Best Countertop Colors to Go With Brown Cabinets (Top 25 Ideas)

Dark over dark? Or light on dark? Choosing the right countertop color for your brown kitchen cabinets might seem like a long rigmarole! Dark cabinetry was trendy in traditional interior design and is still one of the trendiest options. But these cabinets don’t play along with any random countertop!

But you can stop worrying about it because we have hand-picked 25 countertop colors based on different countertop materials that will blend magically with those elegant brown cabinets and upscale your cooking space!

Best Countertop Colors & Materials for Your Brown Kitchen Cabinets

Naturally, different countertop materials come in several shades and patterns. Some shades look better on marble, some on granite, and some on laminate. Below are the best countertop colors of different materials to pair with brown cabinetry!

Top 5 Marble Countertop Colors for Brown Cabinets

Marble Countertop With Brown Cabinets

Can’t say no to luxury with marble and brown cabinets! This duo possesses the capacity to transform the kitchen completely. From being fancy to being aesthetically pleasing, the marble countertop and brown cabinets or wood cabinets can bring as much luxury as you expect.

There’s absolutely no scarcity when choosing the right type, texture, or color of the marble. So let’s look at the top 5 color options to pair marble countertops with brown cabinets.

1. White: The most known of them all, white marble, has its own value. When a white countertop is paired with the warmness of the brown cabinet, it can create a majestic and pure experience in the kitchen design.

2. Black: Black countertop is the statement maker! There’s a solid reason why it’s the color of luxury; it can help hide all the insecurities (stains) from the countertop when cooking.

3. Red: Wondered why McDonald’s, Pizza Hut, and other food joints add red in their logos? Red is the color of appetite! If you’re not using them for the kitchen countertop, where else? 

4. Brown: Brown countertops and brown cabinets are for those who want their kitchen to flow seamlessly. This color combination will help you achieve cohesiveness. In addition, this shade of marble comes in all hues, so you can pick what suits your style the best. 

5. Yellow: The combination of dark cabinets and yellow counters might not be the first combination that comes to your mind. But yellow brings back the pop your kitchen might be lacking.

Marble has been the most desired material since ancient times. Still, people choose to design with marble as it is still positioned as the “status symbol.” Marbles never ran out of style!

Listing our favorite picks for your Perfect Marble Countertops:-

1. Calacatta: The rarity of the Calacatta marble makes it expensive. The gray and gold veins complement the brown cabinets making it the ultimate luxury quotient.

2. Nero Marquina: Nero-Marquina can be more budget-friendly yet give your kitchen countertops a unique look with its dark gray or black features with dark cabinets.  

3. Statuario Marble: Statuario marbles are more in the darker white shades, their sharp and dark gray veins beneath the light background can be used as a design feature for countertops.  

4. Rosa Levante: If you liked the brown-on-brown combination, this marble is definitely for you. Rosa Levante inclines on the brownish side of the marble hues, which does not stand out with veins like others. 

5. Carrara: Carrara can be differentiated and grouped on the level of their whiteness. It has gray veins, which uniformly spread with a white background. 

Top 5 Granite Color Options to Accent Your Brown Kitchen Cabinets

Brown Kitchen Cabinets

Granite never left its first position and remained the first choice for countertops. So much that often it outshines its competitor—Marble. How? It’s sturdy and impermeable also before we forget to mention amongst many of its qualities—It does not etch! All of this within an affordable price, isn’t it a package?

There are some amazing granite colors, so you’re spoilt for choice. Here are a few of our favorites that go well with brown cabinets.

1. Coffee: Everyone likes coffee, so it’s safe to assume everyone will love this combo of brown granite. The coffee granite countertop will create a dreamy and cozy look paired with warm flooring, bright chandeliers, and dark cabinets.

2. Neutral Tones: if you love your brown cabinets so much and don’t wish to make your granite countertops a focal point, this is it! Neutral-toned countertops with brown granite cabinetry blend with everything.

3. White: For granite countertops, it’s almost impossible to get pure whites, but it’s their freckles and distinctive marks that make them so unique. White marble countertops are one of the best options for a clean and chic kitchen interior. 

4. Gray: Want a contrast? But also want to avoid crudeness? Light Gray granite and dark brown cabinets are the answer to it. The dark granite countertop adds an eclectic element to the space. 

