Best Countertop Colors With Cherry Cabinets (26 Chic Colors & Materials)

Does black go with cherry? Or will a green countertop work with cherry cabinets? Are you putting a lot of time into finding answers to these questions? Then, you can settle down now!

With their warm and rich color, Cherry cabinets have maintained their favor for centuries. But Cherry wood’s attractive swirls, knots, and streaks don’t easily settle with just any other color. That’s why, you need to find the perfect countertops that will complement these reddish cabinets!

So, here are the top 26 countertop colors and material combinations that can spruce up your cherry cabinets and bring out their true beauty!

26 Best Countertop Colors & Materials to Pair with Cherry Cabinets

From granite and marble to laminate and concrete, there are countless countertop colors based on different materials that you can choose from to complement your kitchen cherry cabinets!

Top 7 Granite Countertop Colors

Gold Countertops

If you wish to have your kitchen countertops have an elegant and timeless look, just go home with the winner—granite. Granite is a modern solution to kitchens and fits with almost all types of decor.

It is no secret that we are spoiled with color options with granites. But which one to pick? We got you the top 5 color picks for granite countertops that blend like magic with cherry cabinets.

1. Red: If an eccentric space with a dramatic look is your goal, red is the ideal choice. It is a bold color that matches perfectly with the cherry hues of your cabinets. Additionally, there are over 99 shades of red that come in diverse textures and patterns so that you can find the perfect match for your cherry cabinets.

2. Yellow: A Gutsy Choice! Choose a yellow granite color for the countertop to make it a focal point for your kitchen, and you would not need any other element to add on. It is a highlight feature that aligns well with your cherry cabinets, adding warmth to the kitchen space.

3. Green: If you love nature, then why not bring some in with your green granite countertops? For a somber and pleasant vibe, go for pastels with green granite. However, opt for an Olive green or a deep green finish for the kitchen countertop if you want the drama. Pairing your cherry kitchen cabinet with a hint of nature creates a space that thrives on natural materials. 

4. Black: Nobody ever went wrong with black, and nobody ever will. Black is a statement color that never goes out of style. So pair your cherry kitchen cabinets with an elegant black granite countertop to incorporate luxurious visuals in your kitchen. Granite countertops are available in both matte and glossy shades. Choose what suits your palette the best. 

5. Blue: Most of the time, blue granite countertops come with various veins options like gray, black, or even white, allowing them to match any cabinet color. Cherry has a deep brown hue to it; you can pair your blue countertops with gray or black shades to align them with these exquisite cabinets. 

6. Pink: We’d like to share one fact with pink color—it promotes a sense of love when paired with cherry cabinets and lights up the kitchen. Using a pink countertop will give your kitchen that ultra-modern look without overdoing the design. 

7. Gold: The most famous gold granite is imperial gold. Optimistic and vibrancy vibe could be two words we can conceptualize when matching the rich gold to the already rich cherry cabinets. 

Granite rocks hard! No, genuinely, you scratch on it, you cut on it, it just won’t break.

Our favorite granite countertops that go with cherry cabinets:

1. Bianco Antico Granite: Bianco Antico granite gives a subtle impression of white, gray color with delicate, subtle spots of brown. This will effortlessly go with dark cherry cabinets.

2. Uba Tuba Granite: If you are looking for something shimmering, choose Uba Tuba. With its gold sparks on a black background, the granite seems like you are stargazing from your kitchen.

3. New Venetian Gold Granite: Gold Venetian comes like a ray of sunshine! The flow of beige color around the entire surface gives you a warm feeling. You can even use it for your kitchen backsplash.

4. New Caledonia Granite: This might quickly become your top choice. If your concept is more modern, you don’t have to think twice.

5. Moon White Granite: The contrast with the cherry cabinets will vibrantly fill the kitchen space. Or, if your kitchen needs more visual space, this color can also suffice that need. 

5 Stunning Natural Wood Countertop Colors

Natural Wood Countertop with Cherry Cabinets

The wooden countertop stays superior. We don’t think it’s ever going out of trend. Who wouldn’t want their kitchen space to feel as connected to nature as they can?

Although there are no rules to choosing the perfect color for a wood countertop, choose the color that complements the details of the wood instead of dominating it. Here are a few of our favorites that match well with cherry cabinets.

