14 Top Front Door Colors For Red Brick House (With Pictures)

Red bricks are among the most popular building materials known to man and, it is no wonder if you are bewildered to choose a front door color for this peppy hue. A red brick house pairs well with warm colors, cool colors, neutrals, and accent colors to illustrate a different statement. But what will be the best front door color for your red brick house?

Let us integrate paints from the color wheel to analyze the hues and curate a style for your red brick house. Read on as we drop a list of 14 buzzing front door paint colors that will transfigure your red brick house into a genre of your choice.

Neutral Front Door Colors For a Red Brick House

Explore a neutral paint color for the front door of your red brick house to mirror a Scandinavian or new-classical look. Complete with utmost sophistication; a neutral front door will add subtle contrasts to your redbrick countryside homes that favor a simple life.

1. The Mainstream White Front Door

White Front Door

If choosing a setting for your home perplexes you, grab a white door and boast an age-old combination that never fails. With a trivial Scandinavian vibe, white front doors offer clutter-free volumes and maintain visually airy spaces on a compact street.

A white dove or dove wing paint by Benjamin Moore will complement the warm tones of red, while a master mix tint will favor a muted tone.

2. The Ever-Receptive Brown Front Door

Brown Front Door

If you need a front door that remains universal despite the ever-changing trends, then choose a brown front door. Adaptable to various colors and diverse climates, brown blends well with red brick for a Tuscan-style home. Moreover, it is a maintenance-free shade that works well for tropical and temperate locations.

If your house has a toned brick shade, experiment with muted browns such as tortillas or tawny. Then, explore darker browns like chocolate or umber for a dynamic red brick house. However, if you are not open to exploration and want to select an option right away, use the hickory paint that works well with all shades of brick red.

3. The Imperial Black Front Door

Black Front Door

A black door for a red brick home portrays the dark academia, the trendsetting maximalist style of 2021. Classic and overpowering, a black front door is the best for comic spaces with a hunch for routined city life of moody streets.

However, if black shutters seem overpowering, try an Edgecomb gray front door that mimics the mood of black but appears much more inviting than the previous one. A mellow yellow, lavender, or white trim will further accentuate the baroque-style ambiance and generate subtle contrasts to neutralize the overtones.

4. The Refined Beige Front Door

Beige Front Door

If you prefer the simplicity of white but have trouble maintaining it, choose beige paint for a soft and muted neoclassical look. A beige front door will not only offer cleaner volumes but will portray the minimalism of contemporary homes. One such option is Benjamin Moore’s shaker beige that will stay rustic and offer subtle contrasts when paired with white trims.

Serene Front Door Colors For a Red Brick House

Pick cool paint color doors against red brick sidings when you want to initiate contrast and make your door visible from a distance. Generally, cool-toned front doors are perfect for red brick houses since they reciprocate red brick hues on the color wheel and generate serenity within busy city life.

5. The Palatial Navy Blue Front Door

Navy Blue Front Door

Embrace the soft, low-key luxury of a modern farmhouse-style home with navy blue doors that make a space elegant. Ideal for family homes, navy blue doors portray sophistication combined with planters and white trims.

However, if you want toned options for a bohemian look, choose azure, sapphire, or cerulean hues that contrast dark red brick walls. A cobalt blue front door is another option for a red brick house that wants a bold appeal but might shy away from luxury and trends.

6. The Soft-Hued Eggshell Green Front Door

Eggshell Green Front Door

Eggshell green is a pastel-like version of the royal emerald green, a perfect tint for the coasts or the country with modest homes. This shade works best with glazed red brick houses that let in light to harmonize the cozy front door.

Choose the eggshell green front door for an uncluttered space and pass it if you have tinted roofs that might steal its focus.

7. The Impeccable Sage Green Front Door

Sage Green Front Door

Sage green is an exquisite version of the traditional leaf green and bestows a sense of growth and renewal. Ideal for an on-trend neutral and undertone exterior, a sage green color like Gumdrop by Benjamin Moore reduces the vibrancy of red brick and maintains balance.

