Top 15 Front Door Colors to Revamp Your Green House in 2024

Do you want to renovate your house with eccentric, chic green outdoor paint? Start by upgrading your front door with these 15 trendiest front door color ideas!

Green might be an uncommon color for home exteriors, but it looks cozy and inviting when put together with the right exterior accents. Green homes are already eye-catching and unique, but you still need the front door color to boost the curb appeal!

Front Door Color Ideas That Accompany A Green House

1. A Dramatic Cherry Red Front Door

Cherry Red Front Door

Bold and beautiful, a cherry color scheme is a perfect choice for fusion-style homes to look eye-catching and welcoming. Generally, a cherry red front door complements olive green or sage green sidings instead of light green homes. A cherry red door neutralizes the slight melancholy of sage green and makes the exteriors more vibrant.

You can choose the ‘Cherry Burst’ paint color by Benjamin Moore to add a dramatic pop to your olive green houses and appear modern. Alternatively, if you want a softer contrast, use a toned-down ‘Shy Cherry’ paint by Benjamin Moore.

2. An Earnest Brick Red Front Door

Brick Red Front Door

A saturated brick red door color complements the exteriors of olive green homes and looks colonial and sophisticated. A brick red front door is a bright color that looks traditional and contrasts green softly, unlike vibrant cherry reds. The red brick color by Benjamin Moore will look more luxurious and Baroque style when paired with white trim and bronze hardware.

3. A Homely Dark Brown Front Door

Organic Brown Front-Door

Select a dark brown front door right away if you do not want to experiment and need a door that adapts well to any design style. A brown door complements the overtones of green and contrasts enough to be visible without being bold. Brown doors on dark green siding appear Georgian and traditional, whereas, with a light green wall, they appear chic and modern.

Use Benjamin Moore’s ‘California Rustic’ paint color for a brown door that pairs well with all shades of green siding. ‘Black Cherry’ by Sherwin Williams is another option of the same color for light green or pastel green houses. Alternatively, use ‘Victoria Garnet’ by Sherwin Williams to tone down dark green sidings and make them look more modern than vintage.

4. A Natural Wood Front Door

Wood Front Door

A natural wood front door integrates the natural hues of green siding and appears modern. Wooden doors are an age-old option for green homes and complete the warm undertones of the green exterior to remain eye-catching. If you have a light green siding, choose dark-grained mahogany wood, and use lighter oak wood if you have a dark green home.

Alternatively, you can stain wooden doors with a honey-gold stain for a more luxurious look with dark green siding or use a simple red-wood stain to go with light green. In either case, add white or light-gray trim to your wooden doors and complete the look with metal hardware that looks chic and minimal.

5. A Palatial Dark Green Front Door

Dark Green Front Door

A dark green front door looks regal and welcoming against emerald green sidings. It will accent the green exterior of east-facing front doors and design a bright home. A dark green front door looks more imperial if you use golden hardware and white trim with it.

‘Hunter Green’ by Benjamin Moore is one such shade that crafts a luxurious house using the principles of Arabic design.

6. An Elegant Black Front Door

Black Front Door

A black front door color is an age-old alternative for a north-facing green house, making it traditional with a new-classical design. Black shutters complement all shades of green color scheme and look dominant with powerful contrast.

‘Midnight black’ by Benjamin Moore works well with light and dark green houses that hint at mystery. However, if you want to use a jet-black front door, add a white or gray-colored trim to hold the door without overpowering the design.

7. A Humble White Front Door

White Front Doors

An on-trend white door is a perfect choice for a modern green house that oozes luxury. A crisp, clean white front door will enliven your home from the outside, subtly contrasting the green.

If you have emerald green siding, use an ‘Oxford white’ paint color with metal hardware for a typical craftsman-style home. On the other hand, if you have sage green siding, use a warm-toned white color like ‘Swiss coffee’ and brace typical Bohemian homes.

