Countertop Colors to Go With Maple Cabinets? (Top 26 Ideas)

Maple is one of the most exquisite wood types that many proud homeowners adorn. Its delicate veins, warm tones, and homey vibes make it a popular choice for modern kitchen cabinets! And being versatile, maple cabinets can work well with a wide range of countertop colors.

So, if you’re confused about which countertop color and material you must choose, we’ve got your back! Here are the 26 top countertop colors and textures based on different countertop materials that are a match made in heaven for your maple cabinets!

26 Best Countertop Colors & Materials for your Maple Cabinets

Maple cabinetry looks sleek and clean in itself. So, depending on the amount of visual interest you’d like to add to the space, you can choose from several colors and textures of different countertop materials as listed below!

Top 8 “Everyones-fav” Quartz Countertop Colors & Textures

Quartz Countertop

If you’re thinking about Quartz, you’re almost there. Quartz is an engineered stone that is stain-resistant and non-porous, making it a handy choice for countertops. It will add a luxurious, contemporary feel, like granite, to your kitchen without burning holes in your pocket.

If the wide range of colors available for quartz terrifies you, here are the top 8 options to pair with maple cabinets.

1. Medium Gray: The twining of medium gray and light-colored maple cabinets works for both rustic and contemporary styles of kitchen space. Also, the medium gray is the color of 2022; it will give your kitchens a spacious and urbane look.

2. Red: Maple color cabinets can be paired easily with the astonishing red countertop. The no-effort combination can complement each other, as they belong to the same color palette. This duo offers a homely ambiance to any space.

3. Aqua Blue: If you are looking for a subtle contrast, try pairing aqua blue hues with the subtle shades of maple cabinets. This minimal combination can work well in making your kitchen space look huge and airy, keeping it serene yet colorful. 

4. Black: If you’re looking for a strong contrast, go for black. Consider a black countertop for lighter-colored maple cabinets, like—cream, beige, or other nude shades, to maintain the minimalistic and modern kitchen interior design.

5. Brown: The color brown creates a feeling of wholesomeness. In color psychology, maple and brown contribute to warmth and homeliness, making them a perfect combination for a sophisticated kitchen. 

6. Orange: Feeling experimental? Bright oranges can bring playfulness to functional kitchen spaces. The combination of primary orange and maple cabinets will bring effective elegance.

7. Green: For all the nature lovers! Green is capable of making a space of its own. Thanks to its rich hues that can enrich the kitchen space when paired with a maple cabinet. 

8. White and Cream: The soft palette will gel up with the maple cabinets and blend well with stainless appliances and equipment in the kitchen that softens the ambiance.

Best Quartz Countertops That Will Suit Maple Cabinetry

1. Bourbon Quartz: The shiny veins and organic spots make bourbon quartz a star of any kitchen. The maple cabinets can form a subtle background for this stunning quartz. 

2. Calacatta Splendor Quartz: The delicate and subtle tone of maple can twin with this one. They feature veins that are not bold enough to steal the show from maple cabinets.

3. Topus Caesarstone: If your kitchen concept is to maintain uniformity in the levels of hues, this is it, as it offers inappreciable veining throughout the slab. 

Top 6 Laminate Countertop Colors

Laminates Countertop With Brown Cabinets

Laminate offers a great slate to experiment with for all DIY lovers. Laminate countertops can cost half the money of marble or granite, being highly heat resistant and almost impossible to stain. These offer a sleek look to the kitchen, keeping it functional and stylish. Here are the best laminate countertop colors you can try.

1. Cream: Cream with maple cabinets can appear more traditional in its design style. This match can lighten any gloomy space. Opt for a darker shade of maple cabinet with a cream-toned countertop to add more depth of hues.

2. Earthy brown: Maple cabinets, when combined with earthy countertops, will embellish the kitchen space into a more natural and earthy ambiance, making the kitchen space the perfect source of energy.

3. Sky Blue: Craving more color? But don’t want your kitchen to look small? Choose the sky blue laminates for your countertop with light maple cabinets to add visual appeal to your kitchens. 

4. Pale Green: Maple cabinets and pale green shades could blend seamlessly throughout the kitchen. This shade won’t be dominated yet evokes powerful emotions, filling the space with energy.

5. Marigold: With the richness of gold, this color is no less than a bright sunny day. The warm marigold will impart a grounded look when paired with maple cabinets. Opt for a yellow backsplash that compliments the marigold cohesively for a similar ambiance.

6. Dark Navy: Dark navy can immediately change your kitchen atmosphere into an intimate and cozy space. Also, the navy laminate can easily shine differently during the day under the sunlight —use task lighting to make it look bluish, while accents will make it look blackish in the shade.

5 Granite Colors for Countertops

Granite Countertop

Granite countertops give the kitchen a luxurious and refined look. It’s 100% natural and highly durable. Granite is highly resistant to stains, heat, and moisture, your granite just won’t be harmed, and even if it does, it’s easily repairable too!

To help you choose the best color countertops, we’ve selected the top 5 granite colors for you.

1. Green: The maple cabinet combined with a green granite countertop can evoke the presence of a forest. Choose a lighter green oozing a soft contrast with maple cabinetry for a sober vibe.

2. Baby Blue: Baby blue adds a sweet personality of its own while maintaining the charm of maple cabinets. Both paired together can complement each other subtly, offering a transitional kitchen design. 