1. Turquoise: Turquoise, with its calm hues, communicates the feeling of repose. When paired with cherry cabinets, Turquoise will evoke the feeling of spring or wild forests, giving a unique aesthetic character to the kitchen. 

2. Beige: The key benefit of beige and cherry cabinets is their timeless look. Beige perfectly complements dark shades of cherry. Due to its neutral and light hues against cherry red, it can easily highlight cherry cabinets. This color would also provide the perfect background for your kitchen appliances and equipment.

3. Pastel Green: Pastel shades are a trending style in 2022 for home decor. Green on wood would be an elegant play of organic palettes. It will add a hint of nature and tranquility to your kitchen decor. Pairing pastels with cherry would make the cherry cabinet an accent piece in the kitchen space.

4. Black: The dark black would allow the color of cherry to pop out to add an aesthetic appeal to your home decor. The kitchen space should be simple and functional; the black color is its synonym. If you want a modern interior design, the combination of cherry and black will work perfectly.

5. Cream: Sometimes, simplicity is the key to the design concept. The cream color will make the features of the wood stand out. Neutrals are comfortable with any color; combining this duo would give your kitchen space a sophisticated yet sleek look. 

Best wood countertops that suit well with Cherry Cabinetry:

1. Black Walnut: Black walnut is often used in residential projects because of its stunning visible grains and sturdiness.

2. Teak: Teakwood and cherry cabinets would appeal to those who want the 70s look (more traditional) for the kitchen. Countertop materials are chosen on moisture resistance, where teak perfectly fits. 

3. Maple: Maple wood presents so many options that you’ll be lost. It is famous for its squiggly grain texture and pairs well with cherry wood furniture. 

Expert tip: Although there’s a certain notion of using wood as a countertop, many homeowners are ready to bet on it. The tip is to simply keep sanding them to keep them attractive.

6 Exquisite Quartz Countertop Colors

Quartz Countertop with Cherry Cabinets

Quartz is fairly new in the timeline of countertops, but its durability and aesthetic appeal have propelled it ahead of its competitors. A quartz countertop is an ideal choice for your kitchen if you need a countertop that’s both elegant and sturdy. Here are some gorgeous quartz colors that will instantly spruce up your cherry cabinets.

1. White: White can help your kitchen design look uncluttered and spacious. White and cherry cabinets are the chicest pair. White quartz countertop adds a luxurious charm, making it ideal for a “farmhouse style” home decor. 

2. Grey: When going for a minimalistic style, always opt for grey quartz. The subtlety enhances the calm ambiance when paired with dark cherry cabinets. The color can add softness against the bold hues of cherry red.

3. Black & White: Black and white will be a timeless choice; including them with quartz will give stunning foci. If you can’t choose between a Scandinavian style or a chic modern style, this color combination of black with cherry cabinets would give you the perfect middle ground.

4. Mint green: Cherry cabinet can anchor the kitchen, while mint green forms the perfect background. If you are searching for some fun options to explore, put mint green over cherry cabinets. The duo can give the kitchen a contemporary and traditional vibe, aligning well with various design themes.

5. Purple: Who knew that hot purple could be a possible option? Elegant Purple quartz can add that feminine tone to the kitchen. When combined with the cherry color cabinet, it can lend a sense of balance and harmony to the kitchen space.

6. Pastel pink: Searching for a more delicate-looking option? Your search ends here! This pastel tone of pink will add a serene atmosphere to your decor. A combination of pastel pink countertops with cherry cabinets amplifies the darker tones of cherry while adding a sublime finish to the tabletop.

Best Quartz Countertops that go well with Cherry Cabinets:

1. Aria Quartz: Aria Quartz can create a unique situation with odd angles and curves. You can also find the perfect slab of Aria to shape it with the cherry cabinets.

2. Bourbon quartz: They shine with their organic spots that are more visible than the background color and need no other highlighting decor, making it an ideal match for cherry red cabinetry. 

3. Calacatta Splendor Quartz: This one shows delicate marble-like features. The pattern of white and gray can give the marble look with the budget of quartz. 

4. Eternal Calacatta Gold Quartz: This quartz comes with white background with gold-brown veins throughout the slab. Cherry cabinets with these veins will speak elegance.