8. A Mellow Yellow Front Door

Yellow Front Door

A crisp, muted yellow door modernizes sage green sidings and designs an inviting entry. Select a pastel yellow paint for a south-facing home if you want a bright, inviting green house with a vibe of Mediterranean style.

Generally, muted shades of yellow paint like ‘Hawthorne yellow’ by Benjamin Moore complement brownish shades of green, whereas they appear naive with fresh greens.

9. A Stimulating Rose-Red Front Door

Rose-Red Front Door

A crisp, clean rose red is a lighter shade of red that contrasts the green exterior and looks bright and fresh. Rose-reds work the best with light green houses for an overall muted, modern exterior but accompany dark green homes with white trim. A ‘Rose Quartz’ by Benjamin Moore will enliven green houses with a countryside vibe.

10. A Contrasting Orange Front Door

Orange Front Door

Orange paint warms up the undertones of green and designs a modern yet rustic fusion-style home. Always pair a burnt, muted orange with green as saturated orange shades may overpower the design. A ‘Burnt Caramel’ paint by Benjamin Moore is the perfect option for a south-facing dark green house to boost the curb appeal.

11. A Peppy Teal Front Door

Blue Front Door

The bluish-green shade is a bold color for nautical-styled emerald green homes. Though this shade does not pair with light green sidings, it makes dark green exteriors look light-hearted and friendly. Benjamin Moore’s ‘Teal tone’ paint adds a soft contrast to the dark greens and makes the overall exterior look cohesive.

12. A Supple Cream Front Door

Cream Front Door

Cream color is an alternative to white for modern emerald-green homes. Unlike white, the cream is a maintenance-free exterior paint color that looks clean and uncluttered. It gently complements the warm undertones of emerald green or seafoam green and suits east-facing doors that welcome light.

Benjamin Moore’s ‘Cream’ paint with chrome hardware and white trim will appear luxurious and trendy.

13. An Imperial Navy Blue Front Door

Navy Blue Front Door

A navy blue front door adds dynamism and royalty to north-facing green homes and curates a sophisticated farmhouse-style look. Complete navy blue shutters with white trim and metal hardware for a superior alternative that makes family homes luxurious.

However, if you want toned options for a nautical look, choose azure or cerulean hues to contrast the green, adding a tranquil vibe to the home.

14. A Dainty Mint Green Front Door

Green Front Door

Mint green shutters tone down dark green homes and help exteriors look more friendly and appealing. Light and fresh mint green doors portray a nautical design against the emerald green siding. However, they do not pair well with light green walls, and hence, use the color only if you have emerald or bluish-green homes.

An on-trend ‘Minty green’ by Benjamin Moore is a perfect choice for unique dark green houses of the countryside. A ‘Palladian blue’ is a grayish, sober alternative of the same color for serene, introverted homes that shy away from trends.

15. A Buoyant Cerulean Blue Front Door

Cerulean Blue Front Door

A Cerulean blue front door looks bohemian in design and calms down house exteriors. The shade complements green siding and curates a uniform appearance for north-facing homes. Balanced and peaceful, ‘Athens blue’ or a closer sea blue will help you create a perfect accent color for your green coastal home without appearing too bland.

Can You Use A Green Front Door For A Green House?

A green door complements contemporary green exteriors and looks cohesive. If you want a green front door for your green siding, select a color that is one shade brighter or darker to make the shutter visible from a distance.

For example, use the ‘Essex green’ paint against dark green walls and complete the look with white trim. You can also choose a ‘Herb garden’ paint for a muted shutter against dark green walls. Dark colors will look dominant but require white trim colors, whereas light colors will look fresh, friendly, and trendy.

Front door colors boost the curb appeal of any green home. Hence, the only way to create an appealing entry is to choose the right front door color. Though a green home is not as flexible as a white house, it can curate bright home decor with the help of accent colors and neutral hues.

Blue is another quirky paint color for houses that could be difficult to work with. So, if you are searching for door color ideas for a blue house, we have got you covered!