15 Furniture Colors For Honey Oak Floors (Ideas for 2022)

Glossy honey oak floors are a staple in every mid-century house. But, once you have honey oak floors, you might need help to break their monotony. That’s where the furniture plays its part!

Different furniture colors will complement your floors and offer unique decor. That’s why you must know the right pairings! So today, I’ll share 15 stunning furniture color ideas for easy help!

Key Takeaways

  • Warm honey oak floors go well with warm colors like orange, white, and olive green. But other cool colors like blue, purple, and gray add a dramatic look.
  • Earthy furniture colors like brown, dark green, and olive add a nature-inspired look with honey oak floors. You can even use some pine or oak wood accents for the same effect.
  • Honey oak floors are yellowish and matte. So, you can go with glossy yellow or jewel-toned furniture to add a bright, shiny look.
  • Red, Pink, Purple, and Teal upholsteries are great tools to modernize old honey oak floors. But this isn’t all! Just scroll through our list, and learn all the colors to design a decor of your choice.

Trendy Furniture Color Ideas to Spice up Your Honey Oak Floors

Organic honey oak floors obviously look the best with earthy furniture. But can you use the other bold accent furniture as well? Let’s see!

1. White or Ivory Furniture

You can’t miss the neutral combo of white furniture with honey oak floors. It’ll add a casual feel to your space, turning them bright and spacious. You can also use white wood accents for a low-key contrast or layered look.

Here, pick warm white furniture for a sunny look. Or go with cool white ones for a modern vibe. If you like sheen, you can use steel legs and frames for white sofas.

Avoid using heavier leather or marble furniture to balance the already textured honey oak floors.

2. Black Furniture

Black furniture is the key to completing the decor with minimal furniture. It’ll add a stark contrast to the warm honey oak floors, creating a dominant vibe.

Another idea is to pair dark, jet-black furniture with mustard tables. This combination will look more retro with a touch of glam design style. And guess what? You can use this combo for all your sofas and tables for a cohesive look.

3. Brown Furniture

Dark Wood Furniture with Light Tan Walls

Want to add an earthy, organic vibe to your honey oak floors? Try brown furniture, and you’ll be amazed at its welcoming effect!

To nail this look, use brown fabric on your sofas, and coat the rest with a beige stain. You can also toss in some natural green or tan pillows.

Alternatively, you can even go with pine or oak tables to achieve this decor using wood.

4. Orange or Rust Furniture

Another color for a warm, homey vibe with honey oak floors! Orange furniture blends seamlessly with the natural tones of honey oak, looking vintage and monochrome.

But don’t forget to add bold accent tables to avoid looking monotonous.

5. Gray Furniture

Want to have a muted look and make your honey oak floors stand out? Choose gray furniture! Here, use light gray furniture for a modern, industrial look. Or, pick dark, slate-gray furniture for vintage decor.

Being neutral, gray balances the warm tones of honey oak and looks minimal. You can match it with extra-large pillows or glass tables for a high-end look.

6. Dark Green Sofas and Wood Tables

Dark Green Sofas and Wood Tables

Dark Green furniture is a great tool to add a mid-century modern look to your honey oak floors. It’ll balance the warm tones of honey oak and look rich altogether.

I recommend using wood tables and consoles with a light white pine stain. This will transition your look smoothly and save it from looking too stark. You can also use light green pillows and rugs for a layered look.

7. Taupe Sofas with Accent Pillows

A taupe sofa is an excellent tool for a neutral, urbane look. It will curate a villa-like design with honey oak floors. You can also use black or dark brown furniture frames with taupe fabrics for more visual depth.

Try this color idea with taupe upholstery: a taupe sofa with jewel-toned throw pillows and rugs for a dramatic effect!

8. Olive Green Furniture

Olive green furniture is the right tap if you love countryside decor in your space. It’ll blend well with the brownish honey oak with a touch of natural Rococo or farmhouse decor.

To ace this look, pair dark olive green upholstery with cherry wood legs. This will go well with the warm tones of honey oak and look cohesive.

9. Red Sofas & Chairs

The warm, high-contrast combo of red and honey oak is certainly hard to miss!

Red furniture adds a low-key pop to the yellowish honey oak with a touch of modern, eclectic design. Plus, it will modernize your floors and make them stand out in no time!

Here, try bright red or maroon furniture for more contrast. Or go with Rose red or Crimson furniture for industrial decor.

Avoid using yellowish Vermillion red furniture as it will look too plain with honey oak sofas.

10. Purple Furniture

Purple Couch with Honey Oak Floors

Ready for a royal, youthful look with your honey oak floors? Use dark purple upholstery on your sofas, and polish the frames with brass. This would add a regal touch to your floors and help achieve a feminine, mid-century look!

11. Blue or Navy Furniture

Blue or navy is a wonderful accent color for coastal-style homes. The contrasting color will turn the yellowish honey oak casual in no time! Here, you can also use chrome furniture frames and legs.

The trick is to use bright blue furniture for modern decor and navy for a Victorian feel. You can also use light blue upholstery to make your space look friendlier and more industrial.

12. Pink or Peach Accent Furniture

Pastel pink or peach is another accent color for yellow honey-oak floors. It’ll look seamless with your floors and add a lovely, feminine look to the space. Some gold accents along with pink will curate an Art-Deco decor for you!

13. Yellow Sofas with Accent Tables

Yellow Furniture on Honey Oak Floors

Yellow furniture is a top choice for a monochrome look with honey oak floors. It would add a sunny look to your space and uplift the earthy vibes even more. But you’ll also need to add some bold accent tables to balance its hues.

14. Teal Accent Furniture

Teal is another accent furniture color for stained honey oak floors. It’ll add a refreshing touch with a hint of nautical design. Similar navy or sea-green throw pillows will uplift this color palette even more!

15. Jewel-toned Furniture

Jewel-toned furniture is the right tap for a royal, luxurious vibe with honey oak floors. Colors like gold, copper, and brass add more shine and warmth to the honey oak floors. Besides, you can also use dark or black furniture frames to balance them rightly!

Tips to Choose Furniture with Honey Oak Floors

  • Avoid similar honey oak furniture. It may look too monotonous. 
  • Use sleek, ladderback sofas and sectional designs for a modern vibe. 
  • Always use light or dark wood furniture frames for a layered look with honey oak floors. Pine, cherry, or walnut wood would serve you great! 

Does Dark Wood Furniture Go with Honey Oak Floors?

Yes, dark wood furniture blends well and adds a lovely new-classical look with honey oak floors. To nail this look, use walnut, cherry, or mahogany furniture frames, and varnish them with a dark brown stain.

How Do I Tone Down My Honey Oak Floors?

You can use light neutral furniture like white, gray, brown, and taupe to tone down your honey oak floors. Similarly, cool furniture colors like green, blue, and teal will balance its yellow tones and look composed.

How Do You Make Honey Oak Floors Look Modern?

You can add bold, accent color furniture like red, teal, pink or blue couches to make your floors look dramatic and modern. Similarly, use chrome or steel furniture frames for an industrial ambiance.

Honey oak floors are very matte and warm. So they blend nicely with most light and dark colors. Usually, neutral furniture looks easy-going, whereas accent ones look dramatic. So, the trick here is to add a lot of wood tones for balance.

Honey oak floors are very yellow and summerish, just like tan walls. Thus, both need accent furniture to crack a pop and break their monotony. So, jump to our blog on ‘best furniture color with tan walls,’ and I’ll tell you some cool colors for your decor!