What Color Rugs Go with a Burgundy Couch? (15 Chic Ideas)

If you have a burgundy couch in your living room, you don’t really need many premium decor items. The moody vibes of burgundy are enough to steal the limelight! But things can go wrong if this dark couch is not surrounded by the right elements, like the right rug!

That’s why you must watch which rug color you pair with your couch burgundy. Sounds challenging? Worry not! I’ll show you 15 trendy rug colors to place with your burgundy couch that you can never go wrong with!

15 Rug Colors That Complement a Burgundy Couch

1. Chic White Rug

White Striped Rug with Burgundy Couch

A classy white rug with tone your burgundy couch, adding a clean, industrial edge to the space. So, this combo works like magic in compact, loft, or private spaces. And believe me, the rug’s bright and neutral tone makes it worth all the cleaning!

Here, you can lay a striped white rug under your burgundy sofa if you want an airy look. Or go for trellis or white Persian rugs if you long for classical vibes.

2. Sober Cream Carpet

Vintage Cream Rug with Burgundy Sofa

If white gets too typical, try cream rugs for a soft, retro look. A soft, cream area rug will look bright and balanced, letting your burgundy couch take center stage!

Here, you can pick a solid cream shag rug for a crisp, classical feel. Otherwise, try a patterned or striped rug for an antique, federal look. And if you long for shimmer, sequined area rugs are best!

3. Matching Burgundy Rugs

Solid Burgundy Rug with a Burgundy Sofa

If your room already has many accents, pair a monochrome burgundy rug with your burgundy couch for a uniform, traditional look. You can also try trellis or abstract rugs for a light contrast and some depth!

But if you love moody, retro interiors, maroon rugs with golden or silver touches will work best! Oriental or Persian maroon rugs contrast with your burgundy couch, adding more character to the space.

4. Nature-Inspired Bamboo or Jute Rugs

Jute Rug for a Burgundy Couch

Sounds surprising, right? But bamboo or jute rugs are a sober, natural companion for your burgundy couch! This rug will tone down the couch’s vibrancy, adding an airy, Georgian look. You can also try braided or flat weave rugs for a rustic vibe.

And if you like modern themes, pick a cross-weaved bamboo rug with brown tassels. This will balance your look with a woody, farmhouse look.

Soak your jute rugs in white vinegar and vacuum them lightly to reduce the fading.

5. Light Beige Carpets

Distressed Beige Rug for a Burgundy Couch

If you want a warm, neutral carpet to lay next to your burgundy couch, a beige rug is the way to go! This carpet will bring a soft contrast and a natural, Bohemian look. You can also use heavy geometric and floral prints with this one!

But if you want a retro look, pick Persian beige rugs! Another option is to use faux seagrass rugs for a one-of-a-kind look.

6. Sober Gray Rugs

Light Gray Patterned Rug under a Burgundy Sofa

If you want a clean, metallic feel, try a gray rug with a burgundy couch. Its crisp, modern look draws attention and will highlight your burgundy couch better. Besides, you can use different shades of gray to tweak your look!

For instance, patterned light gray rugs will work best for a minimal Art Moderne or Baroque design, but dark gray medallion or trellis rugs will curate retro decor.

Use over-dyed or braided gray rugs to uplift the contrast with burgundy. Also, pick larger area rugs for balance.

7. Dark Brown Carpets

Vintage Brown Rug with a Burgundy Sofa

We all know brown for its organic, woody vibes, but it’s so much more than that! For casual decor, try Chocolate or Walnut brown ikat rugs with your elegant burgundy couch.

But if you like it formal, go with a striped Espresso or copper-toned rug. A floral or trellis rug with a touch of gold is another marvelous option if you want it retro.

8. Dreamy Pink Rugs

Dusty Pink Rug with Burgundy Sofa

Pink and burgundy coordinate like none other! So, be ready for some chic, feminine, and dreamy Art Nouveau vibes with a pink rug.

Choose geometric or abstract blush rugs for a seamless look with burgundy. But if you have a wooden burgundy sofa, you can go with dark, baby-pink rugs. Use these with some 90s floral or watercolor prints for a Hollywood look!

