What Hardware Colors Go with Hickory Cabinets? (12 Top Ideas)

Dual-toned hickory wood is the keystone to revamp and dramatize your kitchen cabinets. Transitioning from the supple grains of cream to richer wood grains, hickory cabinets easily adapt to traditional and modern home decor. So, if you have hickory cabinetry in your kitchen, it’s time to match the hardware. And we’re here to help you with that.

Although the hickory cabinet looks dynamic in itself, exotic hardware will further boost its visuals! This list of 12 trendiest hardware colors is a perfect match for vivid hickory kitchen cabinets, suiting all the decor styles you desire to create in your lovely kitchen!

1. Noble Golden Cabinet Hardware – Drawer Pulls, Handles, And Knobs

Golden Handles

Do you know what looks luxurious, sophisticated, and vintage on a hickory cabinet? Golden-colored hardware, of course!

Golden hardware looks cohesive with the yellowish undertones of hickory and warms the kitchen cabinet, making it more inviting. The color pairs gorgeously with all types of hickory wood – reddish-brown, golden-brown, and dark, and looks transitional with its crisp metal finish.

Golden hardware is available in many shapes and sizes but will look more modern with sleek round handles and pulls. Finally, if you want a typical farmhouse kitchen, pair golden hardware with hardwood floors, a granite countertop, and stainless steel appliances.

Finishes to look forward to:

  • Orange gold: Looks bright, bold, and daring but can easily overpower the design.
  • Rose gold: Looks balanced, sophisticated, and transitional in design.
  • Green gold: Looks contemporary and neutral with a softer accent.

A list of materials to embrace a golden touch:

  • Polished Brass and Nickel Handles
  • Carbon Steel Pulls finished with Golden Champagne Plating
  • Zinc Alloy Handles with Gold Copper Brushing
  • Copper Knobs with Brushed Brass Finish
  • Aluminum Handles with Gold Oxidation Finish (budget-friendly)

2. Timeless Tan-Colored Cabinet Hardware

Tan Handles

Vintage tan hardware balances the bright saturation and is a perfect hardware color for hickory cabinets. Tan blends harmoniously with a hickory wood cabinet and designs a minimal, eclectic hickory kitchen. Moreover, it looks glossy and brings out the cream undertones of hickory in bright light, whereas it appears stately and blackish in dim lighting.

Finishes to choose from:

  • Polished Bronze: Has more gloss, more of a neutral hue, and looks more contemporary with a sifter accent.
  • Antique Brass: It is aged, weathered, and vintage but looks more cohesive.

Here are the best materials for tan cabinet handles and pulls:

  • Bronze Knobs and Pulls 
  • Brushed Brass Handles
  • Aluminum Handles with Brown Oxidation Finish (cost-effective)
  • Oxidized Zinc Alloy Handles

3. Refined Silver Handles, Knobs, And Cabinet Pulls

Silver Handles

Are you looking for a subtle yet sophisticated hardware color? Try silver hardware to make a kitchen cabinet modern and appealing. Silver balances the tones of hickory but adds a subtle contrast with its gloss. Thus, it looks more refined and lavish and designs a typical Craftsman-style kitchen with minimum aesthetic.

Moreover, long and slender silver handles will suit a modern kitchen. On the other hand, knobs are relatively smaller and might look subdued. In any case, avoid using neutral silver hardware to accent your kitchen island; rather, use it for your upper and lower cabinets.

Here are our favorite silver finishes:

  • Polished Chrome: It is glossy, glittery, and super modern. It pairs unexpectedly well with dark hickory.
  • Weathered silver: Glossy, but looks aged and rustic. Use it with golden hickory wood to design a typical farmhouse kitchen.

