27 Amazing Countertop Colors & Textures with White Cabinets

Clean, crisp, and timeless white cabinets are the new trend among modern homeowners when designing a chic kitchen interior. They can work in almost any style, from minimalistic Parisian chic to mid-century modern. However, being so dynamic, white cabinetry needs to be paired with the right countertop to anchor the kitchen’s whole look!

After extensive research on colors and textures, I’ve handpicked 27 exclusive countertop colors based on different materials that are a match made in heaven for your white cabinets. Whether you like subtle Carrara over your cabinets or luxuriously Calcutta Quartz, we’ve covered it all!

Top 9 Stunning Granite Countertop Colors for White Kitchen Cabinets


Granite countertops are a classic choice in countertop materials. They’re affordable, durable, and match any type of cabinet. Granite is also easy to maintain, making it ideal for kitchens. The unique color of granite can either contrast with the white kitchen cabinets or be in alliance with them, and here’s how you can do that.

1. Light Gray: Pairing a light contemporary gray countertop with white cabinets can help you be a minimalist and add more visual depth to your kitchen. You can also play with multiple shades of gray to create more depth, creating a perfect minimalistic kitchen with sublime hints of depth.  

2. Gold Metallic: What’s a better way to complement an all-white cabinet than with metallic gold? The gold countertop will bring a royal, glam quotient to your kitchen space and offer a warm ambiance altogether. Colonial Gold granite is an excellent choice if you want to achieve a subtle transition in your kitchen. 

3. Black: Black countertops and white cabinets have always stood the test of time. A black granite countertop like Black Galaxy granite with a hint of brass or gold accents can do wonders. Moreover, you can add a cream backsplash to create a perfect black-and-white traditional design theme.

4. Cream: Cream is always welcomed for countertops, especially with white cabinets. This combination of white and cream is a safe choice with a timeless and luxurious appeal. The duo can create a perfect cohesive ambiance for your kitchen design. 

5. Light Brown: Another combination from the natural palette, a light brown-white combination can bring in a sandy-earth vibe. The pairing will warm up your kitchen design theme with neutral yet elegant tones.

6. Bring Yellow: Yellow countertops and white cabinets make a classy duo. Yellow countertops bring all the colors to your otherwise vanilla-white kitchen. Besides, yellow brings joy, happiness, fun, and playfulness, making it an ideal color for the kitchen island. 

7. Peachy Red: The peachy countertop color will look amazing on white cabinets, holding a bold statement without dominating the kitchen design. For a more eye-catching color, you can always increase the color density of red to add an eccentric, bold look to your contemporary kitchen. 

8. White: A white granite countertop should be your first choice for white cabinets if you love minimal but bright kitchen space. For an interplay of colors, you can go for differing hues on the countertop to add a floaty effect. For example, Colonial white granite with its dark gray fleck will blend well with white kitchen cabinetry.

9. Navy Blue: Going parallel with a minimalist theme, blue in a kitchen space adds an elegant vibe. When paired with white cabinets, Navy blue creates a bold, distinctive look. Pair your white cabinetry with the pristine Volga Blue granite and see the intriguing blue grains and patterns do their magic!

Here are our top picks for Granite types for your Kitchen Countertops:

  • Antico Granite: This granite countertop material features a warm backdrop along with a shimmery brown fleck that adds a little drama. If an eclectic kitchen is on your charts, then this type is perfect to go for!
  • Marinace Granite: The unique pattern of pebbles of Marinace granite will add a dramatic and eccentric look to your decor. 
  • Giallo Ornamental Granite: With their simple hues of cream, white, and a little touch of cranberry, the Giallo ornamental granite countertop can add to the alluring traditional theme.

Top 5 Marble Countertop Colors for White Cabinets

Marble Countertop

Marble comes with an elegant presence that can be styled in more ways than one. You can beautifully pair marble with white cabinets if you have a considerable budget. The versatility it offers, from being scratch and heat resistant to reflecting its unique grains, makes every penny worth it. Here are a few marble countertop colors to match with white cabinets.