Avoid pairing burgundy sofas with hot pink rugs, as they might look bold and dominating.

9. Bright Yellow Rugs

Bright Yellow Patterned Carpet with Burgundy Sofa

Do you want sunny, cheerful living room decor? Place a bright yellow rug with your burgundy couch! A yellow rug is sure to create a sharp, high-contrast visual with burgundy. So use them, along with some abstract and fluid patterns, for a modern twist!

Moreover, you can try mustard Chevron or Plaid rugs for a transitional look. But if you long for a rustic farmhouse room, cottage-style ochre rugs will work magically with burgundy sofas.

10. Lavish Golden Rugs

Golden Metallic Rug with Burgundy Sofa

Add a glamorous, metallic look by pairing gold and burgundy! Golden rugs, especially abstract ones, add shine and a retro look to the space. But you can try solid or textured ones for a royal, Victorian look.

However, golden rugs might look too jazzy in a poorly lit space. So, use bright yellow-gold finishes and balance the lighting correctly!

11. Refreshing Teal Rugs

Teal Rug for Burgundy Couch

Looking forward to having funky, teenager-style spaces? Get a teal rug and add refreshing, welcoming vibes to your burgundy couch. But how to pick the right shade? I’ll tell you a quick knack!

Get a light teal or seafoam rug with beige patterns and knots for a coastal look. This will make your space casual and airy! But if you want to maintain the moody vibes of your burgundy sofa, a dark teal carpet is the way to go!

12. Majestic Blue Rugs

Pale Blue Carpet for Burgundy Sofa

A blue area rug is the perfect tool to balance the formal vibes of burgundy sofas. Being a playful color, a blue carpet will add a zingy, fusion-style look to burgundy. But you can even try pale-blue trellis or Moroccan rugs for a calming feel.

If you’re a vintage fan, go with a dark navy medallion rug for depth and intensity. Nothing works? Place an azure or light blue shag rug for a homey decor!

13. Urbane Black Rugs

Textured Black Rug with Burgundy Sofa

Nothing beats the depth and moodiness of black! You just have to use it with modern abstract shapes, and there!

Black rugs will create an intense, Dark Glamour look for you! You can also try vintage floral or animal motifs with black! Layer them with gold, and you’ll have a rich, Victorian look in no time!

But if you want a minimal, casual interior design, a charcoal black rug is best! It will draw more attention to your burgundy couch and balance it rightly!

14. Dark Green Rugs

Green Rug with Burgundy Sofa

Moody, contrasting spaces are certainly the talk of the town! And a dark green rug would achieve that instantly! It will look highly formal and traditional with your lavish burgundy couch.

You can use this combo to anchor large living spaces and hallways together. But, if you have small, compact rooms, light them up with a pale or sage green rug with a modern Chevron or Oriental design. It’ll highlight your sofa, adding a friendlier, Boho look. are perfect for this color!

Use dark green rugs with a velvet or polyester fabric for more depth. Similarly, add golden borders for a retro touch.

15. Multicolored Rugs

Multicolored Rug for Burgundy Couch

If you can’t decide between 2-3 rug colors, mix them, and get a multicolored texture! But try to use it with braided or matte fabrics to strike the right balance. And if you are in a kid’s room, use rainbow rugs for a jovial, friendly feel with burgundy sofas!

How Do You Tone Down a Burgundy Couch?

You can tone down a burgundy couch using light rugs like white, cream, gray, beige, and pink. You can also try golden or shimmery rugs for more brightness.

What Rugs Go with a Burgundy Leather Sofa?

Use matte, neutral white, cream, and beige rugs with burgundy leather couches. You can also use braided or hand-woven jute and bamboo rugs for sober decor.

Burgundy sofas are dark, vibrant, and moody! So, they need the right rug colors to balance them properly. As we saw above, burgundy sofas go well with warm, cool, accent color rugs. Just use the proper fabric and prints, and you’re done!

Clearly, neutral rug colors like brown work wonders with a burgundy sofa. But does a burgundy rug give the same charm to a brown couch? Jump onto the list of 16 rug colors for a brown couch to find out!