16 Best Rug Colors to Go with a Red Couch (With Images)

We all know that rugs tie the decor and save your sofas from looking distinct. That’s why you must be particular about the color of the rug you choose. But what if the couch is as bold as red? Will it still go with the typical rugs from the market?

Well, a red couch looks vibrant. So, you must have a sharp eye while designing your room with it. But even if you don’t, you needn’t worry! Today, I’ll tell you 16 rug colors that will look elegant with a red couch!

2 Expert Tips to Pick the Right Rug for a Red Couch

Check the Sofa’s Finish

Check whether your sofa is flat, glossy, or woolen. If you use shiny rugs with a matte red couch, it might look off. So, match the carpets and the sofa finishes carefully.

Add Patterns & Rug Textures

You don’t always have to use solid-colored rugs with a red couch. Instead, use patterned rugs to uplift the character and depth of your room. You can also introduce textured woolen rugs for a low-key contrast.

16 Rug Colors to Complement a Red Couch

1. White or Ivory Rug

White Striped Rugs with a Red Couch

White and red have been a tried-and-tested combination for ages. A white cottage rug is sure to add brightness to your decor. But since it’s a light color, I advise using it in low-traffic areas like bedrooms. This will tie the look and save the rug from stains!

But if white looks too stark, Ivory rugs with stripes and prints are the next tap. They will highlight the red sofa, curating a modern, eclectic look. You can also use a natural silk blend rug for texture.

Coat the white rug with ‘Stopp Filt’ or ‘anti-stain’ spray to save it from yellowing.

2. Cream or Beige Rug

Cream colored Rugs against a Red Couch

Want a sober but composed look with your red couch? Try cream or beige rugs with white borders! This neutral carpet will curate a lovely farmhouse look.

For a crisp and clean decor, pick a solid-colored rug. But if your red couch has wood accents, pick Trellis or Chevron rugs! A light beige rug with wavy tassels and checks is another trendy option.

3. Gray Carpets

Gray Carpets with a Red Couch

Gray rugs are your go-to option if you love modern, industrial homes. They’ll tone down the vibrancy of your red sofa and ooze an eclectic aura. And you’ll get a cool, neutral, and distressed ambiance.

Choose a light gray rug with white borders for a sleek, balanced look with your red couch. And pick a dark gray trellis or plaid carpet for a moody, Hollywood regency look. Steel tables and consoles would also look perfect.

4. Greige & Taupe

Greige Rug with a Bright Red Sofa

Warm and neutral greige rugs will balance your red sofas like none other! And you’ll get a sober, shabby-chic look! The trick here is to use an aged greige rug with white designs for a retro, classical tone.

But if you want to create crisp, modern decor, use solid taupe rugs. They will neutralize and contrast your red sofas and other accents, too.

Add greige rugs with fancier red sectional or red lounge sofas to highlight them better.

5. Black Rugs

Black Carpet Under a Red Sofa

Quite surprising, isn’t it? But black rugs are the key to a one-of-a-kind, moody look with red sofas. Unlike others, black rugs with simple red sofas will look more formal and dominant.

Here, pick solid black rugs with a soft under foot for a Dark glamour look with red. But a charcoal rug with gold prints is perfect if you need a maximal look.

6. Brown & Its Shades

Brown Persian Carpet with a Red Couch

If you love earthy, Tuscan homes, then brown rugs are a must-buy! Brown rugs look monotone with red sofas and curate an organic look!

Or, choose a brown Persian or Medallion rug for a classical touch. But, if you have a modern taste, pick light brown coastal rugs! Another option is to use natural jute or bamboo rugs for a distressed look. This will add more texture to the red sofa and uplift the visual depth.

7. Yellow Area Rugs

Bright Yellow Trellis Rug with a Red Sofa

Bold and bright yellow area rugs add a warm pop against your dark red sofas. After all, the sunny color will brighten the decor with an industrial touch. A bright yellow high-low or trellis rug is perfect for bringing more character and moodiness.

But a distressed ochre rug is the best if you crave a farmhouse look. You can also use yellow cheetah print rugs for a casual look! They will add more depth to solid red sofas and balance them out!

8. Orange Rugs

Orange Patterned Rug with a Red Sofa

If yellow looks too bright, pair an earthy orange rug with red sofas. It would look more composed and curate a vibrant, calm aura. Choose a solid-colored orange or rust rug for a country-side look to the space. If your red sofa has some wood accents, you can use a wood-grain rug as well!

