13 Elite Kitchen Cabinet Colors to Go with Alabaster Walls (With Images)

Sherwin Williams Alabaster White is a rich, creamy white with a balanced, neutral tone that makes it a popular wall color. When used on kitchen walls, this color adds a snuggly, homey feel to this gathering spot. But choosing the perfect cabinet color with Alabaster walls can get confusing as the versatile paint works magically with various colors!

To make your decision easy, we have gathered a list of the 13 trendiest cabinet color ideas that will not only complement your Alabaster walls but will also curate a modern, cohesive design for your dream SW Alabaster kitchen!

Neutral Cabinet Colors To Look Seamless With Your SW Alabaster Walls

1. Parallel Greige Kitchen Cabinets

Brown Hardware

Greige cabinet paint gives a finished and refined, slightly monochrome scheme with SW Alabaster walls, making the kitchen space look minimal and eclectic. A cooler, blue-green greige contrasts the warm undertones of Alabaster but blends effortlessly for a modern, contemporary appeal.

On the other hand, a dark shade of greige, like Benjamin Moore’s mindful gray or Edgecomb gray, looks warm and Tuscan in style. However, this duo might give off a silvery, laid-back vibe, so it is better to finish it off with an enamel, matte finish and add a bright white trim to help it stand out.

You can also pair it with dark wooden floors, shiny stainless steel appliances, bright silver hardware, and a white backsplash for a chic, modern appeal.

2. An Adaptable Gray Cabinet Paint Color

Gray Cabinet

Neutral tones such as gray are incredibly versatile with Sherwin Williams Alabaster and can easily curate different design styles depending on your shade of gray. For example, a warm and dark shade of gray like ‘Chelsea Gray’ by Benjamin Moore looks eclectic with Alabaster.

In contrast, a neutral gray like ‘Classic Gray’ gives off an industrial feel. Generally, a warmer, taupe-like gray looks even more appealing with high-gloss finishes on steel, whereas dark, aged, and brownish grays like Valspar’s ‘Wet Pavement’ look rustic with matte finishes on wood.

They also give a deep, new-classical vibe with shiny golden hardware, a cream backsplash, and a warm white color trim like ‘Simply White.’ Or if you have wooden cabinets, you can choose brownish-gray laminates to add contrast and a smooth, textured look.

3. A Close-Knit White Paint Color


Chic white cabinets will subtly update your kitchen. They make the area look more spacious and luxurious, especially with contrasting color hardware. So, a neutral white cabinet paint like Benjamin Moore’s ‘Chantilly Lace’ will be a perfect pick, as it will blend effortlessly with SW Alabaster white, oozing a modern vibe.

High-gloss white enamel paints will look glossy and appealing with a steel cabinet, but if you have wooden cabinets, you can pick warmer shades of white like Sherwin Williams Dover White.

If you need a textured and easily maintainable surface, choose a veined white laminate. In fact, even similar Alabaster cabinets will look stunning with Alabaster walls, resulting in a modern, monochrome look in your kitchen.

4. Stately Black Kitchen Cabinets

Black Cabinets

Black may seem like a dominant cabinet color at first glance. But it works well for modern, retro, and minimal styles, especially with a warm wall color like Sherwin Williams Alabaster. Black cabinets design high-end, ultra-modern kitchens and bring a classy look with high contrast.

A cooler, high-gloss shade of black like Valspar’s ‘Corduroy Black’ will look sleek and refined with steel cabinets. Alternatively, you can go for a dark, textured laminate like ‘Arden Park Marble’ for a veined pattern that adds visual depth to the kitchen.

However, as black might make the kitchen feel cramped, ensure adequate light and bright, shiny hardware to balance the look. You can even explore accent color backsplashes and light honey oak floors to neutralize the melancholy of dark black.

