16 Chic Front Door Colors For Blue House (With Pictures)

Blue is a peculiar choice for home exteriors, but it makes houses both serene and salient at the same time. Whether you own a modern street house or an old coastal house, blue exteriors with the right front doors will always improve curb appeal. But how do you know which front door color is best for your blue home? If you’re baffled by this question, I am here to help.

I have handpicked the 16 trendsetting front door paint colors that will liven up your blue exterior and carve a grand entry. Whether you have a soft and sober light blue house or a bold bright blue exterior, you can never go wrong with these door color ideas!

Front Door Color Options That Pair Well With A Blue House

1. A Conflicting Red Front Door

Red Front Door

A red front door is a bold color that transforms the exteriors of trendsetting fusion houses into dynamic ones. It pairs well with any blue texture—paint, paneling, or stone—and helps shutters catch the eye of the street.

Vibrant reds like Benjamin Moore’s ‘Ruby Ded’ offer a traditional look, whereas muted reds like ‘Ladybug Ded’ carry a modern vibe. A slightly brownish red door color like the ‘Cranberry Cocktail red’ is even more appropriate for modern industrial homes with a toned-down punch. In either case, add a white trim to the red door for elegance and use minimal accessories.

2. A Vintage Maroon Red Front Door

Maroon Red Front Door

Maroon is a classical color option for front doors that will make blue exteriors look royal and sophisticated with a slightly laid-back look. Though not as dramatic as fresh reds, maroon offers a style statement of its own and proposes a balanced look with minimal accessories.

However, maroon front doors might make a dark blue siding look gloomy and devoid of color. Hence, it is best to pair the color with pastel blues and chrome hardware to nullify the dark undertones.

3. A Resilient Pink Front Door

Pink Front Door

Like burgundy, pink is a bright color for blue houses, a peppy paint that builds friendly homes. Choose a pink door color if you want crisp volumes with a bright exterior.

Muted pinks like Benjamin Moore’s ‘Pink Sea Shell’ will complement the vibrant blues of coastal houses, whereas a darker color like ‘Burgundy Rose’ will be the best to use for neutral city houses that need contrast.

4. An Upbeat Yellow Front Door

Yellow Front Door

Dramatic yellow front doors will strikingly contrast blue exteriors and offer crisp, bold volumes for a south-facing contemporary blue house. Select a yellow door if you want your house to be the showstopper of the street and want to flash dynamic and inviting exteriors.

Generally, muted shades of yellow like Benjamin Moore’s ‘Golden Honey’ complement pastel and cerulean blues, whereas they appear ordinary with rich navy blues. On the other hand, bright yellows like Sunshine Yellow contrast well with dark blues but look naive with pastel blues.

5. An Exceptional Burgundy Front Door

Burgundy Front Door

A burgundy front door is not a common choice for a blue house, but it can enliven the exterior of pastel blue houses that look solemn. Burgundy is a mixture of red and purple with slight accents of brown. Hence, the door color will not work well with dark blue houses and is an option only for grayish blues and pastel blues.

A dark burgundy door will complement the exteriors of a typical light blue house and help spaces look rich and elegant. Alternatively, if you have a grayish-blue home, choose a toned-down burgundy like ‘Burgundy-Rose’ to strike a balance and contrast.

6. A Buoyant Orange Front Door

Orange Front Door

Orange door color is a perfect choice for high-contrast exteriors with a hint of Mediterranean design. Bold and daring, orange oozes energy and enthusiasm in south-facing homes and boosts the curb appeal, resulting in an eye-catching entry door.

Though saturated oranges like Benjamin Moore’s ‘Citrus Orange’ pair well with dark, elegant shades of navy blue paneling, they can be overwhelming with light blue. Toned options like ‘Orange Sherbet’ go well with pastel blue, nautical-style houses.

7. A Timeless Brown Front Door

Brown Front Door

Brown is a popular front door color option that will make your blue house look more traditional and offer a warm and snug new-classical exterior style. Use simple ‘Rockies brown’ shutters that match well with all shades of blue.

However, if you have a dusky, south-facing, grayish-blue house, you can choose an orangish-brown like Benjamin Moore’s ‘Greenfield Pumpkin’ that brightens the exterior but provides a subtle contrast.

Alternately, choose dark ‘Marshland’ brown shutters for a robust French-country style exterior with pastel-blue homes.

8. A Reclusive Tan Front Door

Tan Front Door

A tan color scheme is a perfect choice for an east-facing, introverted home that avoids trends. Tan is a crisp, woody hue that offers a classical exterior to blue homes and contrasts blues without looking overwhelming.

A neutral shade of tan like ‘Tucson tan’ by Benjamin Moore, with white trim, offsets the saturated blue siding to give a sophisticated blue house.

9. An Analogous Purple Front Door

Purple Front Door

Purple paint naturally supports the tones of blue and offers a luxurious and imperial Victorian-style statement to the blue house. Purple offers a soft, subtle contrast with blues and is the best choice for north-facing entrances.

Select a dark purple paint like ‘Kalamata’ by Benjamin Moore for your front door and complete the look with white trim and chrome hardware.

10. A Chic Lime Green Front Door

Lime Green Front Door

A lime-green paint is your go-to color for modern beach-style blue houses with a friendly vibe, always ready for guests. Lime door color pairs well with all shades of blue and add a powerful pop, especially for grayish-blue exteriors.

