13 Hardware Colors to Go With Walnut Cabinets? (Expert’s Picks)

A contemporary kitchen loves custom-made cabinets, and flexible walnut cabinets are the most sought-after option for this customization. Walnut wood, available in a variety of stains and sizes, designs exclusive cabinets that enhance the appeal of your kitchen.

But now that you have a unique walnut kitchen, you must also have unique complementary hardware! Cabinet hardware colors can make or break the whole look of your walnut kitchen cabinets. To save you the worry, I’ve handpicked the most elegant hardware colors that can never go wrong with walnut cabinet wood!

Top 13 Cabinet Hardware Colors That Look Stunning on Walnut Kitchen Cabinets

1. Extravagant Gold Hardware – Cabinet Knobs, Pulls, And Handles

Gold Handles

Gold hardware with its rich metallic accents is the first and foremost choice to reap the luxury of an art-deco walnut kitchen. Golden pairs seamlessly with the tones of walnut and looks bright, bold, and elegant.

However, it looks traditional on its own and might need other kitchen accessories like a marble countertop or an orange-gold faucet to look more modern. Alternatively, you can limit the use of gold hardware in your kitchen island to look transitional. You can also use smaller, muted knobs for shaker cabinets to achieve a balanced style.

The best materials to guarantee a golden touch:

  • Polished Brass Hardware and Polished Nickel Cabinet Pulls
  • Carbon Steel Pulls finished with Golden Champagne Plating
  • Zinc Alloy Cabinet Hardware with Gold Copper Brushing
  • A Copper Knob with Brushed Brass hardware Finish
  • Aluminum Handles with Gold Oxidation Finish (cost-effective)

2. Conventional Tan Colored Cabinet Hardware

Tan Handles

Tan and walnut wood have similar tones. Thus, the combination looks cohesive and monochrome in style. Tan provides a very subtle contrast to a walnut wood cabinet door and looks different with lighting. Tan hardware looks glorious and glossy in dark ambient lighting, whereas it looks black in bright light.

Moreover, since it is a luxurious and high-end hardware color, it suits traditional kitchens more than modern spaces.

Though tan hardware seems traditional, you can tweak it to look modern. For example, Tan shapes a transitional-style kitchen with a white backsplash tile and marble countertop, while it appears contemporary when paired with a lot of glass panels.

A list of materials for tan-colored kitchen cabinet hardware:

  • Stainless Steel Knobs and Pulls with a Brushed Copper Finish
  • Zinc Alloy Handles Custom-Painted with Copper Paint by Sherwin Williams
  • Oil Rubbed Bronze Knobs and Pulls
  • Copper Handles and Knobs with a Satin Finish

3. Polished Silver Handles And Cabinet Pulls

Silver Handles

Silver is a crisp neutral color that vividly contrasts a walnut kitchen cabinet and looks refined and polished. Silver pairs well with lacquered or waxed walnut wood to design a fresh Scandinavian kitchen. Moreover, silver looks the best on cabinet pulls and handles, but silver knobs with fused glass tops look more luxurious.

Typically, silver is a contemporary cabinet hardware color. Thus, it modernizes walnut kitchen cabinets and looks chic and composed. You can even expose the screws of silver handles and pulls to design an industrial-style kitchen. Finally, complete the look with a white backsplash tile and stainless steel appliances.

Here are the best silver materials that look timeless and modern:

  • Brushed Nickel Knobs and Handles
  • Zinc Alloy Cabinet Pulls with a Polished Chrome Finish
  • Stainless Steel Cabinet Handles

4. Sovereign Black Handles And Knobs

Black Handles

Black is a timeless hardware color for walnut cabinets that provides the much-needed contrast and makes it look modern. Being neutral, black balances the tone of walnut wood and goes well with many countertops and faucet colors to enhance the visual appeal.

However, a walnut kitchen cabinet might look dark with black hardware and hence, will look balanced with a white backsplash and a light marble countertop color. Alternatively, you can use friendly, smaller knobs that look elegant but do not overpower the look.

