25+ Countertop Colors & Textures to Go With Oak Cabinets in 2024

Remodeling or building a new kitchen involves various decisions, from selecting the ideal kitchen cabinetry to finalizing the colors of the hardware, countertops, and even the floors. You may have your eyes set on specific oak cabinetry for your kitchen’s décor, but what about the countertops?

Oak cabinets look fresh and bright in the kitchen. But you still some need to pick a matching or complementary countertop to balance the look. To help you save time, we have curated the top 15 exquisite countertop colors based on different materials that will accent your gorgeous oak kitchen cabinet.

6 Stunning Countertop Options & Colors for your Oak Cabinets

Choosing among thousands of shades and various materials can be a tricky play, but the result is a product that perfectly aligns with your taste and styling.

After all, it’s your dream kitchen we’re talking about. So, let us help you in the process by offering six styling options to give your kitchen with oak wood cabinets a perfect match.

Clean and Airy: Marble Countertop with Oak Cabinets

Marble Countertop with Oak Cabinets

Pairing your oak cabinets with marble countertops offers the kitchen design a modern yet minimal aesthetic. Both materials, with their natural appearances, make the kitchen look blended yet glamorous. The subtle tones of these two materials complement each other and make the space look airy, brighter, and spacious.

The market is filled with a wide range of materials, each with a unique texture, color, and pattern. These five colors will look stunning on a marble marble countertops.

1. White: White is a subtle choice that offers a contemporary look to your kitchen. This color can go with any honey oak cabinet from sublime to dark. White countertops are easily blendable and a timeless choice.

2. Cream: If you’re not comfortable with white marble and need a slightly heavier tone, then cream is the next close call. Perfectly complementing oak cabinets, cream countertops are sure to enhance the aesthetics of your kitchen with their minimal yet opulent finish.

3. Black: Black is undoubtedly a classic and eccentric color choice for countertops. This exclusive color is an attention-seeker creating a bold kitchen cabinet look. There are several finishes, from matte to gloss, to choose from in this color.

4. Brown: Make a luxurious statement with brown countertops over your honey oak cabinets. Brown with brown isn’t bad after all! It’ll offer a harmonized look to the kitchen with neat aesthetics for a minimalistic look. This color goes well with mid-century modern decor. 

5. Gray: This neutral tone is sure to offer a calming environment to your kitchen. Countertops in shades of gray are best paired with darker tones of oak cabinets.

Top Picks for Your Marble Countertops:

1. Calacatta Marble: A crisp white tone with clean veins makes this marble the talk of the town. The light, rich gold and brown shades with a hint of inky gray make them the attention grabbers.

2. Statuario Marble: A classic choice and one of the most favorite picks, right from the marble quarries of Italy, Statuario is a bright yet subtle take on natural stone. The veins have a classic glimpse of black and deep gray, making this marble a favored choice for many households.

3. Michelangelo Marble: A hint of yellow with rich gold and brown veins, this marble is a quaint choice for people who like to have an understated eccentricity in their spaces. 

4. Carrara Marble: Named after a famous quarry region in Italy, the Carrara goes back in time as well. It has a predominantly gray undertone with a bluish tint over it. It also has a light smokey hue making it an eclectic piece to have as a countertop. 

The Striking Duo: Quartzite with Oak Cabinets

Quartzite with Oak Cabinets

The accents of oak cabinets can vary from light to deep brown shades. Darker kitchen cabinets require a thoughtful decision on countertop selection as they can either make or break the whole essence. The most striking material option with oak cabinets is quartzite.

Quartz countertops are engineered stone perfected to make any space look elegant. With its great strength and longevity, light quartzite will stay with you for many more years.

Here are the top 5 color picks of quartz countertops that blend well with oak cabinets.

1. Beige: Beige with oak cabinets is the classic choice that can make the kitchen look traditional or even contemporary. The wood-like shade is sure to offer a cohesive look to kitchen countertops.