5. Black: Black granite countertops are an excellent choice for brown cabinets. With a sleek contrast, these countertop designs a traditional yet classy kitchen interior. Black granite looks ravishing against stained wood cabinets, especially oak cabinets.

6. Brown: If you need a high-end yet cohesive kitchen interior, brown granite is your best bet. A brown countertop paired with stained brown cabinets will bring a rustic, farmhouse look to your kitchen. A Fantasy Brown Granite is a go-to option for this appeal. Explore more cabinet colors that go with Fantasy Brown Countertops here.

Here are the top 5 shades for Granite Countertops:-

1. New Caledonia Granite: Its intricate shades in gray and white can make it easier to combine with different elements in the kitchen cabinet zone. (Appliances and gray flooring, for that matter)

2. Venetian Gold Granite: Even if the kitchen receives less sunlight, Venetian gold granite brings the perfect warmth to your kitchen cabinetry. Pair them with gold accents and ornate lights to bring out true beauty. 

3. Moon White Granite: Moon white granite features very intricate grains, with multiple swirls for you to get swirled in! A state-of-art choice for the perfect kitchen slabs that are more than their functionality, pairing perfectly with light cabinets. 

4. Imperial red granite: Royalty is the only word to describe this combination. With luxurious red grain, Imperial red would excellently match the status of the brown cabinets.

5. Green pearl: Green pearls are readily available as they are quarried in India for multiple purposes—interiors and exteriors.

Top 5 Quartz Countertop Colors for Brown Kitchen

Quartz Countertop With Brown Cabinets

You will never lose a bet with quartz, and that’s our verdict!

Quartz is manufactured with engineered solutions. The stones are available in multiple colors and textures for dark cabinets as well as lighter shades. Quartz is one of the most robust materials on earth, making them loved for covering countertops.

There are quite a few shades to choose from; here are our top 4 color countertops for your kitchen design.

1. White: White goes with black, brown, or white; it literally goes with everything! So, white quartz is the simplest solution to highlight that brown cabinet. So amp up your darker-toned brown cabinets with white quartz, and there you go; you now have an exquisite piece in your kitchen design. 

2. Gray: Gray goes with both light cabinets and dark cabinets. That’s why it’s trending in 2022. Gray cabinets let other features in the kitchen perform. Pair your quartz countertops with a light-shaded brown cabinet to balance it out. 

3. Cream: If you wish to make your kitchen go traditional, try combining the cream with brown. This combination grants rich tones and sleek finishes to your contemporary-themed homes.

4. Cherry: We assure you that going with this color can never go wrong for dark kitchen cabinets. It definitely adds its own charm. The cherry cabinet is a dramatic choice, and if you’re in for some, then this pick will truly be a highlight feature in your kitchen. How about pairing it up with your kitchen island?

So what are the benefits of Quartz Countertops? We’re glad you asked!

  • Kitchen countertops demand impermeable surfaces; hence, quartz, being no-porous, becomes the right supply.  
  • Quartz is a sustainable material. Seriously, what’s better than a material that can save the earth? 
  • It does not require sealing.
  • With an engineering solution, the imperfections and flaws can be engineered out.

5 Laminate Countertop Colors to Pair With Brown Cabinets

Laminates Countertop With Brown Cabinets

No, the laminate countertop won’t scratch easily! This is an outdated notion. Laminates have become long-lasting thanks to technological and manufacturing advancements, driving their road back to kitchens. The material’s versatility is such that it is available in a wide range of textures and finishes that can even match a natural stone finish.

The list of laminate color options can be endless. Like a chameleon, laminates can adapt to any countertop, but here are our top five picks.

1. Earthy Red: Where you cook becomes your energy source; ideally, it should be close to nature. Using earthy red for dark wood countertops brings an earthy feel, enhancing the overall quotient.

2. Wooden brown: Laminates are used to give that hardwood vibe without emptying your pockets. Moreover, wood can drive that feng shui effect. For example, dark brown kitchen cabinets add drama to a space.

3. Blue: Blue with brown brings the tranquility of the “sea.” Besides, the thought of cooking on the beach, blue is soothing for the eyes, making your kitchen truly admirable. You can even create a mix of white cabinets and brown to pair with this.

4. Sage Green: Green was the color of 2021, but we think it’s here to stay. Green is fresh, relating itself to the outdoors and instantly bringing nature to your kitchen featuring brown cabinets, adding a refreshing vibe to it. 

