Colors to Match with Espresso Furniture (15 Trendy Ideas)

Espresso furniture is a style statement in and of itself! Its rich, elegant, warm hue oozes sophisticated vibes all over the space. But because it’s quite dark, I’ve often found people struggle to find the right colors for designing with it.

But don’t worry! Today, I’m going to show you 15 fabulous colors that you can pair with your espresso furniture without a doubt. Bedroom, living room, or kitchen, these colors will liven up the espresso furniture in any room!

Key Takeaways

  • Light neutral tones such as off-white, cream, light taupe, and beige look gorgeous and balanced with espresso furniture. 
  • Cool shades like sage, mint, grayish green, and sea green perfectly complement espresso tones. 
  • For a dramatic ambiance, use deep colors like olive, emerald, navy, brown, black dark teal, and purple. 
  • Be creative and use one of the main furniture pieces, like a bookshelf, a closet, or a bed table in light shade. 

15 Colors That Look Stunning with Espresso Furniture

1. White & Off-White

What’s better than a bright off-white to complement and balance the dark espresso furniture? A crisp and clean off-white color is a staple to curate a modern, airy, and cozy decor.

It works perfectly as a base color to highlight the furniture pieces. Or, use it for decorative pieces like pillows, carpets, appliances, lighting fixtures, etc. It just looks stunning!

2. Grays & Taupe

Shades of Light gray, Dark gray and Taupe

Pick gray if you wish to achieve a sophisticated Mid Century Modern decor. You can use light gray or taupe for walls, countertops, and bedding, against dark espresso furniture.

At the same time, dark gray is an excellent color for wall art and window treatment. A deep gray accent wall will add depth. This color scheme will help you maintain a transition flow of neutrals.

3. Charcoal Black

Shade of Charcoal Black

If Dark Glamor decor is what you’re dreaming of, a touch of black is a must! Go for charcoal back here, as its matte look will stand out against the sheen of espresso furniture finish.

If you want dark seating for your living room, an espresso sofa with charcoal black fabric will do the job! And if there’s enough light shade in the space, you can go for black accents like mirrors, door trims, and wall panels, too!

4. Light Brown & Dark Brown 

Different hues of Light Brown, Dark Brown and Sepia

A lot of people like monochrome, matching-matching space! If you’re one, use brown. It may look a bit traditional, but you can always experiment with different shades of brown.

For instance, go light brown if you like a new-classical space with a subtle contrast! Or, pick dark brown for a completely seamless look.

If you want a boho and woody look, go for all brown! Light brown accent walls, dark brown decorative items, and sepia for furniture upholstery!

Avoid using too much dark-on-dark design and decoration in a large room. It won’t really catch attention.

5. Pale Green (Sage, Mint, & Seafoam)

Shades of Sage, Mint and Seafoam Green

Soft green is easily the best color to use with espresso! Since the undertones of both colors sit opposite on the color wheel, they complete each other. And you get a lovely, Mid Century Modern look!

I recommend using pale green shades like sage, olive, and mint green as primary colors in the room. And build up the scheme with similar or darker shades.

Olive green is also a stunning option for walls and bedding for a nature-inspired contemporary bedroom!

6. Rich Emerald & Hunter Green

Hues of Emerald and Hunter Green

Use emerald green with your espresso furniture if you’re a sucker for dramatic, regal vibes. Paint your accent or decorative wall emerald, set your furniture against it, and you’re done!

Your modern space with a Hollywood Regency touch is ready! If you’re okay with dark contrast, retro tones like emerald or hunter-green accents like cushions and accent chairs would also steal the show!

7. Shades of Beige

Different Shades of Beige Color

For people who like warm Bohemian decor, beige is the right tap! It’s a modern neutral offering a warm and bright backdrop for espresso furniture. But that’s not it!

Beige would work as a bright accent for decorative pieces like ottomans, tabletops, curtains, etc. Plus, as a soft neutral, it leaves space for using other boho-chic colors!

8. Light and Dark Tan

Shades of Light and Dark Tan

Tan is a staple for Cottage-style interiors. Being a step closer to the espresso, the tan will add up to the warmth and comfort of the space. It will look fabulous as a primary color for walls and bedding.

But, if you’ve got light beige or off-white walls in the room, go for tan accessories like wall art, area rugs, and cushions.