Here are some of the materials that support a sleek black finish:

  • Stainless Steel Handles finished with Black Dye
  • Black Curved Wire Pulls with Lacquered Walnut Cabinets
  • Zinc Alloy handles with Black Oxide Finish

5. Versatile Gray Handles And Cabinet Pulls

Gray Handles

Gray is a flexible color that will adapt to the woody hues of walnut and justify almost all kitchen designs. Gray is neutral, and hence it does not add any character to the cabinet door but looks serene. Thus, avoid using gray hardware to accent your kitchen islands, but use it to neutralize your upper cabinets.

Gray cabinet pulls offer a soft contrast against walnut kitchen cabinets without overwhelming the look. Moreover, they complement the uncluttered shaker cabinets and look minimal. Thus, you can safely choose timeless gray hardware if you have not yet decided on the kitchen style and want color without much experimentation.

Here are the best materials for gray cabinet handles and pulls:

  • Zinc Alloy Handles with Gray Plating
  • Alloy Steel with Gray Polish
  • Brushed Nickel handles and Pulls
  • Ceramic Handles with Gray Paint
  • Aluminum Handles and Pulls
  • Satin Nickel Silver Cabinet Pulls

6. Chic White Handles And Knobs

White Handles

White is a sharp and crisp hardware color that softly accents walnut but makes kitchen cabinets look brighter and composed. White hardware achieves a typical Scandinavian style and looks more friendly and appealing.

White handles will help you design a raw farmhouse kitchen with a dark granite countertop, whereas it looks modern with a light marble countertop and neutral walls.

Here are some of the materials that support a white finish:

  • Plastic Handle with a White Finish (budget-friendly, but not long-lasting)
  • White Ceramic Handles and Pulls (budget-friendly)
  • Aluminum Handles and Knobs with a White Finish
  • Oakwood Knobs with a ‘Simply White’ Paint by Benjamin Moore
  • White Porcelain Knobs
  • Zinc-Alloy Handles with White Finish

7. Graceful Cream Pulls, Knobs, And Handles

Cream Handles

The cream is a low-maintenance hardware color that neutralizes the darkness of the walnut finish and looks bright but earthy. Cream cabinet hardware looks its best with slender pulls, but you can use smaller knobs for shaker-style cabinets. Moreover, use cream hardware with dark finishes to boost the visual appeal of country-side kitchens.

Here is a list of materials for cream hardware:

  • Ceramic Knobs and Handles finished with Cream Paint
  • Oak Wood Knobs and Handles
  • Dutch Wood Knobs
  • Rubber Wood Pulls and Knobs with a Transparent Stain Or Wood Wax

8. Sparkling Transparent Knobs

Transparent Handles

Using transparent knobs is a great way to revitalize your mid-century modern-style kitchen cabinets and make them more bright and shiny. These knobs add contrast with the correct light but look seamless otherwise. They pair well with almost all countertop and faucet colors but look more modern and trendy with white accessories.

However, transparent knobs might not suit you if you have heavy traffic in your kitchen or have children and pets that might break the brittle knobs. Instead, you can pair a glass top with metal-based knobs for sturdiness.

A list of materials that appear transparent:

  • Polished Glass
  • Acrylic (sturdy and budget-friendly)
  • Plastic ( cheapest, but appears white with time)

9. Monochrome Beige Knobs

Beige Handles

Beige is a great cabinet hardware color for a monochrome-style kitchen that looks neutral as walnut wood. Beige looks good on all shapes of cabinet hardware – from simple tubular pulls for shaker cabinets to carved traditional handles. Thus, the color adapts to all styles, from transitional to modern.

Moreover, beige is an earthy color. Hence, it balances the tone of walnut wood and hints at a clean, clutter-free, and friendly Scandinavian vibe. You can further accentuate this look with stainless steel appliances and a dark granite countertop.