Top 4 Marble Countertop Colors

Marble Countertop with Cherry Cabinets

We really cannot make a list of countertops without mentioning marble. Marble countertop is one of the most elegant choices for your kitchen space if you want it to speak of luxury and sophistication. Since marble is everywhere, it’s pretty normal to get confused on which to choose!

There are different marble colors to choose from, and the options are endless. So, here are our finds that go well with cherry cabinets.

1. Blue: Looking for a Scandinavian kitchen countertop style? Collaborate with blue marble and cherry cabinets. The pair would dramatically give you a rustic modern style of kitchen decor. As blue also comes under a cool color palette, your kitchen space would effortlessly add a serene vibe. 

2. Off-white: If your challenge is to make the kitchen look warmer? The solution is an off-white marble countertop. The soft tones would give a calm and relaxed mood to your kitchen. Darker shades of cherry cabinets with an exquisite off-white marble will be the match made in heaven.

3. Brown: Cherry and brown marble countertops can flow seamlessly with frameless cabinets. This combination will take on a warm tone that exudes luxury and opulence. As brown and cherry are earthy colors, they offer a natural appeal.

4. Green Marble: Green marble is an elegant choice for those who adore state-of-the-art pieces and prefer their countertops to take center stage. If you want the marble veins to look somber and the background to be darker, then pick a green marble countertop. Harmonize the cherry with a striking green marble and notice how the kitchen countertop turns into a conversation starter. 

Best options for marble countertops to go with Cherry cabinets:

1. Makrana Marble: Makrana marble is the best class of marble. It gives the warmest character to the kitchen with its cream tones without falling back on the luxurious appearance of a white countertop. 

2. Emperador Marble: The shade of brown complements the contracting white and the asymmetrical pattern. This marble joins the gang of maximalist trends with its irregular and large veins.

3. Levadia Black Marble: Levadia looks like a piece of art. Unlike other marble, this one comes with smoke spots. It can also be called Titanium black. 

4 Best Concrete Countertop Colors & Textures

Concrete Countertop with Cherry Cabinets

Concrete might not be a go-to material for countertops, but it’s 2022, and there are enough safety nets for us to experiment without failing! Concrete kitchen countertops offer a sturdy and classy look to the kitchen space!

Most Popular Concrete Texture for Countertops to Match with Cherry Cabinets:

1. Marbleized: If we tell you concrete can be textured like marbles, will you believe us? This texture is the proof. With colors, one can also create veins in the texture. Marbleized concrete can pair well with dark countertops and lighter countertops. 

2. Sanded: The sanded texture will help you achieve that smooth and flawless finish to enhance the beauty of cherry cabinets. It is also slightly coarse without an entirely uneven surface. This makes it ideal as a countertop to be functionally superior.

3. Hand-Troweled: This one is for all DIY lovers; you can add various textural effects through hand-troweled methods. This texture can also look like natural stone, making this an affordable choice over other materials.

4. Wood-Grained: The texture will twin with your dark cherry cabinets. It is achieved by board forming, where concrete is cast into wood paneling or pre-set boards while casting the concrete. This gives raw concrete a rich wood-grained finish and has an ethereal appeal. 

Since the concrete countertop is designed from scratch, you are open to experimentation with a wide range of textures, from silk smooth to rock-like textures; the options are endless.

Should cherry wood cabinets be stained?

Staining is not a compulsion. However, once stained, the wood’s natural grain is strongly visual. Multiple light stainings are available in the market to simply let the natural wood grain shine instead of coating it with something dark.

How do you keep cherry wood cabinets from turning dark?

If you do not want your cherry wood cabinet to get intense, place them away from sunlight (windows, doors, or any other opening should not face the wood) or simply add blinds to protect them from direct sunlight.

What color compliments cherry cabinets?

There is a range of colors that go with cherry cabinets, but it also depends on the materials you use for the countertops. Some of the most used colors for kitchen countertops are beige, gray, black, and white. You can even go for dark cherry cabinets that are in much vogue.

The cherry cabinet is a true classic, from a traditional kitchen to a contemporary one. From the 1600s to 2024, it’s remained one of the top choices of people looking for cabinets. You just need its perfect countertop partner, and your kitchen will glow beautifully!

Just like cherry cabinets, Brown cabinetry has its distinctive character. So if you’re looking for countertop colors for brown cabinets, we’ve got you covered.