yellow exteriors effortlessly illuminate the space and give a beautiful farmhouse look. So, pick yellow if all this sounds good to you.

Although yellow exteriors are a dynamic choice, they can also look sober. For this, go for a muted yellow shade like ‘Almond Biscotti’ – by Benjamin Moore for your house exterior. Finally, add wooden or white trims for a finishing touch.

12. Brown Houses With Gray Roofs

Brown House Color for Light Gray Roof

This earthy combination is perfect for a house in lush green surroundings. It will work best with warm tones. So, go with warm brown shades like caramel or even chocolate brown for your exterior with gray roofs. And this match is easy to maintain and customizable too.

But a brown house and gray roofs have a high chance of looking dull together because of their dark undertones. So use textures to spice it up! For instance, a stone texture will make your house’s exterior look more interesting.

Finally, finish this combination with light yellow, cream, or white trims to overcome the dullness.

13. Red Houses With Gray Roofs

The brightness of red house exteriors seems unconventional with gray roofs, but it’s such a beautiful and striking pair! The color red takes the boring out of plain old gray tops and brings energy to this match.

But what if you want a softer look? Pick a rich red like ‘Milano Red’ by Benjamin Moore with stone gray roofs. Other muted and cooler shades of red will also give you a delicate look.

Finally, finish your home decor with any earthy-toned trim for an overall balanced look.

14. Purple Houses With Gray Roofs

Purple and gray are complementary colors. When paired together, they give a classy and elegant look. The cool tones of purple exteriors match very well with gray roofs and give your house an overall soothing yet royal feel.

Moreover, Victorian-style homes work with this pairing because of the royal nature of purple. To achieve this look, pick Benjamin Moore’s ‘Purple’ for your exterior. And adding mustard color trims to your house will result in a modern-style exterior.

15. Lavender Houses With Gray Roofs

This is by far the most gentle match for a house exterior. Lavender houses with gray roofs are a great combo together because of the elegant and luxurious exteriors they give. This combo also makes a great contemporary-style house.

Use a softer hue of lavender with light gray roofs for the prettiest look with this match. On the contrary, a dark lavender can be used to add more character to your house and look just as amazing aesthetically. With an added white trim, your look is complete!

Tips to Choose House Exterior Color for Gray Roof Houses

Here are the TOP 7 tips for you to help you choose exterior house color for gray roofed houses:-

  • Select exterior paints that also go with the interior style of your house. 
  • For the best look, pick a paint color that is always complementary to gray roofs. 
  • If you want a sober look, go with neutral colors like cream, taupe, ivory, beige, and light gray with wooden trims. 
  • Pick bold colors like brown, red, dark gray, black, or yellow for a more dynamic and eye-catching exterior. 
  • Test the paint coatings before applying them to house exteriors because a paint sample looks different than the real application.
  • Seek professional help for the various types of finishes and their flawless application.
  • To see your house’s exterior painted before the actual application. Use the help of architectural software to see how your exteriors will look when painted.

What color trim goes with gray roof houses?

All neutral and light colors, such as white, beige, cream, taupe, etc., will look amazing with gray roof houses and help create aesthetically balance with your house exteriors.

Does oak wood go with gray roofs?

Yes, oak wood goes with gray roofs and gives a beautiful rustic look. The warmth of the wood highlights and balances the cool undertones of gray. Both are earthy tones, so they have a naturalistic element about them.

Which house color is popular with a gray roof?

Yellow, blue, and gray are house colors popular with gray roofs. These colors can design a traditional, modern, or monochromatic look according to their complementary shades from the scheme.

Does a dark gray roof make your house warmer?

Yes, since darker colors attract more heat, a dark gray roof can make your house warmer and is an excellent choice for the winter seasons. But it doesn’t have an overwhelming impact on the temperature of your house.

What color house exteriors match a gray roof?

Many house exterior colors match a gray roof, such as cool stone colors and neutral colors. Additionally, brick colors such as orange and yellow match great with gray roofs too.

Gray roofs can look bland on their own! But, with the right house color, they can look lively and so vibrant. All you need to do is, pick the right contrasting house exterior color that matches your gray roofs, and you’re all set!

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