2. White: Want to create a visual illusion and make your kitchen look even brighter and bigger? Pick a white countertop. These quartz countertops are all about offering neat vibes and modern aesthetics for oak cabinets.

3. Red: Wish to add more drama and boldness to the kitchen? Incorporate red quartz countertops complementing oak cabinets. These will impart richness to the space and unique characteristics to the oak kitchen cabinets.

4. Gray: Do you hate messy kitchens? Well, let gray quartzite do its job by forming an illusion of the kitchen being tidy all the time. In addition, the dark countertops matched with oak cabinets can offer a rustic vibe to the kitchen.

5. Taupe: If you’re aiming to get a natural look to the kitchen, add a taupe quartz countertop. This kitchen styling combination will offer you a simple yet designer space.

Contrasted yet Balanced: Granite with Oak Cabinets

Granite with Oak Cabinets

A balanced contrast between oak cabinets and granite can never go wrong. A veined granite countertop with oak cabinets will give the whole kitchen a soothing look. This option will also reflect light to make the space look brighter. Granite countertops with oak cabinets balance each other and bring out the richness of the design.

Here are the five most complimentary granite colors that will go with oak cabinets and compose your dream kitchen.

1. Blue: Granite is a wonderful kitchen countertop material. Different shades of blue in granite with their heavy veining can make the kitchen look artistic and bold with oak cabinets. 

2. Green: Aiming at royal kitchen design? Green is the one to choose. Being the most trending shade in interior decor, green countertops paired with oak cabinets can add a vibrant pop and intensity to the kitchen.

3. White: You’re not surprised that white cabinets make it to the list, right? Simple white granite countertops can make the kitchen design look sleek and have a Scandinavian ambiance.

4. Brown: Another fantastic color for a harmonious blend is brown. When paired with brown oak cabinets, a Brown countertop can offer a traditional vibe to the kitchen with a neutral appeal.

5. Gray: Gray is the option to make a subtle contrast with oak cabinets. Gray countertops offer a fresh and bright visual aesthetic to the kitchen.

Best Granite Options for Countertops:

1. Hawaii Granite: It has a rich ivory texture with subtle veins in gray, gold, and black, adding a hint of dynamicity to it. 

2. Venetian Gold Granite: It has a tan and white base with dark black and red tones. 

3. Tan Brown Granite: It has a tan, pink shade with brown and black flecks on it. 

4. Baltic Brown Granite: It has larger-sized grains with brown and black flecks on a tan base. 

5. Snowfall Granite: Quarried from Brazil, this granite is more towards white tones with a creamy texture and rich grays to complement it. 

Elegantly Moody: Laminate with Oak Cabinets

Laminate with Oak Cabinets

When it comes to laminate countertops, the options are endless. This material offers the look of granite with excellent quality at lower costs. So whether you opt for white cabinet hues or light brown accents, it’s sure to act as a striking element in your kitchen.

The rule here is to select a shade that doesn’t overwhelm the space with a monotonous tone. Rather, look for tones that brighten the room and create a beautiful contrast. Here are the five trending laminate countertop shades to pair with your oak cabinets.

1. Cherry: Cherry countertops blend perfectly with oak cabinets. It’s a thoughtful option to avoid overwhelming design and offer a striking visual to your kitchen.

2. Light Maple: Looking for a subtle tone to match oak color cabinets? Go for light maple countertops to make the kitchen cheerful and minimalist. This combination will create a soothing ambiance in the kitchen area.

3. Beige: Whether you have light oak cabinets or dark. The beige countertop can jazz up any design language, making it one of the best colors to use in home decor, especially in the kitchen. 

4. Gray: Gray countertops are currently trending with their neat aesthetics. Pair up your oak cabinets with cool gray countertops for a modern vibe.

5. Golden: Golden countertops add a glam factor when paired with the oak cabinets. Achieve an eye-pleasing design with golden laminate countertops.