1. Dark Brown: If your idea is to create a dark contrast in the color palette, the pairing of dark brown and white cabinets will help you do that. Brown marble countertops being a statement piece, draw attention in your kitchen. However, avoid dark brown if your kitchen is cramped or small.

2. Light Coral: Light coral can easily blend in with your white cabinets, giving the kitchen a spacious feel. To create more uniformity, you can extend this neutral theme with other hues in your home decor, like tan, light gray, and pale. A classy Rojo Alicante marble with white veins will blend beautifully with white cabinets. 

3. Green: Pop out the exquisite marble with a color that breathes nature green! The green countertop resembles fresh forests, helping blur the outdoor-indoor boundary and adding a refreshing, sober vibe to the space. 

4. Pink: Another combination that creates a palatial drama is a pink countertop and white cabinets. Though pink is associated with softness, it can also add a chic look to your kitchen. However, It is best to keep a neutral pink theme throughout your residence rather than in one zone to get the desired look.

5. Bright Orange: A bright orange kitchen countertop will bring playfulness & vibrancy to your space. When paired with white cabinets, this countertop color could instantly become the focal point of your kitchen.

Favorite picks for Marble types for your Kitchen Countertops:

  • Bianco Carrara: Quarried from Italy, Bianco Carrara is one of the most appreciated white marble. They are known for their long-lasting quality and distinctive style.
  • Crema Marfil Marble: Crema Marfil stands out with its natural hue, accompanied by a strong consistency of irregular varying veining, adding more to its luxury. 
  • Calacatta Vagli: With its medium-beige-hued background and huge shadowed spots that are scattered through the marble surface, it creates a unique appearance for your countertops.

Top 4 Exquisite Wood Countertop Colors for White Cabinets

Wood Countertop

Wood countertops are getting popular, especially with technological advancements that make rustic and transitional wood last for a lifetime. The wood countertop adds warmth to the entire space while staying budget-friendly. The best part is that wood, with its natural making, changes colors over time, adding more intricacies with its growing age.

Here are some gorgeous wood colors that will instantly spruce up your white cabinets:

1. Off-white: Off-white countertop is an excellent pick as it ties a sophisticated and uniform look to your white kitchen cabinets. Off-white belongs to the white family; it eventually will create an airy, seamless look. 

2. Brass brown: The exquisite brass can bring on the glam in your white kitchen. This duo makes the kitchen design more versatile while being associated with a chic farmhouse aesthetic. 

3. Turquoise: Your white kitchen cabinets can easily give a cheery look with pops of turquoise on the countertop. While the clean white modernizes the look, turquoise wood can open up a cottage look, making it timeless.

4. Wood Brown: A brown wood countertop will bring an earthy, natural vibe to your kitchen space. The ultra-relaxed vibe of the countertop color with white cabinets can help you achieve a farmhouse-style design for your kitchen.

Top picks for Wood types for your Kitchen Countertops:

  • Cherry: Cherry wood countertops and cherry cabinets are equally in vogue. They are known to change the color from lightly stained to darker over time. 
  • Teak: Teakwood is also known as hardwood, famous for its high compressive strength, making it perfect for a busy kitchen. This wood needs little to no polishing or additional elements as it produces natural oils that keep it lively.
  • Mahogany: Mahogany can bring that sumptuous and luxurious look with its reddish-brown stains. It is one of the most expensive materials and certainly a show-stopper.
  • Maple: Maple is known for its heavy-duty; it can be characterized by straight wood grains and a uniform color that is resistant to decay. 
  • Oak: Oak cabinets and countertops are extensively used in the kitchen for their water-resistant properties. It holds stains and polishes well while being state-of-the-art in itself. 

Top 5 Graceful Quartz Countertop Colors White Kitchen Cabinets

Quartz Countertop

Quartz, like marble, offers a wide range of colors, patterns, textures, and grains. Although fairly new in the market, quartz quickly topped the list with its durability within a budget. For quartz countertops, color coordination becomes crucial as it affects the heavy details of the material. Here are our top five picks for Quartz colors for your Kitchen Countertops.

1. Dark Gray: White cabinets, when combined with a sophisticated gray, look chic. The combination is popularly seen in a contemporary or modern kitchen design theme. Dark gray is the perfect option if you are looking for shades between neutral and a black countertop. 

