11 Stylish Countertop Colors to Match with Hickory Cabinets

A kitchen is not just a functional space but also a leisure hub for family and friends to gather. Timber elements like hickory cabinets add to the kitchen’s homey ambiance. But, if you have hickory cabinets, you would also need a gorgeous countertop to compliment the wood’s warm tones and snug vibe.

And that’s what I’m here for! I explored my favorite kitchen decor color palettes and handpicked the most beautiful countertop colors and textures that work magically with classy hickory cabinets. From a chic contemporary kitchen to a homey, midcentury-style cooking area, these colors can design any decor you desire!

Best Countertop Colors & Textures That Look Stunning With Hickory Kitchen Cabinets

1. Deep Black Countertops

Granite Countertop

A black countertop is a deep, bold, and sophisticated option. When paired with hickory cabinets, it will perfectly break the neutral rustic nature of the wood, resulting in a chic contrast. Besides, it results in a robust and eye-catching appearance for the whole kitchen.

Black countertops are versatile; hence, they go with both light and dark hickory kitchen cabinets. Moreover, Black granite countertops can help you create a solid industrial look using brick backsplashes and a craftsman style if paired with natural elements.

In addition to this, you can upgrade your kitchen with black hardware and brass segments to make it look more inviting and endearing.

Most Prominent Black Countertop Materials:

  • Marquina Marble Black Countertop
  • Galaxy Black Granite Countertops 
  • Silver Waves Granite
  • Nero Marquise Quartz

2. Opulent Veined Countertops

Veined Countertops

Veined countertops are stylish and elegant. They provide a balanced contrast to wooden cabinets. When paired with hickory cabinets, they will give a fashionable transitional kitchen style allowing you to incorporate both traditional and modern elements.

Veined countertops come in different colors and designs. Nonetheless, not all veins look good with hickory cabinets. Hence, white, gold, and beige-colored veined countertops are highly preferred. These options provide subtle contrast and a voguish look to the entire kitchen decor.

You can go for veined marble countertops or veined quartz countertops in your kitchen for a lavish feel. Moreover, you can go with stainless steel hardware and kitchen appliances to elevate the overall look of your hickory kitchen.

Popular Materials for Veined Countertops:

  • River White Granite
  • Peregrine Granite
  • Copacabana Granite
  • Calacatta Classique Quartz countertops

3. Modish Cream Countertops

Cream Countertops

A cream countertop is light, soft, and sober. It blends flawlessly with hickory cabinets and gives a cozy classical vibe. Cream countertops and hickory kitchen cabinets bring a casual, organic, and simplified aura to the entire surroundings.

You can use them for both light and dark hickory cabinets. Moreover, with this pairing, you can create the best version of a traditional kitchen design that will never go out of style. Thus, a cream or beige countertop is the go-to option for a subtle, airy, and comfy persona to your kitchen.

You can also play with accessories such as rustic and vintage accents and lights to uplift the mood of your kitchen.

Famous Cream Countertop Materials in the Market:

  • Colonial Cream Granite
  • Astoria Satin Granite
  • 4220 Buttermilk Caesarstone Quartz
  • Crema Marfil Marble countertops
  • 9601 Oyster Caesarstone Quartz

4. Suave Gray Countertops

Gray Countertops

Gray countertops are smoky, natural, and clean-lined. They give a sharp contrast to hickory cabinets besides providing a stark, textured, and trendy look. With these, you can create a cleverly in-fashion versatile vibe for your space that will go with both traditional and modern homes.

Gray countertops with hickory cabinets provide a modern look when using glass and steel while remaining traditional if put with bricks and tiles. Moreover, a gray stained hickory cabinet and a gray granite countertop can also provide a patinated shabby chic kitchen.

Premier Gray Countertops Materials:

  • Gray Concrete countertops
  • Viscont White Granite Countertop
  • Arabescatus Marble
  • Carrara Silver Honed Marble
  • 5110 Alpine Mist Caesarstone Quartz

5. Elegant Brown Countertops

Brown Countertops

A brown countertop is modern, chic, and a classy option. It gives a high-end, extravagant elegance to the space. It is beautiful on its own, but it looks even more elegant when paired with dark-shaded hickory wood kitchen cabinets.

This blend gives the modest hickory wood a posh, lavish, and luxurious look. Moreover, the kitchen will look balanced with the rustiness of timber and the elegance of brown countertops. Hence, this will result in a bold-colored, earth-toned Mediterranean kitchen design.

Additionally, you can accentuate this Mediterranean kitchen with unique backsplashes and mosaics for an upscaled effect.

Best Material Choices for Brown Countertops:

  • Brown Concrete countertops
  • Maskaratu Granite
  • Cedar Marble
  • 6684 Caldera Caesarstone Quartz

6. Aesthetic White Countertops

Quartz Countertop

The white countertop is the most versatile and dynamic option. It brings a light and bright ambiance to the simple lofty wooden cabinets. When paired with rustic hickory cabinets, it will look perfectly blended and balanced. In addition, they will give a cozy, family-friendly feel to the entire kitchen.

This pair will surely give a refreshing coastland harbor persona to your space. Moreover, a cottage kitchen style will be an ideal and desired kitchen interior for this combo. So, if you want a light and airy kitchen, prefer an aesthetic white countertop.

Besides, you can also add vintage lights and large windows for a lot of natural lighting to elevate the kitchen and give it the best appearance.

Most Famous White Countertop Materials:

  • Vena Calacatta Quartz
  • 5131 Calacatta Nuvo Caesarstone Quartz
  • River White Granite
  • Colonial White Granite
  • Cremo Delicato Marble Countertops

7. Polished Gold Countertops

Tan Handles

Gold countertops are signature for a luxuriously regal touch to any kitchen. Moreover, they are one of the best options for hickory cabinets as they give excellent contrast to the subtle modish wooden kitchen. This countertop color can magically turn a simple kitchen into a royal mansion kitchen.

