16 Chic Countertop Colors to Go With Dark Cabinets (With Images)

Dark cabinets are a perfect addition to modern homes, especially modern kitchens. They offer depth and intense liveliness to the space and add a unique character. But, as chic as they look, finding a countertop that complements dark kitchen cabinets is quite tricky!

The countertop becomes a vital segment of the kitchen makeover as it can make or break your kitchen’s entire look and interior. So, to help you style your dark kitchen cabinets, we have handpicked 16 best countertop colors that will step up the look!

Best Neutral Countertop Color Options For Dark Cabinetry

1. Mild Cream Kitchen Countertops

Black Cabinets

Cream countertops are gifted as they suit all-color cabinets. When paired with dark cabinets, they break the unlighted feel and give a well-lit persona to the kitchen. In addition, they maintain an outstanding balance, giving a light contrast to the otherwise darkened space.

Cream and beige countertops, in particular, go well with warm and dark wood cabinetry. They result in a traditional homestyle with warm wood shaker cabinets and a farmhouse kitchen design with rustic espresso cabinets.

Moreover, you can accentuate your kitchen with light-colored backsplashes and gold vintage lights to uplift the cream tone.

Here are some famous cream countertop materials:

  • Colonial Cream Granite
  • Astoria Satin Granite
  • 4220 Buttermilk Caesarstone Quartz
  • Crema Marfil Marble countertops
  • 9601 Oyster Caesarstone Quartz

2. Crisp White Countertops

White Countertops

White countertops are a neutral, versatile luminescent option. When paired with dark cabinets, they give a bright contrast to the dusky kitchen and go with all the available dark cabinet colors, such as black, brown, gray, dark blue, and dark green.

These color combinations will help you create a lit, merry modern kitchen interior. Moreover, they provide a refreshing touch to the counter space and a radiant look to the overall kitchen interior.

White quartz countertops are perfect for a minimal look with cool-toned dark cabinets, while you can go for a white marble countertop for a classic vibe. However, if white feels too ablaze, go for sober off-white countertops.

Here are some most famous white countertop materials:

  • Vena Calacatta quartz countertop
  • 5131 Calacatta Nuvo Caesarstone Quartz
  • River White Granite
  • Colonial White Granite
  • Cremo Delicato Marble Countertops

3. Sooty Gray Countertops

Sooty Gray Countertops

Gray countertops are a neutral piece and look pretty well with dark cabinets. They give a perfect break to the darkish tone and stunning contrast to the cabinetry. A gray countertop will help you create a subtle, clever blaze in your deep-colored kitchen.

When paired with specific colors such as black cabinets, these smoky gray countertops provide a contemporary interior while creating a transitional kitchen style with dark blue and green cabinets. You can further uplift your kitchen by adding white lights and patterned backsplashes.

Here are some premier gray countertop materials:

  • Gray Concrete countertops
  • Viscount White Granite Countertop
  • Arabescatus Marble
  • Carrara Silver Honed Marble
  • 5110 Alpine Mist Caesarstone Quartz

4. Regal Gold Countertops

Gold Countertops

Go for gold if you want a glamorous, dramatic ambiance in your kitchen. A gold countertop looks regal and bright and will offer a royal and luxurious touch to your dark cabinets. It will help you create a beaming high-end vibe that offers an ideal flawless contrast to the shady kitchen.

When paired with dark colors such as cherry wood or dark brown cabinets, it provides a transitional kitchen design while giving an industrial touch with black and dark gray cabinets. Overall, gold countertops are your best bet for such a special, unique, and extravagant design.

Here are some famous material options for gold countertops:

  • Imperial Gold Granite
  • New Colonial Dream Granite
  • Spanish Gold marble countertop

5. Striking Black Countertops for Dark Cabinetry

Granite Countertops

The black countertop is an intense, striking, and eye-catching option. In addition, it is a neutral piece, so it looks good with dark cabinets as well. When put with dark gray cabinets, black countertops give an industrial touch while providing a rustic Mediterranean style with warm and dark wood cabinets.

Moreover, you can also create a modern kitchen with dark blue and green kitchen cabinets using elegant black countertops. Hence, when paired with dark cabinetry, black countertops will give you a clever, busy, and creative feel to the whole space. You can add mid-toned backsplashes and accents light for an elevated look.

Here are some most prominent black countertop materials:

  • Marquina Marble Black Countertop
  • Galaxy Black Granite Countertops 
  • Silver Waves Granite
  • Nero Marquise Quartz

6. Sumptuous Silver Countertops

Silver Countertops

Silver countertops give the dark cabinet space a shiny, glossy, and smooth finish. They provide a bright sheen contrast and a stunning break to the dark hue of the kitchen cabinets.