Here are some materials that complement a silver finish:

  • Stainless Steel and Polished Nickel Handles 
  • Zinc Alloy Handles with a Silver Finish
  • Brushed Satin Nickel Knobs

4. Classic White Cabinet Hardware – Handles, Pulls, And Knobs

White Handles

Do you find it expensive to use stain colors to brighten your hickory wood cabinets? Try using white-colored hardware. White kitchen cabinet hardware is the quickest and easiest way to brighten and modernize hickory cabinets. A crisp white color pairs well with the cream undertones of hickory wood and adds a softer contrast.

White looks more modern and neutral with golden-brown and reddish hickory and designs an industrial door style. Complete the look further with a bright blue or lime backsplash to add the perfect pop of color with white.

However, white hardware requires maintenance and may turn yellowish with time. Hence, repainting it regularly becomes necessary.

Here are some of the materials that offer a white finish:

  • Plastic Handle with a White Finish (budget-friendly, but not long-lasting)
  • White Ceramic Handles and Pulls (cost-effective)
  • Aluminum Handles and Knobs with a Glossy White Finish
  • Oakwood Knobs with a White Paint
  • White Porcelain Knobs
  • Zinc-Alloy Handles with White Finish

5. Supple Cream Handles And Pulls

Granite Countertop

If the maintenance of white hardware tires you, and you need a slightly dusky tone, then cream is your next call. The cream is an equally bright hardware color that accents hickory wood and designs a typical Craftsman kitchen. It looks the best with a dark cabinet and might appear monochrome with a golden hickory cabinet. So, choose wisely.

Here are the best options for cream hardware:

  • Ceramic Knobs and Handles finished with Cream Paint
  • Oak Wood Knobs, Drawer Pulls, and Handles
  • Dutch Wood Knobs
  • Rubber Wood Pulls and Knobs with a Transparent Stain Or Wood Wax

6. Imperial Black Cabinet Hardware – Handles And Knobs

Black Handles

Black is a classic yet eccentric hardware color that breaks the monotony of hickory wood and adds more depth to a kitchen cabinet. The chic color catches attention and is a great choice to accent your golden kitchen island with a bolder contrast. Moreover, black hardware looks modern and pairs gorgeously with various colors of hickory wood – red, golden, and dark.

Here are some of the materials that support a stately black finish:

  • Stainless Steel Handles finished with Black Dye
  • Black Curved Wire Pulls
  • Zinc Alloy handles with Black Oxide Finish

7. Versatile Blue-Gray Handles And Knobs

Soapstone Countertop

If you aim at a timeless hardware color that adapts beautifully to any kitchen design of your choice, then a blue-gray color is your best bet. Bluish-gray hardware contrasts the warm undertones of hickory cabinets and looks clean and minimal. Moreover, it breaks the monotony of hickory wood and declutters the space.

Blue-gray hardware is versatile. It looks modern with a reddish hickory cabinet, whereas it designs a traditional kitchen with dark wood. Though this color hardware adapts seamlessly to various kitchen designs, it looks its best in a farmhouse kitchen with a light marble countertop and stainless steel appliances.

Here are the best materials for gray cabinet handles and pulls:

  • Zinc Alloy Handles with Blue-Gray Plating
  • Alloy Steel with Gray Polish
  • Brushed Nickel handles and Pulls
  • Ceramic Handles with Bluish-Gray Paint
  • Aluminum Handles and Pulls with a Blue-Gray Paint
  • Satin Nickel Silver Cabinet Pulls

8. Cohesive Brown Drawer Pulls And Knobs

Natural Wood Countertop with Cherry Cabinets

Pair similar brown hardware with hickory cabinets and keep the earthy tone flowing. Brown is the perfect hardware color to design a farmhouse kitchen with a softer accent. You can go for dark brown hardware with wall-mounted golden hickory cabinets and light brown handles with reddish hickory for a lovely balance.

Finally, complete a country-side farmhouse kitchen with a dark granite countertop and light, rustic beige or white backsplash.