Gold countertops with hickory cabinets blend perfectly and give a magnificent stroke to your counter space. You will also be able to create a magical high-end contemporary kitchen design with this pair. Additionally, you can have a golden kitchen island with gold lights over it to complete your kitchen interior.

Top Materials for Gold Countertops:

  • Imperial Gold Granite
  • New Colonial Dream Granite
  • Spanish Gold marble countertop

8. Monochromatic Wood countertops

Pastel Yellow Handle

Wood countertops are a neutral staple and go with all kinds of cabinet colors. They are multi-faceted and resourceful and look good with every interior design. Besides, their combination with hickory cabinets will look monochromatic and cohesive as they blend seamlessly with each other.

For instance, hickory cabinets with hickory wood countertops will look flawless and maintain a balance in the kitchen. But, of course, the key here is to match the exact wood cabinet and countertops.

However, you can also play and pair up dark and lighter shades of hickory cabinets and natural wood countertops to spruce up the look. This combination will result in a tremendous farmhouse-style kitchen. Additionally, if you have hickory floor, this pairing is the icing on the cake.

Best Woods for Kitchen Countertops:

  • Hickory wood
  • Curly Maple Wood
  • Walnut Wood
  • Zebra Wood
  • Cherry Wood
  • Butcher Block Countertop

9. Rusty Red Countertops

Red Countertops

A red countertop is a great option to pair with dark hickory cabinets. It will provide a tint of color to the counter surface, add a natural, bright, charming character to your kitchen, and accentuate the surrounding wood cabinetry.

When paired with hickory cabinets, rustic red countertops provide an eclectic, rustic Mediterranean kitchen design that grabs many eyeballs. Moreover, it subtly contrasts neutral timber cabinetry, offering a vivid persona. However, if red is not your color, you can go for alternatives such as rust, burgundy, maroon, and copper colors.

In addition to this, you can play with gold hardware and plain and patterned backsplashes to highlight your home.

Some Popular Materials for Red Countertops:

  • Crema Montana Granite
  • Sunset Red Granite
  • Red Ravel Jasper Marble
  • 3452 Red Shimmer Caesarstone Quartz

10. Stylish Green Countertops

A green countertop is a stylish option. It will bring a natural feel and a beautiful look to your kitchen. Plus, both dark green and light green countertops go well with all shades of hickory kitchen cabinets.

The green countertops with hickory cabinets will provide a transitional kitchen interior with a modern, traditional, and contemporary touch to itself. Moreover, this pair is practical as well as elegant. Hence, it will help you to create a lovely functional kitchen.

One of the additional perks of this kitchen is that it is versatile and will match well with various home interiors. Thus, you can use huge lights, stainless steel hardware, and iron bar stools to uplift the aura.

Best Materials to Pick for Green Countertops:

  • Verde Bamboo green granite
  • Light Green Onyx
  • Onice Smeraldo Onyx countertops
  • Costa Esmeralda Granite

11. Pristine Blue Countertops

Blue countertops bring a pleasant aura to the space. They are known to maintain clean lines and give a polish to the counter space. In addition, blue countertops provide a perfect break and contrast when paired with the warm-toned dark hickory cabinets.

They create a correct balance and equilibrium between different undertones while creating a rustic farmhouse and cottage feel. Moreover, light blue countertops with light hickory cabinets can also create a beautiful transitional kitchen style.

Moreover, you can add accent lights and tile backsplashes to upscale your entire kitchen.

Some Famous Materials for a Blue Countertop:

  • Pietra Cardosa Slate
  • Blue Bahia granite
  • Tropical Blue Marble Countertops
  • Volga Blue Granite

Tips For Choosing The Best Color Countertop For Hickory Cabinets

  • Make sure to pick countertop colors that blend well with the hickory wood cabinetry, such as white, brown, cream, etc. Furthermore, avoid colors that can look off-beat, like red or orange.
  • Choose the countertop materials that meet your kitchen requirements. For example, if you have a busy kitchen space, sturdy materials like Quartz will be a wise option. 
  • Consider the flooring and backsplash before choosing the countertop color. Prefer light-shaded countertops such as cream if you have a darker and heavily patterned backsplash and flooring and vice-versa.
  • Understand your home interior style and go with a similar color scheme and kitchen style with your hickory kitchen cabinet door.

Does gray go with hickory cabinets?

Yes, gray looks exceptionally gorgeous with hickory. Similarly, gray countertops being a neutral element, will go pretty well with hickory cabinets. They will provide a needed contrast and create a modern interior design.

Is a red countertop a good option for hickory cabinets?

Yes, you can pair a deep red or copper color countertop with rustic hickory cabinets for a complete Mediterranean kitchen interior. You can also go for a dark brown or maroon countertop for a more dramatic look.

Do white countertops look good with light hickory cabinets?

Yes, white countertops look good with all the shades of hickory cabinets. They are versatile and give a Scandinavian touch with light hickory while bringing cottage style with dark hickory cabinets.

Hickory cabinets are an innovative and quirky wood type. They certainly can be paired with several countertop colors to bring in different kitchen interiors and styles. Moreover, they will add a rustic and cozy feel to your kitchen and make it comfy and inviting.

If you are planning to get hickory cabinets or already have them, the countertops mentioned above are your go-to options to upscale your kitchen and make it even homier. But, if you have oak cabinets, my trendy list of best countertop color ideas for oak cabinets will help you!