Moreover, you can create several kitchen styles by pairing a silver countertop with particular color cabinets. For example, it will offer a fashionable modern and contemporary design with black stained cabinets while giving a traditional interior design with dark green and navy shaker cabinets.

If you have a high-traffic kitchen space or have kids at home, you can go for a sturdy silver quartz countertop. Alternatively, a polished stainless steel countertop is equally durable and is an excellent option to achieve the industrial kitchen style.

Some famous material options for silver countertops are:

  • Alphaville Granite
  • Bacca Bianca Granite
  • Carrara Silver Honed Marble
  • Polar Ice Granite

7. Showy Brown Kitchen Countertops

Brown Countertops

Brown countertops give a pronounced sophistication to the entire space. When paired with dark cabinets, brown countertops look vivid, distinct, and outstanding. In addition, they blend seamlessly with the warm and dark undertones of the cabinetry.

Light brown countertops can be combined with specific colors, such as dark brown stained cabinetry, to create a transitional kitchen interior. In contrast, they will provide a traditional touch with dark and warm woods such as espresso and cherry cabinets.

With that, you can add accents such as huge gold lights, veined brown backsplashes, and light flooring for needed elevation and creating a perfect kitchen decor.

Here are the most prominent material choices for brown countertops:

  • Brown Concrete countertops
  • Maskaratu Granite
  • Cedar Marble
  • 6684 Caldera Caesarstone Quartz

Best Accent Countertop Colors That Go With Dark Cabinets

8. Ravishing Red-Colored Countertops

Red Countertops

Red countertops are a stunning accent piece. The pairing of red countertops with various dark color cabinets gives vivid kitchen interiors. For instance, red gives a contrasting eclectic touch with navy blue and bold green cabinets while creating a modern style with black and gray cabinets.

Overall, they give the space around them a peppy, colorful, merry vibe. Finally, a red countertop will help provide a significant break and stark contrast to the profound dimness of the dark cabinets.

Some most popular materials for red countertops are:

  • Crema Montana Granite
  • Sunset Red Granite
  • Red Ravel Jasper Marble
  • 3452 Red Shimmer Caesarstone Quartz

9. Sheen Veined Countertops

Quartz Countertop

A veined countertop is an ultra-modern trendsetting choice. It provides a polished architectural character to the kitchen. Moreover, veined countertops offer a light contrast and a flashy fancy break to the dark cabinets.

In addition, you can create an up-to-date transitional kitchen using white, cream, black, and gold veined countertops paired with black, gray, and wooden cabinets. Here, you can incorporate the best of both traditional and modern design styles for needed accentuation.

You can also play with the same veined backsplash and wooden flooring for a high-end look.

Some most famous material options for veined countertops are:

  • River White Granite
  • Peregrine Granite
  • Copacabana Granite
  • Calacatta Classique Quartz countertops

10. Rusty Wood Countertops

Natural Wood Countertops

Wood countertops are natural, sturdy, and lofty. They blend flawlessly with dark cabinets giving a serene earthy feel. The paring of wood countertops and dark cabinets provide a rustic, balanced look.

You can mix and match different shades of wood countertops with dark cabinetry to create a craftsman interior style. In contrast, you can also use light and warm wood countertops for dark green and deep blue color cabinets to create a farmhouse kitchen style.

Additionally, add huge vintage and Kane lights, wooden flooring, and plain or patterned backsplash to finish the look.

Here are the most popular woods for countertops in the market:

  • Hickory wood
  • Curly Maple Wood
  • Walnut Wood
  • Zebra Wood
  • Cherry Wood
  • Butcher Block Countertop

11. Earthy Green Countertops

Green countertops add a refreshing and airy element to the counter space. They bring an in-fashion natural, earthy experience to your kitchen decor. Additionally, green countertops give fresh contrast and a perfect break to the darkish hues of the cabinetry.

Moreover, dark and light green countertops can be used to create a modern kitchen interior with black cabinets and a Mediterranean interior with dark and warm wood cabinets. If your kitchen has a lot of natural wooden elements, this countertop color is a must.

With this color scheme, you can add a touch of greenery by placing houseplants and adding many white accent lights for a close-to-nature look.

Here are some of the most popular materials for green countertops:

  • Verde Bamboo green granite
  • Light Green Onyx
  • Onice Smeraldo Onyx countertops
  • Costa Esmeralda Granite

12. Tranquil Blue Countertops

Blue Countertops

A blue countertop is a fresh, pristine, and simplified accent element. It adds a bright contrast and an airy, beachy character to the dark cabinets. Hence, you can create a subtle cheerful mood using this color scheme in your kitchen.