Neutral and Rustic: Concrete with Oak Cabinets

Concrete with Oak Cabinets

One of the biggest trends in 2022 was concrete’s raw finish or paint. Concrete is massively used in kitchen interiors, taking minimalism to a newer height. The major advantage of concrete countertops is that they are poured, making them open for customization. With endless design possibilities, bring in a rustic tinge with the concrete and oak duo.

Top 5 Textures for Concrete Countertops

Concrete is a versatile material that offers endless possibilities for a unique appearance. Let’s look at the hottest concrete countertop designs that will work with your oak cabinets.

1. Stained Concrete: Not sure about conventional gray countertops? Go for stained concrete to pair them up with oak cabinets.

2. Chiseled Edges: You can experiment with the countertop edges in the case of concrete countertops. Get chiseled edges to make a statement pairing it with a white cabinet. 

3. Textured Countertops: Concrete leaves room for experimentation and playing around. Add imprints and textures in repose gray to otherwise plain concrete countertops. 

4. Matte Black: Aiming at a kitchen design that speaks a modern and sleek language? Add matte black countertops paired with oak cabinets. This countertop will create soothing visuals in the space. 

5. Raw Visuals: Do you like the rustic look concrete offers? Blend the oak cabinets design with raw concrete countertops to keep the natural look intact in your cooking area. 

Sleek and Warm: Wood with Oak Cabinets

Wood with Oak Cabinets

Wood on wood? Yes, it looks stunning!

An oak countertop with oak cabinets went out of fashion a few years back, but it has again made its way into the trends. Match your oak cabinets with wooden countertops for a kitchen that speaks of sleekness and contemporary visuals with a touch of warmer and more welcoming vibes.

Top 5 Wood Colors for Wood Countertops:

1. Brown: The typical brown accents are capable enough to give your kitchen design a neutral look with a touch of fineness with a color countertop accentuated by light wood cabinets.

2. Beige: Beige is an ideal choice with the beauty it imparts to the kitchen when paired with subtle golden oak cabinets.

3. Chocolate: Chocolaty wood can offer a striking design for dark cabinets to the kitchen when paired with oak wood.

4. White: White countertops are all about their charm and elegance. Form a perfectly balanced design with white wood countertops and oak cabinets. This combination offers a crisp look to the space. 

5. Cherry: Do you want to make a statement and add character to your kitchen with dark cabinets? Add cherry wood countertops to the kitchen along with oak cabinets. 

Our favorite Woods for Wood Countertops:-

1. White Oak: White oak is a preferred choice for minimalists with medium-toned light wood grain and a subtle finish.

2. American Walnut: A rich dark chocolate hue with dramatic black lines is a striking choice for those who love darker tones. It is a perfect choice for a Dark countertop kitchen design. 

3. Maple: An excellent quality light wood especially used as butcher block for its durability. It is an ideal choice but a slightly expensive one. However, the beauty of it stays timeless. 

Matching countertops with cabinets is not as easy as it sounds. However, we have some pro tips to help you pick the best and leave the rest.

5 Tips for Choosing the perfect color for your Kitchen Countertops with Oak Cabinets

White Granite Countertop

Here are the five tips that will help you pick up the perfect color countertops for your kitchen that suit and enhance your oak cabinetry:

  1. When designing with oak cabinetry designs and flooring materials, choose a color that defines a design style for your space. 
  2. Make sure your cabinet colors blend with the tone of your oak cabinets. For example, choose laminates with a natural undertone rather than glossy laminates. 
  3. Before exploring the options, fix a budget and consider all the possibilities. Always choose high-quality and durable countertop color options.
  4. Your design must have a long-term vision, from maintenance to upkeep.
  5. If you’re not sure which of the endless color options to choose for your kitchen design, it’s best to seek advice from experts. 

Whether modern or contemporary defines you or neutral and traditional is your style, this list has perfect countertop colors to complement your oak cabinets! Choose the one that appeals to you the most and offers you the ease of working. If you need more countertop color ideas with maple cabinets, we’ve some trendy options handpicked for you!