Vibrant lime greens break down the monotony of blue and build a color scheme that catches attention. Benjamin Moore’s ‘Chic Lime’ is another muted alternative of the same hue that appears composed and reduces the drama to give north-facing industrial design homes.

11. A Modest White Front Door

White Front Door

An on-trend white is the best front door color for a contemporary blue house with minimal details and maximal elegance. A crisp, clean white front door reduces the need for other door elements and assures a bright exterior for the house.

If you have navy blue siding, combine a ‘Simply white’ paint with black hardware to achieve the exteriors of Craftsman-style homes. On the other hand, if you have light blue siding, use a warm white color like ‘Swiss coffee’ and add an accent color trim for a bold yet serene look, like typical Bohemian homes.

12. An Imperial Black Front Door

Black Front Door

A black front door color is a tried and tested front door color for a blue house and looks a little vintage but stays minimal and elegant. Black complements all shades of blue and results in classic, dominant spaces with powerful contrast.

Generally, pure blacks like ‘Onyx’ by Benjamin Moore work well with light and wythe blue, while dark gray contrasts classic navy blue shades. However, If you want to use a jet-black front door with navy blue paneling, add a white or cream-colored trim to divide the colors and brighten the space.

13. A Resourceful Gray Front Door

Gray Front Door

Gray is an on-trend, fool-proof front door color option for a new-classical style blue house. The versatile paint color adapts to various blue sidings, irrespective of their design style, and provides a crisp, elegant volume, free of clutter.

All shades of gray combine well with blues as a fact, but if you want to contrast subtly, pair dark, charcoal grays with teal blue homes and vice versa. If gray looks bland, you can use mixed grays like ‘Galveston Gray’ by Benjamin Moore.

As an alternative, you can use light grays like ‘Moonshine’ by Benjamin Moore if you want to have a bright exterior with a soft contrast. A bluish ‘Whale gray’ is another close alternative for the entry door to stay cohesive using mild contrast with accents of blue.

14. An Opulent Sea-Green Front Door

Green Front Door

This lively shade of green is a perfect choice for contemporary pale blue homes with a coastal vibe. Though this shade does not work for Cerulean or navy blue sidings, it offers a crisp, clean alternative to enliven the accents of light blue. Benjamin Moore’s ‘North Sea’ green door will enliven the tones of light blue and help them pop.

15. A Cohesive Cornflower Blue Front Door

Blue Front Door

Cornflower blue is a dark, pastel shade of blue that complements the accents of muted blue houses and offers a unified look. Perfect for neutral, contemporary homes, a cornflower blue door appears serene and subtly contrasts the walls without creating a dramatic appearance.

Benjamin Moore’s ‘Dusty Cornflower’ is a crisp, grayish-blue paint color that clears the clutter and gives a minimal exterior.

16. A Graceful Cream Front Door

Cream Color Front Door

Cream color is an alternative to white for navy blue houses with a French country-style design. Unlike white, a cream door paint color needs less maintenance and helps to nullify the grimness of dark blue with bright exteriors. Benjamin Moore’s cream-painted door with metal hardware and white trim will appear minimal and add a sophisticated look.

Can You Add A Natural Wood Door To A Blue House?

Organic Brown Front-Door

Yes, just like brown, the neutral tones of natural wood doors pair well with all shades of blue siding from the color wheel but require the perfect trims to stand differently. For a typical Scandinavian palette, pair dark-grained wood doors such as mahogany with a white or contrasting emerald green trim that offers a transition between the two colors.

Similarly, lighter oak wood doors work well with green, white, and gray trims to complement the appearance of pastel blue countryside homes. However, a natural wood door will not brighten up spaces on its own. Hence, use a glass panel door or use light stains like ‘Beechwood’ to welcome more light on your home exterior.

Does A Blue Front Door Work Well With A Blue House?

A blue door complements bright blue exteriors and offers cohesive, snug, eclectic spaces. If you want to choose a blue front door for your blue siding, select a paint that is one shade higher or lower than your walls to help the door stand out.

For example, if you have a navy blue siding, add a ‘Basic Blue’ door and complete the look with white trim and golden hardware for a classy feel.

If you want to go one shade darker, you can choose a ‘Hale navy’ paint for your navy blue siding, but be sure to add in a lot of glass to compensate for its melancholy.

What Are The Best Trim Paint Colors For A Blue House?

A blue house is a style statement on its own. But, if you are pairing it with dark front door colors, you will require a contrasting trim to help the door build a character. Instead of white trims, you can choose Benjamin Moore’s ‘Classic Gray’ or ‘Pale Oak’ to contrast your front doors gorgeously.

Conversely, if you have light blue walls and a white door, use charcoal gray trim for a lavish and composed appearance.

Blue is a perplexing color on its own and adjusts to a limited range of colors that, fortunately, include both accent colors and a neutral color scheme. Choose accent paint doors for the pastel blue siding of modern houses and prefer neutrals for the refined dark blue siding of traditional homes.

A serene blue house with the right front door color can offer a bright, sophisticated look, and so does a regular brick house. But if you need more unique front door color ideas for a brick house, I have another list waiting for you!