16 Trendiest Rug Colors to Use On Dark Wood Floors In 2024

Dark wood floors are one of the most popular choices among young homeowners. Sober and rustic, dark floors are perfect for spicing up any traditional room. But wood tones might give off the notion of an open plan if you don’t tie it well.

If you want to anchor your look, an elegant rug will help! Not only will they create small informal zones, but they’ll also save the decor from looking flat. So, I will show you 16 rug colors that will enliven your dark wood floors!

16 Rug Colors to Go with Dark Wood Floors

1. White and Off-white Rugs

White Patterned Rug with Dark Wood Floors

Want a bright and composed look with your dark wood floors? Go for carpets; you’ll wow at their crisp, clean contrast! White rugs also expand the space visually and make it bright and airy. A warm, classical touch is another advantage.

But yes, white rugs stain easily! If you can’t bear the maintenance, pick off-white rugs for public areas like halls and corridors. For a traditional look, use a striped or Oriental rug or a funky zebra print rug for a casual ambiance.

2. Cream or Beige Carpets

Beige Rugs with Dark Wood Floors

Cream or Beige rugs blend well with dark wood floors, giving a perfectly rustic, shabby-chic decor! The trick here is to use a cream rug with yellow motifs and trellis for a warm, classical look.

But if you want an earthy, Tuscan look, use a beige shag rug. It will tone down your wood floors and blend well with the other wood accents in the room.

Add wood or rattan furniture with beige rugs and floors for a cohesive look.

3. Brown Carpets

Light Brown Patterned Rug with Dark Wood

Brown carpets are your savior if you love organic, country-style homes. They blend well with wood floors and design monochromatic Tuscan or mountain-cabin decor in no time!

Choose a light-brown rug with copper borders for a modern look with dark wood floors. For a sober, Victorian feel, pick a dark brown or Walnut rug. Yellow or cream tassels and prints would also work well.

4. Greige or Taupe Rug

Greige Colored Rug against a Dark Floor

Want a contrasting but monochrome look with your dark gray wood floors? Try greige or taupe rugs with dark gray borders! These rugs will modernize your wood floors and add a crisp industrial feel.

Pick a checkered or solid greige rug for more depth and a layered look with wood. But if your wood floor has some warm accents, you can also use a patterned taupe rug!

5. Gray Area Rugs

Gray Fur Rug on a Dark Wood Floor

If you want to create modern, neutral decor, choose gray or silver rugs with dark wood floors. The color will add a modern flair and curate a sober, distressed look.

You can pick a dark gray Persian rug for a formal Georgian look. But, if modern is your style, go with light gray Oriental rugs for a welcoming feel. Another trendy option is to use gray bamboo carpets for a textured look.

6. Black Carpets

Black Faded Rug against a Dark Wood Floor

A dark-on-dark look instantly adds a formal vibe to your space. Black rugs will steal more attention for your floors with a touch of Dark Glamour design.

To add more visual interest, you can pick these rugs with textured or lacquered wood floors. Or, use sequined rugs for a retro feel!

But if you want a friendly feel, a charcoal Plaid rug is best! This will add a low-key contrast to your wood floor and save it from looking dominant.

Pair your black rugs with shiny golden accents for more sheen and contrast.

7. Yellow & Its Shades

Yellow Watercolor Rug with Dark Wood Floor

If you have dark brown wood floors, you can curate a contrasting sunny look with yellow carpets. But that’s not all!

Light yellow rugs can give an industrial feel, while a deep yellow, ochre southwestern rug can give a Mediterranean or farmhouse look. Finally, a bright yellow watercolor rug would be the best if you want more pop!

8. Orange or Rust Carpets

Orange Striped Rug with Dark Wood Floors

Another color for a warm look with dark wood floors! Orange rugs blend well with the natural tones of wood, curating a rustic, french look. This combination will surely add a boho-chic feel to your space.

You can also use shiny striped patterns and prints to amp up the shine! But if orange looks too striking, use rust rugs. They’ll tone down your wood floors with a monochromatic metallic feel. Geometric or checkered designs work well with this color!

9. Red Rugs

Rose Red Rugs with Wood Brown Floors

Try a red rug for a glam, moody decor with dark wood floors! Red usually goes well with textured polyester and velvet fabrics. But you can also use a solid shag rug for a softer underfoot. Other than that, rose-red rugs are a wise pick for casual decor!

