24 Countertop Colors & Textures to Go With Espresso Cabinets in 2024

The word espresso itself means exquisite and rich, with an aromatic presence of its own. When it comes to the world of kitchen cabinetry, espresso cabinets act as the perfect striking affair bringing out the connoisseurs in us. With appealing features, espresso cabinets are a preferred choice by many homeowners.

However, because of their darkish tone, espresso cabinets need to be paired with the right countertop color and texture to bring out their true beauty! So, we’ve compiled 24 chic countertop colors, textures, and materials that look perfect with espresso cabinets and add charm to your lovely kitchen space!

24 Best Countertop Colors & Materials to Pair With Espresso Kitchen Cabinets

Top 5 Marble Countertop Colors & Textures

Marble Countertop

When talking about luxury, we can’t deny using marble as a countertop. From being extremely durable to being one of the fanciest materials in any kitchen space, a marble countertop can offer a timeless elegance. Along with marble’s longevity, it lends a broad range of colors. Here are top marble colors that compliment espresso cabinetry.

1. Light Cream: If you’re looking for a traditional themed kitchen cabinet space, pair light cream countertops with espresso to achieve rich tones and sleek finishes. This is a fantastic countertop color that can brighten even the smallest kitchens.

2. Bright White: Nothing looks better than a crisp white countertop with dark espresso cabinets. It will make your space look visually pleasing, and the evident contrast looks elegant yet classic.

3. Concrete Gray: Gray countertops have always been a popular choice because of their cool and classic look that easily blends with any color palette in the kitchen design. With concrete gray, it’s easier to give a rustic vibe to the kitchen.

4. Black: Want to shift your traditional espresso dark cabinet to something more modern? Then choose black. Beyond giving a contemporary design theme, they’re super easy to maintain with their dark hue and clean finish.

5. Light Yellow: Yellow can anchor any space. A light yellow countertop paired with espresso cabinets could prove to be a fun option without being too “colorful.” In fact, light yellow forms a perfect backdrop for your appliances and equipment.

Best Picks for Marble Countertops to go with Espresso Cabinetry:

  • Calacatta: Quarried from Italy, Calcutta is extremely rare and can add a unique touch to the dark kitchen cabinets. The gold veins make it a perfect match for your luxurious espresso cabinets.
  • New Levadia Marble: Beyond New Levadia’s expressive background, it comes along with three more elements-delicate intricacies, unique veins, and pleasing patterns.
  • Emperador Marble: Along with your dramatic espresso, it won’t be hard for you to pair the equally dramatic asymmetrical veining of Emperador marble.

6 Splendid Laminate Countertop Colors

Quartz Countertop with Cherry Cabinets

Experts in the design field have been extensively using laminates for countertops, and we’re not surprised. Laminates give you an upper hand in experimenting with colors and textures. The adaptability and longevity of the material make it a perfect fit for any kitchen. Did we forget to mention that it’s budget-friendly too? Well, it is.

If you’ve decided on laminate for your countertop, here are some trendy colors to help your selection.

1. Dark Brown: Dark wood brown with espresso cabinets could be the best way to create two different styles while maintaining a cohesive look. It works best for a kitchen that craves uniformity and wants to show off other design features in the background.

2. Beige: This perfect duo of beige and espresso can style a contemporary kitchen, giving the overall space a rustic and cottage vibe. Here, your lavish dark cabinets in espresso can be the star element, grabbing the eyeballs. 

3. Off-white: Longing for a more subdued feel? Polished off-white with espresso is the combination for you. This duo will result in a clean and sleek-looking kitchen. Besides, an off-white countertop can work with any light color, making a space brighter without being evident. 

4. Taupe: Taupe countertops paired with espresso countertops create a sophisticated and thoughtful feel for your kitchen design. They have a spectrum of different undertones, helping your kitchen look as natural as possible.

5. Pastel Green: There’s a reason why pastels shades can be seen everywhere; it grants a good amount of nature, calmness, and tranquility to a space. When paired with espresso cabinets, pastel green can help you avoid that “out of place” color that usually comes with green. 

6. Cream: The subtle palette of cream would make the espresso cabinet an accent piece in the kitchen while soundly fitting into a semi-modern kitchen style.

Top 3 Granite Countertop Colors & Textures

Granite Countertop

Granites extend surreal aesthetics. Besides being “pretty,” they’re highly durable and easy to clean. Granite stands former in comparison to other countertops, as they can effortlessly adapt to the nature of a kitchen space.

They also offer multiple color options that can make them irresistible to not use as a countertop material. Let’s look at a few colors that will match your espresso cabinets.

1. Gold Highlight: Gold highlight over the neutral base hues would look exquisite when paired with espresso-colored cabinets. The granite countertop will shine through with an onyx-y effect by the simple hues around it. 

2. Peanut Brown: This pairing of peanut brown with espresso cabinets is quite versatile. As it’s limited to modern kitchens, you can choose a peanut brown countertop for your dark wood cabinets as well. This duo will look stunning, adding a visual balance to the space.  

3. Turquoise: When paired with espresso cabinets, a turquoise countertop can evoke the feeling of lush green forests and springs. It is a color that speaks the sense of repose even in the busiest kitchen, making it a stunning color option.