Here are the best options for beige-colored hardware:

  • Ceramic handles or Knobs Painted with Beige Paint
  • An Oak Wood Cabinet Knob
  • Rubber Wood Pulls and Knobs with a Transparent Stain Or Wood Wax

10. Poised Pewter Green Knobs And Handles

Pewter Green Handles

Pewter green, a grayish version of the leaf green, looks seamless with walnut finishes and designs a contemporary kitchen. The paint oozes sophistication and pairs well with similar light green backsplash tiles and latches.

Generally, it looks more balanced when used on flat and tubular pulls, but you can use smaller round or square knobs for a minimal look. Alternatively, you can go with the more green olive-green if you want a farmhouse kitchen with a soft pop of color.

Here are the best materials for pewter green knobs and pulls:

  • Ceramic Handles With Pewter-Green Paint
  • Brushed Nickel Handles With A Chrome Polish
  • Glass Knobs Fused with Gray Green Dye
  • Leather Cabinet Drawer Pulls

11. Affectionate ‘Red-Wine’ Knobs

Red-Wine is an intense and dramatic cabinet hardware color that modernizes a typical walnut accent with cohesion. Generally, bright wine reds like the ‘Classic Burgundy’ by Benjamin Moore look perfect with lighter walnut stains, while rustic Cranberry accents complement a darker walnut hue.

Avoid using fresh and vibrant cherry-reds with walnut wood, as they look obscure and uninteresting. Instead, use neutral red hardware and contrast with brass faucets, darker gray countertops, and sinks for a farmhouse kitchen.

Alternatively, you can use a white marble countertop and stainless steel appliances with wine-red hardware for an eclectic kitchen.

A list of the best materials for rustic red-wine knobs:

  • Ceramic Knobs with a Burgundy Paint
  • Fused Glass Knob with Red-Wine Dye
  • Painted Stainless Steel Handles
  • Painted Wooden Knobs and Handles

12. Ardent Pastel Yellow Knobs For A Dark Walnut Finish

Pastel yellow is a muted version that complements the neutrality of a walnut kitchen cabinet and strikes a balance. The cabinet hardware warms a dark walnut kitchen and boosts a comfortable lifestyle. You can doubtlessly use pastel yellow knobs for your entire cabinetry or limit them to your kitchen island for a Mediterranean accent.

Moreover, avoid using pastel yellows with lighter walnut stains as they mismatch and look uninteresting.

Here are the best materials for pastel yellow pulls and knobs:

  • Ceramic Knobs with Pastel Yellow Finish
  • Wooden Knobs Painted with Pastel Yellow Paint
  • Transparent Glass Knobs with Muted Yellow Dye
  • Mellow Yellow Leather Pulls

13. Peppy Lime Knobs

Lime is a fresh and vibrant cabinet hardware color that strikes a powerful contrast with the walnut kitchen cabinets and adds dynamism. It makes kitchen interiors look more bright and mimics the fresh palette of the country style. Moreover, it is a great accent color to catch the limelight for your kitchen island and lower cabinets.

However, the color might overpower the look when used with larger cylindrical handles, and hence, it is best to pair it with smaller cabinet knobs.

Here are the best materials for lime knobs:

  • Ceramic Knobs with Lime Paint
  • Wooden Knobs Painted with Lime Color
  • A Translucent Glass Knob with a Lime Dye

Tips To Choosing The Right Hardware Color For Your Walnut Kitchen

  • When in doubt, choose gray hardware. It is the most tried and tested color for walnut cabinets and is perfect if you have no time for experimentation.
  • Choose tan, black, or gold hardware if you have a warm walnut stain.
  • Choose silver, pewter green, black, or lime hardware for cooler walnut stains.
  • Always consider the color of other appliances and the lighting before selecting the hardware color. For example, glass knobs glitter with light, but they do not contrast with walnut wood in the absence of light.

Walnut kitchen cabinets are the new trend! Walnut wood is the most popular option for customized cabinets, and it revamps your kitchen with its dark grain and solid appearance. So, use this expert’s list to find the perfect color for your own walnut cabinets’ handles and pulls!

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