In addition, you can achieve a rustic Mediterranean cottage kitchen design using blue or teal with warm woods while giving a modern contemporary feel with gray cabinets. Thus, blue makes a go-to color if you want a safe yet unique countertop option.

Some famous materials for blue countertops are:

  • Pietra Cardosa Slate
  • Blue Bahia granite
  • Tropical Blue Marble Countertops
  • Volga Blue dark granite countertops

13. Ritzy Maroon Countertops

Maroon kitchen countertops are bold, charming, and a classical choice. They give a deep tint to the dark counter space. In addition, they offer a profound contrast and break to the dark tones of the kitchen cabinetry.

With maroon countertops, you can create a modern kitchen design with black cabinets and add a contemporary touch to your kitchen with gray cabinetry. The perks of choosing this countertop are that it maintains equilibrium and clean lines as well as is stain-resistant.

Moreover, you can accentuate your kitchen with silver-brushed hardware and stainless steel appliances.

Some most famous material options for maroon countertops are:

  • Red Bahia Granite
  • Lva Jewel Granite
  • Red Ravel Jasper Marble
  • Red Flash Granite

14. Fiery Orange Countertops

Orange Countertops

Orange countertops are colorful, adventurous, and creative. When paired with dark cabinets, orange countertops give the space a pop of color and quirky character. In addition, they are an out-of-the-box idea and provide an unconventional look.

The pairing of orange countertops with certain dark shade cabinets gives a prominent decor. For instance, orange countertops with gray and black kitchen cabinets will help you create an eclectic kitchen style that will bring a peppy vibe to the surroundings.

You can also update your cabinets with black hardware for a more unified and elegant kitchen space.

Here are the most prominent material choices for orange countertops:

  • Onida Orange granite countertops
  • Black Orange Natural Granite
  • Orange Quartz Stone

15. Plush Pink Countertops

A pink countertop is easy on the eye option. It gives a feminine, artistic, and dreamy vibe to the entire space. Moreover, pink countertops provide a gorgeous contrast and an elegant look to the dark cabinets.

Surprisingly, a pink countertop can be versatile enough to pair well with different cabinet colors. For instance, it will result in an eclectic design paired with bold green and brown cabinets while giving a whimsical touch to gray cabinets. However, you can even pair pink countertops with black cabinets for a glam interior design.

Some of the prominent materials for pink countertops are:

  • Rosewood Granite
  • Shivakashi Pink Granite

16. Shiny Yellow Countertops

Yellow Kitchen Cabinets

Yellow countertops are a dazzling, lustrous option. They provide sunshine to areas that do not receive adequate natural light. In addition, they create a bright, whimsical glistening look that contrasts with the dark cabinets.

When yellow countertops are paired with dark cabinets such as a black or a gray cabinet, they give a colorful modern kitchen. However, if you want a blazing eclectic kitchen, you can also go for the yellow countertops and blue cabinets pairing. Finally, add black or steel hardware with huge hanging lights to give the best appeal.

Here are some popular materials for yellow countertops:

  • Royal Yellow granite
  • Madurai Gold Granite
  • Yellow Quartz Slab
  • Kashmir Gold Granite
  • Jaisalmer Yellow Marble 

Tips for Choosing a Perfect Color Countertop for Dark Cabinets

  • Consider neutral and bright color countertops for dark cabinets to elevate and balance the overall appearance of your kitchen. 
  • Go with those color countertops that resonate with your home decor. For instance, if you have a touch of gold in your home, you can prefer gold countertops.
  • The kind of lighting also plays a significant role. For example, gold countertops will look the best with yellow lights but go for black or gray ones with white lights.
  • In addition, always check the undertones of your dark cabinets, and go with those color combinations that neutralize the tones and upscale the look.

What countertop colors go with espresso cabinets?

As espresso cabinets are pitch dark, light color countertops are the best option. They provide a sharp contrast to the dark cabinets lighting up the whole space. Therefore, you can go for popular white, cream, veined black, and brown countertops for an illuminated effect.

Should countertops be darker or lighter than dark cabinets?

You can prefer lighter countertops like cream and white for darker cabinets as they are more common. However, you can even go for a dark countertop such as brown and black, as they don’t give a gloomy effect but blend seamlessly.

Dark cabinets are a significant design choice in itself. But a quintessential countertop can further amp up their look, and style a stunning dark kitchen decor! So, go ahead and pick your favorite countertop color to style your lovely kitchen space! If you need countertop color ideas for black cabinets, we have some chic options ready!