Our Favorite Picks for Granite Countertops That Go with Espresso Cabinets:

  • Caledonia Granite: Caledonia will help you tone that traditional theme that comes with espresso with subtle hues of gray and white. 
  • New Imperial Granite: The new imperial will align with your traditional kitchen space with its rich red grains, making it a state-of-the-art piece.
  • Bianco Antico Granite: Bianco Antico Granite presents a soft and gentle background with a hint of warm peach and taupe flecks. With the strong personality of granite, your kitchen will never look the same.
  • River Granite: This granite type is found in India and is known for durability and easy maintenance. White base enriches the dark gray veins and burgundy spots, forming unique patterns.

5 Best Quartz Countertop Colors & Textures

Quartz Countertop

Quartz is one of the toughest stones to exist on earth. And, they can prove to be the best budget-friendly solution to your kitchen. Being resistant to stain, heat and water, designing with quartz becomes a wise choice to add richness and a modern feel.

1. Red: Do you know red has been associated with appetite? Well, it is, making them suitable for kitchen countertop color and implying rich tones with dark bold espresso in your kitchen space.

2. Salmon: Salmon in the lighter shade promotes a sense of love and homeliness. A salmon color countertop can liven up your kitchen when paired with espresso cabinets. The shade is also beneficial without doing “too much” in your designs.

3. Orange: Orange might not be the first choice for countertops, but dark hues of espresso can make room for any popping color, including bright orange. It can bring back a dazzling and beaming theme to your otherwise functional kitchen.

4. Light Gray: Worried about getting tired of all the warm hues in your kitchen? Then opt for a cool, neutral hue for your countertop. The somber hue will let the grains and pattern of your quartz speak volumes. 

5. Violet: A violet countertop with espresso can align with traditional and royal design themes. You can elevate the theme by adding more elements that fall into the dark shades of espresso shaker cabinets. 

Top Quartz Countertops That Look Stunning with Espresso Cabinets:

  • Dark Bourbon Quartz: Your countertop can easily become the star element with dark bourbon quartz, with its natural and organic spots visible on every slab.
  • New Aria Quartz: Espresso cabinets make a perfect background for New Aria as the quartz shows off its distinct angles and curves. Moreover, white quartz countertops go well with dark wood cabinets. 
  • Topps Caesarstone: if you want to draw attention towards your espresso cabinets, go for Topps that allows this with its soft and uniform shades.

Top 5 Tile Colors For Espresso Kitchen Cabinets

Tile Countertop

Tiles have been present in the kitchen space for a long time because of their high functionality and aesthetics. They can be easily styled with any theme of the kitchen. With all the features, you don’t need to limit tile use to the countertop itself but extend it as a backsplash or for the walls, too, as they are easy to maintain.

Below are the top tile colors to match your lovely espresso cabinetry.

1. Light Blue: Light blue color has a calming and balancing effect, anchoring smoothly in a kitchen space. Use a light blue countertop to soften the warm and dark kitchen theme resulting from espresso cabinets. 

2. Colorful Mosaic: Bring the ancient Roman world to your kitchen with multiple colors of tiles, allowing you to create an eye-catching colorful mosaic. Also, tiles are abundantly available, so you can create your favorite pattern or stick to the mosaic rules.

3. Purple: Purple vitrified tile can lend a delicate feminine touch to your kitchen space. The duo of dark cabinetry and rich purple countertop gives you the advantage of bringing harmony to a kitchen, keeping it trendy. 

4. Pastel Yellow: Pastel yellow can be included to brighten up the monochromatic theme kitchen and add a cozy and familiar feel. Try going for lighter shades to achieve the most luminous effect in your space. 

5. Ivory: Ivory can help you achieve that touch of elegance while making the space more calm and relaxing. The hint of rich ivory works very well with the tones of espresso, helping you design a tropical look. 

Best Tile Types for Your Countertops:

  • Porcelain Tile: This is the safest option for a kitchen that deals with high footfall and is always on heavy duty. Porcelain is used in commercial kitchens, too, for holding a good compressive strength. 
  • Vitrified Tiles: Vitrified tiles give a sheen finish without any external polishing. Also, the glossy effect won’t be spoiled even after being exposed to moisture and greases.
  • Ceramic Tile: The most common and easily available tiles in the market are ceramic. They are easy to maintain and are available in multiple designs & colors. 
  • Glass Tiles: Choosing glass tiles as countertops can be sustainable as they are 100% recyclable glass. The surface can offer a translucent look that yields a captivating radiance.

Essential Tips That Will Help You Design a Modern Kitchen with Espresso Cabinetry:

  • Keep polishing your espresso cabinets, as they might start looking dull and pale over time. It’s essential to keep polishing and refinishing your kitchen wood cabinets to bring back life to the space.
  • Experiment with the knobs and the handles of your espresso cabinets, as they play a pivotal role in shaping the overall look of the kitchen space.
  • Lighting is a crucial element in the kitchen that may completely change the look of the space. If your espresso kitchen is looking too dark, consider adding more lighting elements.

While Espresso cabinets are a striking articulation in any kitchen space, regardless of a traditional or modern theme, you need the right countertop color to complete your kitchen decor and make it a homely space! If you need more countertop color ideas for brown cabinets and cherry cabinets? We’ve got you covered.