5. Natural Brown Cabinets

Brown Kitchen Cabinet

Are you longing for an elegant, upgraded, and sophisticated feel with your Sherwin Williams Alabaster walls? Try brown kitchen cabinets and welcome warmth to your kitchen decor. Generally, brown designs a farmhouse aesthetic with Alabaster, but you can tweak it with wooden countertops and crisp cloud white backsplashes for a modern, Scandinavian look.

If you already have darker walnut or light oak cabinets, you can also use a brown stain to let the rich wood grains pop up. For steel cabinets, a rustic, light brown laminate like ‘Apricot Alona’ by Wilsonart will work the best!

Alternatively, you can use a chocolate brown for a crisp, smooth, industrial look. Finally, add a warm white trim to accentuate the browns further.

6. A Seamless Taupe Paint Color

Taupe Kitchen Cabinet

Taupe gives your cabinetry a plain and straightforward finish and adds a subtle color with a warm and appealing feeling. A darker taupe color contrasts Sherwin Williams Alabaster walls and adds a grand European feel, whereas light taupe cabinets will result in an eclectic design.

But since taupe is a light, natural shade, it looks seamless with light oak cabinets and designs a Scandinavian kitchen. Or, you can use a muted taupe laminate like Wilsonart’s ‘Ashbee Oak’ for a textured look with steel. Alternatively, you can create a Mediterranean vibe with a yellowish shade of taupe like ‘Tayler Taupe’ by Benjamin Moore.

Accent Colors To Revamp & Dramatize Your Alabaster White Walls

7. A Serene Mint Green Cabinet Color

Sage Green Kitchen Cabinets

Mint green is a natural hue that enlivens your SW Alabaster walls and adds a subtle pop of color. The paint breaks the monotony of the wall color and balances the overall look with a nature-inspired Rococo style.

Moreover, it offers a bright, country-side look with Sherwin Williams Alabaster paint and a bit of transitional aesthetic with a darker SW, ‘Dover White.’ But consider avoiding saturated mint green shades and use pastel or grayish shades or alternative sage green to avoid an overwhelming look.

You can further polish this look by adding a warm white trim, dark hardwood flooring, and rustic brown hardware to the cabinetry.

8. Vibrant Dark Green Cabinets

Dark Green Cabinets

Dark green is an ideal choice for rustic, country-side, and coastal kitchens with a bit of traditional design. It’s an exquisite and trendy color that designs high-end kitchens. Here, a dark leaf green paint-like ‘Hunter Green’ by Benjamin Moore will add a bold accent but look luxurious on your kitchen island, especially with shiny brass hardware.

On the other hand, dark and warm shades like olive green will go result in antique kitchen themes. You can go with enamel or latex paints for a uniform, shinier finish. Alternatively, you can use a bluish-green shade laminate like ‘Basil Honeycomb’ and pair it with weathered bronze hardware for a farmhouse-style look.

9. Sovereign Navy Cabinets

Golden Colored Handles

Navy cabinets give your Sherwin William Alabaster walls a stately, regal tone. Darker shades of navy are a staple for traditional and Baroque kitchens. Still, grayish shades of navy like ‘Hale Navy’ by Benjamin Moore look a bit transitional with SW Alabaster white.

On the other hand, a greenish-navy will look ultramodern but might seem planar without adequate settings. Generally, navy enamel cabinets will look luxurious and sophisticated with steel cabinets and bright brass hardware. If you have wooden cabinets, pick latex paints that offer a uniform finish!

10. A Shrewd Smoke Blue Cabinet Paint Color


Smoke blue cabinets are the key to an elegant and beautiful cottage-inspired look with Alabaster walls and are a great way to introduce subtle color blasts within your neutral kitchen. They make Alabaster walls more lively and bright and are a great choice for nautical, industrial, and eclectic kitchen styles.

Generally, brighter and faint shades of smoke blue sync with the neutral theme of an Alabaster kitchen, but darker shades of smoke blue like Valspar’s ‘Deep Twilight Blue’ will complement rich traditional themed homes. On the other hand, an alternative teal or seafoam blue will splurge the coastal vibes and look more playful.