Sage green front door with white trim offers a subtle Rococo palette with a french country twist and is the best for easy-going red brick houses with a lot of surrounding vegetation. However, if you have dark red brick siding, skip the sage and work with eggshell green or pastel green instead.

8. The Perky Teal Front Door

Teal Front Door

Trendy teal blue front doors are perfect for coastal homes with nautical interiors. Lively and calm, teal reflects the naturally bold accents of red brick and accentuates them for the appropriate balance of warm and cold.

However, if teal seems overwhelming, try a refined smokey or wythe blue front door for introversion. You can furnish it with vegetation and a wooden porch for an eclectic home that enhances the visual appeal.

Accent Front Door Colors For A Red Brick House

Accent colors enliven fusion-style red brick houses to create a focal point between mundane, neutral streets. Hop to our precise list of accent front doors for red brick houses and ensure confidence with these risky colors.

9. A Mellow Yellow Front Door

Yellow Front Door

Grab a bright yellow door and enjoy a Mediterranean-style house glorifying fun, joy, and optimism. For an on-trend look, add a white trim to divide the saturated hues of red brick and yellow.

If you have vibrant red brick sidings, choose a canary, dandelion, or pineapple yellow to emphasize them, or go muted with lemon or blonde for a sluggish home that shuns attention. In either case, avoid using neon yellow as it appears naive and creates apprehension.

10. The Provocative Orange Front Door

Orange Front Door

When combined with a red brick house, orange offers a modern farmhouse-style ambiance with high energy and a jolly vibe. You can choose a trendy dark or Princeton orange that pops between the red hues or add a white trim for a little Bohemian look. Alternatively, choose burnt oranges if you fantasize about a robust vintage look that eschews trends.

11. The Astounding Burgundy Front Door

Burgundy Front Door

If you envisage a front door that complements the saturated hues of a red brick house and industrial interiors inside, then burgundy is the color for you. Simply solemn, low-key luxurious, and more feminine, a burgundy front door sets the trend when coupled with a white trim and chrome hardware.

Another option that mimics the royalty of burgundy is the serene maroon front door that radiates the etiquettes of a gentleman. Though maroon is a stately color that portrays a classic appearance, forgo this color if you are a lively buff who needs a weightless front door.

12. The Neighborly Peach Front Door

Peach Front Door

An intense peach front door paint by Benjamin Moore is the most courteous option to have for a nautical southern living house. For a more colonial street style look, switch to a whispering peach paint or the paradise peach front door with a sleek red brick exterior for a mountain house.

13. An Ethereal Taffy Pink

Pink Front Door

A weightless taffy pink front door is perfect for a home decor that prefers a slight art-deco vibe while being modern in its statement. A taffy pink paint will animate your space and help you visualize a cleaner, clutter-free appeal. Ensure that you pair this color with dark bricks and add a white trim to maintain equilibrium.

14. The August Emerald Green Front Door

Hunter Green Door

An on-trend emerald front door will spruce up a royal red brick mansion that envisages superiority and grandeur within a street. A nouveau riche shade, muted emerald greens will add a cherry on the cake for nautical houses, while saturated emeralds with chrome knobs will soothe the thirst for worldly poise.

Can You Add a Red Front Door to a Red Brick House?

Will you hesitate to pair red front doors and bricks together? However, this combination will help you acknowledge the prospects of villa-style architecture. For a typical villa look, ensure that you maintain tonal differences between the two reds and avoid the distinct brick vermillion hue for the exterior door.

A Scarlet, Rossa Corsa, or Rufous red paint door will be a good option for a restrained, luxurious look. For a contemporary-style house that breathes fresh air, you can also choose a coral-red front door with white trims.

Despite their saturated hues, red brick houses work with a color palette of cool colors, warm colors, neutrals, and accents. If you prefer a classy, sober exterior, neutral and cool colors, but if you like a chic home, explore accent colors.

Several door colors from this list also match perfectly with regular or orange brick houses. But if you need more unique ideas, I have curated separate guides on the best front door colors for an orange brick house and a brick house!