13+ Furniture Colors to Go with Sage Green Walls (2022)

Does your home have pretty sage green walls? Then you’re one step closer to designing a trendy decor! Well, sage green is the color of the year in 2022. So it’s clearly on every homeowner’s bucket list! And why wouldn’t it? This color can do wonders for an interior.

But do you know what can set the mood of your sage walls and make them stand out? The right furniture color, of course! So today, I’ll list the top furniture colors to uplift your sage green decor game!

Key Takeaways

  • Sage green walls look the best with muted pastel furniture colors like white, beige, and yellow. But pop colors like pink and crimson will spice up the sage green walls.
  • Natural furniture colors like pastel pink and burnt orange add a Rococo feel with organic sage green walls.
  • Dark accent colors like navy and emerald green will add a rich, retro look to your sage green walls. Pair them with light gold accents and legs for more impact!
  • Sage green walls are light and neutral. So, they’ll always need some white or beige tones in their decor.

But despite this, you can create any decor – casual or pop-like, with sage. Jump to the article below, and I’ll tell you how to do it rightly!

Trendy Furniture Colors to Match with Sage Green Walls

Dark, matte furniture colors are the best, with a neutral color like sage green. But can you use the not-so-common accent colors as well? Let’s find out!

1. Black Furniture

Black and sage green coordinate like none other! Where black furniture looks formal, sage green walls balance it rightly! So, isn’t it a win-win situation for crisp, high-contrast decor?

As a designer, I’ll also recommend using speckled black fabric with sage green. This will add a lovely gold accent to your furniture. Rugged granite, glass, or Italian marble tables are also a wise choice here!

Add light neutral color – white or cream upholstery with black furniture for a layered look.

2. White Furniture

White Furniture

What’s better than a unique blend of two light neutral colors? Sage green and white look absolutely lovely together. They reflect sunlight in the space, making it bright, soft, and spacious.

The trick here is to use flat finishes with white furniture and an eggshell one with sage walls. This way, your room will look more elegant and modern. You can also add other lighter beige or pale yellow throw pillows for warmth.

3. Brown Furniture

Want a nature-inspired look? Go for brown furniture! Dark and wood-brown furniture will complement the natural sage green with a touch of country design. Revamp it with olive accents, and you’ll have cabin decor in no time!

Here, you can use brown paint or laminates for a formal, matte look. But use richer walnut, oak, or mahogany woods to add some texture!

4. Burnt Orange Couch with White Chairs

A burnt orange sofa with white chairs and lightwood sections is a perfect combo with sage green walls. It will highlight the overall color pop and add a composed farmhouse feel.

Here, you can also ditch the paint and use natural wood stains. Like use orangish maple or cherry wood and pair it with rust upholstery. It will look just stunning!

5. Pastel Pink Furniture

Pink furniture with light sage green walls is a must-try for a youthful, Rococo decor. Pink furniture lightly contrasts the simple sage green and looks more welcoming together.

You can revamp this duo with purple or navy blue pillows and steel legs to bring in a color pop!

6. Beige Sofas & Chairs

Sage Green Room with Yellow Accent

Another wonderful color palette for a natural decor! A yellowish beige shade blends well with sage green accents, adding a Scandinavian touch to the space.

The result? You’ll have a casual, easy-going ambiance and an airy feel inside. But don’t forget to use white or yellow fabrics to reduce the monotony.

Avoid using thin, metal furniture with beige as it might look bland and uninteresting. Instead, pick curved, wooden sofas for more volume.

7. Sage Green Furniture

Are you a monochromatic lover? Try pairing similar sage green furniture with sage green walls. You’ll be amazed at the bright and casual look it’s going to create!

Here, you can use sage green upholstery for all your furniture items – chairs, ottomans, and sofas. Just combine them with shiny steel legs, and you are good to go! You can also add black or sequin accents like rugs and pillows to uplift the design!

8. Emerald Green Furniture

Yet another monochrome color! Emerald green blends well with sage’s natural tones, adding a regal and royal touch to the design.

The result? You’ll have a nature-inspired ambiance with a hint of classical design. The trick here is to use emerald as the base color for your sofas and chairs. Then pair it with other neutrals for contrast.

For instance, you can use wood legs for an organic look with emerald furniture. Or, you can go with golden ones for an Art-Deco feel.

9. Pale Yellow Furniture with Brown Legs

Are you up for a bright, cheery look with sage green walls? Use dark oak or cherry furniture, and cover it with pale yellow upholstery. This would instantly add warmth and a sunny look to your walls with a touch of eclectic design.

10. Hot Pink Couches

Hot pink is a trendy color for a pop-culture-like ambiance with sage green walls. It’ll ooze a playful vibe, making sage walls look more casual and fun!

But be cautious! Too much hot pink furniture can overwhelm your decor. So, limit hot pink upholstery to accent chairs and stools, and add white fabrics for the rest. You can even add golden handles and legs for a shiny look.

11. Gray Seating & Wood Tables

Modern Living Room With Sage Green Walls and Black Accent

Gray furniture – sofas and consoles balance the organic vibes of sage green walls and add a modern appeal.

Here, you can play around with the furniture structure and layout. For instance, you could use dark gray chairs for a retro feel. In contrast, go with ladder-back, light gray furniture for a crisp, industrial appeal.

A quick designer tip here would be to add wooden tables and desks with gray. This would enhance your interior’s warmth and cohesiveness.

12. Crimson Furniture

Crimson furniture will add a modern, industrial feel to your sage green walls. Like, it will contrast their cool tones and add a lovely touch of mid-century design. You can even toss some yellow or white pillars and rugs to highlight the contrast further.

13. Navy Furniture

You could go with navy furniture if you want a formal, Victorian vibe with sage green walls. The trick here is to use a grayish navy for the upper part of the furniture, and a bright one below, for more depth. You can also add white teak or oak legs for more balance.

Tips to Choose Furniture Colors with Sage Green Walls

  • Add sofa runners, pillows, and cushions to enhance the visual depth and have a layered look with your sage green walls.
  • Use floral, checkered, or Persian upholsteries to contrast the simple look of sage green walls.
  • Add gold, copper, or shiny steel accents to save your sage green walls from looking dark and dull.
  • Always use some white tables or rugs in your sage green decor. This will anchor the look and balance it rightly!

What Is a Contrasting Furniture Color to Sage Green Walls?

Warm furniture colors like Crimson, Burnt Orange, and Brown will contrast sage green walls and add more drama. For more pop, you can also go with neutral colors like jet black and gray.

Does Gray Look Good with Sage Green?

Yes, gray looks good with beige and gives a modern, industrial ambiance inside. You can even use similar shades like greige and taupe for the same decor style.

What Couch Color Goes with Sage Green Walls?

Neutral color white, beige and black couches look the best with sage green walls. But even the accent sofa colors like pink and navy look stunning with neutral green. So, decide whether you want a blended or pop-look and choose one accordingly.

Sage green is a lovely, versatile neutral for the walls. Like, it’ll look casual with white furniture and dramatic with accents. You can even use a similar shade for a monochrome look or add golden accents for more depth!

However, sage green isn’t as versatile as white walls and might need some mix and match beforehand. And the same holds true even for blue walls! Want some more inspiring furniture color ideas for blue walls? Join us, and I’ll tell you all about it!