Tan upholstery with espresso furniture frames is an excellent combination to try!

9. Teal and Turquoise 

Teal and Turquoise

This bluish-green color is a perfect match for espresso! It’s a jewel tone that will add more drama to the space. If you like the theatrical design, try dark teal for your accent walls.

Other secondary decorative elements will look lavish in dark teal too! Or you can pick light turquoise accent items for high-contrast visuals.

Need a designer tip? Include an espresso-colored accent chair, textured teal upholstery, and your dark espresso sofas or couches.

10. Shades of Blue

Shades of Blue - Soft, Deep and Navy

Contrast the red undertones of your espresso furniture and design a breezy French Country decor with blue! Where soft or pastel blue will exude lovely coastal vibes, the deep navy will look regal!

If your room has a warm backdrop, I recommend using dark blue accent furniture. You could also use a calming pale blue for your bedroom walls. Its cool undertones will help the espresso bed and other furniture pieces pop!

11. Yellow Shades

Shades of Bright, Pastel and Mustard Yellow

Yellow is more of a neighbor color to espresso. So, it’s an excellent addition to the red tones of dark furniture and curated vintage English Heritage decor.

Deep yellow shades like mustard can be used for accent walls or smaller accents like cushions, rugs, and wall art.

12. Gold and Copper 

Shades of Metallic Gold and Copper

Go for a high-end luxurious interior using golden accents against espresso furniture! How? Just add a metallic golden touch to decorative pieces like lighting fixtures, wall art, mirror, or accent furniture!

A golden yellow or copper-colored accent wall or panel would also vibrantly enliven the space!

Use a shiny metallic finish for furniture legs to enrich the ritzy vibe in the space!

13. Orange Accents

Bright and Burnt Orange shades

Yet another warm color to upscale the espresso furniture! Orange accents are sure to add a welcoming Mid Century Modern touch to your decor. But for a muted bohemian look, go with burnt orange!

Be it decorative pillows, ottomans, rugs for a living room, or kitchen countertops, orange blends perfectly with espresso!

14. Lilac, Purple, & Plum

Hues of Lilac, Plum and Purple

Deep purple or plum is a rich color, like espresso! So, this pair will exude a retro, regal vibe to your space. You can even paint your accent wall or wall panel purple for a perfect Hollywood Regency-like decor.

But, If your room has a light, breezy aura, you could maintain that with lilac. Prominent decorations like curtains, rugs, and bedding in lilac will curate a soft, contemporary finish to the space!

15. Blush & Petal Pink

Blush and Petal Pink

Another color for Bohemian lovers! Blush or dusty pink adds a sweet and feminine touch to the space and gels well with the dark red tones of espresso.

If you have picked warm, light, and rustic colors with espresso furniture, don’t forget blush and petal pink. Use it for walls or smaller accent pieces; it looks enchanting!

3 Easy Tricks to Decorate with Espresso Furniture

  • Introduce greenery! Tiny hanging or window plants will look naturally perfect in a room with light base color and espresso furniture!
  • For a modern feel, paint or stain one of the main furniture pieces, like a dresser or bookshelf, etc., in bright tones. 
  • Avoid using only colorful pops! Use bright and neutral accents along with colorful accents for a composed look.

Is Espresso Furniture Black or Brown?

Though often confused with black, espresso is actually a rich, dark brown coffee color. It has deep red undertones, so the espresso furniture looks warm and welcoming!

What Wall Color Goes With Espresso Furniture?

Soft and light shades offer a perfect contrast and complete the espresso furniture. You can use gray, sage green, grayish-green, lilac, beige, cream, and off-white! Or, for accent walls, you can pick deep tones like brown, teal, mustard yellow, plum, navy, and emerald.

Which Flooring Goes with Espresso Furniture?

If you’re a dark lover, you can simply go with espresso furniture and create a seamless, cohesive decor. But if you want to highlight your furniture, go for light oak, maple, pine, or ash wood.

There’s no doubt that espresso furniture would be the star of any room. But you can use various light and dark shades to tie the room together. From white to pink, to green, to black, espresso works with many colors.

But is this true for mahogany? Can you pair it with any color? Know it all with our guide on “colors to go with mahogany furniture” now!