However, the navy might look dull and uninteresting if you have inadequate natural light, and a closer denim blue or dark indigo blue will help counter the effect. Finally, use bright hardware and backsplash tiles for a balanced ambiance.

11. A Dazzling Red Cabinet Paint Color


One of the most striking cabinet colors that look gorgeous with Sherwin Williams Alabaster is a bright red. The powerful contrast between this duo creates a warm, dramatic pop of color that works for fusion, eclectic, and contemporary design styles. Moreover, it adds a colorful, Asian-style vibe to the space and looks bright and impulsive.

If you have metal or PVC cabinets, it’s best to use lacquered paints and a warm cloud white trim for a shiny, modern, and minimal look. And, if you have wooden cabinets, you can go with dark red or maroon paint or laminate for a sophisticated look. Besides, if you want a muted, farmhouse-style kitchen ambiance, go with a muted cranberry red.

12. A Lively Yellow Cabinet Color

Yellow Cabinets

Yellow cabinets bring a shiny, colorful, and dramatic vibe to the kitchen and enhance the visual depth with neutral colors like Sherwin Williams’ Alabaster. Thus, the cabinet color makes kitchens look spacious and warm and curates friendly Mediterranean kitchens with a subtle color blast.

Among all the shades of yellow paint, pastel-yellow latex paint will be an excellent choice for your steel cabinets and look bright and polished, while a deeper shade of yellow will look eclectic with your wooden cabinets. And, if you need a textured look that pops out from your Alabaster white walls, use designer or veined yellow laminates like Wilsonart’s ‘Maroochy Brooch.’

Alternatively, pick shiny golden laminates if you need a transitional look with your kitchen island, or go with a rustic yellow ochre shade for a toned-down farmhouse kitchen ambiance.

13. Eye-Catching Orange Cabinets

Orange Cabinets

If you long for a crisp, farmhouse house, the vibrant orange cabinet color is your best bet. Orange adds an earthy appeal to more unadorned Alabaster walls and gives a bright splash of color that makes your kitchen eye-catching. Sure, orange is a vibrant shade, but limit it to your kitchen island or use a burnt brick shade if you find it overwhelming.

Further, you can use saturated reddish oranges to design an eclectic space or go with pastel oranges for an industrial look. Moreover, if you have honey oak cabinets, stain them with orange enamel for a quick, inexpensive revamp. And, if you have metal or PVC cabinets, either use a high-gloss emulsion paint or pick a vermillion laminate for a modern look.

Should Your Kitchen Island Be Darker Or Lighter Than Your Walls?

While there is no rule, it is best to use lighter kitchen islands to contrast accent-color cabinetry in cramped kitchens. For a cohesive look, you can use different shades of warm white, like SW Pure White or Benjamin Moore’s White Dove.

Alternatively, if you have a spacious kitchen and use neutral color cabinetry, you can add darker brown, navy, or greige kitchen islands for balance.

What Trim Colors Should You Use With Sherwin Williams Alabaster Walls?

Warmer whites like Benjamin Moore White Dove or a shade of neutral white like SW Extra White are the most popular and flawless choices for the trim colors of kitchen cabinetry. However, you can pick beige or cream trims with warmer cabinet colors like red, orange, or yellow for a cohesive look. And, if you have blue or green cabinets, go for a light, blue-gray trim.

Is Painting The Kitchen Cabinets Expensive?

Of course, the total expense depends on several factors, like the size of your kitchen and the type of paint you choose, but it all fits within a rough cost of $3000 to $10,000.

Alabaster walls are versatile and neutral, so various cabinet colors complement them. Use this list to match the right cabinet color based on your design style to add more personality to your kitchen space!

However, many homeowners tend to pick back appliances to contrast their Alabaster walls. You do too? If yes, then you must check out these interesting cabinet colors that go with black stainless steel appliances!