3. Red: Want to glam the functional kitchen? A dark maple cabinet with a red countertop adds intensity and glam to any kitchen. Research has shown that using red helps in creating more energetic spaces.

4. Pink: Delicate over delicate! In the kitchen, where maple cabinets add a traditional touch, the tonal palette of pink feels crisp and modern, making the design theme timeless and highly inviting. 

5. Gold: It’s not surprising that gold will look stunning with brown maple cabinets. The kitchen interior will pop up with gold countertops, adding a lavish feel to the space. Introduce decors on the earthy side to make sure it forms a theme with maple cabinets.

Out Top Favorite Granite Countertop Textures

1. Baltic Beige Granite: To add a touch of drama to your maple cabinets, opt for baltic beige granite’s huge grains, with black veining on the beige background. 

2. Caledonia Granite: If you want to tone down the traditional style of subtle white countertops with modern style, Caledonia Granite is for you.

3. Imperial granite: The royal dark maple cabinet perfectly matches the rich imperial granite with its wine-red grains, making it an accent. 

Top 4 Tile Colors for Your Kitchen Countertops

 Maple Cabinets

Since olden times, tiles have been the primary material in the kitchen. The kitchen countertop with tiles lends immeasurable elegance, and this grace is easy to clean and maintain. Tiles have an eclectic mix of functionality and, of course, their own charm.

With a variety of colors available, tiles prove to be one of the best countertop materials for modern kitchens.

1. Bright Blue: Bright blue color has a relaxing and balancing effect, anchoring perfectly in kitchen space. Paint your countertop with an eye-catching bright blue and soften the theme with a light-colored maple cabinet to avoid making things too bold.

2. Bright White: Crisp white countertops will make your kitchen space trendy. Pair it with dark maple cabinets that sharply contrast the kitchen to add more warmth.

3. Mint Green: Mint green can freshen up the kitchen space even if you’re just remodeling the countertop. Since it’s green, it’s already relaxing, and when paired with the dark hues of the maple, it can help you add a hint of freshness and fun to your spaces.

4. Colorful Mosaic: The key to playing with mosaic countertops is to work with their horizontality and verticality. Although the end product might look like it requires a lot of time, in reality, it’s super easy, as it’s abundantly available in the market. You can create playful patterns of your liking with it. 

Top 3 Tile Types for Your Countertops

1. Porcelain Tile: If your kitchen countertop is in a high traffic zone, using porcelain tile can be the best solution as it’s dense enough for wear and tear.

2. Ceramic Tile: We recommend not limiting the use of ceramics till countertop but also applying them as backsplashes to protect the kitchen space from moisture and ease in maintenance.

3. Vitrified Tiles: Want that glossy effect? Use vitrified tiles, and you won’t even need any additional glazing or polishing to bring the sheen effect to the countertops. 

Top 3 Marble Countertop Colors

Marble Countertop

Marble is the universal option for countertops; it’s unsurprising to know this. It naturally remains cool, making it a perfect cooking surface. Marble involves some of the best colors and textures for luxurious countertops; the options are endless! But here, we share the top 3 colors that go well with maple cabinets.

1. Black: Black is an easy choice for dark countertops as they help hide the stains from cooking. Pair the black countertop with dark cabinets and watch how it gives you that bold, rustic, and contemporary look. 

2. Light Brown: Light-coloured maple and brown marble countertops will always be the safe choice. Both warm and earthy hues are a timeless classic. If you like cohesive spaces, this combination is your best bet. 

3. Yellow: The color of joy! The combination of neutral-colored maple cabinets and yellow counters can “open up” and add brightness to even small kitchen spaces.

Our Favorite Picks Marble Countertops

1. Emperador Marble: Fancy a maximalist countertop? The marble might be the one you’re looking for. Emperador features irregular and asymmetrical patterns making the marble slab an accent.

2. Statuario Marble: The delicately intricate veining of Statuario makes it come to the forefront when designing a kitchen space. The light-colored maple cabinet can be the perfect backdrop.

3. Carrara: If you are looking for something sober and urbane, pair Carrara with a maple cabinet to create uniformity in hues.

Are maple wood kitchen cabinets outdated?

Maple cabinets are not outdated. They are durable, timeless, and can work well in any timeline or style, from traditional to chic contemporary. Many interior designers still prefer using maple cabinets as they’re long-lasting. But if you still are not convinced, try to update the countertop colors with the help of this article.

Is Maple Wood Good for Kitchen Cabinets?

Maple wood is known for its durability, even in areas with high moisture content and prone to stains. In addition, the uniform grains allow it to add a finishing touch to the kitchen cabinets.

Can one prevent the problem of stains on maple cabinets in kitchen design?

Yes. You can save your maple countertops from staining with multiple procedures like, sanding the end grain to prohibit the stain absorption, applying clear glue on the surface, or using a light coat of shellac or any sealant. 

If you want a kitchen decor that doesn’t fit into any timeline, a.k.a. timeless – Maple cabinets are the answer. They can easily become the most favorite visible element in your kitchen and can work magically with almost all possible countertop colors!

We hope that the article addressed all your questions about choosing the best countertop for maple cabinets. If you need more ideas about designing countertops with cherry cabinets or espresso cabinets, I’ll be happy to help!