You can also use a crimson Persian rug with gold borders for a royal, Victorian look. And if you want more contrast, pick a red rug with yellow borders and tassels.

10. Green Rugs

Dark Green Rug With a Beige Border

If you love calm, low-contrast homes, green rugs are a must-buy! Green rugs coordinate well with wood and curate a nature-inspired look, adding more depth to the space.

Here, you can pick dark green Trellis or Ikat rugs for a Victorian touch or light green or mint rugs for a Rococo feel. Another option is to use an artificial turf area rug for a grass-like look.

11. Lime or Chartreuse Rug

Lime Rug with Dark Wood Floors

If you are a pop-culture person, there is no better option than a bright lime rug. Shiny rayon or textured lime rugs will add a dramatic pop to the wood floors and give eclectic vibes.

A Chartreuse Oriental rug is another trendy option if you have light-colored furniture and curtains. It would tone down the starkness of wood floors and draw more attention to the floor.

12. Rugs in Blue Shades

Light Blue Trellis rugs against Dark Wood Floors

Try a bright blue coastal rug for a playful, tranquil interior with wood floors. It will tone down the dark wood floors with a touch of nautical design. You can even use rippled fabric or beige border rugs to uplift the coastal vibes!

But if blue looks too casual, try light blue or azure rugs. They will contrast the floors subtly and look more composed. High-low or cottage rugs are perfect for this combo.

13. Teal or Turquoise Area Rug

Turquoise rug with Dark wood Floors

Pick a teal rug for a classy, jewel-toned look with dark wood floors. Its bright hues will add a pop to simple wood floors with a refreshing touch. What’s more? You can also use trellis or watercolor rugs for more coastal vibes.

Or, if you have an Art-Nouveau taste, pick a dark turquoise rug! It looks sober with dark wood and adds a luxurious feel.

14. Multicolored Carpets

Multicolored Rug with Wood Floors

Multicolored carpets are bright and textured themselves. So, they are sure to add more depth, vibrancy, and glam look with dark wood floors. You can also introduce some tassels and borders for a homely Bohemian vibe.

Here, pick a printed or patterned multicolor rug for more pop and minimal look with the space. But if you want some depth, you can also use threaded or woven finishes.

Do not randomly mix warm and cool hues in any multicolored rug. Instead, pick a color scheme and match the shades accordingly.

15. Pink or Magenta Rugs

Magenta Rugs with Hardwood Floors

If your room has dark brown wood floors, you can design a soft, feminine look with pink rugs. Here, solid-colored blush or Coral rugs will help you curate an Art-Deco look. But you can also use peach ikat rugs for a lovely cottage feel.

If your room has too much traffic, a dark Magenta rug will be a wise pick. As for the patterns, a textured velvet or plaid rug would be the best for this color.

16. Lavender & Lilac Rugs

Lavender Rug with Dark Wood Floors

If pink looks too warm, try a lovely lavender or lilac rug with dark wood floors. It would look more balanced, and add fairy-tale vibes to your space.

You can use it for less common or low-traffic areas like children’s and guest rooms as well. Pick a plum rug for a seamless look if your dark wood floor has some gray tones.

2 Interior Tips to Pick a Rug with Dark Wood Floors

Check the Dark Wood’s Accents

Check whether your darkwood floors have pink, purple, or warm accents. If you use cool-colored rugs with warm floors, they might look weird. So, match the hues correctly!

Use Some Rug Patterns & Finishes

Try to limit bright, solid-colored rugs with dark wood floors. Instead, use patterned or textured carpets for a blended feel. This will balance the depth and save the decor from looking stark.

What Kind of Rugs Go with Dark Wood Floors?

Dark wood floors usually look the best with light print or textured rugs like Plaid, Oriental, or Cottage-style rugs. But you can also use a solid-colored or shag rug if you plan to use bright colors like teal, white and yellow.

How Do You Brighten a Room with Dark Wood Floors?

You can use bright white, teal, lime, or cream rugs to brighten a room with dark wood floors. You can further add some gold borders and prints to amp up the shine.

A dark wood floor looks elegant on its own. All it needs is a complementary rug to brighten and anchor it properly. Use this list to find a rug that fits best in your decor. Need more inspiring ideas to decorate a room with dark floors? Check out our list of 16 furniture colors for dark wood floors now!