9. Red Rugs

Red Persian rugs with a Red Couch

With a red-on-red look, you can instantly curate a flashy, eye-catching space! Red rugs will draw attention to your living with a touch of monochrome design. And you can also curate a glam look with shiny, over-dyed red rugs.

But if you want texture, red Persian or medallion rugs are the best choice! They will add a low-key contrast to your red couch and give a layered look.

Avoid using the same red for your carpets and sofas for more visual depth.

10. Green & Its Shades

Dark Green Rugs under a Red Sofa

If you have a light red couch, you can achieve a natural look with green carpets. But that’s not all! Dark green rugs will add a royal touch, and bright green carpets will result in mid-century decor.

An olive shag rug is another option for calm farmhouse decor. But if you plan to go modern, then a pale green Oriental rug would be the best!

11. Lime Carpets

Bright Lime Rug with a Red Sofa

Lime itself is a funky, pop-culture color. So, when you use it with dark red sofas, you will get a bright look with a Hollywood glam design.

Here, pick a lime novelty rug for more pop and a modern outlook to your space. But you can also use muted lime rugs with black stripes or trellis for an Art-Deco look.

Limit lime to smaller table rugs to avoid an overwhelming look.

12. Teal & Turquoise

Turquoise Solid Colored Rug with Red Couch

If you are a funky beach person, there’s no better option than a teal rug! Both solid and patterned teal rugs will starkly contrast red and give refreshing, nautical vibes.

A turquoise Ikat rug is also perfect if your room has light walls and ceilings. It’ll go well with a red couch and design small conversational zones in the area.

13. Pink Carpets

Pink patterned rugs with a Red Couch

Another color for a casual look with red! Pink carpets add depth to the red furniture, curating an Art Deco look. Plus, you get a lovely monochrome and feminine feel with this pair. You can use a pink rug with gold borders and a trellis to amp up the luxury.

But if pink looks light, you can use coral or peach carpets. They will balance your red sofa and save it from looking too flashy. Oriental or geometric designs are perfect for this!

14. Purple & Its Shades

Purple rug with Red Couch

Try a purple or lilac rug for a moody, glam interior with bright red sofas. Purple usually goes well with shiny fabrics, but even a flat purple rug with gold prints will look elegant. Be it solid-colored or textured, purple is sure to add a regal, Georgian look.

But if you’re choosing the rug for a high-traffic room, go with a plum rug. It will add a modern, distressed look. For visual interest and depth, you can also choose patterned rugs with white or beige borders.

15. Maroon or Burgundy

Burgundy Carpet with Red Sofa

Pick a dark maroon rug for a monochrome look with a red couch. Its rich, dark tones will subtly contrast the couch and add a rusty feel. A maroon rug with golden patterns will be perfect for a luxurious feel.

Or, if you are a fan of the Hollywood Regency style, pick a dark burgundy rug! It looks sober and designs a glamorous look with red.

16. Blue & Navy Rug

Blue Lattice Rug with Red Couch

If your room has bright red sofas, you can design a casual look with blue rugs. Here, solid-colored blue rugs will help to design a playful, nautical space.

But if your living room gets too much traffic, you can use dark navy rugs with a trellis or Oriental print for a Georgian look. Or, pick a classic combo of gold and blue for a regal, Victorian rug inside.

Pair blue rugs with white stripes or a light yellow medallion for a Bohemian look in your space.

3 Handy Tips to Design With Red Sofas

  • Use faded or washed rugs for an aged, shabby, chic look with bright red sofas.
  • Buy dark-colored or patterned rugs for better durability in high-traffic areas.
  • If your patterned rug has some golden motifs, use similar throw pillows on your red couch. This way, you’ll anchor your look.

How Do You Downplay a Red Couch?

You can use neutral color rugs like white and cream to tone down your red sofas. Similarly, yellow or orange patterned rugs will also look balanced.

What Contrasting Rug Goes with a Red Couch?

You can use black, gray, or navy sofas to contrast a red couch and lower its vibrance. Cool-colored blue, green, or teal sofas would also be perfect for a peppy look with red.

What Color Rug Goes with a Red Leather Couch?

Red leather couches look best with dark gray, black, or maroon rugs. You can also pick organic brown or rust rugs for a monotonous look with red leather.

Red couches are lovely, flashy elements in any decor. But as you can see, you can add various neutral and accent rugs to tie the look together. All you need to do is pick a rug fabric, choose a decor style, and refer to the guide to check for the colors and shades.

You can also add white or beige borders to transition the look. Beige can easily tone down red. But will a red accent wall offer the same ambiance with beige decor? Find out in my next article on accent wall colors with beige!