2. Cool Blue: Cooler, airy, light blues, and clean whites can create a somber space. It’s also simple to incorporate gold and brass accents into the overall kitchen theme with a blue countertop, giving it a classical feel.

3. Red: White cabinets can be paired easily with astonishing red, as the latter brings glam to the kitchen design. The stark contrast of white cabinets with red countertops complement each other, creating a trendy look.

4. Gold: Another bold color that can be paired with white cabinets is gold. It can let the kitchen pop without bursting with “too much” color. Accentuating it with a yellow backsplash can add a lavish yet playful aesthetic to the kitchen. Pairing them up with brass accents and dynamic lights can add more to the drama. 

5. Black: If you want to make your kitchen modern with little to no effort? Opt for a black quartz countertop. The classiness and luxury quotient of black is unparalleled. You can also make the countertops more noticeable by adding several stainless steel appliances that align with their tones.

Here are a few of our favorites that match well with white cabinets:

  • Calacatta Macaubas Quartzite: They can look like natural quarried marble but are more sturdy and durable. Known for its bold veins, it can be an excellent alternative to expensive marble countertops.
  • New Aria Quartz: With Aria Quartz, you can achieve a maximalist kitchen without adding too many elements. The stone’s maximalist angles and curves are enough to create the drama you need. 
  • Eternal Gold Quartz: A gold Quartz countertop can be an eclectic and highlighting feature when paired with subtle white cabinets.

Top 4 Irresistible Concrete Countertop Textures for White Cabinet

Concrete Countertop

Concrete becomes the perfect canvas for shaping and molding any kitchen countertop. Concrete countertops are popular in 2022, as they are more experimental, strong, and sturdy. They’re also a better fit in a contemporary-styled kitchen than any natural or engineered stone. We have listed some of our favorite textures to help you achieve that modern industrial aesthetic in your kitchen.

1. Sanded: Concrete countertops can easily look like smooth stones if sanded well. However, if you want to avoid kitchen countertops that are too slippery for cooking dishware and appliances, you can keep them more coarse to the touch.

2. Wood-Grained: Raw concrete can be given a rich wood texture that makes concrete and wood nondifferentiable, amazing, isn’t it? This is achieved by casting concrete in a mold that is paneled by wood.

3. Bare: Go for the natural concrete texture to let the rustic-commercial vibe of the concrete shine fully. As the cabinets are white, a bare finish can add subtle depths of texture and a realistic hue of concrete.

4. Broom finish: As the name suggests, this concrete texture can be achieved by broom’s bristles, creating unique textured lines across the countertop surface. Here, the concrete texture can be super light or coarse, depending on the broom’s bristles.

5 Tips For Picking Up The Perfect Kitchen Countertop That Suits Your White Cabinets:

1. Choose a Theme: Before picking any color for the kitchen countertop, you must take a glance around your whole house to choose a theme and narrow it down to your preference. Do you want a bold contrast or a subtle, neutral color palette? Answering these will help you scrutinize your theme. 

2. Play With The Texture: Adding material with different tactile and visual textures can add depth to an all-white kitchen design. Another way could be designing from glossy with matte to rough with smooth, creating a dynamic effect on the overall theme.

3. Accent Colors and Elements: In an all-white kitchen, play with splashes of color that help you highlight the white cabinets more. Dining chairs, lighting, countertop, carpets, backsplashes, and hardware are all great places to add a dash of color.

4. Glam of Lighting: When working with all-white cabinetry, it’s important to play with the correct lighting. Go for huge pendant lights that can further brighten up the space. Additionally, you can add different colored bulbs to create a dynamic space. 

5. Layers of White Hue: One shade of white might make the whole kitchen look flat. To add more dimension and visual interest, you can easily work with 3 to 4 hues of white that match different materials.

White cabinets have been popular for the last decade and will continue to be popular in the future. Adding these fun countertop color options will keep your white cabinets in style for years to come. Just like white cabinets, if you’re struggling to find the best countertop colors for black cabinets, then we have covered those too.