Here are the best browns for a hickory kitchen cabinet:

  • Oil-rubbed Bronze Handles and Pulls
  • Brown-Colored Leather Pulls
  • Oakwood Knobs and Handles (Light Brown)
  • Walnut Wood Knobs and Handles (Dark Brown)
  • Natural Solid Wood Knobs and Pulls with a Walnut Finish
  • Ceramic Knobs Painted with a Brown Color
  • Cast Iron Knobs with a Rustic Brown Finish

9. Serene Pewter-Green Cabinet Knobs And Handles

Pewter Green Handles

Whether you have a golden hickory cabinet or a dark one, pewter green hardware is sure to liven up the cabinet door style, making it one of the trendiest accent hardware colors. The greenish tones of pewter contrast with hickory wood, while the grayish tones stay sophisticated and muted. Overall, it looks neutral and modern.

It is the trendiest accent color for a hickory kitchen and looks its best on flat pulls and handles that design a country-side kitchen.

Here are the best materials for pewter green knobs and pulls:

  • Ceramic Handles With Pewter-Green Paint
  • Brushed Nickel Handles With A Chrome Polish
  • Glass Knobs Fused with Dark Green Dye
  • Leather Cabinet Door Pulls 

10. Rustic Maroon Cabinet Knobs

Maroon Handles

Maroon knobs are all about a stately look and sophistication. Maroon brings out the red tones in hickory cabinet doors and adds drama without overwhelming the kitchen. The combination balances perfectly with a similar cherry wood countertop and white backsplash and looks crisp and clean.

You can even use burgundy hardware as a closer alternative to make hickory cabinets more dynamic and modern. A similar Cranberry accent color will design a farmhouse kitchen and look rustic.

Here are the best materials for a maroon knob:

  • Ceramic Knob With Maroon Paint
  • Stainless Steel Knobs with Maroon Paint Finish
  • Glass Knob fused with Maroon Dye

11. Utopian Sky-Blue Knobs

Sky-blue is a muted tint that highlights the warm tones of hickory and gives an all-natural look with a softer contrast. It tones down the vibrancy of a hickory kitchen cabinet and shifts attention to the various patterns of the wood grain. It is a great color to accent your eclectic kitchen island but works equally well for a wall cabinet.

Here are the best materials for sky-blue blue knobs:

  • Ceramic Knobs and Handles with a ‘Vast Sky’ Paint by Sherwin Williams
  • Fused Glass Knob
  • Blue Crystal Drawer Handles
  • Stainless Steel Handles with a Light Blue Finish

12. Peppy Turquoise Knobs

Hickory wood is enough to add drama to the kitchen cabinets, but hickory with turquoise hardware is sure to catch attention. The color contrasts the warm wood and boosts its appeal. Being a modern color, turquoise, or a similar teal color is a great choice to accent your kitchen island and design a crisp and uncluttered nautical kitchen.

Here’s a catalog for the best materials for teal or turquoise hardware:

  • Ceramic Knobs with a ‘Calypso’ Paint by Sherwin Williams
  • Crystal Glass Knob with Turquoise Dye
  • Wooden Knobs finished with Turquoise Paint or Resin

How To Choose The Appropriate Hardware For Your Hickory Cabinets?

  • It is crucial to check the natural lighting conditions of the room before selecting the hardware color. Some colors like tan look glossy in bright light but blackish with dim light.
  • If you have a reddish hickory cabinet, choose gold, white, cream, or silver to stand out.
  • Pick tan, black, blue-gray, or maroon for your golden hickory kitchen cabinets.
  • Choose light colors like sky blue, silver, turquoise, and golden to balance the tone of dark brown hickory cabinets.
  • Never hesitate to take help from kitchen experts and interior designers if you feel confused at any point in time.

Hickory wood has several undertones in its grain, which is why it works magically with many hardware colors and finishes. While accent hardware adds dynamism to the wood’s super-light cream undertones, metallic hardware neutralizes the dark tones of the richer grain!

So, pick the right hardware color that suits your decor taste and upgrade your Home Depot. If you need inspiring ideas for countertop colors to match with hickory cabinets, hop on to my other list now!