5. Red: Red laminates are often not the first choice, but we assure you that the duo will create an ambiance like no other once you pair red with brown cabinets!

Did you notice we almost covered all aspects of the earth? (Air, water, and land) no right? That’s how effortless it is working with laminates.

Laminate is one of the most versatile materials to work with for kitchen cabinets and kitchen countertops. Its versatility makes it not restricted to any timeline—Vintage, traditional, or contemporary, laminates can shine in any era.

Top 5 Gorgeous Tile Colors for Brown Kitchen Cabinetry

Tile Countertop With Brown Cabinets

Vintage hero! Tiles used to be a staple in the kitchens back in the ’70s and stayed till the early ’90s. Not surprising enough, It’s come back again!

People have started seeing it as more accessible and affordable than its competitors—Quartz, granite, and marble. In addition, it’s so easy to install tile countertops that we can almost call it a DIY.

Confused with the color of tile countertops to choose from? Let us make the job easier for you.

1. Colorful Mosaic: If you can’t experiment with tiles, then with what? Mosaic tiles are easily available in large and small mosaics. To achieve the Grecian style, try designing it with fruity murals, and you won’t need any other home decor.

2. White: All white tiles in the kitchen will give you a nostalgic feeling. (Like you are still eating in your grandmother’s kitchen.) The key is to play with the horizontality and the verticality of the shapes in all white tiles.

3. Blue: If you want to experiment with the tiles, choose blue and design a particular design statement—work of art, specific era, or sophisticated style, the choice is yours!

4. Pastel mint: Want something colorful yet subtle? Pastel mint can give you the perfect soft color while keeping up with your personality. It is a distinctive and appealing match for brown cabinets.

5. Peach: Peach is a no-brainer! Yellow, white, brown, gray—Peach can pair up with almost all. A peach countertop will instantly add a fresh feel to your kitchen space.

From its different colors to its different textures, there is a huge possibility that you might get lost in the pool of choices. The best way is to surf with various tiles through materials. Of course, we got that covered too.

Here are our top favorite picks for Tile types for your Countertops.

1. Ceramic Tile: This is the most common of them all. Ceramic tiles can be found easily in many residences. Reasons? Well, it’s durable, easily maintained, comes in thousands of styles, and is within budget. Amen! We love this!

2. Porcelain Tile: Another most common type, Porcelain tile can act as a natural stone without requiring high maintenance.

3. Vitrified Tiles: Vitrified is similar to ceramic and porcelain, but the only difference is the mix of silica in it. The silica mix allows the tile to retain the sheen even after rough use of several years.

4. Natural stone: Natural stone comes with natural insulation benefits—It will keep your kitchen cool even when cooking something hot!

5. Cement: Not the most common choice, but you can experiment your way a lot but paring it multiple colors that suit the brown. 

Apart from these 3, there are multiple other materials used for tiles—glass, marble, etc., but we do not recommend them for countertops. Since countertops are always on “heavy-duty.”

5 Tips for Choosing the Perfect Color for Your Kitchen Countertops with Brown Cabinets

Kitchen Countertops with Brown Cabinets
  • Always choose the color of the countertop in person. When you surf through websites, the material selection might be right, but the color might not. In the case of browns, the actual color and that from a virtual image might differ. 
  • Consider other elements first-hand. What is the color of the backsplash? Are your walls colorful? Is your flooring on the neutral side? How you answer these questions and accessorize the kitchen will help you choose the right color.
  • Colors have the potential to make a kitchen big. Conversely, they can also make the kitchen look small. So avoid using colors that reduce the visual size of your kitchen. 
  • While some countertop colors are more expensive, some can be within your budget. Designing within the budget is good, but compromising the concept for your brown cabinet pairings is not!
  • Study the useability—Some countertops can stain easily, while some can be dirty but still won’t be visible; establish your priority. Lastly, Don’t forget to have fun!

We hope that these expert tips might change your “surf-fring” to “fav-ring.”

Countertop becomes the central portion of any kitchen, so choose wisely. Before choosing based on its colors and material, consider your lifestyle and how you would want your brown kitchen to feel!

Opposite to the sober brown, some homeowners go off the beaten path and paint their cabinets green. If you’re one of them, you might want to explore these exotic countertop colors for green cabinets!